Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Only a few rats left, the really, really
BIG ones, like the entire White House and half of Congress.

Over the next few weeks there should be a major shift thinking from the NON-GWB branch of the Repug Party. Guess what? These folks are getting worried about getting kicked to the curb in the next election in 2008. They say it happen in the last election and are getting the 'Jimmy Legs' about the next. Suddenly K-Street realizes it too might suffer a setback if the Repugs they have working for them were to be replaced.

Not a good thing for the BIG money boys when they lose their inside track. If it were up to me I would throw the switch and send the lobbyists home to get real jobs instead of usurping the will of the people through bribery and corruption otherwise known as lobbying.

Lifeboats will be available to some but not all the Rats, most will fall into the sea of oblivion and write memoirs and books to support their deadbeat selves, others will work for Faux News as 'consultants' like Bloody KKKristol, where they can continue in a world of their own.

KKKarl will along with Deadeye Dick will disappear into the slime ooze from whence they came, Chimpy is destined to be shark bait and will reside in an institution with the rest of the mentally challenged.

The landscape is changing, we do not know how it will all work out, we just hope the rats get the cheese they deserve, moldy.


micki said...

Thanks, Den, for adding the video (above) to your site.

It's an important message. MoveOn has lost its way, IMO -- the aggressive recruiting tactics are a huge part of the systematic problems in the military culture. The fact that MoveOn let VoteVets.org have the final determination in excluding this video from MoveOn's recent video project, is a travesty.

The "sticking together no matter what" and "covering for our own" attitudes prevasive in the military is what leads to cover-ups like Abu Graib, Pat Tillman, Marines killing civilians, etc.

...and to think, MoveOn and VoteVets "felt uncomfortable" with this mom's message!

They've lost their moral compass!

micki said...


That's the link for the other videos in the project.

micki said...

Here is MoveOn's rationale for not including the above video:

"Very very unfortunately, at the last minute, your piece was disqualified by Vote Vets.  They just felt that most of Mare's interview was about recruitment, and as soldiers themselves, they all
felt uncomfortable with that."

They said much more...but that's the essence.

May day!!!!!!!

DEN said...

Must continue war,

must continue death,

must continue dismemberment,

must continue to be fools.

micki said...

The military will pay $1,000 a head to recruiters who dupe young men and women into signing the dotted line -- then when the soldier comes home wounded or with PTSD (?) or other health problems, the average amount spent for their healthcare is less than $500 a head.


DEN said...

Only fools make war, it is with those fools we dance, the dance of death and destruction without end.

Alan said...

"Very very unfortunately, at the last minute, your piece was disqualified by Vote Vets.

So it wasn't MoveOn that culled that video? I didn't think so. If I remember correctly, it was a competition to decide which video they would make into a commercial or campaign piece.
So they liked other ones better. No biggie in my book.

micki said...

No, Alan...they excluded it before anyone even saw it.

That's the point.

MoveOn rolled over for VoteVets.org because they felt "uncomfortable."

It's not about rejection, for godsakes. It's about principle.

When MoveOn and VoteVets were "uncomfortable" they decided to scuttled the video from the line-up.

They didn't want the aggressive recruiting message in their project -- because it highlights the problems of extended duties, missing recruiting goals, sending troops for 2, 3 and possible more tours of duty to an unpopular war.

Of you don't get it, that's okay with me.

MoveOn rolled over. IMO, they have lost their way.

This isn't the first time MoveOn has fucked up because of poor decision making.

micki said...

Also, Alan, this started out as SOLELY a MoveOn project. They brought VoteVets into it in midstream -- out of the blue.

For MoveOn to announce and invite producers to participate, then change the makeup of the project in midstream is a bit disingenous, to me.

But, that's another story...

micki said...

The aggressive underage recruiting tactics are a huge part of the equation in this time of preemptive wars of choice.

It is disgusting that an organization that claims to be against this war, rolled over because their "partner" in a project felt "uncomfortable" with the message of AGGRESSIVE UNDERAGE RECRUITING.

Yeah...and lots of military types felt "uncomfortable" with Abu Graib, Pat Tillman, etc. -- and didn't say anything.

Sweep it under the rug.

Fuck that.

DEN said...

VoteVets Mission statement:

Our national security depends on a volunteer military and those of us who choose to serve do so with pride. It is our honor to defend this nation, but will only be successful in our mission if we have the support and resources necessary to fulfill our duties. VoteVets.org Action Fund was established to give voice to the 21st century patriots and to raise concerns about the state of today’s military preparedness as well as the resources and support available to service men and women.

