Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Media Magpie

Granted I should have shown the bird carrying a Buck Fush protest sign but they are missing a vital ingredient, hands.

As I sit here with my small cup of coffee thinking about what the hell to write, it dawned on me, I have become a propagandist tool of the media, repeating what is newly written by a famous reporter for the explicit purpose of depositing such fine words right here for all to read.

I could post the Glenn Greenwalds new book or or ABC News latest bit of fear instilling propaganda on suicide bombers.

Or simply post the weather report.

In any case it comes to the thoughts of what is really important to post, what others are saying, or what I am saying. Today it is all about what I am saying.

As I read the news(or what passes for it nowadays) the stories I read are filled with pain and sadness, profound pain and sadness, the kind of pain and sadness that makes one question his/her place in this twisted world of seemingly unbridgeable grief.

Humanity through the use of fossil fuel is on the verge of suffocation from the after effects, while religious psychotics threaten to annihilate themselves for 42 promised virgins.

There is nothing in either picture giving any hope whatsoever that we as a species are improving anything, rather just the opposite, we are destroying everything we can at a record pace, including ourselves.

To me this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Why the constant destruction? Why force the inevitable, death. Why?

Is it a product of the human genome to destroy rather than improve? Or is this a learned behavior passed through teaching, religious or otherwise, that sets our course of death and destruction.

The 21st Century, 2100 years of human calendars documenting the passage of humanities destructive path and no end in sight.

I might as well continue the Magpie routine.



DEN said...

Tell me ladies, are you tired of housework??

Make your kids do the vacuuming!

With a riding vacuum cleaner!

micki said...

Den, lots of stuff bears repeating.

Even magpies say their name twice - Pica pica.

I'm leaving for a while. See y'all later.


Gerald said...


Dear Posters:

I am writing this letter and pleading with whoever will read my letter. I believe that the time is right and well overdo for another peace organization. I do not trust the snakes and vulchers who control us. We must unite for the common good.

I am asking you to join me with a grassroots organization in your communities. The organization’s name will be POW, not prisoners of war but it will be PARENTS OPPOSING WARS.

All parents are invited to join. I ask you, “Do you want your children to be cannon fodder to fight in everlasting wars or do you want peace on earth?” Please do not worry about the United States of Evil losing a war because it will not happen. The United States of Evil has the nuclear weapons to annihilate the entire planet 100 times over. Please do not fear about terrorism harming us because that will not happen. Yes, we have terrorism but the terrorism that I fear is our tainted foods, medicines, and vitamins. They are tainted to the point where we will die sooner than from an attack by some terrorist group.

Please spread the word to all parents who love their children. Parents who want their children to be cannon fodder for everlasting wars will not be interested in POW.



DEN said...

Wonder why Isreal is all of a sudden being nice to Hamas?

Check this out from Debka:

The Fatah-led general intelligence and security services caved in too fast to shred, wipe or burn documents, computer disks and archives. The entire collection fell into Hamas’ hands when they seized Palestinian Preventive Intelligence HQ at Tel Awa (henceforth Tel al-Islam) and the Palestinian General Intelligence center near Gaza port.

DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources say: Never before has a bonanza of Western intelligence secrets on this scale ever reached an implacably hostile Islamist terrorist gang. The US, British and Israeli intelligence services may have suffered their greatest debacle in the war on Islamist terror. It will take them many years to recover.

Hamas has taken possession of hundreds of thousands of documents cataloguing the clandestine operations of Western intelligence services in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and the oil emirates. It is now the owner of complete archives of Palestinian undercover links with foreign intelligence services going back decades, with names of spies, political collaborators and double agents. The documentation covers the secret ties Palestinian intelligence maintained from the 1970s, when Yasser Arafat was based in Lebanon, with the Americans, the British, the French, the Israelis and many others.

Most intelligence experts say Israel should have bombed the two buildings and destroyed their contents rather than letting them fall into the hands of an organization and country dedicated to its eclipse.

