Monday, May 07, 2007

The Ridge

This Sundays ride was a treat for the eyes after a winter of bleak brown.
This is a picture of French Meadows Reservoir, as the shoreline shows the water level is down where it normally is in mid-summer.

This pic is the Middle Fork of the American River looking down from Little Oak Flat. The angle line you see is part of the Placer County Water Agency's power generation station utilizing a Pelton wheel driven generator.

The wild Lupens are in bloom everywhere on The Ridge as seen here, lovely bright colors against a backdrop of singed brush from last years forest fire.

By far the greatest part of the ride this weekend was when crossing the Dam at French Meadows , halfway across I spotted an Bald Eagle flying low right in front of me about 20 feet off the dam top.

We crossed the dam together, he , looking down at me, and I, looking up at him. At the end of the dam, I slowed and he circled as if to welcome me home.

I was home, for the first time since last year, I was home, where the Eagles soar and the air is clear, trees sound with the birds and wind, waves lap gently upon the shore, surrounded by Natures beauty.


Alan said...

Den, I can see 3 pictures from your post, but it sounds like there should be 6.

DEN said...

Nope only 3. Could not get an Eagle pic while riding, DANG!

Hajji said...

"...The wild Lupens are in bloom everywhere..."

Cleese: Stand and deliver!
Chapman: Not on your life (SHOT) ... aagh!

(Girl screams)

Cl: Let that be a warning to you all. You move at your peril, for I have two
pistols here. I know one of them isn't loaded any more, but the other one
is, so that's one of you dead for sure...or just about for sure anyway. It
certainly wouldn't be worth your while risking it because I'm a very good
shot. I practise every day...well, not absolutely every day, but most days
in the week. I expect I must practise, oh, at least four or five times a
week...or more, really, but some weekends, like last weekend, there really
wasn't the time, so that brings the average down a bit. I should say it's
a solid four days' practice a week...At least...I mean...I reckon I could
hit that tree over there. Er...the one just behind that hillock. The
little hillock, not the big one on see the three trees over
there? Well, the one furthest away on the right... (fade)

(Fade up again)

Cl: What's the... the one like that with the leaves that are sort of
regularly veined and the veins go right out with a sort of um...
Girl: Serrated?
Cl: Serrated edges.
Id: A willow!
Cl: Yes.
Id: That's nothing like a willow.
Cl: Well it doesn't matter, anyway. I can hit it seven times out of ten,
that's the point.
Id: Never a willow.
Cl: Shut up! It's a hold-up, not a Botany lesson. Now, no false moves
please. I want you to hand over all the lupins you've got.
Jones: Lupins?
Cl: Yes, lupins. Come on, come on.
Id: What do you mean, lupins?
Cl: Don't try to play for time.
Id: I'm not, but... the *flower* lupin?
Cl: Yes, that's right.
Jo: Well we haven't got any lupins.
Girl: Honestly.
Cl: Look, my friends. I happen to know that this is the Lupin Express.
Jo: Damn!
Girl: Oh, here you are.
Cl: In a bunch, in a bunch!
Jo: Sorry.
Cl: Come on, Concorde! (Gallops off)
Chorus (sings):
Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, galloping through the sward,
Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, and his horse Concorde.
He steals from the rich, he gives to the poor,
Mr Moore, Mr Moore, Mr Moore.


Nice day for Lupens!


DEN said...

Or if your British, lupins!

DEN said...

Hey! wheres everybody at?

Hajji, glad you stopped by, Ive been busy all day, Spanky is adapting OK?

Monty Python was one of my favs too.


ยบ¿carol said...

This cracked me up! - Least Effective Forms of Political Activism

Panel 1 - That could be any one of us, but I mainly envisioned Pandemoniac. That's the best panel.

Panel 2 - The person that came to mind was Saladin.

Panel 3 - That was funny, too. Made me think of all the on-line petitions I've signed. Kind of like a Bongo-thon.

Panel 4 - If you knew how many times recently I've said, when pissed about some American horror, "Maybe I should just blow my brains out!" Bwahahaha.

DEN said...

Small victories;

Recall reversed on impeachment plate
By Journal staff

A Rapid City woman will not have to turn in her anti-George Bush license plate after all, a state official announced today.

Paul Kinsman, secretary of the state Department of Revenue and Regulation, said officials with the Division of Motor Vehicles n which is within the revenue department - will not recall the “MPEACHW” personalized license plate that Heather Morijah has on her 2005 Toyota Prius.

Last week DMV director Deb Hillmer told the Journal that Morijah would have to give up her license plate because someone complained that it was offensive. But Kinsman said Monday that wouldn’t happen. Hillmer said then that if Morijah didn’t voluntarily return the plates, the state might send law officers to pick them up.

“After reviewing case law on this issue, we have determined that the plate will not be recalled,” Kinsman said in a news release.

Kinsman didn’t offer further explanation for the change of position by the state.

A Raw

Carol, that cartoon had it pegged!
Forgot the yardsign tho.