Monday, May 14, 2007

Roasting Rover

This Sunday 7pm (EST) - on C-SPAN’s Book TV

Amy and Greg have a couple of neo-cons for lunch - recorded live at the LA Book Fest.

Want a taste? Read the Interview with Palast from the Dollars & Sense magazine spring issue about to hit the streets …

Dollars & Sense: In the new edition of your book, ARMED MADHOUSE, you report on the theft of the 2008 election. How do know what they’re doing? Any way to stop them?

Palast: I know because I have Karl Rove’s emails. No kidding. He and his team aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer. They sent copies of their plans to GeorgeWBush.ORG instead of GeorgeWBush.COM addresses — and, heh heh, they ended up in my in-box. Who says this job ain’t fun?

Dollars & Sense: Bush fired eight prosecutors. You were behind the scenes on that story long before it broke in the US. What are they still withholding from us?

Palast: Look, it’s all about VOTES. You’ll see that the prosecutor that Karl Rove insisted in putting in place is a slithery character named Tim Griffin. He’s the guy I busted as the spider-mind behind the “caging lists” which purged thousands of Black voters. The prosecutors fired, as you’ll see in Armed Madhouse, include those, like David Iglesias in New Mexico, who refused to bring phony cases of fraud against legitimate voters. It’s a matter of economics: the Republican party is systematically knocking out lower-income voters; that makes their purges racially biased — but my data show that’s just the effect of hunting down and attacking the ballot power of working class and poor voters. Disenfranchisement is class war by other means.

Dollars & Sense: Why the hell hasn’t the U.S. press covered the story of Bush’s vultures, election’s theft, Iraq’s oil or any of the other stories you’ve put on the front pages in Europe?

Palast: Robert Kennedy Jr. just complained to the head of ABC News about the blackout on my stories. (ABC has the right to take my stuff from BBC for free.) I’m not holding my breath for an answer. I call it, The Silence of the Media Lambs. We’ve got loads of terrific investigative reporters in America, but gutless editors. So the suck-ups to power get the choice posts in metropolitan dailies and on the networks.

Think of the punishment inflicted for the crime of investigative reporting. Seymour Hersh told me he was forced out of the New York Times and Bob Parry, the guy who busted open the Iran-Contra story, was pushed out of the Associated Press. On the other hand, Bob Woodward, who had his journalistic tongue up George Bush’s rectum, who went from writing ‘All the President’s Men’ to being one of the President’s men, is doing just fine.

Dollars & Sense: Many progressives are focused on privatization of the Iraqi economy, including its oil industry, as Bush’s real goal for the invasion. But you write about two radically different plans within the administration, the neo-cons’ versus Big Oil’s—and Big Oil’s plan was the one opposed to privatization. What’s going on here? Plus: any update on how privatization and the whole neo-liberal reshaping of the Iraqi economy are going?

Palast: A lot of intelligent folk believe Bush had a secret plan to grab the oil fields of Iraq before the tanks rolled. That’s wrong. He had TWO plans. In Armed Madhouse, I show you both — the result of two years undercover for BBC. The plans conflict. There’s the neo-con plan: Privatize — that is, sell off — everything, “especially the oil” industry. That’s a quote from the 101-page document which I learned was written by the neo-cons. That didn’t happen — because a Jim Baker team — he’s the lawyer for both Exxon and Saudi Arabia — secretly wrote a 323-page plan that called for CONTROLLING the oil flow, not owning it. The purpose was to LIMIT the supply of oil from Iraq and keep prices high. This would, “enhance [Iraq’s] relationship with OPEC” — the oil cartel. That’s a quote from the document you’re not supposed to see.

So here it is: the invasion was about LIMITING the flow of oil from Iraq, keeping prices high, not grabbing the oil to bring prices down for your SUV. The secret Baker plan is now the law in Iraq and prices are over $50 a barrel. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

@ Greg

I also recommend going HERE for videos, I will also be putting them on the front page here.

No wonder Rover has his panties in a wad lately, he faces Obstructuion of Justice charges heading his way.

Now if we only had a Justice Department.


DEN said...

I forgot to mention that Amy Goodman had an excellent interview with Greg on Democracy Now, today.

