Saturday, June 16, 2007


Under scrutiny by certain unscrupulous characters, or merely a "glitch" in a vast server system.

There are several "unknown IP's" listed in my SiteMeter logs, been there for some time, lurking in the darkness of internet anonymity. You can see them too by clicking on the SiteMeter logo.

Who are they and why are they trying to be invisible? Yesterday someone managed to abscond with one of my comments relating to that very subject. So I wonder, but no longer care if there are "G-men" snooping around. Who cares! Life is too short to bother with busy-body authoritarians trying to make up for the diminutive size of their "man parts" by interfering with Free Speech.

What is happening to my America? Where have the "Good Folks" gone?

Is everything an exercise in fascist power? The rules have changed, we are no longer "Safe".

We are targets of power.



DEN said...

SPAM? we don't need no stinking SPAM!

Not the fist, not the last, Carol, you are justing waiting for a troll to show up huh?

Someday if Corn ever gets back to blogging they will return, Happy, TimL and the rest of the sinister bunch!

Would be better if you are trying to sell something to type in English, DUH!

DEN said...

first, not fist, double DUH!

Gerald said...

Here is the spam that I fear.

Iran Spam

Gerald said...

Lying Us Into War, Again

Gerald said...

Some Pictures of God's Beautiful People

All persons are beautiful and sacred in God's eyes.

Gerald said...

An attack upon Iran by the United States of Evil with conventional nuclear weapons is ETCHED IN STONE.

Gerald said...

Some paragraphs from Gary Leupp's article, The Day After We Srike Iran!

But what will happen here in the U.S. after the Iran attack? How will we react? If it happens, it won’t be announced the way the invasion of Iraq was. There will be more and more unattributed reports of Iranian arms deliveries to unlikely recipients like the Taliban or Sunni “insurgents” in Iraq. More alarmist reports on Iran’s nuclear progress. More propaganda about Iran’s intention to nuke Israel and produce a second Holocaust. More indignant statements about Iran’s defiance of UNSC resolutions. But the timing might come as a surprise.

As the attack gets underway some Democratic leaders in Congress will indicate support for the move, based on the doctored intelligence reports they’ve read, or have had on their desk and possibly perused. Some will withhold comment or maybe even object to the action. I have the feeling both timidity and stupidity will initially prevail. There is little precedent for U.S. politicians condemning a U.S. attack on a country just after it’s occurred.

I would expect those on the contact-lists of the various antiwar coalitions would be out on the streets in force immediately after the (first) attack, shouting “SHAME” and making it clear to the world that Bush doesn’t represent the American people. I’d expect that large numbers of people would gather to demand that the Congress move immediately to impeach Bush and Cheney. I’d hope that the Democrats in Congress would find it in their interest to do so, but if Nancy Pelosi becomes president, will there be any great change? On Iran, Pelosi has deferred to AIPAC.

The antiwar movement has become disillusioned with the Democrats, and even with a mercilessly self-perpetuating system that uses its two parties to convey the illusion that the political status quo is the product of competition. Still, it sees no alternative to a mix of letter-writing, lobbying, voting, rallying, marching, exercising constitutional rights, operating within the paradigm. But Cindy Sheehan officially dropped out of the movement concluding that the “paradigm. . . is now, I am afraid, carved in immovable, unbendable and rigidly mendacious marble.”

She is right. The neocons want us to “think outside the box.” Maybe we should one-up them and think outside the system. The “way our system works,” writes Andrew J. Bacevich, “negates democracy, rendering free speech little more than a means of recording dissent.” In it, “Money maintains the Republican/Democratic duopoly of trivialized politics.” What can the honest dissenter do when informed that the U.S. (“your”) government has committed a spectacular war crime? When can you do when you learn that, once again--- without your permission---the U.S. has attacked a sovereign country posing no real threat to you? Generating enormous hatred for America throughout the world? What do we do the day after? I would just like to pose the question for discussion as we approach that moment.

* * *

Gerald said...

Why We Must Break with the American Crazies

Gerald said...

The Hypocrisy of Christian Militarists

Gerald said...

A 'Pro-Lifer' Celebrates the Killing in Iraq

Gerald said...

Who Owns the Water

Gerald said...

Our Oceans are Turning into Plastic

micki said...

In an effort to keep Austin, TX weird, SPAM-O-RAMA is the bees knees!

The spamolympics! Spam toss! Spam sculptures. Spam poetry! Spam cook-offs!


Needless to say, at first Hormel was not amused! But, Austin TX was honoring Austin, MN, where the salty potted mystery meat is processed and shoved into rectangular cans!


Gerald said...

During WW II Spam was the food of choice through availability. Even today many Americans can only afford to eat Spam.

Gerald said...

Poverty USA

micki said...

Spam is a BIG TREAT in the Hawaiian Islands, back during WWII and even now, because it is non-perishable and easily shipped.

Last time we were in Hawaii, there was a sushi bar in Kona that served SPAM SUSHI, wrapped in nori sheets with the rice, and chopped macadamia nuts for crunch!

No, I didn't eat any. I don't eat potted meats, but it was a big hit with the other patrons.

Gerald said...

micki, during WW II we ate spam in our home. We do not eat spam today. People who do eat spam will fry it. There are people who like to eat spam.

micki said...

MIKE GRAVEL -- New Campaign Ad -- YouTube

A Zen approach to presidential campaign ads?

A small stone casts a ripple, but eventually becomes a wave?

The ripple effect?

Did he and his producer have a few pops of Ripple, as their alcoholic beverage of choice?

Did he eat too much SPAM during WWII?

Well, he didn't spend big bucks producing it, that's for certain!

David B. Benson said...

Huffington Post today links to a good article on the mercenaries in Iraq. Errr, I mean "contractors in Iraq"...

carol said...

"Not the fist, not the last, Carol, you are justing waiting for a troll to show up huh?

Someday if Corn ever gets back to blogging they will return, Happy, TimL and the rest of the sinister bunch!

Would be better if you are trying to sell something to type in English, DUH!"

What the HECK are you talking about, Den? On the last thread you said you had infiltrators, and I asked if it was spam? I mean, did I ask a the wrong question???

The fact that everyone KNOWS I like chaos and miss Happy, etc., doesn't mean I wished SPAM on you!

DEN said...

NO, NO, Carol, not at all.

You had mentioned "missing the trolls" and when you mentioned spam it reminded me of what you said.

There has been other SPAM commentors prior to that one so it's not the first.

DEN said...

SPAM is a meat of last resort to me but I too have Hawaiian friends that damn near worship the stuff.

John Madden is also from Austin, MN, see how he turned out?

DEN said...

Must go to friends' house to help them get rid of some grape sqeezins.

Party On!

David B. Benson said...

Den --- While you might well have govmint luckers with nothing better to do, I suspect the missing comment is a software 'glitch' in the server.

On Panda's Thumb there are lots of 'glitches' which lead to missing comments which appear later, so that there is quite a bit of double and even triple postings...

carey said...

Spam in all its forms and snoops, huh?


Thanks for your links. I slump in my seat when I think of the possibility of an Iran invasion.


It sounds like it could be what Dr. B suggests.

micki said...

SPAM™ and TWINKIES™ = two of your basic food groups.

Icky and ickier.

micki said...

...both with extraordinarily long shelf-lives.

micki said...

Carey, when Darth Cheney and the Ice Queen Condi are coming to blows about Iran, it makes me very, very uneasy.

Slumping off my chair....