Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pardon Me?

Remember the good ole days when all the rabble was raised, how good it looked that the Administration would have to pay for the errors of their collective ways?

As the cartoon indicates, you can keep sleeping, nothing to see here, like a creek winding down the hillside with tributaries branching off along the way, by the time it gets to the ocean there is nothing left.

What was once a delight knowing that there WOULD be a price to pay has turned out to be a price CUT and get out of jail free card for one of the main Neo-Fascists involved in PNAC.

They protect their own, any way they can, money and corruption are the key to Libby's cell and the door has swung open wide.

Nancy Pelosi:

The President’s commutation of Scooter Libby’s prison sentence does not serve justice, condones criminal conduct, and is a betrayal of trust of the American people.

The President said he would hold accountable anyone involved in the Valerie Plame leak case. By his action today, the President shows his word is not to be believed. He has abandoned all sense of fairness when it comes to justice, he has failed to uphold the rule of law, and he has failed to hold his Administration accountable.

Gee wiz Nancy, here's a nickel, go buy a clue.

Here is Rep. Slaughter:

“The President has claimed Mr. Libby’s sentence was excessive. But the only excessive actions taken were those of the Administration as it sought to exact retribution against a critic. As I learned personally from the testimony of former CIA agents, its actions were unconscionable. “The case against Scooter Libby always involved much more than the fate of one man. By revealing Valerie Plame’s identity, the Administration endangered her life, the life of everyone in the field she had worked with, and America’s national security. This illegal action set back the work of our intelligence community immeasurably by breaking bonds of trust which take years to form. Two years is a paltry price to pay for the damage done to our nation, damage Mr. Libby made possible. “With its decision, the Bush Administration has proven that to the very end, it is interested only in shielding its members from accountability rather than encouraging it, even when doing so comes at the direct expense of our nation’s security.”

Hey! Someone is paying attention in those halls of Congress!

One note, the blindfold has been removed from Justice and it is now able to discerne between the wealthy elite that choose to break the law and the rest of us, guess what?

The rest of us are screwed.



DEN said...

You know for someone that allowed the execution of 170 people including the mentally disabled, 3,500 lives of Young American Troops, and untold numbers of Afgani's and Iraqis, liberating Scooty from his chains is quite generous.

micki said...

Scooter's commutation has cheney written all over it.

Cheney, the Secret Decider, told bush, the Public Decider, to sign the commutation order and bush obliged.

One nation divided, once and for all. End of story.

micki said...

One would think that Ron Paul would be clamoring for Articles of Impeachment.

Gee whiz, a Repug could really make a name for himself (herself) if he got the ball rolling on impeachment.

But, no....then they couldn't keep blaming everything on the Dems.

micki said...

When applied to immigration policy, paying a fine is AMNESTY. And it is unacceptable -- they must be punished! Off with their heads!

But when it comes to Scooter Libby, paying a fine is HARSH PUNISHMENT.

Can you say D-O-U-B-L-E S-T-A-N-D-A-R-D?

micki said...


{ò,ó}arol said...

The President has claimed Mr. Libby’s sentence was excessive.

HE claimed. HE didn't like it. HE commuted it. HE is the king and can do anything he wants. Isn't it just ducky that that doesn't upset the American people. Lemmings. Like the German lemmings that let Hitler skate on by with what he was doing.

This country is so doomed. When the only power to change things lies in the hands of an ignorant, uninformed, uncaring majority. Well, that's it then. Curtains.

Anonymous said...

Robert Parry of consortiumnews.com said today: "President Bush's decision to spare Scooter Libby from jail time represents the final step in a cover-up that began four years ago when Bush, Vice President Cheney and other top officials launched a campaign to discredit an American citizen for daring to question Bush's case for war in Iraq. That campaign involved the leaking of classified information, the identity of covert CIA officer Valerie Plame, destroying her career and putting the lives of her agents at risk. That criminal act was followed by lies to the public and an organized cover-up. By commuting Libby's sentence, Bush now has made sure that Libby will keep his mouth shut and that the full story will never be told."

Elizabeth Holtzman, former Democratic Congresswoman and D.A. of Brooklyn said today: "The commutation undoes the simple application of justice. It's just one more example of how this administration believes that the president and his team can violate the law with impunity."

Larry Johnson, former CIA intelligence analyst and State Department counter-terrorism official said today: "The commutation of Scooter Libby's prison sentence represents a tacit endorsement of the obstruction of justice perpetrated by the Bush administration as a whole. Despite promising to remove any official implicated in the leak of the name of a covert CIA officer, George Bush walked away from his pledge and allows Karl Rove to continue to hold security clearances. The Libby get-out-of-jail card is another sign that George Bush cares nothing about the law or the security of this nation."

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- We are researching a way to outsource hairdressing as I type...

DEN said...

Consider what happened with the commuting.

Anyone in ANY investigation will get a free ride if they are loyal "Bushies", including the Justice Department persons currently involved with the attny. firings.

The standard has been set.

Get them out now!!!!


{ò,ó}arol said...

Another thing. Since there was a commutation, one wonders why they bothered to investigate and have a trial in the first place. I guess it was just for looks.