Not up on their site yet but will be later this AM.

Regarding the squirrel issue, Laura will not allow me to shoot the fuzzy demons, otherwise I have a Remington 870 12GA that would end the miserable little weasels careers and send them to the big nut house in the sky.

!conspiracy smasher! said...


pause @4:43 = WTC METEORITE
""it's this fused element of molten steel and concrete, all of these things all fused by the heat""
pause @6:29 and see the expressions on the faces of the 2 firemen as they tell of the molten steel:
""like lava, like you're in a foundry.""
pause @8:28 = 8 ton steel I-beam BENT INTO A HORSESHOE
""i find it hard to believe that it bent without cracking and buckling - it takes 1000's of degrees to bend steel like this""

Alan said...

Ahhh, the good'ol dependable 870. I bet it's an older one too, not the "express" they sell alot of now. It was an 870 that I got to shoot as a kid for my very first time to shoot a shotgun. Knocked the hell outta my shoulder too, but I done good in holding it in tight, and it didn't bruise. lol I never got a pump for my own, later, instead going with the 1100 semi-auto (which uses some of the gas to work the action, and therefore not quite the jar to your shoulder). My first one was stolen out of my mom's house when it was burglarized a loooooong time ago, but I replaced it with another. They don't make the 1100 anymore. Damn, shotguns are expensive nowdays.

Anonymous said...

you would shoot your squirrels?
i am disappointed.
i have an entire squirrel army that hangs on my every word.
even the dog is pals with them!

Alan said...

haha That would be the one meteorite of many they kept as a representative sample, which you can see paper with writing on it squeezed into the mass, which proves it never got hot enough to ignite even paper products.
LMAO at the continued posting of long ago debunked bullshyt. It just goes round 'n round from one b/s topic to another and back again. All b/s, all debunked, and there's STILL NO PEER-REVIEWED PAPER TO SHOW ANY EVIDENCE DIFFERENT THAT WHAT NIST PUBLISHED BY OVER 200 REAL SCIENTISTS.

Anonymous said...

debunked? provide a link! you are probably the fool referred to as "dancing with..."

an aluminum/plastic 767 is a flying beercan and cannot penetrate a massive steel/concrete wtc no matter how fast it is allegedly going.
all 4 media videos of a 767 penetrating a wtc are phony.
the fact that both towers were rendered completely into powder at the astounding rate of 11 floors per second is extraordinary.
the fact that 1000's of sheets of paper did not burn while 1500 autos, some of which were a good mile from the wtc, were oddly melted on 1 side only is extraordinary. photos of such speak for themselves and do not lie.
even an escalator repairman should be able to realize this.

sorry den.

DEN said...

Nony, you can have my squirrels too, I will livetrap them and send them to you, worthless flea infested varmits.

Rodentia, infestia.

Alan said...

debunked? provide a link!

No problemo.

Final Reports of the Federal Building and Fire
Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster


Large pieces of debris, likened to meteorites by preservationists, are actually several floors of the towers compressed together as the buildings collapsed. Furniture, twisted metal, pipes, cords and even papers with legible type are visible. The pieces are kept in a humidity-controlled tent in Hangar 17 of Kennedy International Airport.

Above is picture #39 on this site, where #1 is a good picture of the buckled ground floor "tridents" you were probable referring to.

Anonymous said...

the old grey squirrel test

Alan said...

Ok, #37 is another close-up of the "meteorite", but #36 shows the whole thing from a little farther away, and you can see the layers of the compressed floors, NOT fused by heat.

Alan said...

K, I'll quit after this one, but look at #34 to see the paper with legible type on it.

Look at all 58 pictures while you're there. Some good stuff.

Anonymous said...

still with the NIST report?
wow you certainly are gullible.
or a liar?

NIST on the WTC2 impact

please observe the official NIST diagrams.

please ask your phony professor advisor to explain exactly in what manner can the smooth, rounded, lightweight, plastic nosecone of a lightweight aluminum 767 penetrate the massive hardened steel box columns (placed so that there is only 3' space between them) and spandrel plates (5' wide horizontal steel bands encircling every concrete/steel floor of the wtc)?

does the plastic nosecone:
A) slice thru like a blade?
B) bludgeon thru like a hammer?
C) flow thru (between and around) like a liquid?

or were we all fooled by easily produced video fakery.

give it up old man - pretense does not become you.

