Friday, July 06, 2007


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DEN said...

Think FORWARD>>>>>
Backward is for History<

DEN said...

Tomorrow is the numerology freak out;


Will not be another one until 3007,

I think we will be extinct by then.

DEN said...

He's small. Furry. Fast. And about as elusive as Big Foot.

An unusual critter that has been spotted scampering through trees is stirring up quite an urban legend in Norcross.

Neighbors have reported sightings of a rare squirrel in downtown Norcross. The animal is snow-white. And folks say he is not alone.


Doc, in case you miss your little furry buddies.....

DEN said...

Why does China need Nuke subs?

micki said...


micki said...

If Libby is eventually pardoned, does that mean he's admitting guilt?

From the post-Nixon Watergate era:

CONGRESSMAN HOGAN: Mr. President, don't you feel that the very acceptance of the pardon by the former President is tantamount to an admission of guilt on his part?

THE PRESIDENT (Gerald Ford). I do, sir.

CONGRESSMAN HOGAN. So, those who say again that they would have preferred that the President admit his culpability before a pardon being issued again are overlooking that fact?

THE PRESIDENT. The acceptance of a pardon, according to the legal authorities--and we have checked them out very carefully--does indicate that by the acceptance, the person who has accepted it does, in effect, admit guilt.

Does acceptance of a pardon indicate an admission of guilt?

Budrick v. United States, among other cases, accepting a pardon involves admitting guilt.

DEN said...

Guilt would have been established by jury conviction.

Pardon releases defendant from the conviction.

Pardon therefore follows guilt but serves no other function except to relieve the conviction and sentence.

DEN said...

Guilt is implied through conviction.

Judge Mental said...

Yeah, Den, I realize that POV, but another point is that in this case -- where the POTUS and VPOTUS are definitely implicated -- a pardon, with the "admission of guilt" aspect is equivalent in effect to placing the prez and veep in real legal jeopardy.

Judge Mental said...

There are wrongful convictions.

DEN said...

Conviction implies guilt,
accepting a pardon admits it.

Judge Mental (again) said... other news

Around Las Vegas transformers overheated and caused electrical pole fires because of all the people switching on their air conditioners, said Scott Allison with the Clark County Fire Department.

Well, gee whiz, turn off some of those friggin' blinding, glitzy lights that blaze 24/7!

º¿carol said...

I don't believe the pole fire story. Everyone already had their air on. They never turn it off in the summer. There are very few people that will put up with the heat like I do.

º¿carol said...

What I'd bet happened is that more people turned their air down. I KNOW they all have it on 24/7.

DEN said...

Must have been the heat

DEN said...


Another Repug genius tells objectors to prove they were spied upon, oh yea, sure.

David B. Benson said...

Den --- That white squirrel is probably named

Moby Dick Cheney...

DEN said...

Mark Fiore

micki said...

American Research Group, Inc. survey on Commutation of Libby's sentence, Impeachment of GWB, Impeachment of Darth Cheney

David B. Benson said...

Ah, I see the legal reasoning now:

Dick Cheney is not part of the executive branch becuase he is the President of Vice!

micki said...

I don't know, Carol, with Nevada Power rates spiking for residential customers, maybe some people just can't afford to keep their air-conditioners humming 24/7.

micki said...

One of my sisters just reminded me that it was Scooter Libby who sought Marc Rich's pardon.

You know...that guy who Clinton pardoned. The guy who DIDN'T betray national security...who DIDN'T obstruct an investigation in who leaked a CIAer's ID.

She also reminded me that it was Rudy Guilani who prosecuted Marc Rich -- and condemned his pardon. But, Rudy is A-OK with leniency for Libby!

Gawdalmighty -- we need a new group of people in DC!

micki said...

Bill says that Libby-Rich-Guiliani-Rich-Libby-Guiliani circle is a circle of jerks -- or something like that!

º¿carol said...

BuzzFlash Hypocrite of the Week

July 6, 2007 |

Members of the Libby Legal Defense Trust

Welcome back to the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.

Actually this week, it's a whole posse of Republican hypocrites, all the GOP loudmouths out there talking about how Scooter Libby's pardon -- oh, we mean commutation (the pardon comes after the 2008 election) -- is no big deal.

After all, Poppy Bush saved his butt and facilitated the obstruction of justice when he pardoned the Iran-Contra felons, and in particular, kept the late Caspar Weinberger from nailing daddy Bush. It would have been great to see George Herbert Walker in an orange jumpsuit.

No, the Busheviks aren’t bringing that "like father, like son avoiding jail" similarity up, but they are reminding us ad nauseam that Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich, whose wife contributed a bundle to the Democrats. Rich was used by Republicans to dirty up Clinton after he left office, by claiming that he had basically sold the pardon for campaign funding and contributions to his presidential library.

The Libby Legal Defense Trust (not to be confused with the Libby betrayal Web site, supporters have jumped all over the Rich pardon as a "precedent" for the Libby "commutation, pardon to come" action by Bush.

Let's put aside for the moment that Rich's crimes were of the financial sort. He didn't betray the national security of the United States, as Libby (and Cheney, Bush, and Rove for that matter) did. Rich didn't obstruct a federal investigation into the outing of a CIA operative specializing in tracking the illicit sales of WMD. Let's also put aside that Rudolph Giuliani is the one who prosecuted Rich, condemned his pardon, but urged a pardon for Libby.

No, let us forget these details for the moment. What makes the Rich red herring so hypocritical is something a bit more damning.

You see, when you are a mega-wealthy guy on the lamb seeking a presidential pardon, you hire yourself a "K Street" lawyer to get to the top levels of government.

And Marc Rich had just such a powerful attorney to help seek his pardon. His name was Scooter Libby.

Now we just have to wonder. When all those Busheviks claim what a travesty the Rich pardon was, and then argue that Libby has a sterling record of service to America, how do they rationalize Libby being the one who represented Rich's effort to redeem himself?

Oh, we forgot for a moment. It's the GOP hypocrisy, stupid!

Until next week, remember our motto: So many Republican hypocrites, so little time.

Catch up with you soon.

* * *

This is the Members of the Libby Legal Defense Trust's first HOTW Award. Welcome to the Club.

David B. Benson said...

And so another week of working and residing in The Funny Farm of America turns into a weekend in the same Kafkaesque location...

micki said...

General William Odom -- Former NSA Chief for Reagan -- Suggests Impeachment May Be Necessary

Please send this article to your Senators and Representative, no matter if they are Dem, Independent or Repub...