Saturday, May 19, 2007

Squirrel Nazis, Update

These are no ordinary squirrels folks, these are vicious plastic eaters. Any critter that eats plastic like this is not your ordinary garden variety critter, they are hybrids of sorts, straight from the bowels of Hell, psycho, ruthless, garden weasels.

James suggested feeding them to keep them away from the bird seed. as anyone can plainly see it was not seed they were after, it was plastic. the second pic shows the modified support rod I implemented that so far they have been unable to circumvent.

So it goes, the battle between man and nature, man won this round but the fight is not over, not by a long shot.


DEN said...

Happy Saturday!

Got an E-mail from Carey.

She is well grounded and both her and Brandon are doing as well as can be expected, she's a good mom, and Brandon is a good kid.

Time is the only healer for a loss like that.

micki said...

Damn, Den!

Maybe the squirrels are committing suicide by wantonly eating plastic bird feeders.

...or they think melamine takes great!

micki said...

I just heard a short clip of bush's Saturday radio address.

Boy oh boy! To me he sounded soused, tanked, pickled!

And/or his meds are out of whack.

Alan said...

Looks like a form of intelligence to me. They are nibbling down the obstruction, so as to have a better shot at the goal.

I have a squirrel prob as well. I think I've scared them all off except for one I'll call a juvenile. He's smaller than an adult, but not a baby either. The doves don't mind him around when they both are digging around in the grass below the bird feeder. I haven't caught the squirrel in the feeder in over a week, but something is shaking the 'bowl' and there always seems to be alot of the feed in the dry birdbath underneath the feeder, as well as on the ground. As long as the squirrel is on the birdbath or on the ground, I'm not scaring him off... but I'm sure going through alotta bird seed lately! I have two pictures of squirrels inside the 'bowl' eating, but they're not clear and bright like Den's pictures.
K, doves aren't the only birds I have as regulars. There's a red bird couple that visit a couple times a day. One is completely red (male, I think), the other is mostly brown with red highlights and the same orange beak. Plus, I have a ton of smaller birds I'm not sure what they are, plus mockingbirds too. If I was truly concerned about the squirrels, I'd relocate the feeder out from under one of the redbud trees, so it's really no big deal.
That is all...

Alan said...

More about the Southern Ocean and the problems they've discovered, along with the 600 new organisms. I had said "species" the other day, which would really be a story if that were true. There's two sets of awesome pictures in this article.

Southern Ocean Loaded With Carbon Dioxide

WASHINGTON (May 19) - The Southern Ocean around Antarctica is so loaded with carbon dioxide that it can barely absorb any more, so more of the gas will stay in the atmosphere to warm up the planet, scientists reported on Thursday.
The new research, published in the latest edition of the journal Science, indicates that the Southern Ocean has been saturated with carbon dioxide at least since the 1980s.
Another sign of warming in the Antarctic was reported on Tuesday by NASA , which found vast areas of snow melted on the southern continent in 2005 in a process that may accelerate invisible melting deep beneath the surface.

º¿carol said...

I've always been happy we don't have squirrels. I've seen one cross our the front of our property maybe 6 times in 29 years. I always yell, "Run, RUN!"

Izzy & I saw one from the LR window a couple days ago. He had a big nut in his mouth and crossed the front like they all do, heading west. HEADING YOUR WAY, DR. BENSON!!!

º¿carol said...

Real Time with Bill Maher. At the end of the show his New Rules segment took care of Jerry Falwell. Had Bob & I chuckling. He started off asking why everyone is so happy he's dead. YUP! JUST LIKE ON THE WEB, ON THE BLOGS.

I love that show! I hate when he goes off the air several months out of the year.

Alan said...

Instead of a squirrel, this is a rabbit joke... but it starts off similiar to Carol's post about spotting one from her LR window.

Farmer sees the rabbit start to cross the road and watches, then to his shock, a car drives by and squashes it. He seen the driver stop, get out to check out the dead rabbit. He then went to his car and returned with a can of something, that he then sprayed all over the rabbit. Then, he tosses the can and gets back in his car and drives off. As the farmer watches, he sees the flattened rabbit start to take shape again and stir around a bit. Pretty soon it's standing, then it looks straight at the farmer and waves. It hops back across the road, turns and waves again. When it got to the barbed-wire fence, it turned to wave once more before disappearing in the field. The farmer goes outside to find this can, to see what the hell it was the driver sprayed on the rabbit.

