Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Time for some Tabloid crap cause I'm sick of bitching about the Chimp-in-Chief.

Here sits poor little RICH, SPOILED, Paris Hilton, poor thing got busted twice for driving without a driver license. Twice she was caught, who knows how many times she was driving when she DID NOT get caught.

So this poor little waif has to spend 45 days in the poky for being a stubborn, dare I say being a spoiled bitch? Such a travesty of justice is it that 900 adoring fans are signing a petition on her MESpace page, and to top it all off she wants none other than the Governator to give a nice pardon cause she did not mean to break the law, after all her publicist said she could drive.

What a huge steaming pile of spoiled poo in a skin suit!

Never had to take responsibility for anything in her life, why start now?

I guesswhat is even worse is the legs this story has with the media, and yes even me, your humble blogger. Beyond these spoiled wheezings of travesty and injustice lies the real world of JAIL and the gray bars surrounding it for endangering others with an attitude of depraved indifference while blasting down the road as she pleases when she pleases, despite having no license to do so.

Arnold will not pardon Miss Snooty and he should not, time to take responsibility for being you.



{ò,ó}arol said...

Ignorance is no excuse. That's what I've always heard.

Same for you, Missy. Do the time.

I heard Regis say this morning that this was being brought before Arnold for a reprieve, and the whole audience groaned, etc.

DEN said...

Berretta sez, don't do the crime if ya can't do the time!

Of course we know what happened to Ms. Blakely, oops!

Applies to rich snobettes too!

DEN said...

Please sign THIS petition if you have not already, thanks!

micki said...

I feel a bit awkward telling all of you about this on a blog, but I don't have email addresses for all of Carey's friends.

I just received an email from Carey's sister, Winke, with some very sad news and she wanted me to inform everyone. Carey's husband, Ken, died suddenly yesterday. At this time, the cause is unknown.

Winke asked that we remember Carey, Brandon and the family in our thoughts and prayers.

I phoned Carey and she sends her love to all.

DEN said...

Fascist bastards are still trying to wedge out non-believers:

Four of the federal government's top watchdogs have found themselves under investigation recently, a trend experts call unprecedented and troubling.

The men are inspectors general, known in Beltway parlance as "IGs" -- special senior political appointees who serve at each federal agency to expose and remedy instances of government waste, fraud and abuse.

Instead, they have found themselves facing investigations into allegations including fraud, wasteful spending and abuse of power.

Four IGs under simultaneous investigation "would be a record," confirmed Paul Light, a professor of government at New York University who wrote the definitive tome on the role and history of inspectors general. "They're supposed to be a bulwark against this stuff."

@ The Blotter

Wake the hell up America, because if you do not, you will be very, very, sorry.

DEN said...



Thanks, Micki.

Carol said...

Poor, Carey! The worst possible news. And poor Brandon! Losing a dad so young.

I'd like to think she's doing ok, but how could that be? Losing your mate. :( Can't even email her right now.

DEN said...

Carey, you have been through so much, and now this.

Our hopes and prayers are with you and Brandon.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

Gerald said...

Carey, although words cannot offer comfort at the loss a loved one, these words may hopefully offer some comfort.

We Shall Meet Again

If I should leave this world without a warning, and not even whisper a fond farewell, grieve not for one more message from the lips that God has stilled. But just remember me with love and prayers for my soul’s journey to that fair land beyond life’s tears. For I have believed with all my heart in its existence, and I know that God is good, for He has come to me through the life of Him whose very garment I have sought to touch. It may be lonely, and I hope you miss me just a little, because I have loved so deeply my own family and faithful friends.

Forgive me if I have ever hurt you and remember me for what I longed to be. Have faith that I am nearer than your dreams and fondest longings. For the God of love shall keep all kindred spirits close together, though the misty vale between this world and that to come. Keep us from each other’s sight, for a few precious moments. Whisper softly that you love me and it shall linger on within my soul until you come. Say not goodbye, for on some bright tomorrow we shall meet again!

Alan said...

Carey, I'm so sorry for what happened. Please know that we are thinking of you and Brandon.