Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday, Monday!

Is there a Botanist in the house? Pretty Spring flower

Oh the solitude and serenity, Ahhhhh!

Back to work for some of us, others, enjoy your freedom to do what you please.

Meanwhile the world turns on. The Democratic Debate on CNN last night will keep the pundits popping for a day or two,

More of the same for the week ahead, the war trudges on, posturing politicos and all the misery we have all come to know and hate, will be here to entertain us for another week.

This daily drivel needs a good dose of upliftion, something to give hope, hope that someday we will be beyond the current deluge of neo-fascist crap, and into a peacefull prosperity, time for all those in the cocoons to break out and realize, they are just as screwed as the rest of us, and cannot hide.

Neo-fascism is here and calls for another American Revolution to end it, preferably as soon as possible.


Alan said...

Den, it looks like a blooming Bushidiot plant.

º¿carol said...

It's the Knappy-Headed-Hoe plant!

DEN said...

Alan, better give more credit to the plant.

Bushidiot is a shrub that drops shit all over.

micki said...

It's some kind of trailing ground cover succulent.

How's that for a scientific description?!

micki said...

Now, I am going to guess, because of the rosettes and the red and green on the leaves, that it's in the:

Family: Crassulaceae

Genus: Aeonium


Genus: Echeveria

Alan said...

Guantanamo detainee's charges dismissed

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba — A military judge today dismissed terrorism-related charges against a prisoner charged with killing an American soldier in Afghanistan, in a stunning reversal for the Bush administration's attempts to try Guantanamo detainees in military court.

The chief of military defense attorneys at Guantanamo Bay, Marine Col. Dwight Sullivan, said the ruling in the case of Canadian detainee Omar Khadr could spell the end of the war-crimes trial system set up last year by Congress and President Bush after the Supreme Court threw out the previous system. The ruling immediately raised questions about whether the U.S. will have to further revise procedures for prosecuting prisoners, leading to major delays.
"It is not just a technicality — it's the latest demonstration that this newest system just does not work," Sullivan told journalists. "It is a system of justice that does not comport with American values."
It said ALL the detainees there at Gitmo are classified the same as this one, so that in effect dismisses all the charges for ALL of 'em. So you know this misadministration will just change the rules in the middle of the game again.

Alan said...

This is the article I read in the paper today, that I was looking for, when I found the one above.

Security plan falling short of goals in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, IRAQ — Three months after the start of the Baghdad security plan that has added thousands of American and Iraqi troops to the capital, they control fewer than one-third of the city's neighborhoods, far short of the initial goal for the operation, according to some commanders and an internal military assessment.

The assessment, completed in late May, found that American and Iraqi forces are able to "to protect the population" and "maintain physical influence over" only 146 of the 457 Baghdad neighborhoods.

In the remaining 311 neighborhoods, troops have either not begun operations aimed at rooting out insurgents or still face "resistance," according to the one-page assessment, which summed up reports from brigade and battalion commanders.

DEN said...

Micki, I did some rooting around(no pun intended) found out it is Sierra Sedum (sedum obtusatem)

TGFTI (thank god for the internet's)

Neat little plant, between the plants popping and the butterflies, it is pretty busy in the hills.

micki said...

Thanks, Den. You were much for specific!

I did know that a sedum is a succulent, so my guess was in the right direction...


Any of about 600 species of succulent plants that make up the genus Sedum, in the stonecrop, or orpine, family (Crassulaceae), native to temperate zones and to mountains in the tropics.

DEN said...

Micki, similar little leaf cluster nodes as the little plants I have heard called Hen and Chicks, which do well here also.

David B. Benson said...

Today's The Summer Evergreen had a picture of two frisbee players with the caption

"Eda Yagiz, a junior geology student throws a frisbee to Israel Anderson, a nursing student, at Lawson Park on Sunday."

How is this different from thirty years ago?

º¿carol said...

Hey! I thought the little green parts of the plant looked like Hen& Chicks. I grow them here. Just the green part. No fancy yellow or pink, just green. We're not tropical enough for that kind. Yet.

º¿carol said...

Dr. B, they didn't have frisbees 30 years ago??? *snicker*

º¿carol said...

