Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday, Monday!

Consumer side of the Bull Market

While you are going about your daily lives doing whatever, the neo fascists are busily trying to further entrench their collective corporate tentacles into the mainstream of society.

If you have been paying attention you would have noticed a steady increase in the Dow Jones indices's of late. Our corporatist com padre's are rolling in the big bucks everywhere you look.
Masters of manipulations and corporate greed are hard at work making you a little poorer and their wallets a lot fatter. Products Americans are used to consuming are increasingly made in China which by 1960 standards were Communist enemies to be held beyond arms length.

Thanks to the WTO we have been sold down the river as the fruits of our labors have rotted on the vine. The American worker once a proud force providing all that Americans needed or wanted has been replaced by cheap offshore labor. The America that produced the weaponry to stop Hitler and Hirohito and more now works low wage, no benefit jobs, often two or three of which it takes to make ends meet and still not make middle class. All could be brought crashing down by devastating illness despite ones' best efforts.

The neo-fascists(Corporatists) have transformed us into working poor and dividing America down well defined lines of rich and poor and not much else in between. All this has transpired without objection from the American people, not even a whimper. The gap between the rich and poor widens daily supported by the Democrats and Republicans and their Corporatist masters.

The war machine with the death and destruction is brought to you by corporations, for corporations. The oil carrot motivated the fascists to create PNAC and sponsored it's efforts to attain a goal of world corporate domination in the absence of the Cold War. And we can see it played out daily.

The MSM will not tell you that neo-fascism even exists under corporate rule but it is there every step of the way. They call it being neo-conservative, but any true Conservative will tell you there is nothing particularly conservative in what is happening in the World arena.

Mention FASCISM and everyone cringes, thats sounds like something from are not so distant past doesn't it? Like Hitler and Nazi. Using fascism in any statement raises flags with everyone and the corporatist's definitely do not want a negative connotation like FASCISM used, what would people think?

Precisely, what would people think? They would think it is something to be defeated at any cost and embark on a course to do just that. But we cannot have that can we? We must keep the people quiet and distract attention away from the truth.

Millions and Billions of dollars donated to produce the finest candidates money can by is happening right now, unnoticed, ignored, and supported as Democracy in action by the same fools that let this happen in the first place.




micki said...

Precisely, what would people think? They would think it is something to be defeated at any cost and embark on a course to do just that.

Den, you have more faith in your countrymen/women than I do. People who are relatively satisfied with their lives, will keep their heads down, go about their daily routines, and not worry about a G-D thing.

I am reminded of an educated older woman I knew many years ago when I lived in Alaska. Her husband was a geologist at ARCO, she was a community dynamo who was involved in all sorts of cross-cultural, well-intentioned, progressive programs. She grew up in Italy. She was a devout Catholic, and was raising her three grandchildren because her son was a no-good SOB and her daughter-in-law was a drugged out, disinterested mother, who would reappear on an irregular basis when she felt it was time to remind her kids that they had a "mom."

Well, this grandmother thought Mussolini was just fine, thank you very much. She saw nothing wrong with fascism.

Those "-isms" associated with fascism really appealed to her -- nationalism, authoritarism, anti-communism, etc. She felt "saved" by the state when she grew up in Italy -- she felt that fascism guaranteed "national unity."

micki said...

While there's some debate still going on about its factualness (is that a word?), the relationship between the Catholic Church and fascist movements in various countries has often been close.

Another anecdote: My Alaskan neighbor also thought that the fascist regime of Francisco Franco wasn't "all that bad."

What's that saying? "The plural of anecdote is not data" but I do believe that this grandmother's story -- in closely varied form -- would be reflected in the attitudes of thousands upon thousands of Americans.

micki said...

...millions of Americans.

MICKI said...


DEN said...

Technically I would think Executive Privilege would only apply to CURRENT staff and FORMER staff would be fair game, although I am no expert by any means.

David B. Benson said...

Today started badly by spilling a large cup of coffee. Perhaps this afternoon will go better...

DEN said...

A good video can be found at@ OPEN LEFT poking fun at dubya, funny!

gerald said...

@open left may be poking fun at Bush but everything said is true Bush.

Bush can do whatever pleases him and nothing and no one will stand in his way.

Hajji said...

Pentagon correspondent Jim Miklaszewski, on NBC nightly news tonight reports that the Army's ever-sinking recruiting numbers are due, in large part to the "Mommy Syndrome" when parents do "anything and everything to keep their children from joining".

While "Mommy Syndrome" was spoken with a sarcastic tone, it is good to know that the Mothers and families are waking up, at least when Bush's nightmare comes close to creeping into THEIR dreams.

Many speculate that the lack of "boots on the ground" is all that has kept BushCheney from invading Iran, so far.


Hajji said...

In a loosely related note, NBC Nightly News will air Tuesday or Wednesday a segment on The Nature Conservancy of the Florida Keys effort to preserve coral reefs.

Megan, Katie's co-worker will be featured. Katie said she tried hard to not get on camera (shyeah, right!) but might show up in a shot or two.

One of the programs that they've been involved in has been farming staghorn coral to transplant it in areas that have been subject to bleaching by pollution and water temperature increases.

I'll be down there at the end of July to check up on 'em! (and will serve my nation and the planet by keeping lots of frozen drinks with little umbrellas in them from falling into the hands of the "evildoers")


David B. Benson said...

Grey whales are slowly starving to death.

Article in The Independent

micki said...

From the BBC news website, April 2007, regarding the grey whales

There are too many inexplicable environmental mysteries these days to not suspect climate change.

Sorry about the spilled coffee. At least it wasn't milk. I do hope the remains of your day were better than the beginning...