Thursday, June 07, 2007


P51 chasing down German ME109s

My computer is still messed up at work so I thought I'd better do todays post at home.

I could probably jot down ideas of extreme profundity, however it is 5AM PST here and my brain can only cobble this together for now.

Carry on!!


DEN said...

Burped the COM boxes here at work and got the internets back.


If you want something done right you have to do it yourself I guess.

DEN said...

Pande stopped in late and in case any missed it I will repost the humor, it is worthy humor after all.

Pandemoniac said...

The clock on the mantle is chiming. You know what that means? Yup. It's officially Thursday here in Texas. S.H.I.T.

The Late Niters have been on hiatus for the last couple of weeks; and they're back. So am I.

I'm digging all the way back to April for the Thursday Night Funnies. I'll get to May and June, eventually.

"The Republicans issued a statement today demanding that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi get back to work. President Bush would have made the statement himself, but he's still on vacation."
-Jay Leno

"Last week, presidential candidate Mitt Romney called himself a lifelong hunter. Turns out he's only hunted twice in his life. And, of course, both of those times were for Easter eggs. He said he hunts only small animals, like Jed Clampett did. Comparing himself to Jed Clampett? Is that a good idea? Anybody gonna want to vote for President Jed Clampett, especially after eight years of President Jethro?"
--Jay Leno

"Are you aware that it's Friday the 13th? ...Down in Washington, D.C., a confused President Bush lit a menorah."
--David Letterman

"Scary moment yesterday for Newt Gingrich. First, Newt got worried when he heard the IRS said they were cracking down on cheaters. Then he realized it was guys who cheated on their taxes, not their wives."
--Jay Leno

"Embattled World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz said Sunday that he will not resign over the scandal in which he secured a pay raise for his girlfriend. That's one thing you have to admire about Wolfowitz: he's a total douche." --Seth Meyers

"Really, President Bush? You think [the Gonzales testimony] went well? Which part? Because the best thing anyone can say about Gonzales' testimony was that he didn't use the word 'Nappy,' and he remembered to wear pants."
--Amy Poehler

"He [Gonzales] is not exactly a constitutional scholar. At one point, he tried to plead the fifth dimension."
--Bill Maher

"There was a prison riot in Indianapolis today. Over 35 former congressmen were involved."
--Jay Leno

"In Nevada, as part of a training exercise, firefighters burned down the famous brothel, the Mustang Ranch. The sad news? Two Republican congressmen were still inside."
--Jay Leno

"In a recent speech, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told his audience, 'don't believe the platitudes of a politician.' Of course, when Arnold said it, it sounded like, 'Don't believe the platypus of a bad optician.'"
--Conan O'Brien

"Rudy Giuliani says the press can attack him all they want, but they should lay off his wife. Giuliani added, 'I just mean this wife. It's open season on the first two.'"
--Conan O'Brien

"Yesterday, President Bush visited a school in New York City. Before his visit, the city filled in all the potholes near the school. Not only that, before the president's visit, the school hid all the sharp objects and covered the electric sockets with plastic protectors."
--Conan O'Brien

"Today is Arbor Day. Down at the White House, a confused President George W. Bush planted an Easter egg."
--David Letterman

"Did you hear about the Washington, D.C., madam? She was running a call girl operation, and they think a lot of congressmen and senators and high ranking politicians were visiting the prostitutes. It's just crazy. One girl actually got paid with a new highway project."
--David Letterman

"Here's good news: the FBI has arrested the madam who was in charge of the ring of prostitutes. No word though on Osama."
--David Letterman

6/06/2007 10:05 PM

DEN said...

Did anyone read this?

Six human rights groups urged the U.S. government on Thursday to name and explain the whereabouts of 39 people they said were believed to have been held in U.S. custody and "disappeared."

The groups, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, said they filed a U.S. federal lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act seeking information about the 39 people it terms "ghost prisoners" in the U.S. "war on terror."

"Since the end of Latin America's dirty wars, the world has rejected the use of 'disappearances' as a fundamental violation of international law," Professor Meg Satterthwaite of the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University's School of Law said in a statement.

The report said suspects' relatives, including children as young as seven, had been held in secret detention on occasion.

In September, U.S. President George W. Bush acknowledged the CIA had interrogated dozens of suspects at secret overseas locations and said 14 of those held had been sent to the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay.

Bush strongly defended the secret detention and questioning of terrorism suspects and said the CIA treated them humanely. The program has drawn international outcry and questions about the cooperation of European governments.

@ Javno from Reuters.

The 21st Century Gestapo under the neo-fascist leadership of the chimpy cabal does not care about laws.

Soon to be goose stepping up your driveway to haul you off to an secret facility somewhere in the world, and make you disappear as well.

Pathetic pukes!

micki said...

Icy Island Warms to Climate Change
Greenlanders Exploit 'Gifts From Nature' While Facing New Hardships

P.S. Pande -- Have you thrown your hat into the ring of Texas politics? Remember what your dad said.

micki said...

