Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Sunrise from a mountain in Bolivia

I feel safer already after reading this:

A drone aircraft was launched into the smoggy sky over Los Angeles on Friday, bringing technology more commonly associated with combat zones to urban policing.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which looks like a remote-controlled airplane and weighs about 2.3 kilograms, is a prototype being tested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Police say the drone, called the SkySeer, could carry out dangerous tasks and free up crewed helicopters for other missions.

"This technology could be used to find missing children, search for lost hikers, or survey a fire zone," says Sid Heal, head of the Technology Exploration Project of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. "The ideal outcome for us is when this technology becomes instrumental in saving lives."

Police say the SkySeer, made by Octatron of Florida, US, could help them catch suspects fleeing on foot and hiding on rooftops. The drone comes equipped with low-light and infrared vision and can fly at speeds of up to 48 kilometres (30 miles) per hour for 70 minutes at a time.

@ NewScientistTech

The logic behind this snooping project?

"These days you can't go anywhere without a camera watching you, whether you're in a grocery store or walking down the street."

Well because we are already on candid camera a little more privacy invasion won't matter,
typical Neo-Fascist logic, similar to the "if your not doing anything illegal you won't mind having your phones tapped".

Welcome to Bizzaro World, beyond 1984 several lightyears or so.


DEN said...

Great Sunday!

We have sunshine and blue skies!

For those of you less fortunate, please accept my apology for pointing that out.

One more day to goof off and back to the salt mines.

Ride and maybe pics later.

Carry on!!!

micki said...

I sometimes think that we Americans deserve what we get. We asked for it, in a way. We go around blabbing our opinions even when we know little on the topic. As a group, we watch mind-numbing TeeVee shows, revealing sexual preferences, private woes, marital discord, affairs, past crimes, etc. We willingly go public with private matters and love the attention we get doing so.

Maybe if we had maintainted a higher wall separating public from private stuff, we would have been quicker to see the encroachment of government in our private lives. But, no. We were too busy trying to call attention to ourselves to notice.

micki said...

It's beautiful up here close to the border!


Maybe some rain tomorrow. But that's okay.

That's why we're the Evergreen State! (so far)

DEN said...

Narcissists one and all!

Spoiled rotten and wallowing in self absorption.

Cocooning to contain it.

Nope, no room for civics in that world.

Me, My, I, Mine.

Dragging the rest of us down with them.


Alan said...

Hey guys, some CONGRATS are in order for our Dr. B. He's been bizzy! He's co-authored a paper on the WTC towers that has been submitted for peer review to
The Journal of Engineering Mechanics ASCE
. His co-authors include a well-known person and a VERY WELL-KNOWN person in the world of 9/11 studies. I've seen and read it (downloaded a copy), tho it's wayyyy over my head in the science and mathmatics. Still, I can and will link you to were you can see it if anyone cares to. I figured he wouldn't ring his own bell here, so I'm ringing like a mo/fo for him. I've told y'all before that you wouldn't believe how much science he contributes on the other forum. He likes to keep the two separate and keeps it pretty much social/political here.
Again, y'all need to holler at Dr. B. and tell him 'good job'.

Alan said...

The very well-known person is : Zdenek P. Bazant, Hon.M. ASCE,
McCormick Institute Professor and W.P. Murphy Professor of Civil Engineering and Materials
Science, Northwestern University, 2145 Sheridan Road, CEE/A135, Evanston, Illinois 60208; zbazant@

Another co-author is his graduate assistant : Jia-Liang Le

The well-known person is Dr.Frank R. Greening, who has already published at least one peer-reviewed paper.

Then we have our own Dr. B :
Professor Emeritus, School of Electrical Engrg. and Computer Science, Washington State University, Pullman,
WA 99164.

micki said...

Alan, thank you for sharing the news of Dr. B's activities.

Retirement is a busy time for great minds!

micki said...

Alan, I'll try to find the article. If I can't locate it, a link would be dandy!


carey said...

WOW! Thanks Alan. Leave it to Dr. David not to toot his horn. He's subtle isn't he? Not when it comes to discussions of global warming. Yes we're talking about you mister! Congratulations!!

I hope you're having a wonderful birthday weekend Den. It sure sounds like it.

Interesting Sunday morning ruminations Micki. It's a combination of laziness and trying to be cool all wrapped up sporting a gorgeous stupidity bow. Wasting good energy on meaningless pastimes.

Guess what I did this morning Micki? I watched mind-numbing television. I saw a quote from Obama on Meet the Press this morning.

