Monday, June 11, 2007

No Sparks!

Greetings everyone! Spose you are wondering where I have been today.

Well I have been without electricity. Here at work I post a new post before work starts early but the main electrical box out back caught on fire last Friday. I thought they would have it up and running by Monday but apparently the building owners were too cheap to pay overtime, so they did not even start till 8:30 this AM.

The absence of the stuff that makes everything run was noticable.

The picture above is a Tesla Coil producing electricity through the air and was the pioneer to the recently announced MIT experiment meant to charge batteries in portable devices without wires by tuning in a resonance, well let THESE FOLKS explain it.



Carey said...

You have been so steady Den, it was quite noticeable. Glad things are up and running again.

Continuing from the last thread, Alan, I'm finally seeing some clips from the Powell interview yesterday. I'm not reading politics much at all right now, and my dialup is too slow. I'm relying on your interpretation. Generally, I'm picking up that Powell failed to explained himself satifactorily. I don't know what to make of him.

So is anybody going to discuss The Sopranos? I know many people are fans. interesting show I joined midstream. Mixed feelings about mob stories.

DEN said...

Bummer ending!!!!!(Sopranos)

Too many stones left unturned.

Left it wide open for a movie sequel!

DEN said...

I see the GOOMERS are still running the show, the "No confidence" vote failed to get the required 60 votes.

Playing politics with peoples lives is not a desirable attribute for a representative of the people, these Senators STINK!! with their recent performance.

It appears we need a much larger 'progressive' majority to get the job done.


DEN said...

Now that I am up and running it is time to go home.

Tuesday should be a better day.


ยบ¿carol said...

I've never seen The Sopranos. The only thing on TV I got hooked on is American Idol. Other than that and the Sunday morning gasbag shows, and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, I watch no TV. I'm always on the damn computer. No time for TV. I just came in from gardening. Washed up and headed straight to the computer room.

Ya know, with Den sort of missing today it occurred to me that if anything happens to any of us I hope we made plans for someone to let our fellow bloggers know what happened to us. Just a thought.

David B. Benson said...

Typical squirrely govmint web site. The USDA 2007 Farm Bill one this time. I say to download a PDF file. It refuses, claiming I don't have an Adobe Acrobat reader.

But I do!

Aha, this is a Linux box and the USDA people are too ignorant to understand that.

So I can't read Title 7, the Research section.

Grrrr, I think I should sic Gerald on em...

Alan said...

Well Carey, Powell did have a couple good things to say... the obvious one being about Gitmo should be closed and let those people have lawyers and RIGHTS. But he also spent more time trying to clean up his sellout speech to the UN. Put more blame on the CIA and downplayed what the IAEA and State Dept. people were saying about the slam dunk evidence. Fk him! He's been lying since My Lai and we just didn't know it.

Pande, my hyperlink code I used at Corn wouldn't work for shyt here. Finally noticed there was ONE SPACE different from what Den sent me. I deleted that space and it worked just fine.

Alan said...

Den, I couldn't get to your link posted in the original post. For some reason it redirects me and wants my google blogger sign in, but it won't accept what I sign in with here. Oh well... I read about the folks making a 60-watt bulb work through Wi-Fi yesterday. Still needs some work because it was only 40% efficient, but it worked! I also seen somewhere that they'll be making computers (laptops) without a hard drive. To store the info on chips would save batteries and extend each charge like a mo/fo.

Pandemoniac said...

Alan, I'm watching Dr. Benson spin hypertext webs and I'm sitting here trying to draw a line in the sand. It's pissing me off. I definitely need to work on my game.

Micki, I'll be running down here in San Antonio sooner than you think. When the game's on the teevee, this place turns into a ghost-town. I'm thinking of streaking down broadway. No one will ever know.

Dr. Benson, I compared the Farm Bill PDF to this one (regular html via the Google) and they seem absolutely identical. I have to say that I saw no mention of any provisions covering squirrels or the like.


Alan said...

Pande, did you see where Dr. B co-authored paper submitted for peer review? Man, he's rubbing elbows with some VIPs, for sure... and I don't mean us. lol

Pandemoniac said...

Yup, that's why the whole varmint connoiseur thing has me scratching my head. I know lots of folks around here who serve up the fried, smoked, cured and fricasseed critter (mmmmm. Gravy).

None of them have a Dr. in front of their names