Nobody named Anderson would have been named Israel?

Lawson Pk wasn't there 30 years ago?

Eda is a girl studying geology, and Israel a boy studying nursing?

I'd never guess, Doc. Micki can usually figure you out though. Come on, Micki, what's the answer?

micki said...

This probably isn't the answer, but it could be ONE way it's different from 30 years ago.

Turkish women have come a long way in 30 years. Thirty years ago Eda could have been beaten by family members for playing frisbee with a male (or anyone else for that matter). Eda's educational opportunities could have been extremely limited 30 years ago -- and now she's a candidate for a degree in geology, a man's world at one time. Her frisbee partner, is a male nursing student -- 30 years ago there were few male nurses.

Eda and Israel are symbols of a social revolution -- they are actively involved in the unfinished revolution for equality. That they are playing together is a great sign of progress.

Now, Dr. B.........what is the answer?

micki said...

Carol....I just came back here and posted my response and didn't see yours until post-posting.

DEN said...

Frisbee history from WIKI:

An interesting tidbit was that Morrison had just returned to America after World War II, where he had been a prisoner in the infamous Stalag 13. His partnership with Warren Franscioni, who was also a war veteran, ended in 1950 before their product had achieved any real success.

In 1955, Morrison produced a new plastic flying disc called the Pluto Platter, to cash in on the growing popularity of UFOs with the American public. The Pluto Platter has become the basic design for all Frisbees. Rich Knerr and A.K. 'Spud' Melin were the owners of a toy company called 'Wham-O'. Knerr and Melin also marketed the Hula Hoop, the Super Ball and the Water Wiggle. The pair first saw Morrison's Pluto Platter in late 1955. They liked what they saw and convinced Morrison to sell them the rights to his design. With a deal signed (1/23/1957), Wham-O began production of more Pluto Platters. The next year, Fred Morrison was awarded a patent (Design patent 183,626) for his flying disc. Morrison received over one million dollars in royalties for his invention.

Rich Knerr (Wham-O) was in search of a catchy new name to help increase sales. After hearing about the original use of the term "Frisbie" he gave the disks the trademarkable name Frisbee (which is pronounced the same as "Frisbie"). Sales soared for the toy, due to Wham-O's clever marketing of Frisbee playing as a new sport. In 1964, the first professional model went on sale. Ed Headrick was the sales manager at Wham-O who patented Wham-O's design for the modern Frisbee (U.S. patent 3,359,678).

David B. Benson said...

You both deserve the highest marks. I just noticed a woman geology major and a man nursing student. Unthinkable 30 years ago, at least here...

Next question. How do we convince everybody, reeal fast, to start using agrichar, aka biochar? This looks to be an immediate climate win-win and we;d better hurry, hurry, hurry...

DEN said...


DEN said...

Missssspelled Agrichar, duh!

micki said...

International Agrichar Initiative 2007 Conference

Going Carbon Negative

Okay, Dr. B, here's one thing we can do.

First, you write a letter to the editor (200 words or less, with the possibility of an editor whacking off 50 words for publications with a lower limit) explaining in layman's terms why this is so very, very important.

The rest of us on this blog who want to participate (it'd BETTER be everyone!!) send the same letter to our local newspapers and we also send it to a minimum of five people we know in other towns and cities and ask them to do the same. We post the letter on other blogs and ask people to send a version -- with their own comments, if they desire.

You -- because you have the added clout and prestige of a PhD and Professor Emeritus status from an excellent university -- write a guest column and submit it to The New York Times. (If they reject it, keep sending it to other big dailies until one of them takes the bait.)

Also, you get in touch with Al Gore and tell him you think he should talk it up more. Go back on Jon Stewart and yak it up, Al! Send an email to Jon Stewart's producers and suggest he feature guests who are "hot" on global warming. Agrichar, agrichar, agrichar...

We contact our elected officials -- with the letter attached -- and ask them what their position is on the urgency of addressing global warming. We tell them if they don't respond, their non-response will be noted in letters to the editor in their states and districts.

That's for starters. Chop, chop.

David B. Benson said...

Den & Micki --- Thanks for the links!

Den, can you inform UCS? I will too, but I'm missing the e-mail address just now.