DEN said...

Alan, that site with the pics did weird stuff to my computer, shrunk the window and when I expanded it the next pic shrunk it again, bad code somewhere.

DEN said...

Maybe when and if we get rid of the neo-con death cult we can have a real meeting of minds and settle this 9/11 stuff once and for all.

DEN said...

I liked the squirrel musicians, too bad they don't really do that, they would be a lot easier to put up with.

No redeeming values as-is.

Anonymous said...

layers of the compressed floors?
watch the video:
(see comment #2)
each entire tower was rendered completely into powder from the top down and much of the massive steel disappeared before it even hit the ground, all at the astounding rate of 11 floors per second!
that is as fast as a bowling ball dropped from the same height would take to reach the ground.

again; give it up man -
bushco are the bad guys of 9/11, not muslims.

Alan said...

please ask your phony professor advisor to explain exactly in what manner can the smooth, rounded, lightweight, plastic nosecone of a lightweight aluminum 767 penetrate the massive hardened steel box columns...

Well, if you'd really like to understand the "how", reading this link would be a good start. First off, it's the whole plane as a moving mass, not just the nosecone.

Newton's laws of motion

Hmmm, ever heard of Newton?
Here's the relevant part, if you don't wanna strain your brain reading real science for a change. lol
Force equals mass multiplied by acceleration.

So, multiply the WEIGHT of the plane, times 500+ miles an hour, and you should be able to understand how the plane penetrated like a knife through butter. Of course, that's REAL SCIENCE, so I don't hold out much hope for you to get through your thick head.
Oh well...

DEN said...

Johnny on the spot with the villains were'nt they?

AlQueda done it.

Took less time to produce a villain than to scramble fighter jets to take the airliners down(never happened).

DEN said...

Warning! AlQueda determined to strike targets in the US.


Alan said...

I dunno what happened with your computer on that site, Den. It works just fine with mine.
Sorry 'bout that.

As for James with the same ol b/s about "turned to dust"... I'ma just let that go along with all the other phone shyt he posts.
Take your medz Dude!

DEN said...

Even if they were not complicit in 9/11, they are still guilty of negligence, no?

Lies, lies, lies, more lies, more lies, 6000 dead and counting, don't show that flag draped coffin!

Traitors to America without being responsible for 9/11.

Cold blooded liars and killers calling anyone questioning them traitors, evil, pure evil.

DEN said...

Alan, could be Firefox vs IE too.

Also there are too many anomalies with 9/11 to rule out mischief of some sort.

Kindly explain how molten metal flowing like lava can occur, and remain hot enough to be seen from space.

I need an explanation.

micki said...

I'm changing the subject...

What will it take to restore the Fairness Doctrine? Do people even care that the Fairness Doctine was abolished? Do they even know what it is/was? If the FD is restored, would the broadcasters comply with the regulations? Can it be restored with all THAT corporate money in campaign financing?

Broadcasters and cablecasters appeal to the lowest common denominator to gain viewership, proving that if they program to prurient interests, their ratings spike. Now, whose fault is that? Seems to me it's a two-way street -- if people didn't tune-in to the crapola, the primal programmers would be out of business!

When you have a president defining success in Iraq as "Success is not no violence" is it any wonder we're f**ked? People voted for that moron. And they voted for Reagan. And they voted for his old man. We get what we deserve.

...but I'm sure the subject will revert back to the other one...;-))

micki said...

The squirrels did it.

DEN said...

I believe the Fairness Doctrine was given the boot by Reagan which set up what we have today.

The repug answer is here at the Heritage foundationGAG!

The Real thing is relegated to a museum, here.

What is really needed in broadcasting is less dependence on company profit and more of a little thing called INTEGRITY.

Saddest bunch of newsies I ever saw.

Democracy Now, Link TV, and the internet are all we have, everyone else sold out for the almighty dollar.

For in gold and silver you will find pain, agony, and no peace.

