Wednesday, June 06, 2007


. . . God created Republicans in His image. I know because they all said so in last night’s Republican debate when Wolf Blitzer asked about Biblical creation versus evolution (watch CNN’s Huckabee and Brownback videos). They seemed to agree with Mike Huckabee’s explanation that he’s not sure when this divine creation happened, or how long it took, but none confessed any doubt that it really happened.

Creationism can be imposed in schools, while An Inconvenient Truth or Sagan’s Cosmos can be banned, as long as it’s done, as McCain suggested, by local governments. Romney bravely insisted that no one was going to separate him from his Book of Mormon, but only Ron Paul seemed to understand that the supremely secular 1st Amendment was the inspired principle that protected Mitt from the Romans.

Given the original perfection of Eden, it logically follows that Democrats weren’t there at the beginning; I suspect they evolved later, after the fall, though it’s possible Tancredo and Brownback think they’re just aliens from somewhere, and we should weed out the ones with brown skin that don’t speak English before they pollute America’s precious bodily fluids. But despite their darker than God-like nature, Democrats are still expected to be persons of faith and to be explicit about the role God plays in their lives and prospective administrations.


I watched the highlights, or should I say LOWlights of the repug buffoons at work trying to convince whomever will listen that it they and they alone that can bring righteousness back into politics.

Must be nice to be endowed with the wisdom of the ages. The Dems just do not have it according to this bunch of goombahs. Most if not all want to NUKE Iran, yup nuke-em.

With this bunch you will get the SSDD and it will not be pretty.

The night was about bashing the chimp in an effort to elevate themselves to.....
the same level.

It was ugly.


micki said...

Ya gotta go to Alan's post of the Scooter Love Letters, end of previous thread! This is comedy writing at its finest!

Click on Mary Matalin's love letter -- go to the second page, first paragraph is really really funneeeeeeeee!

It's all about Mr. Scooter's universal love of families and how he amuses the repuke children on Halloween.

Gosh, I sure hope Judge Walton realizes that Scooter needs to remain free so that he can continue amusing the fatcat kiddies.

micki said...

Den, I don't watch the Repuke or Dem debates. Too early.

But, I do like that the Repukes on beating up on their no-good pResident.

Give him hell! Better still...send him there.

micki said...

Save the earth.

Do a little thing every day and turn it into a BIG thing.

DEN said...

Scooters Pals from yesterday.

DEN said...

Jeez, somebody better call the Pope and get the Scooter considered for sainthood.


micki said...

The Passion of Al Gore
By Bob Herbert
The New York Times

Tuesday 05 June 2007

Al Gore is earnestly talking about the long-term implications of the energy and climate crises, and how the Arctic ice cap is receding much faster than computer models had predicted, and how difficult and delicate a task it will be to try and set things straight in Iraq.

You look at him and you can't help thinking how bizarre it is that this particular political figure, perhaps the most qualified person in the country to be president, is sitting in a wing chair in a hotel room in Manhattan rather than in the White House.

He's pushing his book "The Assault on Reason." I find myself speculating on what might have been if the man who got the most votes in 2000 had actually become president. It's like imagining an alternate universe.

The war in Iraq would never have occurred. Support and respect for the U.S. around the globe would not have plummeted to levels that are both embarrassing and dangerous. The surpluses of the Clinton years would not have been squandered like casino chips in the hands of a compulsive gambler on a monumental losing streak.

Mr. Gore takes a blowtorch to the Bush administration in his book. He argues that the free and open democratic processes that have made the United States such a special place have been undermined by the administration's cynicism and excessive secrecy, and by its shameless and relentless exploitation of the public's fear of terror.

The Bush crowd, he said, has jettisoned logic, reason and reflective thought in favor of wishful thinking in the service of an extreme political ideology. It has turned its back on reality, with tragic results.

So where does that leave Mr. Gore? If the republic is in such deep trouble and the former vice president knows what to do about it, why doesn't he have an obligation to run for president? I asked him if he didn't owe that to his fellow citizens.

If the country needs you, how can you not answer the call?

He seemed taken aback. "Well, I respect the logic behind that question," he said. "I also am under no illusion that there is any position that even approaches that of president in terms of an inherent ability to affect the course of events."

But while leaving the door to a possible run carefully ajar, he candidly mentioned a couple of personal reasons why he is disinclined to seek the presidency again.

"You know," he said, "I don't really think I'm that good at politics, to tell you the truth." He smiled. "Some people find out important things about themselves early in life. Others take a long time."

He burst into a loud laugh as he added, "I think I'm breaking through my denial."

I noted that he had at least been good enough to attract more votes than George W. Bush.

"Well, there was that," he said, laughing again. "But what politics has become requires a level of tolerance for triviality and artifice and nonsense that I find I have in short supply."

Mr. Gore is passionate about the issues he is focused on - global warming, the decline of rational discourse in American public life, the damage done to the nation over the past several years. And he has contempt for the notion that such important and complex matters can be seriously addressed in sound-bite sentences or 30-second television ads, which is how presidential campaigns are conducted.

He pressed this point when he talked about Iraq.

"One of the hallmarks of a strategic catastrophe," he said, "is that it creates a cul-de-sac from which there are no good avenues of easy departure. Taking charge of the war policy and extricating our troops as quickly as possible without making a horrible situation even worse is a little like grabbing a steering wheel in the middle of a skid."

There is no quick and easy formula, he said. A new leader implementing a new policy on Iraq would have to get a feel for the overall situation. The objective, however, should be clear: "To get our troops out of there as soon as possible while simultaneously observing the moral duty that all of us share - including those of us who opposed this war in the first instance - to remove our troops in a way that doesn't do further avoidable damage to the people who live there."

I asked if he meant that all U.S. troops should ultimately be removed from Iraq.

"Yes," he said.

Then he was off to talk more about his book.

DEN said...

Everyone wants Al to run for prez.

No one has asked him which current candidate meets with his approval.

If Al bestowed his blessing on another candidate, they would win the nomination.

By not doing so, his intent is clear, HE is the only candidate he believes can win the nomination.

The door is open more than a crack, it's a gaping hole.

Alan said...

American soldiers patrol Afghani marijuana fields...

Ummm... Can I Get an Acre Bag, Please?

micki said...

Nah, Den. If Al endorsed a candidate right now, it would be the kiss of death. The pundit chattering class, with assistance from General Rove's message manipulation machine, would go balls to the wall bashing Al's pick.

Better for all if Al stays out of the 'who's the best candidate' game for now.

micki said...

"But what politics has become requires a level of tolerance for triviality and artifice and nonsense that I find I have in short supply."

Al Gore speaks the truth about today's politics.

I think he intends to continue to try to educate the people outside of the political (read: campaign) arena.

micki said...

Al Gore has been ACCUSED of being too pedantic and ostentatiously intelligent.

The stoooooopid maroons who buy that crapola still loathe him.

I think Al Gore should lead a third party, not the Green Party, but THE EVER GREEN PARTY, and all the smart people would follow the leader!

DEN said...

Micki, trouble is there are not enough smart people out there.

The repugs made sure of that by leaving the public school education in the dumper.

Dumb people are much easier to manipulate.

If Al is going to make a difference he better get off his ass and announce so he can be included in upcoming debates etc.

Wait too long and it will work against him, the dum-masses need to have his name out there every day constantly reminding them who to vote for.

Carey said...

Gore doesn't trust the system because it's corrupted. He won in 2000. He knows the crap isn't cleaned up so why expose himself to more hurt? I very seriously doubt he'll jump in.

Both DEbates were a DEbacle. So badly set up, written, everything! Really amateur and embarrassing. Wolf should receive a prize for the worst performance of his career and that's sayin something. I didn't watch even the highlights from last night. Who gives a poopie? "Raise your hand if you're......" What flyin crap.

Kucinich, I stand corrected, is the only candidate who prefers a single-payer, universal healthcare system. He's so perfect. Damn that God didn't make him taller with smaller ears.

Mary Matalin. Ay, ay, ay, Micki and Alan. What a weirdo. A clown if you ask me.

Oh, oops--yeah Den, Micki's right. Gore can't name a candidate now. Gore wants in and he doesn't want in. He's been seriously burned.

We haven't seen the Republican Lee Atwater/Karl Rove dirty tricks machine at work yet. Giuliani should be eating sh*t soon I think.