For Hamas, this booty is priceless – and not only as the repository of bombs for planting under Mahmoud Abbas and his cohorts. The Palestinian group’s Syrian and Iranian sponsors will pay a king’s ransom for this unique collection of explosive secrets hidden by many a Western intelligence agency and government. Damascus and Tehran will be hugely empowered with the means to stay a jump ahead of American moves in the region and tools to sabotage US policies at any time. They will have a store of national secrets and compromising information to hold over the heads of Western leaders and officials, lists of undercover agents, and records of covert operations carried out by the Israeli Mossad, Shin Bet and Military Intelligence, CIA, British MI6 and other Western agencies. Iran, Syria and Hamas will know the names of politicians, including Israelis, who worked secretly with Palestinians and their shady deals.

One intelligence expert said that the Gaza hoard left in enemy hands by Abbas and Mohammed Dahlan are the crown jewels compared with the Saddam Hussein’s intelligence archives.

In the Palestinian security service building, Hamas found computer hard disks covering years of undercover activity and a complete set of sophisticated wiretapping and surveillance equipment and sensors which the CIA and MI6 gave Mahmoud Abbas and his forces. It was all in perfect condition ready to switch on.

After the Nazi regime was defeated at the end of World War II and Eastern Germany fell in the 1990s, there were officials willing to make a desperate effort to destroy or hide their intelligence treasure. Palestinian intelligence officers did not burn a single page.


David B. Benson said...

Den --- I'll betcha you could train a parrot or maybe even a raven to say Buck Fush, Buch Fusk!

DEN said...

If I could teach a parrot to sing, Buck Fush, I would train him to also fly over him after a full meal and whitewash the doofus while reciting Buck Fush!

David B. Benson said...

Den --- A young parrot can easily be taught to, well, parrot. However, I've never read of anybody being able to train a parrot to fly to particular places, much less by particular routes.

A raven, on the other hand...

carey said...

Sooo interesting about Hamas and Israel, Den. Debka does it again.

Micki's off till next week.

Is it a product of the human genome to destroy rather than improve? Or is this a learned behavior passed through teaching, religious or otherwise, that sets our course of death and destruction.

That is the essential question, isn't it Den? You look back through history on up to the present and realize there has been no real "progress". Torture is back in vogue for God's sakes.

Gerald's letter is a perfect following post. Always, there are hopes in grass moments. The internet too!

Randi is so hot right now. On Greg Palast, the EMAILS, Tim Griffin and YEAH!....we so have it on these guys. Gonzo may still be around, the trappings are still there. But I say we might even see the troops start coming home after Septemeber.

There won't be a choice. All I can figure is that Repugs and some Dems are holding out because they benefit monetarily somehow. That's always the case. It is heinous to hold up withdrawal of the troops over politics. Such a moral people we are. So slow to act morally.

carey said...

Okay, I'm seeing maybe....Edwards wins Iowa, Obama wins South Carolina, she's got New Hampshire and other states, it's going to be a knockdown fest.

Super Tuesday hashes it all out.

Now that's a pretty easy prediction actually. Clinton and Obama will cancel each other out. Maybe...or, I don't know. Biden's in there somewhere I hope. I like him sometimes. When are the powers that be and the voters going to realize Clinton will not win a national election? It's her name stupid! The country's undoubtedly sick of the same names in the White House.

One thing might be inevitable--Obama will be in there somehow. As vice-prez nominee.

{ò,ó}arol said...

New York Mayor Leaving GOP

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is switching his voter status from Republican to unaffiliated, he announced yesterday.

Oh, I suppose that erases the fact THAT HE WAS A REPUBLICAN, EH!?!?! Well, maybe for people with a two week memory! Jeez.

So, I guess the rumors were true that he might run for president as an independent. Now I'm hoping the rumors of Gore running come true. He's the only one I want to vote for. God-forbid old Hillary gets the nomination! Yikes!

Oh, and by the way, in the application for president it should say at the top: ONLY THE RICH NEED APPLY.


David B. Benson said...

One more link:

Terra Preta

This has some pics of Amazonian indians using terra preta:

In the Amazon