Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Another week of serious political insanity is ahead. The waters are getting ever more muddy in the nations capitol with serious challenges such as stopping the Iraq meatgrinder and a runaway Administration badly in need of reeling in.

Congress cannot be depended on to enforce their oversight power in time to save us from being taken into the fascist realm, rather they too seem to be 'lost' in the sea of lobby cash and refuse to heed the desires of the American people to end the run-a-muk madness and restore their faith in government.

Rather odd, no protests, no outcry, simple silence and the constant sound of internal combustion demanding to be fed, at $3 a gallon.

Pitiful and strange.



Gerald said...

The End of Supreme Command

Gerald said...

How many more Americans must die

Gerald said...

Karzai Angry Over West's Tactics

Gerald said...

You Have Left Us with Nothing

Gerald said...

My answer to the Iraqis is now you know how Americans feel about Hitler Bush. He has taken our soul and damned our nation.

Gerald said...

They Hate Us

Gerald said...

Is Bush Destroying Religion

David B. Benson said...

Alan --- Thanks. There are quite a few lurkers on the PhysOrgForum thread and some of them are high school students. They might be more easily impressed by the feedback ratings.

Gerald said...

Love Equals Sacrifice

Dear Posters:

Yes, love equals sacrifice and sacrifice equals love. We are an aging population and there is no fool like an old fool. A fool will choose hatred over love. Christian love is a high form of love.

Love is also life. We give life to the person or persons we love. When we love, we want the very best for another person or persons. When we love, we want life for the persons we love. With life people can and should have happiness. We also want people to live a fulfilling life. A fulfilling life should lead us toward our Creator. Hatred leads us to our downfall. That downfall can destroy a country and a soul. We need to choose love over hatred, life over death, and heaven over hell.

We went to war through lies and more lies. We went to war because we hate. We chose death over life and we chose hell over heaven.

Love is sacrifice. With hatred we will not sacrifice. With hatred we will kill people. Killing a human being does not offer sacrifice. Hatred makes killing easy and without any sacrifice in loving human beings. When we sacrifice in loving a person, we work to help a person. Sacrifice involves work and sacrifice and work are not easy.

We must work at loving all of God’s children.

When we hate as a people and as a country, we can turn this hatred into love but it will require redemptive love. Redemptive love requires a people and a country to leave their belief system that America can do no wrong. She is always right because she is a good, holy, and saintly people and nation.

When we look inward, we will realize that we are an evil people and an evil nation. This looking inward will hurt but redemptive love never comes easy and without some pain for our sins of hurting and killing God’s children who are our brothers and sisters in God.



Gerald said...

Praying Each Day: June 24

DEN said...

The lines have blurred between right and wrong and everything is up for debate.

No rules, no discipline, no life, merely an existence.