The Idiot-in-Chief explains his position at G-8 on global warming:

Asked by reporters whether he could relent and sign on to Merkel's goals, bush said: "No. I talked about what I'm for. Remember? I said I'm for sitting together with the nations to sit down and discuss a way forward."

Oh, gawd, please bring on January 20, 2009! It can't come soon enough!

Gerald said...

Please let us never forget that Hitler Bush is pro-life! So what if he is running a kidnapping ring! He is pro-life and so what if tortures, murders, and commits war crimes. Hitler Bush professes to be pro-life.

Kirk, on his blogspot, has an article that the JFK Airport plot, was a US sit-up. Yes, it will be a US led covert action inside Nazi America that will cancel the 2008 presidential election through martial law. HITLER BUSH WILL NEVER LEAVE THE WHITE HOUSE AS LONG AS HE LIVES. I believe that he is 62 and that means he can remain in office until he is 100. We will have at least 38 more years of Hitler Bush, the doctor of death and destruction in power.

Gerald said...

Sorry Micki, Hitler Bush will not leave the White House in January, 2009.

micki said...

Gerald, you may be right. But a girl can dream, can't she?

micki said...

Oh, BTW, this BS with Putin is just that -- BS. Another diversion from more pressing problems.

Also, Miss Condi is undoubtedly trying to get some additional mileage from her totally outdated degree in Soviet/Cold War history.

Too bad she didn't study ME history.

Oh, well. Incompetence reigns supreme in the bushevikian world.

micki said...

Gerald, we could have Hitler Thompson in 2009.

micki said...


Paris has been released from jail!

She has been fitted with an ankle bracelet for tracking. It was designed by Cartier -- or was it Tiffany's?

Officials say she has paid her debt to society!

Thank goodness for celebrity justice! The system still works!

(Oh, BTW, what did she do????????? I haven't paid attention to the details on that story.)

Gerald said...

If we look closely at the repuke candidates and even Fred and Newt, they all look like Nazis without the brown shirts.

I post some comments to shock people but when it comes to two areas rigged elections and Hitler Bush not leaving the WH in January, 2009, I am firmly convinced of my statements. Hitler Bush is not consolidating his Nazi state to give this Nazi state to another person. On this fact you must believe me.

Micki can dream and I am left with nightmares.

Gerald said...

Paris Hilton may have paid her debt to society but upon an examination of conscience, driving drunk or under the influence is a mortal sin under the Fourth Commandment. Killing does not actually mean you must kill someone to have sinned. Wishing someone harm, use of drugs, and excessive alcohol are subject to a grave sin. Paris needs to repent and change the path in her life.

Alan said...

Latest Intelligence Report Yet Another Smoking Gun On Bush

The title should be
Latest Intelligence Report to be UNCOVERED" because it is dated BEFORE the war and the repugs kept it hidden from the American people. A clip wouldn't do it justice, please hit the link and read the whole article. This guy is good! Plus he's the one that posts "The Saturday Cartoons" that I copy 'n send you guys.

DEN said...

Alan, all I can add is, what will this article do to stop the war, stop chimpy or anyone else for that matter?

Every one knows the chimpy cabal ignored pre-war warnings, but here we are, the war is still there, the chimp is still there. SSDD

Pardon me but I am sick of article after article saying what these goomers did to get us into the war without having any solutions to end it and chimps reign.

DEN said...

Don't do this:

A Lawrenceville man has been indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly sending a letter in which he threated to kill President Bush.

Michael Robert DeJong, 22, allegedly sent the letter while in the Gwinnett County Detention Center serving time on other charges. He mailed the threatening letter on April 17 to "Clerk of Courts, 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, Ga.," according the indictment.

The letter contained specific threats to kill the the president and called for others to join him.

DeJong also "indicated the letter contained anthrax," according to Patrick Crosby, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Atlanta.

No toxic substance was found in the letter.


Gerald said...

Barak Obama is playing the race card. He is starting to disgust me.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon. I do not care whether or not he's Mormon or not. What's so troubling for me, I believe that he is a Nazi.

John McCain is also a Nazi. My concern about McCain is the fact that he was in a prison camp for 5 and one half years. From this stay he has develop, that is now showing up, latent insanity signs of a quick temper and his killing mentality of bombing away at people.

Fred Thompson is another Nazi similar to Hitler Bush. He is documented lazy by colleagues who know him and he is a parrot for the Nazi power structure.

Gerald said...

Paris Hilton was let out of jail early for a medical problem. I wonder what that problem is?

David B. Benson said...

While RealClimate is great for the science, it is not the best forum for promoting solutions. I believe there are several 'global warming solution' sites where I might promote biochar.

Which are good ones? Which is the best?

Alan said...

Alan, all I can add is, what will this article do to stop the war, stop chimpy or anyone else for that matter?

Damn Den, that could be said about every damn article posted on this blog. I realize it's 'preaching to the choir' on this blog because we are all hip to this misadministration, but... I figured that you guys, like me, just might send it on to friends that are still in the bubble and don't realize how much they were lied to. After all, this one proves the BIG LIE. I have several people on my mailing list that I know are still bush backers, and probably more that are, but won't admit it, including a couple of 'army wives'... so I keep sending and sending the articles I find myself and ones I find here that you guys have posted...hoping some of it will sink in.

DEN said...

Alan, I know what you mean, I am growing ever so impatient with the cabal and their tactics.

Now I just need top see light at the end of the tunnel(not the train).

Just noticing we harp and harp but the shyt keeps coming.

I'm just frazzled with those assholes running my and your country into the ground and getting away with it with no consequences.

One of those 'exploding head days'.

micki said...


Dr. B, I cannot vouch for all of these, but this may be a start...

ò,óarol said...

Micki, your Daily Kos thing on Ron Paul was excellent! I hope Saladin reads it. I also hope Bill Maher reads it. He took a shine to Mr. Paul on Real Time. Worried me sick.

As for Paris Hilton! IF THERE WAS EVER ANY DOUBT THAT LAWS ARE PUT IN PLACE TO CONTROL WE LITTLE GUYS AND NOT THE RICH, SHE JUST PROVED IT! Health reasons, my ass! What, dandruff? She's a young woman. She has no health issues. What she has is enough money to buy lawyers and judges. Period. I can't remember the last time I was this disgusted! Oh, yeah, after the 2000 election!

micki said...


I like this site.

micki said...


micki said...

About FRIENDS OF THE EARTH on Wikipedia

micki said...

GRIST: Environmental News Blog

Dr. B, I like this site, too.

I believe you mentioned Grist one time in your musings and comments.

micki said...


micki said...


While their main focus is on organic issues, they also address other environmental concerns.

This is a good site, IMO.

micki said...

Environment and Climate Resource Center @ the Organic Consumers Association

Yeah, this is more specific....addendum to above

º¿carol said...

It's been cold here. The furnace even came on yesterday morning. Today it's 90°! And windier than hell! Good thing I don't have my cork board up in here yet or papers would be flying everywhere!

This is the kind of summer I love! The heat! Windows open everywhere, the wind blowing thru the place. LOVE IT!!!!

Sorry, I just had to give the weather report. Back to reading serious shit.

micki said...

Yeah, Carol, I hope certain people read it too.

Why do people zero in on one issue and turn someone like Ron Paul into a hero?

I don't get it.

micki said...


It's not meant for humans.


David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Those are all great, but I need sites which either provide a contact or else provide free blogging space, such as here.

Being a member of UCS, I findly found a suitable contact. (Sure took quite awhile.)

Yesterday I sent e-mails to FCNL and also the publisher of The Santiago Times. The latter felt very good indeed...

DEN said...

Ron Paul is a peckerhead!

Not a true libertarian, but authoritarian.

We have enough of those goomers already that we can't get rid of.

I hereby renounce anything I ever said supporting the doofus.


DEN said...


Playing loose with peoples lives.

Are we going to wait until it gets worse?

Global warming deserves ALL the attention but the criminals don't care.

Madmen are in control, we are not.

micki said...

Dr. B -- Look again at the link I posted titled:

GRIST: Environmental News Blog

One can post comments there -- it's a blog.

I don't quite get what you are looking for, but most of those sites have contact information included.

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- I must be doing something wrong, because I'm having trouble finding the contact information.

For Grist, I finally found

and tomorrow I'll write to them about looking into biochar.

But so far I seem to be averaging about 1 e-mail per day...

micki said...


micki said...

Dr. B -- take a look at the link above.

It might be useful -- or at least take you to something that is useful.

On many of the sites, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and there will be a "contact us" option.

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Broken link.

Here is a draft form letter, so it doesn't have to be personalized:
Subject: Biochar as part of global warming solutions

I just learned about biochar from the site indicated below. Looks to be a partial solution to a variety of ills, including global warming.

Senator Ken Salazar, it seems, is trying to include some funds for biochar research and production in the USDA 2007 Farm Bill. Not only ought this be encouraged, but there seems reason to include additional funding for biochar in appropraitions for

Agency for International Development
Bureau of Land Management

After exploring the site, I think you will agree. Plase help publicize this:

Professor David B. Benson (Retired)
<< boilerplate >>

Feel free to comment...

DEN said...

Doc, if I could interject,

The link is fine, something or some software might be restricting your access.

I hate to tell folks how to write but you might be better served if you write something like this:

Hello, I am David Benson, Professor Emeritus at Washington State University.

I have been studying a new process called "Biochar".

It involves a process of burning natural substances without the use of oxygen where the burned gases are recovered and a solid carbon product is produced that can be utilized to both improve soil and provide a "carbon sink" needed to absorb greenhouse gases.

I recommend that you visit the following sites for more information.

I'm sure after reviewing those sites you will find it as intriguing as I have and hope you will pass the message onto your friends.

Thank You for your time,


Doctor David B. Benson,
WSU, Pullman, WA

DEN said...

Open your letter with enthusiasm.

Bring in the main topic.

Show references to back you up.

Encourage participation.

Sign off noting your academic stature.

Some folks are very smart in certain areas but need work in others, no big deal, just relax and let it flow.

DEN said...

nu thread