Libby. Did you catch a glimpse of him leaving the courtroom? He was swallowing rocks. For once the little asshole looked scared.

Carey said...


From a couple threads back: I had heard that before about Bob Schrum. I don't know how I forgot since Matthews constantly reminds him of his record. After listening to Bob more, I'm interested in his book. It's a "what we've been doing wrong and who's doing it" sort of book. I'm sure he thinks he has alot to answer to, but it appears he honestly attempts to figure out what's been going wrong.

Schrum's losing record is the Democratic Party's losing record.

Micksters--were you able to decipher some of Dr. B's writings? Once again, congratulations to you David. We always knew you were bigtime smart.

Gerald said...

The picture of the three repukes remind me of the Larry, Moe, and Curly act

Carey said...

And while I'm on the subject of friends' writings: GERALD'S book is very good. It's difficult for me to read much of anything right now. Still, when I want to vent my anger at Bushco, I have my source.

I've already mentioned another book. I do believe this is must reading: Greg Palast's Armed Madhouse. It's in paperback. So is David Corn's book Hubris.

Carey said...

One more thing: I loved your title today Den.


micki said...

Libby. Did you catch a glimpse of him leaving the courtroom? He was swallowing rocks. For once the little asshole looked scared.


micki said...

I heard that bush said at the G-8 Summit that it was too bad that Halliburton hadn't been given a contract to build a Cyclone Fence in the Strait of Hormuz.

....just kidding. But! He could have said that!

Gerald said...

Carey is right. Al Gore should not endorse a candidate.

He will not run because he knows the VOTING SYSTEM IS CORRUPT AND FLAWED. His place in history is etched in stone as the winner of the 2000 presidential election but was screwed by the system. He is more effective outside the loop and he has more credibility outside the loop.

Micki's comments of the Matalin/ Carville letter made me puke. To be graphic it was a torrential puke.

I do not like Bush and you know that I do not like Bush but if I was president I would want the power to jail anyone like Robert Novak for what I consider a treasonous act with his naming of Valerie Plane whether the employee is a covert agent or not. We are a sick bloodlust society and we need to be on guard against the throwing out of any names of CIA employees.

micki said...

Updated:2007-06-06 11:48:33
As Dr. B noted yesterday global warming means more and more extremes in weather...

Massive Cyclone Strikes Persian Gulf
Thousands Evacuated; Oil Prices Climb


MUSCAT, Oman (June 6) -- Oman evacuated tens of thousands of people Wednesday, suspended oil exports, and closed the major port of Sohar as a weakening Cyclone Gonu roared toward the Strait of Hormuz -- the world's major transport artery for Persian Gulf oil.

Gerald said...

Libby should be scared of jail time because everyday will be B.O.H.I.C.A. time.

micki said...

Micksters--were you able to decipher some of Dr. B's writings?

Well, some of it.

But speaking of Dr. B's collaborative paper, I copy and pasted the link I had saved to take another look today and instead of the paper coming up, this did:

Where I thought Dr. B's paper was going to be -- instead this came up -- how did that happen??!!

micki said...

Gerald, with all the Scooter Love Letters, his friends also gave him a 30-month supply of soap-on-a-rope.

Gerald said...

Carey, friends who have bought my book discuss certain pages with me.

I said that my book is more like a painting that may become priceless some 40 years after I cross the vale to another world.

Plus, there are names of many writers with comments and some writers without comments and to read their writings is a valuable source of information.

carey said...

Something is bugging me. I know I heard someplace before the event in my life, well before, perhaps a month and a half, that Al Gore had accepted a huge position with some enormous global warming initiative. It's a vague memory. At the time I said to myself--that's it, Carter was right, he's not running.

I cannot provide substance or details.

Gerald said...

Micki, I believe that his 30 month supply of soap on the rope may well be gone before the time he leaves the friendly confines of prison.

Gerald said...

Posters, I have had an opportunity to work with prison employees and they have discussed certain people whom the prisoners want to see in jail to intimidate them and boss them around. Libby may be a very good candidate for such intriguing actions.

Gerald said...

People, please be all you can be without going to prison. It is no place to be for any length of time. Please trust my words on this subject.

Carey said...

I heard that bush said at the G-8 Summit that it was too bad that Halliburton hadn't been given a contract to build a Cyclone Fence in the Strait of Hormuz.

Thar Micki blows, sir. Ay she's funny.

That is one heck of a well-thought out joke, young lady.

Carey said...

Y'all so worried about Scoots. What about poor Paris?

Carey said...

I forgot how to spell y'all. Is that right?

micki said...

Carey -- does this have anything to do with what you're trying to recall?

The Virgin Earth Challenge

During Global Warming Awareness Month, on February 9, 2007, Al Gore and Richard Branson announced the Virgin Earth Challenge, a competition offering a $25 million prize for the first person or organization to produce a viable design which results in the removal of atmospheric greenhouse gases

Live Earth Concerts

Concerts will be held on July 7, 2007 as part of Save Our Selves — The Campaign for a Climate in Crisis. Concerts will be held on all seven continents: Shanghai, China, Sydney, Australia, Johannesburg, South Africa, London, England, Brazil, Japan, the United States and Antarctica.

micki said...

Taking the grammatical highground, y'all is the only proper spelling.

Alan said...

Micki, the actual adress was in the first post on that page you were sent to. Here it is...

What did and did not...

You should post it at the other blog, to give that noted top scientist James Ha a chance to see it. LOL He could at least pass it on to his heroes so they'll know how to submit a paper for peer review... something NONE of them have done yet. It should make folks wonder why... but it doesn't me, because they are making $'s of the idiots that follow them.

Alan said...


Alan said...



Gerald said...

Yes, Carey, we did forget about poor Paris. She is worth well over a billion dollars. Will prison time change her for the better? She is so spoiled that I cannot say.

Yes, our soldiers are dying and what a total waste of human potential.

It is sad to say but Paris Hilton is wasting away her human potential. Does she even thank God for all her blessings? If I was in her position, I would thank God and pray for guidance that I can do His will to the best of my ability.

Gerald said...

I have to laugh at these repuke debates because Fred Thompson will be the repukes' nominee in 2008. These debating candidates will finally realize that they are just jokes to the powers that be.

DEN said...

Internet at work is FUBAR(effed up beyond recognition).

carry on!

Alan said...

'They' keep talking how impressed they are at the pope... how he carried on like nothing was happening when the dude jumped out of the crowd at the back of the vehicle he was in. *ack

Looked to me like the guy was clueless that anything was even happening, not that he knew and was so fkn brave he wouldn't even turn around to look and interupt his waving to the crowd. Have y'all seen that clip yet?

DEN said...

However, it has not been checked whether the allegations of controlled demolition by planted explosives have any scientific merit.

OK then.

DEN said...

And why not?

DEN said...

Drop bomb and run!!!


David B. Benson said...

Senator Ken Salazar (D -- Colorado), it seems, is pushing to include biochar research and production in the up-coming Farm Bill.

Kindly encourage your congressional delegation to support this in a big way!

But I also see no resaon not to include it as part of the Energy Plan, currently a hotly debated mess in the Senate. Encourage your Senators to include biochar in the Energy Plan. Its such a win-win that I fail to see how anybody could oppose it...

Let's go further. The foresters could use it. The Bureau of Land Managment could use it. The agricultural land set-aside program could use it.

Heck, its better than compost. I'd buy some to work into my garden!

(If it wasn't made in China, that is.)

Alan said...

However, it has not been checked whether the allegations of controlled demolition by planted explosives have any scientific merit.

Den, you obviously picked that up, or read it at a troother site. When in fact, that was the first thing they checked for, considering the history of the WTC being attacked. The FBI and BATF were there checking with the dogs trained for that. Within a week, those dogs were changed out for 'cadaver dogs', the ones that can find people and bodies, because they hadn't found any evidence of explosives.
Also, there weren't any seismic spikes like explosives make, only the rumble of a collapsing building. Guys on the forum that know about these things say if explosives were used, it wouldn't have taken sniffer dogs to smell it, that virtually all of Manhattan would've smelled the residue from the amount it would've taken. But, the number one proof that explosives weren't used is in Dr. B's paper, and that's the slow tilt of the top over time (load shifting from broken and damaged columns, plus there are no super duper slo-mo explosives) and the bowing in of the perimeter columns when that tilt finally went past the point of no return.