They spent a wad of money on the "just for looks" debacle. Ooooo, I'm STILL steaming on this!!! {ò,ó}

Dr. B, I suppose we could cut off our heads and ship them to India or some such place. *snarl*

DEN said...

Bush spoke to reporters Tuesday after visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. His decision was roundly criticized by Democrats; Republicans were more subdued, with some welcoming the decision and but some conservatives saying he should have gone further.


Does anyone else see the pure evil in his behavior?

Visiting Troops who were the direct recipients of bodily harm because the evil prick sent them to fight an illegal war based on irrefutable lies, with no remorse.


{ò,ó}arol said...

Republicans are going to urge Bush to go further, to pardon Libby. Are they ALL mad?

David B. Benson said...

"some conservatives saying he should have gone further."

Sorry, those arn't conservatives. They are not even reactionaries!

Well, unless they want to go back to being a bunch of colonies of the United Kingdom.

Maybe that isn't such a bad idea since we don't seem to be able to govern ourselves anymore.

Liz II, take us back! All is forgiven...

micki said...

Dr. B -- Okay, if hairdressers are outsourced, how about street vendor or child minder?

Hmm...I suppose child minder could be outsourced, too.

Cab driver?

micki said...

For me, one of the most distressing aspects of bush's commutation of Scooter's prison sentence is that it is an arrogant, egregious abuse of power. Sure, he has the constitutional power to commute sentences but he did it in a case involving a top adviser -- both bush and cheney are implicated in the SAME investigation. bush, in the six plus years in the WH, has granted only three of more than 5,000 requests for sentence reduction from federal prisoners.

Not only that, bush DECIDES that Libby's punishment was excessive when the sentence was imposed in accodance with sentencing guidelines -- IN FACT IT WAS THE MOST LENIENT SENTENCE AVAILABLE UNDER THE RANGE OF THE GUIDELINES!

We're in for more of this crapola.

micki said...

I think Washington, Oregon, and California should secede from the union.

Seaports, agriculture, water, industry, diverse cultures, etc. ...

micki said...

Investigators: Scotland and London Bomb Attempts Linked to Same Two Men
Less Than 14 Hours Separated Two Attempted Attacks

July 3, 2007 —

The leading theory of British investigators is that the same two persons attempted the downtown London bombings early Friday morning and then traveled to Glasgow where they attempted what now appears to be a failed suicide attack on Glasgow airport, ABC News has learned. According to British authorities, the two men under the spotlight are both doctors and part of a group of eight doctors, residents and other medical personnel believed to have planned, executed and supported the two sets of thwarted attacks.

The attacks were less than 14 hours apart.

It is unclear whether the Glasgow attack was hastily put together when the London attacks were thwarted.

But several factors, authorities say, point to that possibility, including the fact that the bombs were not rigged to a sophisticated firing mechanism as were the ones in London. One of the occupants was so badly burned that authorities were unable at first to determine whether he was armed with a suicide belt or not. Some of his charred possessions suggested at first that he might have been wearing such a belt. That led to preparation to evacuate the hospital where he was treated. Ultimately, it was determined he was not wearing an explosive belt and the hospital was not evacuated.

Authorities are now sorting through medical school records, travel records and school records of all of the persons linked to the plot -- however tangentially -- in an effort to see where the nexus to the cell formed. They are also scouring Internet chat rooms and jihadists message boards to determine what postings were made by any group members, and to see how those postings might be related to the method of the attack, and the rationale for it. Speculation on the motive has included anger over a Dutch newspaper's past publication of a cartoon deemed offensive by many Muslims, the knighting of novelist Salman Rushdie, still marked for death by some extreme Muslims, and an effort to sway newly installed Prime Minister Gordon Brown to stop supporting the American foreign policy.

According to well-placed sources in both U.S. and foreign law enforcement and intelligence agencies, previously unsubstantiated reports of links to the United States and to Canada appear to be more tenuous than firm at this time. It appears one person detained in Australia has expressed an interest in traveling to Canada, but there is no Canadian citizen or resident currently known to be a member of the cell, nor any danger within Canada related to the cell. Links to the United States are also said to be tenuous, and authorities are investigating to see if they amount to anything.

While the plotters appear to be highly trained professionals with no established, firm links to al Qaeda's operational hierarchy at this time, authorities caution that neither this, nor the choice of an incendiary device that failed to work should suggest these were amateurs. The reality is the plotters caught authorities by surprise and they seemed to have received no prior intelligence indicating an attack was imminent. From the point of view of intelligence experts who have spoken to ABC News, that makes the attacks successful, even if there were no casualties.

Gerald said...

micki, Americans are a creative lot. We can call some outsource station and talk to someone who can give instructions on cutting hair and the wife would follow these instructions and cut her husband's hair from a Chinese consultant's instructions.


Dear Posters:

I want to share with you a great experience I had today with my wife. We went to see Michael Moore’s movie, “SICKO.” It is a great film. Please do not miss seeing this movie!

What struck me was that other countries have a “We” mentality and Nazi America with her hate machine, the Nazi Americans, have a “Me” mentality. The other countries do not mind paying more taxes for universal health care because everyone benefits.