Anonymous said...

"""First off, it's the whole plane as a moving mass, not just the nosecone."""

no sir. any discussion of the physics of an aluminum plane entering a massive steel/concrete wtc must begin at the very first instant of contact between them.

again, would the smooth rounded lightweight PLASTIC nosecone of a REAL aluminum 767:

A) slice thru like a blade?
B) bludgeon thru like a hammer?

a REAL airplane is a flying beercan.
a REAL 767 is a giant flying beercan.

i will elaborate and then i will shut up.
if a 767 is a beercan then a wtc is a BBQ grill (massive steel perimeter columns) placed upon bricks placed upon an iron fireplace grate (even more massive core columns).
stomp the beercan onto said BBQ grill with a sledgehammer (representing the force that 500mph momentum imparts)
and observe how little, if any, of the beercan penetrates the BBQ grill.
stand the whole affair on edge and you have a model of a wtc impacted by a REAL 767.

is this what is observed when viewing ANY of the 4 2nd hit videos? no.

do not presume to bandy about the laws of newton unless you specify newton's 3rd which states:
"for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"

this means that when an object hits another object they both receive the same amount of force.
meaning that pieces of aluminum plane would deflected backwards in many directions.

a 500mph aluminum plane hitting a stationary massive steel/concrete wtc is the same as a 500mph steel wtc hitting a stationary aluminum plane.

in short; an aluminum plane cannot in reality penetrate a steel/concrete wtc.

there are 4 videos of an alleged 767 penetrating a wtc - here is one which the media showed us over and over:
evan fairbanks was the photographer.
by his own words the fbi confiscated his video and when it was returned to him it showed a hollywood-like production of a plane slipping into the wtc2 like a ghost.

you need to just accept that 9/11 was a tremendous hoax easily perpetrated on the american people by the use of video fakery.

remember; each tower was rendered completely into powder at the rate of 11 floors per second.
an impossibility without added energy applied.

Alan said...

Kindly explain how molten metal flowing like lava can occur, and remain hot enough to be seen from space.

More pure b/s Den. There were hot spots seen from infrared photography, and they DID move, but over time and as the materials were consumed, but there was no "molten metal flowing like lava". If so, there would be pictures of it recovered in pooled and cooled solids. NO SUCH THING WAS RECOVERED. Any people saying they saw molten metal were mistaken, simple as that. It could've been reflections on WATER they seen, it could've been molten GLASS, or even babbitt from the elevator cables, but there was no pools of melted steel.
One site even quoted Leslie Robertson saying the same thing you said, and it's a plain out and out lie. He never said he saw molten steel onsite while he was there.
I emailed him once, and he replied too. But it was about the "mass tuned damper" that the building DIDN'T have. Instead, he designed a whole new damper system to control lateral forces. From his reply... "We invented and then used visco-elastic dampers."

Alan said...

haha a flying beer can. That's prolly the craziest thing you've said yet.

And the airframe and engines is the beer, right? hahaha

Anonymous said...

you are still full of nonsense alan!
watch the video (comment #2) and see the firemen themselves discussing the molten metal.
see each tower being rendered into powder - over and over again.
see the photos of cars and rescue vehicles that were oddly wilted and toasted. see the 8 ton beam that bent into a horseshoe without cracking or buckling.

the choices are very simple:

1) actually learn about the events of 9/11 and realize that the official fairytale is just that; a fairytale.
2) continue to quote the NIST report which couldn't be farther from authentic.

Anonymous said...

"""haha a flying beer can. That's prolly the craziest thing you've said yet.

And the airframe and engines is the beer, right? hahaha"""

truly you still seem like an idiot.
good luck to you.

den, please accept my apology for starting this up again on your blog.

good luck to all of you and try to store plenty of food/fresh water for a rainy day!
~james ha.

DEN said...

J, I'm with you on the story, the whole "Pearl Harbor Event" is mighty damn convenient, wait til they lift the balloon and really slam the door on liberty, will make 9/11 look like a practice run.

I am very suspicious since no fighters were scrambled, that is the 'tell', chimpy reading my pet goat is another tell, ignoring verified warnings is another.