The label said "Hair Restorer and Permanent Wave".

*better told than typed, so you don't have to misspell 'hare'

Alan said...

Ugh! "CNN Airs Portion Of Stoning Death" at Crooks...

We sacrifice our lives and treasures for people that would do this to a 17 y/o girl? She was seen socializing with a Sunni friend.

micki said...

The Michigan squirrel with the mouth full o' nuts,
Was known around town as a miserable putz,
Carol yelled, Run!
West! To Benson!
Before you get turned into a plate of cold cuts!

micki said...

Alan, do you remember the BBC production "Death of a Princess" that became so controversial because some PBS stations ran it?

micki said...

"Hair Restorer and Permanent Wave".


º¿carol said...

It's the permanent wave that got me! LOL!!!!

And Micki waxed poetic again. Very cute:)

Alan said...

In celebration of the weekend, have a look at this cool new video that celebrates all our favorite Republipigs.

micki said...

Hair salon name:


Alan said...

" you remember the BBC production "Death of a Princess"..."

I remember hearing of it, but I didn't see it or read about it. I guess our local PBS (the ORIGINAL one, btw) station didn't air it.

micki said...

bush has a demolition company. It's called Edifice Wrecks.

Alan said...

Our local channel 8 from the U of Houston was the first, and original PBS station. That's pretty cool.

Alan said...

A'ight, I'ma check in with you guys later.

micki said...

October 20, 1982
Court Backs Dropping Of Drama on Beheading

The refusal of two public television stations to air a 1980 documentary-drama about the beheading of a Saudi Arabian princess did not infringe upon viewers' First Amendment rights, a Federal appeals court has ruled here.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit said that a decision by Houston's KUHT-TV and the Alabama Educational Television Commission to cancel a showing of ''Death of a Princess'' did not constitute censorship.

Station and commission officials decided in May 1980 not to show the nationally telecast program because they feared it would harm United States relations with Arab counties and threaten Americans in the Middle East.

The princess was beheaded for consorting with a commoner. Viewers in Houston and Alabama tried to force the showing of the program by contending that the stations did not have the right to keep it off the air. The appeals court ruled that those viewers did not have a constitutional right to compel the showing of the program.

David B. Benson said...

Den's post today reminded me of the time I watched a troop of Madras monkeys stripping rubber insulation from around the windows of the old-fashioned car and eating the stuff!

I later learned that rubber contains sulfer and the modkeys probably seriously needed that, similar to rodents eating underground insulation on wires.

micki said...

Go, Jimmy Carter!!!!!

President Carter let 'er rip on the disastrous, lying, lowdown specimen in the White House.

Thank you!

micki said...


Carter also lashed out Saturday at British prime minister Tony Blair. Asked how he would judge Blair's support of Bush, the former president said: "Abominable. Loyal. Blind. Apparently subservient."

micki said...

"Apparently, Sunday mornings in Plains for former President Carter includes hurling reckless accusations at your fellow man," said Amber Wilkerson, Republican National Committee spokeswoman.

Oh shut up!

micki said...

The Chicago Trib says, in part:

It's an extraordinary thing to witness an ex-president speaking his mind so freely in his criticism of a sitting president. Another example in the modern era doesn't quickly come to mind.

Notice, Carter didn't label Bush the worst president ever. But can a president have the worst administration ever without being the lowliest chief executive to occupy the White House, at least in Carter's eyes?

You'd probably have to go back to President Theodore Roosevelt who in 1912 ran against his one-time friend, the sitting President William Howard Taft, to find an ex-president speaking out so forcefully against an Oval Office occupant.

This Carter interview is likely to be a story for days.

DEN said...

Jimmie knows the truth, the rest are in denial, the worst administration since Nixon.

Note the naysayers.

Who in their right effin mind can find any good whatsoever in the King George court of evil chuckleheads?

DEN said...

Saturday night and the beers goin down right,

rippin the royals until my cup becomes light.

Then back to the fridge I must go,

to get more beer ya know.

carey said...

It's called Edifice Wrecks.

Bwa-ha-ha-ha. That coupled with "hair dye and permanent wave."

Prompted a LOL! That's an achievement right now.

Alan said...

Hey CAREYYY !!! It's good to 'see' ya.

Ehhh, it's "hair(hare) restorer and permanent wave". hehe

*multiple hugs to you and Brandon*

Anonymous said...



micki said...

oops, anon is moi!