DEN said...

The 2007 Farm Bill Website.

DEN said...

Alan, It was in the first paragraph of the study you submitted.

DEN said...

The Agriculture Committee Senators

DEN said...

BINGO!! the article in question


DEN said...

Now I can rest....... beer!

micki said...

Before the beer...

Some of you have wondered why I'm not a Ron Paul fan just because he's against the Iraq War -- WELL HERE'S A GOOD RUNDOWN OF WHY HE DOES NOT DESERVE RESPECT! In fact, Ron Paul Hates You!

Alan said...

Alan, It was in the first paragraph of the study you submitted.

Ok, but with the caveat that they found no evidence for explosives, so they didn't waste time or money trying to prove a negagive. Beyond that, you didn't read the VERY NEXT SENTENCE, which says this paper does that very thing.

However, it has not been checked whether
the allegations of controlled demolition by planted explosives have any scientific merit. The present analysis proves that they do not.

Alan said...

Yeah Micki, he's old-school republican, which isn't good. That it's a couple light-years better than neo-cons, doesn't make it good.

Pandemoniac said...

The clock on the mantle is chiming. You know what that means? Yup. It's officially Thursday here in Texas. S.H.I.T.

The Late Niters have been on hiatus for the last couple of weeks; and they're back. So am I.

I'm digging all the way back to April for the Thursday Night Funnies. I'll get to May and June, eventually.

"The Republicans issued a statement today demanding that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi get back to work. President Bush would have made the statement himself, but he's still on vacation."
-Jay Leno

"Last week, presidential candidate Mitt Romney called himself a lifelong hunter. Turns out he's only hunted twice in his life. And, of course, both of those times were for Easter eggs. He said he hunts only small animals, like Jed Clampett did. Comparing himself to Jed Clampett? Is that a good idea? Anybody gonna want to vote for President Jed Clampett, especially after eight years of President Jethro?"
--Jay Leno

"Are you aware that it's Friday the 13th? ...Down in Washington, D.C., a confused President Bush lit a menorah."
--David Letterman

"Scary moment yesterday for Newt Gingrich. First, Newt got worried when he heard the IRS said they were cracking down on cheaters. Then he realized it was guys who cheated on their taxes, not their wives."
--Jay Leno

"Embattled World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz said Sunday that he will not resign over the scandal in which he secured a pay raise for his girlfriend. That's one thing you have to admire about Wolfowitz: he's a total douche." --Seth Meyers

"Really, President Bush? You think [the Gonzales testimony] went well? Which part? Because the best thing anyone can say about Gonzales' testimony was that he didn't use the word 'Nappy,' and he remembered to wear pants."
--Amy Poehler

"He [Gonzales] is not exactly a constitutional scholar. At one point, he tried to plead the fifth dimension."
--Bill Maher

"There was a prison riot in Indianapolis today. Over 35 former congressmen were involved."
--Jay Leno

"In Nevada, as part of a training exercise, firefighters burned down the famous brothel, the Mustang Ranch. The sad news? Two Republican congressmen were still inside."
--Jay Leno

"In a recent speech, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told his audience, 'don't believe the platitudes of a politician.' Of course, when Arnold said it, it sounded like, 'Don't believe the platypus of a bad optician.'"
--Conan O'Brien

"Rudy Giuliani says the press can attack him all they want, but they should lay off his wife. Giuliani added, 'I just mean this wife. It's open season on the first two.'"
--Conan O'Brien

"Yesterday, President Bush visited a school in New York City. Before his visit, the city filled in all the potholes near the school. Not only that, before the president's visit, the school hid all the sharp objects and covered the electric sockets with plastic protectors."
--Conan O'Brien

"Today is Arbor Day. Down at the White House, a confused President George W. Bush planted an Easter egg."
--David Letterman

"Did you hear about the Washington, D.C., madam? She was running a call girl operation, and they think a lot of congressmen and senators and high ranking politicians were visiting the prostitutes. It's just crazy. One girl actually got paid with a new highway project."
--David Letterman

"Here's good news: the FBI has arrested the madam who was in charge of the ring of prostitutes. No word though on Osama."
--David Letterman