I'll also let the Sierra Club know.

I'll have to think for a bit regarding an appropriate, short letter. I'll post it here so you can offer suggested revisions...

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Our governess needs to know about the going carbon negative web site.

Den --- Your governor will also be interested.

micki said...

Here's the email for The Daily Show (Jon Stewart)


For press interview requests and ideas, email Al Gore’s spokesperson, Kalee Kreider at

To request Gore to speak at an event, fax a one page request to his Nashville office at fax number 615-327-1323.

To send Al Gore a letter in the mail, contact his Nashville Office at:
2100 West End Avenue Suite 620
Nashville, TN 37203

micki said...

Contact info for Christine Gregoire

Using web form.....

micki said...

I'll have to think for a bit regarding an appropriate, short letter.

Take your time....but not too much. Time is of the essence. ;-))

I always wanted to boss around a professor! ;-))

Saladin said...

Hi DEN, hope you are well.

How to Foil a Terrorist Plot in Seven Simple Steps...

By: Nora Ephron

1. In order to foil a terrorist plot, you must first find a terrorist plot. This is not easy.

2. Not just anyone can find and then foil a terrorist plot. You must have an incentive. The best incentive is to be an accused felon, looking at a long prison term. Under such circumstances, your lawyer will explain to you, you may be able to reduce your sentence by acting as an informant in a criminal case, preferably one involving terrorists.

3. The fact that you do not know any actual terrorists should not in any way deter you. Necessity is the mother of invention: if you can find the right raw material -- a sad, sick, lonely, drunk, deranged, disgruntled or just plain anti-American Muslim somewhere in the United States -- you can make your very own terrorist.

4. Now the good part begins. Money! The FBI will give you lots of money to take your very own terrorist out to lots of dinners where you, wearing a wire, can record yourself making recommendations to him about possible targets and weapons that might be used in the impending terrorist attack that your very own terrorist is going to mastermind, with your help. It will even buy you a computer so you can go to Google Earth in order to show your very own terrorist a "top secret" aerial image of the target you have suggested.

5. More money!! The FBI will give you even more money to travel to foreign countries with your very own terrorist, and it will make suggestions about terrorist groups you can meet while in said foreign countries.

6. Months and even years will pass in this fashion, while you essentially get the FBI to pay for everything you do. (Incidentally, be sure your lawyer negotiates your expense account well in advance, or you may be forced -- as the informant was in the Buffalo terrorist case -- to protest your inadequate remuneration by setting yourself on fire in front of the White House.)

7. At a certain point, something will go wrong. You may have trouble recruiting other people to collaborate with your very own terrorist, who is, as you yourself know, just an ordinary guy in a really bad mood. Or, alternatively, the terrorist cell you have carefully cobbled together may malfunction and fail to move forward -- probably as a result of sheer incompetence or of simply not having been genuinely serious about the acts of terrorism you were urging it to commit. At this point, you may worry that the FBI is going to realize that there isn't much of a terrorist plot going on here at all, just a case of entrapment. Do not despair: the FBI is way ahead of you. The FBI knows perfectly well what's going on. The FBI has as much at stake as you do. So before it can be obvious to the world that there's no case, the FBI will arrest your very own terrorist, hold a press conference and announce that a huge terrorist plot has been foiled. It will of course be forced to admit that this plot did not proceed beyond the pre-planning stage, that no actual weapons or money were involved, and that the plot itself was "not technically feasible," but that will not stop the story from becoming a front-page episode all over America and, within hours, boilerplate for all the Republican politicians who believe that you need to arrest a "homegrown" terrorist now and then to justify the continuing war in Iraq. Everyone will be happy, except for the schmuck you shmikeled into becoming a terrorist, and no one really cares about him anyway.

So congratulations. You have foiled a terrorist plot. Way to go.

micki said...

Well, drug smugglers will do just about anything to try to save their sorry asses. Creeps are creeps.

The big issue is global warming.

Saladin said...

That's right! Stop breathing parasite, you're warming up the planet! WTF is wrong with you???

micki said...

What if our mercenaries turn on us?

A fluffy, feel-good piece to start your day off right. Wrong!