Saturday, July 07, 2007


Boeing 777

Better get on a plane to Vegas right now cause it might be your lucky day!

Just past 7AM on 7/7/7 and I'm scratching out a post here in Google Land when I should be yanking the slots in Reno, I could hit it big!! NOT!

Who ever said this day is really the seventh, or this month or year for that matter.
To do so would mean that the very first human on this planet would have to immediately start a calendar for others to follow, in other words 2007 is just a random year of existence, after all humans have been around a lot longer than that.

So it might be the year 400094 in reality, in which case 7/7/7 doesn't mean shit.

Wingnuts unite! into a 7/7/7 frenzy of numerology! Like all good little sheeple.



DEN said...

Saturday and another ton of stuff to do, hot weather makes the early morning the time to do it.

Carry on!

(unless you're in Vegas)

micki said...


Step right up! Find out on this lucky day what your name means in numerology!

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- That was bizarre, but pushed the right buttons.

Den --- If we begin the calander with Mitochonreal Eve, who was not the first Homo sapiens sapiens, then this is about year 175,000.

David B. Benson said...

Richard Haard, Fourth Corner Nurseries, Bellingham, WA, does charccoal as a soil additive.

DEN said...

TOOT! TOOT! My own horn!

Your number is: 3

The characteristics of #3 are: Expression, verbalization, socialization, the arts, the joy of living.

The expression or destiny for #3:
An Expression of 3 produces a quest for destiny with words along a variety of lines that may include writing, speaking, singing, acting or teaching; our entertainers, writers, litigators, teachers, salesmen, and composers. You also have the destiny to sell yourself or sell just about any product that comes along. You are imaginative in your presentation, and you may have creative talents in the arts, although these are more likely to be latent. You are an optimistic person that seems ever enthusiastic about life and living. You are friendly, loving and social, and people like you because you are charming and such a good conversationalist. Your ability to communicate may often inspire others. It is your role in life to inspire and motivate; to raise the spirits of those around you.

The negative side of number 3 Expression is superficiality. You may tend to scatter your forces and simply be too easygoing. It is advisable for the negative 3 to avoid dwelling on trivial matters, especially gossip.

Your Soul Urge number is: 5

A Soul Urge number of 5 means:
The 5 soul urge or motivation would like to follow a life of freedom, excitement, adventure and unexpected happening. The idea of travel and freedom to roam intrigues you. You are very much the adventurer at heart. Not particularly concerned about your future or about getting ahead, you can seem superficial and unmotivated.

In a positive sense, the energies of the number 5 make you very adaptable and versatile. You have a natural resourcefulness and enthusiasm that may mark you as a progressive with a good mind and active imagination. You seem to have a natural inclination to be a pace-setter. You are attracted to the unusual and the fast paced.

You may be overly restless and impatient at times. You may dislike the routine work that you are engaged in, and tend to jump from activity to activity, without ever finishing anything. You may have difficulty with responsibility. You don't want to be tied down to a relationship, and it may be hard to commit to one person.

Your Inner Dream number is: 7

An Inner Dream number of 7 means:
You dream of having the opportunity to read, study, and shut yourself off from worldly distractions. You can see yourself as a teacher, mystic, or ecclesiastic, spending your life in the pursuit of knowledge and learning.

DEN said...

Well at least it did not tell me I was an asshole!


David B. Benson said...

Den --- To discover how dishonest that site is, try entering

George Walker Bush...

David B. Benson said...

Hey! Just above I posted the seventh comment on 7/7/7.

Which better describes America today?

The Seventh Seal
The Castle,

both motion pictures.

DEN said...

The Poseidon Adventure.

David B. Benson said...

Nope. Not Kafkaesque enough.

Hajji said...


I just wanted to say something about the incredible effort by the organizers and performers at today's "Live Earth" concerts.

It will prove to be the largest event in history, and for the nobelest of causes. The artists who signed on did so, I believe with the best of intentions.

The performances were uniformly heartfelt and sincere and the message, whether one believes in the science or not, of taking better care of Mother Earth as she grudgingly continues to care for us was unmistakable.

I was pleased to see many performers I personally admire sign on. I'd just seen Angelique Kidjo a few weeks back in Louisville. Her performance of "Gimme Shelter" with Joss Stone is not to be missed, as was the Keith Urban and Alicia Keys.

Please check out the clips from today's shows, enjoy the performances and pass them on.

There's not any posters here who disagree with the basic premise of honoring and caring for our planet, I think, and it says much about our many angles and views on politics.

I've always felt the power of musical performances and the songs of heroes have washed over me for all my life. More such heroes are stepping up daily. Enjoy them, listen to them BECOME one of them!

