Sunday, May 27, 2007

INDY 500

Rain this morning has washed off the track and sunshine moved in today at Indy.

Of course all the pre-race festivities are underway, highlights of past races, driver interviews and a lot of excess TV coverage for this annual rite.

Anyone interested can go HERE to the official site of the Indy 500, jampacked with information on the drivers, cars and much more.
I might warn you, the site is heavily visited especially today.

I will DVR the race and watch it without commercials which should be a bumper crop.

I added this Fridays Bill Maher episode to the Cool Vids if anyone is interested also.


micki said...

Yessiree! The Indy 500 has been commemorating MEMORIAL DAY, which is a holiday in remembrance of WAR DEAD, since 1911.

What a country. Oy!

micki said...

There once was a holiday to honor war dead,
Switched from May thirty to Monday instead,
The three-day weekend,
Was founded to spend,
Our money, our values, now reality has fled!

Gerald said...

I have some interest in the triple crown of horse racing.

I cannot get fired up for car racing, boxing, and wrestling.

{ò,ó}arol said...

I was thrown into a nest of vipers yesterday. My daughter and her boyfriend took me to one of her coworker's homes for a barbecue. Coworker's husband is a detective with the Lansing Police Department. One of his fellow cops was there along with another coworker's husband.

I WAS OUTNUMBERED! ATTACKED, AND IT WASN'T PRETTY! First the Detective said he doesn't pay attention to politics when something came up, probably from my lips, then the rest of the day and evening he argued politics with me. I tried to say nothing, but damn it was hard!

Then he got drunk to boot! Phew.

All three men there thought the Iraq invasion was the right response to 911 even if the killers weren't Iraqis. Cop #2 asked me what I thought Clinton would have done if HE were pres on 9/11. He brought up the U.S.S. Cole, the first Trade Tower bomb, and said all Clinton could do was give "them" a slap on the wrist. Who is this "they" I had to ask many times.

Liberal was spat out of their mouths any number of times.

I was told I didn't know shit about the world, the country, I had no idea of how things really were. That from the guy who doesn't pay attention to anything to someone who has spent most of her life reading up on current events!!!!

He told me everything I read in the papers, every word I hear on the TV news are all lies. All of it. 100% of it! "I know, I've been a cop for almost 25 years." Oh, and this was comforting and something I already suspected, he said I'd never meet a cop that wasn't a republican.

Bush won the 2000 election by 10,000 votes.

Mich politics. Everything that's messed up here is Jennifer Granholm's fault. Not the repug, John Engler, who preceeded her. Nope, he didn't do anything bad.

I could go on but I won't. The last time I was explosed to people like that was just before Bush invaded Iraq. I was at a party near Detroit and I was the only one in the room that knew Iraq didn't have WMDs. At one point a female Detroit cop loomed over me in my chair, pointing her finger in my face and screming how unpatiotic I was, blah, blah, blah.

I hope last night was it on encountering neanderthals like that for the rest of my life.

And it's been raining the past two days. Right when we need to plant our gardens, my tomatoes! Plus we're all trapped in the house. Horrible weather then the broadsided attack last night. So how's your holiday weekend been so far......?

David B. Benson said...

I saw a squirrel this morning!


Alan said...

Carol, that sounds as bad as Texas. I'm outnumbered like a mo/fo here. Think not only thick-headed and ignorant, but redneck as well!

Alan said...

Here's one for Gerald, in a letter by veteran Michael Graham...

What most liberals have so far failed to understand — because they tend to be people with kind hearts and sensibilities — is that the Republican Party has been commandeered by Nazis. They are not just the opposition party anymore, they are evil. This has been building for years, and I have been alive long enough to have witnessed much of it. There was the John Birch Society, and Watergate, and Iran-Contra and now this.

As a veteran, Memorial Day takes on increasing importance to me every year. That's probably because the sh*t goes on and on. Twice in my lifetime I have seen our leaders betray the nation and especially the war-fighters by concocting phony reasons for wars of occupation — wars that were doomed to failure because they were wars of occupation. What they can't understand, these armchair heroes, is that the Injuns shoot back. It happened at Little Big Horn, it happened in Vietnam and it's happening now.

I mean, for Christ's sake, if there were a foreign army kicking down doors in LA, we'd all be f*&king insurgents. Duh!

And I need to remind my progressive friends that the last time a narcissistic a**hole from Texas with links to Halliburton used lies to launch a hopeless war, it was a Democrat.

When I was commissioned as a second lieutenant in USAF Officer Training Class 67-E, I took an oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." I have come to regard the Bush Administration and their supporters as domestic enemies. I hope the Democratic Party gets that, before it is too late for democracy.

Because it sure as hell can happen here! As for me, I think it already has.

º¿carol said...

Alan, I've thought about you living in Texas. Yikes! I suppose everyone just LOVES Bush because he has a home in the state rather than hating him for the shit he's pulled.

I thought of another thing that came up. Drugs. The drunk detective agreed with me that pot should be decriminalized, but the other cop didn't and asked me why I thought pot should be legal, blah, blah, blah. Jill said that cop glared at me when I wasn't looking at him. Spooky. Like having the SS singling one out.

David B. Benson said...

Carol --- Next time sing some Gilbert & Sullivan for them:

When there is constabulary duty to be done,
to be done,
a policeman's lot is not a happy one,
happy one

micki said...

Carol, we had a similar experience. A friend's son is participating in Ski to Sea. We decided to go watch the end of the race, the kayak part.

As luck (bad luck) would have it, a woman standing next to Bill commented on a food vendor's sign on his truck: Mexican Tacos.

"Those idiots! What the hell other kind of tacos are there? I think we should round 'em all up and ship 'em back where they came from."

Bill calmly inquired, "Do you really think that's a solution?" (He mmediately wished he had not said a word...)

She said, "ABSOLUTELY! We should force the Mexican government into letting our government build more American factories in Mexico, then round 'em up and make them work there, not here!"

She further "explained" her economic/immigration policies, "I'm sick of paying for them to live here on my tax money. Ship 'em back. That's the way to balance the deficit or debit. History shows that. Gas prices would go down, too, if they left. I just know it. Less demand for our gas if we got rid of those illegals."

We slipped away, as she button-holed her next victim.

It could have been worse, I guess. I could have spotted a squirrel...

micki said...

Oh, she also said that if they wanted to keep their families together, they could ALL work at the factories!

Gerald said...

Alan, the Nazis have total control of Nazi America. I hope people have been paying attention to the voting machine articles. Voting is now totally rigged. Here is an article that is very true.

While No One Was Looking

Carol, there is a time and a place to fight certain battles. Being surrounded by Nazis at a barbeque is not the time or the place. I give you credit for saying something but you would come under attack. People, please remember the police are now being trained as Bush's gestapos. Soon, they will shoot to kill any dissenter. More Christian blood will flow in the 21st century than the previous 20 centuries. People, the future for Nazi America is not looking pretty. Fortunately, I came in at the right time and I will be leaving at the right time.

Gerald said...

Alan, Carol, and other posters, this is what we are up against!

The Sociopathic Disease of Conservatism

Let me say that the Nazis do not have a disease or something that can be cured by aspirins or chicken soup! They are dement, diabolical, and deranged murderers without any conscience.

Gerald said...

Nazi Amereicans are dementED, diabolical, and deranged murderers. I failed to put the ed after dement.

ò,óarol said...

Micki, your encounter was as bad as mine. I'm so sick of dumb ass people. I'm especially sick of the anti-immigrant crap going around. That woman was an example of how people can be led around by the nose. When Bush brought up illegal immigrants as our newest horrible problem I about crapped my pants. Didn't take the American sheeple long to start hating Mexicans.

David B. Benson said...

Time to recharge the irony meter.

Hope I don't see another squirrel on my way...

micki said...

There once was a prof charging his irony meter,
Who found himself quaffing Pale Ale by the liter,
He ran into a squirrel,
Which posed a deferral,
Do I act as executioner or as his preator?

micki said...

Carol, you are so right. It doesn't take much to make the sheeple realize they love to hate someone.

micki said...



I didn't proofread my own limerick!