Throughout this nation’s history, we have taken pride in the fact that our military is the best in the world. We must take steps to protect that place of honor in the 21st century or we risk jeopardizing our military – its effectiveness and the well-being of our service personnel.

Today, our troops do not have the support and resources they need in combat oversees and at home.

Interesting, "It is our honor to defend this nation"

From what? From an illegitimate President? From illegitimate wars?

How about THE CONSTITUTION, you know that nasty document that sets out the rules for running our country? The document you swore to uphold?

Here's a nickel, go buy a clue, we are as a nation under attack, from those INSIDE OUR OWN GOVERNMENT who would use up VETS just for OIL!!!


DEN said...

Warrior promotion is one thing that pisses me off to no end.

Sure we need a trained military to defend us, but what of Blackwater the Christo-Fascist gang? Do we need them? And if so, why?

If we have a military that should be enough, so what is their part in this warmaking process? Uncontrolled thugs for the Imperialists attempting to gain control over the planets resources?

Warfare is obsolete, pointless and expensive, it creates more enemies than necessary in a world that demands PEACE.

Ya we're Americans and we are here to kick your azz until you submit.

Awfull way to run a nation.

DEN said...

Among the list of members of Vote Vets are these heavily corporate folks. I suspect these members of the "Board of Advisors" probably shot down the video, no humor intended there.

Leslie H. Gelb is President Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Ed Vick, who recently retired as chairman of the advertising giant, Young & Rubicam,

Richard Beattie is Chairman of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP.

Lawrence Penn is a Managing Director at The Camelot Group, a Private Equity Advisory firm that provides advisory services to Fortune 2000 companies.

Lawrence J. Korb is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress.

Mighty BIG corporate influences always make me suspicious of motives, especially since the country creeps ever more into fascism.

DEN said...

A Law Day Unto Himself
Beyond Presidential Power, What Is Bush Upholding?

By Ruth Marcus
Tuesday, May 1, 2007

President Bush wants to wish you a Happy Law Day.

He wants you, he says in his 2007 Law Day proclamation, to know that "Our Nation is built upon the rule of law."

He wants you to recognize how America's lawyers have "helped make our Nation a shining example of justice."

If only the president would practice what he proclaims.

To be fair, Bush is stuck with this Law Day business. It's been around since 1958. Law Day is one of those ceremonial things presidents have to do, like pardoning turkeys, only less fun.



DEN said...

To Move On.org.:

Your agenda has taken a turn for the worse with the choices you make for the causes you will represent. Apparently YOUR agenda has risen above what is needed in this country.

"Very very unfortunately, at the last minute, your piece was disqualified by Vote Vets. They just felt that most of Mare's interview was about recruitment, and as soldiers themselves, they all
felt uncomfortable with that."

What? the corporatistas did not like the message? TOO DARN BAD!!!

You have lost your way and I no longer can support a lost cause.
I unsubscribed to their e-mails because if they cannot support a mothers wish they have truly lost their way.

•¿•arol said...

Micki, some people say Michiganders, some say Michiganians. Personally, I've ALWAYS called us Michiganders.

As for that last earthquake, "Carol, where were you on the afternoon of September 2, 1994 at 2:21 p.m.?

I looked at my "Carol's Diary" and a week before that we had just opened our second video store. So, I'd say I was in Webberville. Close enough to Lansing, but no cigar.

micki said...

Den, I can guarantee you if the producer of that video had known ahead of time that VoteVets.org was involved -- and that MoveOn would hand them sole veto power over what was accepted or rejected -- that producer would NOT have submitted a video.

When even those who one hopes are willing, even eager, to set forth the whole truth but instead act from fear and weakness - that's a sure sign of a slide down the hill. MoveOn is out of synch!

Go, Den! Glad to see you stick to principles!

•¿•arol said...

Ok, now I'm going to send Micki's video off to a bunch of people.

micki said...

Go, Carol!

DEN said...

Micki, I wonder what it is about
STOP THIS ILLEGITIMATE WAR, they do not understand.

Has everyone become so numb to it that it has attained 'acceptable levels' of death and destruction.

What does that say to what America has become?

A bunch of self absorbed, spoiled, snivelers that never stop whining about high gas prices?

There are more important things than your GIANT SUV's appetite.
Keep feeding the BIG OIL machine you dumdums, they need your money for Exxons' Fat Bastard retirement

DEN said...