Michael Moore does a great job with this film. He mentioned that a man with a website that strictly attacks him for various reasons has said that his website was folding because his wife needed an operation that would cost $12,000 and his health insurance would not pay for the operation. Michael Moore sent the man a $12,000 check anonymously for his wife’s operation. The man’s website with Mr. Moore’s donation has not folded and he has continued to attack Michael Moore.



{ò,ó}arol said...

What the heck does it mean if the plotters in England and Glasgow are doctors? Educated men? Good lord, the very people you'd least suspect. Education is supposed to....educate.

º¿carol said...

micki said...

I think Washington, Oregon, and California should secede from the union.

Michigan could do that! All we have to do is build a big wall across the wrist of the mitten! Mwahahaha! There's access to the St. Lawrence Seaway to boot.

º¿carol said...

Did I mention we have LOTS of water???

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Driving cabs will be automated.

There is no rest for the wicked...

David B. Benson said...

Street vendor?

They're called vending machines...

º¿carol said...

I read this post on another blog today:

This is another Good News/Bad News story.

The Bad News? The Bushites continue to rape and pillage fundamental standards of ethics and justice.

The Good News? The Bushites continue to rape and pillage fundamental standards of ethics and justice... with a huge red neon sign over their heads that says "WE ARE EVIL".

DEN said...

Here we have people holding big cardboard arrows pointing to new condos for sale.

Outsource that!

DEN said...


David B. Benson said...

Here is a quote which I found in a great article about climate change on AlterNet. It was declaimed by a charismatic leader at a previous time of crisis:

You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.

DEN said...

Pip pip cheery O!

Keep a stiff upper lip?

Initials wc perhaps?

DEN said...


David B. Benson said...

We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering.

DEN said...

Oh O, Tweety is being real harsh and siding clearly with the fellow outraged among us on Hardball.


micki said...

Oh, no. Vending machines will not replace human street vendors. In fact, as time passes, there will be a surge in street vendors. People will be selling all matter of goods and services -- tamales, used clothing, home-grown veggies (if one has some to spare), religious pictures, curbside barbers, arts and crafts, informal transport (we already see that here in Bellingham).

There will be a burgeoning informal economy where the working poor will eke out a living. There will more and more people outside the world of full-time, secure, stable jobs. Street vending will cross cultural and social lines.

DEN said...

Kinda like England in the middle ages?

The ruling elite,
peasants selling their wares,
in the street, just to afford,
something to eat.

First class or economy?

While someone buys a seat,
they cannot keep.

carey said...

I awakened this morning as befuddled as the rest of you over this thing. We did expect something like this, but the shock never ceases to irk. Good introductary post Den. The Dems' quotes are a part of this befuddlement.


Jonathan Turley said tonight on Olbermann that if the pardon Bush is twirling with comes about, Scooter can no longer avoid giving testimony in a possible investigation of Cheney.


You must, must, must post the link for Keith Olbermann's Special Comment. I hope you didn't miss it. Anyway, you can post it tomorrow when more people are around.

Could you do me a favor and send me a link so I can send it to my neighbor and family?

DEN said...

Carey, It's at Crooks for download and viewing.

It's a real barn burner in the Edward R. Murrow tradition he portrays.

Hajji said...

Saw "Sicko" tonight with my usual posse of health care workers, including 1 middle eastern doctor who drives a Mercedes...

Frisked him thoughouly...

No incidents to report...so far, but as of this writing Jill and Katie are still out with 'em!


micki said...

All manner....

All matter...

Both work....

Gerald said...

Let me also add that in the film, SICKO, the British have had universal health care since 1948. In Nazi America we have 1.5 military soldiers without any health care coverage. We can also add about 50 million Americans without any health care. There still is no outrage. A British retiree said that the American government wants Americans in fear and demoralized in order to control the people. The government is doing a very good job on that front.

Hajji said...


Remind me to tell you about the "jockey lots" that have regular days in many towns around these parts...and dot the roadside vacant lots and other landscapes every other day.

For many, selling off personal posessions is the only income they know.

GREAT local produce, crafts, tools, livestock, and yes, even the kitchen sink can be found in such venues...at a VERY reasonable price!


micki said...

Hajji --

I had never heard that term: jockey lot

So, I looked it up. I see that Anderson's Jockey Lot on US Highway 29, in Belton, SC, claims to be the south's biggest and the WORLD's best!

I also ran into this squib:

This lot was once known as Jockey Lot. Many folks came to town on Court Day (the 4th Monday of every month), and the area behind the courthouse was a natural place to sell and buy goods and land and conduct business. Politicians made campaign speeches from the courthouse steps to the crowds. The lot was a convenient place to trade horses and mules in the old days, thus the name Jockey Lot. Imagine Court Day, with people bustling on the streets, the taverns overrun with sober and not-so-sober revelers, and horses being raced down Valley Street. Newspapers even warned "proper ladies" to avoid the Jockey Lot on court days because of the alcohol that was often used to "grease" the equine trade. ( Abingdon, Virginia)

micki said...

Well, I'm off to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights...