Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Here is my answer to Global warming and energy consumption.

I've been breathing life into it since January and now the project is complete.

45 to 50 miles per gallon and a vast improvement in mobility in traffic over any car.

I've built numerous cars and bikes over the years, (approximately 90 to 100 vehicles) bought and sold others since 1970 when I bought my first car, a 1962 Corvair with a smashed in rear fender.

Ah, those were the days!

Now these are the days!



DEN said...

In the last 150 years, in an accelerating frenzy, we have been removing increasing quantities of carbon from the ground — mainly in the form of coal and oil — and burning it in ways that dump 70 million tons of CO2 every 24 hours into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Al Gore Op-Ed @ The Times

Burning stuff just isn't healthy.

micki said...

Den, great looking bike! What a rewarding project!

From Al Gore's op-ed: But there’s something even more precious to be gained if we do the right thing. The climate crisis offers us the chance to experience what few generations in history have had the privilege of experiencing: a generational mission; a compelling moral purpose; a shared cause; and the thrill of being forced by circumstances to put aside the pettiness and conflict of politics and to embrace a genuine moral and spiritual challenge.

Do we, as a nation, have the moral underpinnings to accept the challenge?

carey said...

I suppose that includes marijuana.

The motorcycle is to die for. Man you must get some chick stares as you ride merrily through the woods. No, the stares must come from your buds! They're so envious, huh? Don't you love it? It's Den's turn to show off.

Yes folks, you heard correctly this morning on This Week. Liebermann as much as announced he'll be endorsing a Repug for 2008. It makes you want to go out and ride that motorcycle forever, doesn't it Den?

Gerald said...


Let me say that this precondition does not just apply for global climate change. It also applies in the practice of Shalom and the sharing of all God's gifts for every human being.

DEN, why not invite Carey for a ride on your slick bike!

Gerald said...

Carey, Holy Joe and his Nazi friends stick together.

carol said...

Gerald, not Grosse Pte.,
Grosse Ile. Downriver Grosse Ile.

micki said...

Holy Joe and his unholy alliances!

Pass the bucket, please.

Gerald said...

Carol, thank you for the correction! Grosse Ile could very well have a Detroit water filtering system.

Gerald said...

Praying Each Day: July 1

Please read carefully the prayer for this day!

David B. Benson said...

Here is a quiet site which seems to have articles saying approximately the right things:

Climate Policy

DEN said...

Carey, there are certain exceptions to the burning rule for medicinal purposes I suppose.

3 hours of nothing but nature sounds and perfect temps, it's not just the ride it is the solace at the lake, pics up tomorrow AM.