As I rode to work on my motorcycle today, I saw 4 other motorcyclists on the road going the same direction(to town)and 4 more going out and HUNDREDS of SUV's and Pickups with a few cars mixed in.

Going home it is the same way, it is absolutely stunning the amount of fuel being wasted idling in slow traffic, absolutely stunning.

Carey said...


That's so funny, I was just ranting to myself this morning about the vile recruiting tactics used.

I agree that Moveon and blogs like the Daily Kos have been off target and wrong about a few things lately. And they're promoting dissension within the Democratic ranks, causing tension where none need be. Kind of like Republican tactics.

Den, I really enjoyed your opening essay. Your use of metaphors is wonderful.

I just read this at The Notion: Uh oh.

Murdoch to Buy Wall Street Journal?

Ari Berman

Not content with its conservative media empire, Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp is making an ambitious bid to buy the Dow Jones Company and its prized product, the Wall Street Journal. NewsCorp is offering to buy at $60 a share, all cash, 65 percent above Dow Jones' closing price yesterday (which shot up $18.42 as news of the bid broke). Owning the WSJ, along with Barron's and Dow Jones Newswires would be a fantastic coup for NewsCorp, which is launching its rah-rah business channel later this year.

The deal has highly troubling implications. Murdoch is known for pushing his publications, such as the once-liberal New York Post, to the right. Under Murdoch's purview, would the news pages of the Wall Street Journal become more like its conservative editorial section?

Other potential bidders include the Washington Post Co, New York Times Co and Bloomberg LP. All three represent an improvement over the brains behind Fox News.

Carey said...

Sheez, this isn't surprising.

Who the f&#king hell do these people think they are?

The attorney general's secret memo

Something new for Alberto Gonzales to not remember: A secret memo he signed last March in which he gave two aides what the National Journal's Murray Waas calls "extraordinary authority over the hiring and firing of most non-civil-service employees of the Justice Department."

The aides? Kyle Sampson and Monica Goodling, both of whom have now resigned amid the controversy over the firing of eight U.S. attorneys last year.

In the March 2006 memo, Gonzales delegated "the authority, with the approval of the attorney general, to take final action in matters pertaining to the appointment, employment, pay, separation, and general administration" of virtually all non-civil-service employees of the Justice Department.

As Waas reports, the existence of the memo "suggests that a broad effort was under way by the White House to place politically and ideologically loyal appointees throughout the Justice Department" -- and not just at the U.S. attorney level. A "senior executive branch official" familiar with the situation tells Waas that Goodling and Sampson planned to work closely with the White House in deciding whom to fire and whom to hire in their place. "It was an attempt to make the department more responsive to the political side of the White House and to do it in such a way that people would not know it was going on," the official said. Among those who might have been kept in the dark: Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty, through whose office one might expect hiring and firing decisions to flow normally.

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy apparently first learned of the secret memo when he read about it in the National Journal, and he's understandably unhappy that no one at Justice thought to tell his committee about it sooner. "This memorandum should have been turned over to Senate and House committees as part of requests made in ongoing investigations," Leahy said in a statement released this afternoon. "I expect the Department of Justice to immediately provide Congress with full information about this troubling decision as well as any other related documents they have failed to turn over to date."

Republicans and Democrats who believe that Gonzales and the White House have been less than forthcoming with Congress will no doubt consider this latest revelation evidence of either further incompetence or further deceit. The Justice Department is already writing it off as much ado about nothing. Department spokesman Brian Roehrkasse tells the Associated Press: "This order simply gives the chief of staff and the White House liaison the authority to execute certain decisions related to the hiring and termination of some non-career employees with, as the memo states, the approval of the attorney general."

Maybe so. But as Waas notes, that's only because the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel nixed an earlier version of the memo. That one would have given the two aides authority to fire most department employees without running their decisions by Gonzales first.

-- Tim Grieve

micki said...

Carey -- Bill and I had been MoveOn supporters ever since its beginnings back in the Clinton impeachment imbroglio when Wes Boyd and Joan Blades started it on the basis of "Censure...and Move On."

In fact, Bill did more work for them than I did! He was relentless during the campaigns, phone banking, testing their techniques, etc.

Well...full disclosure...he produced that video.

I didn't want to say anything about the "experience" until after the project was completed because I did not want to give the impression of "sour grapes" or worse.

But, frankly, I was astounded that MoveOn would - willy-nilly -- give his authority to an organization such as VoteVets.org.