Now I've got to figure out how to explain why this fat ass of mine kept dancing around the ER all day, today.

Now THAT'S entertainment!


micki said...

Hmmm...Dr. B, I keyed in RICHARD BRUCE CHENEY and much of the description fit the bastard to a T.

micki said...

Hajji -- great commentary!

micki said...

Oh...I know of that Fourth Corner Nursery (FCN) and am glad to know they are in the forefront on biochar. They are a wholesale nursery.

I wonder how you heard of FCN...

micki said...

Not to end the evening on a downer, but if you haven't read Hendrik Hertzberg's piece in the current NEW YORKER, you must.

But wait until morning....reading it tonight could interfere with sound sleep.

micki said...

Which better describes America today?

The Seventh Seal
The Castle

Gawd! That sounds like an assignment. :-)

micki said...


Hajji -- This is an interesting op-ed from the NYT's medical writer, Jerome Groopman.

micki said...

Gerald, I'll be interested to hear your reaction to Pope Ratz's removal of restrictions on celebrating the Old Latin Mass.

Hmmm...the Catholic Church seems to be marching majestically on a new old course.

micki said...

Check out the NYT editorial today.

micki said...

...the editorial that begins this way:

The Road Home

Published: July 8, 2007

It is time for the United States to leave Iraq, without any more delay than the Pentagon needs to organize an orderly exit.

Gerald said...

Nazi Germany reminds me of Nazi America. The Americans, like the Germans, will not believe that our rulers are totally evil weasels.

Here is an example.

Micki, I read the recent New Yorker article.

Posters, let me share with you a TRUISM. Hitlers, like Cheney and Bush, do not consolidate and expand evil and power with any intention of relinquishing evil and power.


How could men rejoice in victory and delight in the slaughter of men? - Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu, my answer is ONLY IN AMERICA do we rejoice and delight in the vaporization of human flesh along the sides of buildings and on the streets of foreign countries.

Gerald said...

Micki, I read the article on Pope Benedict's removal of restrictions on the old Latin Mass. A parish, I believe, can celebrate the old Latin Mass if there are enough "stable" parish members. I persoanally believe that we have 54% of Catholics who voted for Hitler Bush. Any Catholic who voted for Hitler Bush is unstable. 54% means that most Catholics are unstable so how can we have the old Latin Mass celebrated in a parish?

Maybe Pope Benedict did not want to offend Catholics by saying that if there were enough "unstable" Catholics in the parish, then the old Latin Mass could be celebrated.

I also believe that there would be only one Latin Mass per weekend. I like the way we celebrate Mass today. In the old days the priest would have his back to the people in the celebration of the Mass. When Jesus at the Last Supper transformed the bread and wine into His body and blood, He was looking at His disciples. When Jesus spoke to people, He was looking at them. In the early days the people received Communion standing up and not kneeling.

I do not oppose a person who kneels for Communion because kneeling is a sign of humility but humility can come in varied ways.

I cannot kneel for Communion because my gait or walk is too tenuous.

If my parish decides that all four Masses will be in Latin and not one only Latin Mass per weekend, I will go to Mass but there will probably be more daydreaming during the Mass.

Hajji said...

Senator's Number on 'Madam' Phone List

By Shailagh Murray
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, July 10, 2007; Page A03

Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) apologized last night after his telephone number appeared in the phone records of the woman dubbed the "D.C. Madam," making him the first member of Congress to become ensnared in the high-profile case.

The statement containing Vitter's apology said his telephone number was included on phone records of Pamela Martin and Associates dating from before he ran for the Senate in 2004.

The service's proprietor, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, 51, faces federal charges of racketeering for allegedly running a prostitution ring out of homes and hotel rooms in the Washington area. Authorities say the business netted more than $2 million over 13 years beginning in 1993. Palfrey contends that her escort service was a legitimate business.

"This was a very serious sin in my past for which I am, of course, completely responsible," Vitter, 46, said in a statement, which his spokesman, Joel DiGrado, confirmed to the Associated Press.

"Several years ago, I asked for and received forgiveness from God and my wife in confession and marriage counseling," Vitter continued. "Out of respect for my family, I will keep my discussion of the matter there -- with God and them. But I certainly offer my deep and sincere apologies to all I have disappointed and let down in any way."


Will he resign? Who would likely replace him? Will his previous assertions that the allegation was "absolutely and completely untrue" and dismissed it as "just crass Louisiana politics" feel "Clintonian" to his constiuents or since he never said it "under oath" will he be held accountable for his lies?

Tune in tomorrow for the next episode of "As the Worm Turns"....