Thursday, June 21, 2007

President of Vice

Thursday, June 21, 2007
Administration Oversight

Vice President Exempts His Office from the Requirements for Protecting Classified Information

The Oversight Committee has learned that over the objections of the National Archives, Vice President Cheney exempted his office from the presidential order that establishes government-wide procedures for safeguarding classified national security information. The Vice President asserts that his office is not an “entity within the executive branch.”

As described in a letter from Chairman Waxman to the Vice President, the National Archives protested the Vice President's position in letters written in June 2006 and August 2006. When these letters were ignored, the National Archives wrote to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in January 2007 to seek a resolution of the impasse. The Vice President's staff responded by seeking to abolish the agency within the Archives that is responsible for implementing the President's executive order.

In his letter to the Vice President, Chairman Waxman writes: "I question both the legality and wisdom of your actions. ... [I]t would appear particularly irresponsible to give an office with your history of security breaches an exemption from the safeguards that apply to all other executive branch officials."

A fact sheet prepared by Chairman Waxman describes other instances in which the Vice President's office has sought to avoid oversight and accountability.

@ Committee on Government Oversight and Reform

Guess that means any claim of "Executive Privilege" by Deadeye Dick would be moot.

Can't have it both ways there Dickie Boy.

What a clusterfuck of sinister bullshit this Administration has put out since 2000.

They make the rules, we get screwed, impeachment anyone?



DEN said...

If I were studying sociology or anthropology I'd drop everything right now and run to Washington, DC. There's a great piece to be written about what Scooter Libby's defenders reveal about that city's power elite. (Think Mean Girls meets All the President's Men.) What an opportunity: The response to a perceived attack on one of the tribe is revealing a hidden culture to the world.

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Social scientists will tell you that most communities are divided into at least two groups, insiders and interlopers. Washington is no exception. "He came in and trashed the place," David Broder famously wrote of Bill Clinton, "and it wasn't his place." It's Scooter Libby's place, though. He's part of the capital's power elite, a culture with its own social hierarchy, folkways, and shared beliefs

Anthropologists are fond of drawing "kinship charts" that document relationships and hierarchies within a tribe or community. A Washington "kinship chart" would show that the consanguineal loyalties of biological family have been replaced by webs of social intimacy and shared perceptions.

At the top of the DC chart are the designated leaders, the chieftains. The best way to get there is to have occupied a place in the hierarchy for a long time, after working your way up as apprentice to an earlier chief. A history of senior positions in past administrations fits the bill, hence the prominence of figures like Cheney and Rumsfeld. That's why in some ways Cheney holds more totemic power in Washington than does Bush himself.


Speaks volumes about the Narcissists running us into the ground.


Gerald said...

DEN, there is no doubt that Hitler Cheney is running the show in DC. Hitler Bush is too stupid to know what Hitler Cheney is doing and if he does know what a pathetic excuse Hitler Bush is as president.

If I was president, I would ask Hitler Cheney to resign or fire him for insubordination.

It is my guess that Hitler Bush is too lazy to think and he is also on drugs, drunk, and snorting his life away.

DEN said...

Deadeye is self-elevated to King of the US, chimp is the Joker.

carey said...

I just heard about Cheney. What a transparent nutcase. The thing is, guys, his excuses are getting flimsier and much more obvious. The whining level has increased. This is a good thing. It means they're scared. FINALLY!!!

This is what I was talking about yesterday. The tide, not the big one, but something has turned. The excuses will be confetti-like, not one ounce of substance to them. Granted they never did hold water, but now....a two-year old will see through them.

Unfortunately, that's the maturity level of America right now, huh Gerald.

It is one gorgeous day outside. Our weatherman just warned that the humidity and heat are just around the corner. I don't get along with hot, humid weather and I don't mean because of hair frizzes. I literally collapse.

Bloomsberg is going to affect Hillary's campaign if he gets in. Most definitely. She and he, I gather, are close politically. Center, almost a teensy right.

carey said...

I decided I'm going to try yoga. Micki likes it, I know. I've been hearing about it since I was 18 and it's about time. I mean, really, it's the perfect thing for alleviating stress and getting flexible.

carey said...

Oh yeah, there's one other thing I have to try. Working.

David B. Benson said...

Carey --- Try Aikido. It'll come in handy at the doctor's office.

Den --- Emm, Peach Mint!

carey said...

Okay, here's some meat to my seeing some light at the end of that proverbial tunnel.

Greg Palast presented his juicy evidence on the emails, caging lists, everything to the House Judiciary Committee and John Conyers today.

Oh yeah, let's boogie! Oh yeah.

Randi, and more recently, I've been going on about these "caging lists". The jewels of investigation will begin to slowly brighten and gleam.

I'm going on a long walk and giving full attention to Randi.

{ò,ó}arol said...

There are so many things to hate Bush for but the one that is the worst by far is his vetoing of stem cell research. Unconscionable.

And to think there aren't enough votes to override his veto. What does that say about the repugs in congress? They're every bit as evil as that mother fucker that has been allowed to inhabit the White House.

By the time we get a Democrat in the WH eight years will have been wasted NOT studying embryonic stem cells. One can only wish Parkinson's and every other disease out there on George and his loved ones.

David B. Benson said...

George XLIII has loved ones?

º¿carol said...

He probably does, Doc, hard as that is to believe.

David B. Benson said...

Carol --- Prove it!


DEN said...

Geo. comes from a long line of sociopathic, narcissistic, sado-masochists.

(Nobody you would invite to dinner, much less run the country, but there he is.)

America belongs to AMERICANS, not you Geo.

Do the country a favor and resign.

Take your flying monkeys with you!

º¿carol said...

DA: Halberstam Driver to Be Charged "
Jones will be charged next week, Fox said, but he did not elaborate on how his investigators concluded he was at fault or why criminal charges were warranted."

When I saw that headline I knew why he was being charged. Because Halberstam was famous.