When Bill agreed to produce a video and MoveOn paired him up with the military Mom in Bremerton, he had not been told that VoteVets was involved and would be given sole authority on what was ACCEPTABLE and COMFORTABLE to them!!!

If MoveOn had disclosed that from the beginning, he would not have particicpated.

I will never do another thing for MoveOn, unless they find their way again.

They are mucking up the works, IMO.

micki said...

I guess I should shut up about this.

But it just plain pisses me off.

I'll "move on" when I feel like it. ;-))

Carey said...

You're always full of interesting thoughts Den. This is especially nicely written.

Only fools make war, it is with those fools we dance, the dance of death and destruction without end.

micki said...

By Elliott Minor, Associated Press, usatoday.com

MACON, Ga. — Sgt. Dana Kline is so good at recruiting new National Guard soldiers that he's set to make a small fortune — $94,000 in bonuses.

Kline has managed to get 47 recruits over 11 months, earning him the state's Meritorious Service Medal and, so far, the highest bonus paid to anyone through the Guard Recruiting Assistance Program.

Through the program, Guard members are offered a $1,000 bonus for every person they sign up and another $1,000 when the recruit ships out to basic training. The program is credited with bringing in 25,000 new Guard members since its launch 15 months ago.

"Kline is the highest in the group," said Col. Mike Jones, chief of the recruiting and retention division of the National Guard Bureau in Washington. "But there are some folks who are on his heels."

Kline, who's not even a full-time military recruiter, has found many of his recruits on trips to area shopping malls, unemployment offices and schools....

So far none of his recruits have been lost in combat, but they know the risks, he said.

"They hear in the news all the time about the roadside bombings," Kline said.

The Army also has a referral bonus program known as "Every Soldier is a Recruiter," but full-time soldiers living on insulated Army posts don't normally have the close community contacts of the National Guard members.

Carey said...

Oh my Micki. What a turn of events for you and Bill with MoveOn.

How fascinating but so discouraging. That was your last trip, I remember. You came away hurting very deeply for those interviewed.

Since the Reagan era we are enduring heavily packaged politics. The poltical consultants have become emperors and turned campaigning upside down.

Our various interest organizations are infected.

Carey said...

You all probably remember the story I relayed here told by Randi Roades (sp?) about recruiting a wholly autistic 17 year old up in Oregon. Into a combat position.

The recruiting tactics have effects that mimic conscription.

micki said...

My sister has a friend whose son is in the Marine Corps. Currently, he serves as a guard at the White House.

He was home on leave over Christmas.

Even though he was on leave, his orders included going to the major shopping malls in Seattle in his dress blues and button-holing young men.

He had a daily quota to meet for names and contacts.

He hated it.

micki said...


give his authority to an organization

give ITS authority to an organization....

Carey said...


Micki and Bill are pros. I don't think they think about rejection the way you think they do.

Carey said...

The whole shitty kitten caboodle goes together. Preemptive wars, peoples lives expendable, conscription-like recruiting tactics.

micki said...

Hey, this sticking recruiting is a BIG part of the problem.

If more people realized that, we'd be further along in putting a halt to these wars of choice.

The recruiters are getting more and more aggressive because the REALITY is, we cannot have this damned wars with an all volunteer military.

Not that I'm advocating a draft!

Did you know that there is talk of recruiting foreigners for the U.S. military -- the promise being made is that they will be given citizenship for signing up!!!

micki said...



I'm boiling!

micki said...

Hey, Carey!

Yeah, in publishing and production, we know about REJECTION, don't we?!


Like, we give it a thought?

DEN said...

Carey, thanks for the kind words, now you know where the blog title comes from.

Our society values fools more than intellectuals until they screw stuff up bad enough to require repairs.

carey said...


The minute I wrote that about rejection, I said to myself, "what are you saying?"

micki said...

Apparently the Bancroft family will reject Newscorps/Murdoch bid for Dow Jones.

David B. Benson said...

If there are Michiganders there must also be Michigeese!


carey said...

Nancy Pelosi rocks with her response to Bush's veto speech.

Catch it if you can. It's perfect.


Thank God, huh?

Dr. B,

You're punnishly clever.

DEN said...


Always wanted to say that to a real Doctor.

DEN said...

Time to mingle with the GAS PIGS!

micki said...

The gander to the goose, do you require fleece?
The ruffled fowl honked, "I'm a Michigeese!"
Our winters are cold,
But, lo and behold!
I prefer living in Michigan any day to Greece!

micki said...

...just being a silly goose.

