Thursday, June 07, 2007


3500 Troops Dead

Are there enough dead yet Mr. Bush?

Or should we continue the killing?

When will enough, be enough for you,

Mr. Bush?


Alan said...

Where'd you get that picture Den? The empty boots GRAB as a symbol just grab you!

DEN said...

Bagged it from Huffpo, didn't think they would miss it.

The whole thing pisses me off,

only stoopids in charge? WTF!?

Alan said...

I'm watching Pande's Spurs kick Cleveland's azz in game one. Hey Pande, don't be such a strangerrr!

DEN said...

Laura sez: GO SPURS!!

sheez a Detroit girl.

DEN said...

screw this I'm getting up early,


Alan said...

about Habeas Corpus, on Crooks, from Countdown...

Jonathan Turley: “The greatest irony of the Bush Administration is that his legacy will be to show the dangers of walking away from those rights that define us. We’re very much alone today. He can’t go to Canada without people protesting, Miss America can’t even go to Mexico without being booed. We’re viewed as a rogue nation and it is a dangerous world to live in when you’re alone.”

micki said...

Dr. B: If you intend this letter as a generic plea to send to "likely suspects" to take up the cause, then I would recommend this editing:

Biochar is a new concept for many of us, but it deserves your immediate consideration.
This website provides a partial solution to the illness of global warming.

Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO), it is reported, is drafting a stand-alone bill promoting biochar (agrichar) which he will include as part of the Farm Bill 2007. The Farm Bill, whose terms are decided every year, determines what agricultural initiatives can be funded by the U.S. government. If this is included in the Farm Bill, it could guarantee subsidies for research and application of the biochar process.

I encourage you to explore the website referenced above and to then publicize its contents. Additionally, use your influence to sway Congress to seriously consider Senator Salazar's proposals.

etc etc -- be sure to mention your educational/professional status

micki said...

The adage that a picture speaks a thousand words is inadequate.

That photo speaks three thousand, five hundred lost lives...for?

micki said...

Plus the hundreds of thousand of lost lives of Iraqi children, women, innocent civilians, soldiers caught up in this mess.

I am truly ashamed.