When you watch Clinton versus Gingrich or Gore versus Bush or Kerry versus Bush, you feel like these are fights taking place in the dorm rooms in the sixties. Vietnam, civil rights, the sexual revolution, the role of government--all that stuff has just been playing out and I think people sort of feel like: Okay, let's not re-litigate the sixties 40 years later.

Obama's trying to put everyone in an insider group of old fogies who can't look forward, only backwards. Sorry, the issues of the sixties are almost the exact same. They've never been resolved obviously. We're in Iraq. Oh, and civil rights and the role of government?

Then I heard the Edwards campaign come out strongly against Bob Shrum, a constant presence on MSNBC (Democratic strategist). One, that wasn't wise. Two, Shrum didn't say anthing in his book that's all that bad about Edwards (on his yes vote on the Iraq resolution in 2002). The campaign made a terrific mistake harping on Shrum and they were much too strong in their criticism of him. It was a character assasination of sorts. Shrum's basically on their side and a reliable guy. A strategic mistake too early in the campaign that doesn't bode well for those running the campaign. Shrum's a basically good guy. I didn't like it.

Despite a bad mistake.....Well, I guess I'll come out and say it. I'm leaning towards Edwards. I know his views on health insurance are not that great Carol. Actually none of the top candidates have introduced anything that might remotely work. And then there's the kissing ass of AIPAC. All candidates will do that, it's a given unfortunately.

My big sister in Connecticut made a donation in our name to the Edwards campaign in honor of Ken. He was actually leaning towards Biden. She kind of read my mind, though. Yes, I think I like Edwards.

Of course Obama!!!!! He just may not be quite ready yet and I don't think the the rest of the country is quite there yet on electing a black man. His youth and inexperience do show at times. I believe Obama is undoubtedly the nation's future. Let's hope so. He's a very good man. So is Edwards. Yep, I think I just announced my preference.

I will have my TV on tonight. Poor Brandon has massive end-of-the year homework and we're all kicking in. So I'll have only half my attention on the debate.

Once again, congratulations to Dr. B. What an unassuming brilliant scholar!

micki said...

Oh, I should point out...I will likely not understand very much of the article. But, I'd love to see it anyway!

Alan said...

"Of course Obama!!!!! He just may not be quite ready yet..."

I agree. I'd like him to be vice-president for 8 years, then president for the next 8.

Give me a few, and I'll link Dr. B's paper.

Alan said...

This should do it. It's a 24-page .pdf file.

Collapse of World Trade Center Towers:
What Did and Did Not Cause It?

micki said...

I don't know Carey, maybe it's Bob Shrum's 0-7 losing streak that influenced Edwards' remarks.

It'd be funny, if it wasn't so serious, that Shrum has worked on the campaigns of seven Democratic presidential aspirants -- and none of them made it to the Oval Office. I mean, why do any candidates have him their Rolodex????

The only thing Bob Shrum has down pat is the concession speech. (Though he is a good guy.)

Alan said...

Here's a good article in Rolling Stone...

Giuliani: Worse Than Bush

He's cashing in on 9/11, working with Karl Rove's henchmen and in cahoots with a Swift Boat-style attack on Hillary. Will Rudy Giuliani be Bush III?
Here's the last line of the article, at the bottom of page 4.

Now Giuliani is running for president -- as the hero of 9/11. George Bush has balls, too, but even he has to bow to this motherfucker.

David B. Benson said...

Thank you.

But global warming is much more important, in my not very humble opinion...

micki said...

Yeah, I agree Dr. B, global warming is the BIG one!

Would you get right on that!

º¿carol said...

Right now we're the Verygreen state. It's rained for two days! All growing things are very happy.

Congratulations, Dr. B. I opened the PDF, read the first page, and that was it for moi. I'll wait for the Cliff Notes....OR THE MOVIE!!!

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Unfortunately, there seems to be very little that I can directly do about global warming.

I can only encourage others to encourage others to encourage others...

And everybody along the way is to convince their stupid, ignorant congresspeople that nothing else matters if they want your vote.

But anyway, vote Green!

Carol --- Try the conclusion for me and report back. Thanks.

º¿carol said...

Presidential ticket:

Al Gore & Barack Obama

º¿carol said...

Ok, I read the conclusion. That was simple enough. Scrolling down though I spotted math formulas that made the hair stand up on my arms!

I've never thought the towers were blown up, or there was a conspiracy. Too many people needed to pull it off and someone would have talked either before it happened, or since it happened. Just like the JFK plot the other day. Someone ratted them out. I rest my case.

David B. Benson said...

Carol --- Thanks. Sorry about your mathephobia..

David B. Benson said...

On MotherJones, from 2006, The 13th Tipping Point. Very good global warming article...