David B. Benson said...

The Michigoose said to the Michigander "Lettuce eat lettuce."

º¿carol said...

Very clever, Micki. :)

º¿carol said...

Et tu, Doc? Cleverness rules tonight. (or today where you guys are)

David B. Benson said...

Carol --- I learned it from my mother. She was always punny...

DEN said...

As in diminutive?

micki said...

The Michigoose said to the Michigander, with a pâté on the back:

It sticks in my craw,
Down with foie gras!

DEN said...

That was a joke ya no.

Looks like the GOP better step up here and override doofus's veto with the Dems, otherwise 2008 will be a political bloodbath, not to mention lobby loss.

Let the groveling begin.

David B. Benson said...

Well, Micki, that tops all. :-))

You win the Michi prize for humor!

micki said...

回り道 = michi = "way" or "detour"

I'm always on a detour.

David B. Benson said...

The Michi prize for humor
because she's on a detour.

David B. Benson said...

Detour d'France?

DEN said...

Or; "way" to go!

micki said...

Oh, oh...the bard from Pullman composes the verse case scenario!


micki said...

....I have to go prepare dinner.

My goose is cooked.

Ciao! Chow!

DEN said...

Oh you Washingtonians,

or Washingtonites,

or Washingtonlanders,

so silly.

David B. Benson said...

Den --- It's the clean air. Makes one giddy...

DEN said...

What is this "clean air" of which you speak?

Is it for sale?

David B. Benson said...

Den --- Not in California...

DEN said...


DEN said...

Doc if you are a weather buff or just want to see what the atmosphere is doing Courtesy of NASA GOES, I found this neat site.

Looks pretty dry offshore.

David B. Benson said...

That's neat.

DEN said...

Surprising what one can find on them internets.

DEN said...

Do you have Spaceweather. com?

DEN said...

Someday if you feel like some very interesting reading head over to PLoS ONE

DEN said...

That last site is a real brain stretcher, whew!

DEN said...

71 comments and Gerald hasn't even been here yet!


David B. Benson said...

Also, NASA (JPL) has about 70% of the New Horizons space probe photgraphs of Jupiter and its moons. (The rest is still being sent as the robot sppeds along at 50,000 mph towards Pluto.)

Several of these photos are most spectacular...

David B. Benson said...

Phooey. speeds

DEN said...

I like article Isn't people the strangest critters?

Alan said...


Micki and Bill are pros. I don't think they think about rejection the way you think they do.

I have no idea what that means Carey.
If you're saying that I think Micki and Bill are a little too close to the situation to look at it unbiased, well yeah, maybe I am.

Hella I know why votevets were brought on board, but they were. That means they get to take part in the decisions, and they made one some people didn't agree with.
If that wipes out all the other stuff MoveOn is doing, or has done, in Micki's eyes, that's her perogative.
That particular video decision isn't that big of a deal to some of us not involved, is all I'm saying.

DEN said...

oh that went well?

I gotta quit, beers hit bottom.

micki said...

Well, Alan That particular video decision isn't that big of a deal to some of us not involved, is all I'm saying....

It must be a deal, BIG or otherwise, to some because around 5:00PM PDT Wes Boyd called Bill about this project...

We don't know Wes Boyd. Never met him. Have had no contact with him...

But he called and apologized for how this project was handled.

Wes Boyd and Joan Blades, as you may recall, founded MoveOn.org.

Looks like it could be a bigger deal to Wes Boyd than it was to you.

Alan said...

Since fire can't collapse concrete and steel structures, we needed this 'troother' site to expose the lies our government has told us about the freeway collapse in California. One thing to explain is that a car caught fire hours earlier in the same spot. Was this an incindiary device planted in the wall that went off too early?
Where exactly was Arnold when this happened? Was he watching on close-circuit tv, and was he heard to comment before it happened that this guy must be a terrible driver!!? Troothers wanna KNOW!
Welcome, New Truth Seekers

Alan said...

haha! from the physics blog...

I'm thinking of making a documentary to expose the truth of the incident and calling it Loose Interchange.

carey said...

Detour d'France?

You're killin' me Doc.

micki said...

Also, Alan, we got an email late last night from Mare -- the mom in the video -- Wes Boyd called her, too.

She said he was "contrite" and "sincere" and that she was impressed that this meant so much that he took the time to listen, learn, and discuss.


micki said...

Clever site, Alan!

DEN said...

I better get busy and come up with a new post, getting full-up here.

I'm going in, wish me luck.