Refusal of the gov't to release any infomation seals it for me, they are hiding something at the highest levels, whether it was a contract job or not I don't know, then with this bunch of lying a-holes, I would not put it past them.

Keep things 'in house' and hidden.

DEN said...

Well I'll leave the 9/11 debate for another day too.

Right now Rover is in deep doodoo for his lying, cheating ways.

All we need is someone to drag his worthless ass to a Grand Jury.

Fingers crossed.

DEN said...

May 8, 2007


The Senate Committee on the Judiciary has scheduled a hearing on "Preserving Prosecutorial Independence: Is the Department of Justice Politicizing the Hiring and Firing of U.S. Attorneys? – Part IV" for Tuesday, May 15, 2007 at 10:00 a.m. in Room 226 of the Senate Dirksen Office Building.

Senator Schumer will preside.

By order of the Chairman

Witness List

Hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee On
“Preserving Prosecutorial Independence: Is the Department of Justice Politicizing the Hiring and Firing of U.S. Attorneys? – Part IV”

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dirksen Senate Office Building Room 226

10:00 a.m.

James B. Comey
Former Deputy Attorney General
United States Department of Justice

DEN said...

Open Letter to the Members of he US Congress who Oppose the War on Iraq

To members of the European Parliaments who Oppose the War

Peace be upon you and greetings to you all,

We wish to clarify certain matters relating to events in Iraq for our friends among the members of the US Congress. It is common knowledge that the occupation spared neither the old nor the young, and that Iraq is passing through the most difficult of times because all and sundry are hounding it and covet a share of its riches. We see no good reason for linking the passing of the feeble Iraqi oil law to the withdrawal of the occupation troops from Iraq.

Everyone knows that the oil law does not serve the Iraqi people, and that it serves Bush, his supporters and the foreign companies at the expense of the Iraqi people who have been wronged and deprived of their right to their oil despite enduring all difficulties.

We ask our friends not to link withdrawal with the oil law, especially since the USA claimed that it came to Iraq as a liberator and not in order to control Iraq’s resources.

The general public in Iraq is totally convinced that Bush wants to rush the promulgation of the oil law so as to be leaving Iraq with a victory of sorts, because his project is failing every day and the occupation is collapsing in all parts of Iraq.

We wish to see you take a true stance for the children of Iraq, and we always say that history will remember those who advance peace over war.

With my regards,

Hassan Jum’a Awwad
Head of the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions

@ Basra Oil Union

Right from the Iraqis

DEN said...

Iraq's interior ministry has decided to bar news photographers and camera operators from the scenes of bomb attacks, operations director Brigadier General Abdel Karim Khalaf said on Sunday (local time).

His announcement was the latest in a series of attempts to curtail press coverage of the ongoing conflict, which has already attracted criticism from international human rights bodies.

"There are many reasons for this prohibition," he said.

"We do not want evidence to be disturbed before the arrival of detectives, the ministry must respect human rights and does not want to expose victims and does not want to give terrorists information that they achieved their goals.

"This decision does not imply a curtailment of press freedom, it is a measure followed all over the world."

International and local media coverage of Iraq's deadly sectarian conflict generates dozens of images and reports of carnage every day, as insurgent bomb attacks continue.


So it continues, we want to wash that war right out of your head!

Add that to the restrictions on the GI's net surfing and the war will simply go away in the MSM.

micki said...

When Carey returns she should tell me that I was wrong about my soothsaying about Al Fredo's departure...

But ya know what...I still say he's toast. It's just a matter of MORE time.

But, I want Karl Rove's scalp. No, wait...he's bald. I want his sorry ass in prison.

micki said...

...back to Den's concern about the's what has to happen. Remember when the sheeple did get up in arms about the FCC's pro-consolidation decisions?

Well, we have to build on that concern. Bust up the BIG MEDIA CONGLOMERATES. Ma Bell was busted (though, I'm not sure the result is all that great) and the railroad trusts were busted.

Why can't it happen again?

©¿©¬arol said...

To whomever: To whomever posted the Mega Vote thing from The Nation. I LOVE them sending me reports on what my MI legislators are doing.

I went to The Nation and can't find a link to it anywhere.