Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Bethlehem Sunrise

Will the next week hold more surprises? Several things on the agenda in Congress including Conyers questioning the motives of commuting Scootie. Seems to be a road to no where to me.
Big thing is getting the troops out of Iraq and Deadeye out of the WH, in no special order,
just git 'er done!.

The neo fascists are firmly entrenched and will not be easy to remove, like a thorn in Americas backside.

Stay tuned for more.



Gerald said...

A Wisdom That Comes from Many Tears

Micki, I answered your question on the old Latin Mass in the previous thread.

Gerald said...

Violence always destroys itself because it is born of the despair of God. It usually achieves its immediate goals, petty as they always are, in this case, the control of the Iraqi oil pool, but unforeseen consequences always raise their unlucky heads. In the words of Shane Claiborne, "Violence kills the image of God in us." The murder of that image always wreaks untold consequences. Violence is the weak and cowardly cry of those in whom the hope for God has suffocated. It is our job as peacemakers to keep this hope alive.

As we tolerate violence, the image of God dies within us. The death of this image always leads to suicide in one form or another. It could be suicide which is the other face of American prosperity or the suicide which comes when emptiness is accepted in place of God's fullness. But violence will always twist toward the inner face of suicide sooner or later.

Again, in the words of Shane Claiborne, "May we love loudly."



Gerald said...

Al Gore's Devastating Indictment of Bush

Gerald said...

Since the present U.S. Supreme Court intends to destroy our U.S. Constitution, it is time to abolish the third branch of government - the judicial branch.

We no longer need the U.S. Supreme Court because every state has a State Supreme Court. State Supreme Courts are closer to the people.


If we continue to have a U.S. Supreme Court, then a justice should be appointed for six years with only a one time renewable appointment. No justice member can serve longer than 12 years.

Gerald said...

From capt said on Alternate Reality -

We need a type of patriotism that recognizes the virtues of those who are opposed to us. We must get away from the idea that America is to be the leader of the world in everything. She can lead in some things. The old "manifest destiny" idea ought to be modified so that each nation has the manifest destiny to do the best it can - and that without cant, without the assumption of self-righteousness and with a desire to learn to the uttermost from other nations: Francis John McConnell

I believe that this "manifest destiny" is similar to the my idea of Shalom where every human being in every foreign country shares in God's gifts to His children. Where all of God's children are included in the sharing of these gifts and no one is excluded from these gifts.

Gerald said...

Praying Each Day: July 8

We can all be God's microphone for speaking to the world - the truth that will lead to justice and peace.

Gerald said...

Unholy Alliance

Gerald said...

More Truth Than Fiction

Gerald said...

I do not want to admit it but I see unfolding before my eyes how totally evil is the United States of Evil in her wanton killing of human beings throughout the world.

Gerald said...

Posters, I keep hearing that people want Al Gore to run for president. First of all, there will be no 2008 presidential election and secondly, Al Gore is not stupid.

Since Al Gore lost the presidency in 2000, he has made $100 million in doing his thing.

Do you believe that I would give up $100 million more dollars to be president to a people of snivelling, spoiled brats who do not know the difference between what is right and what is wrong?

Give me a break! Al Gore is not stupid!!!

Gerald said...

How Great Thou Art

micki said...

Gerald -- thank you for your response. As always, you speak with passion, conviction...and experience with the Catholic Church.

It does seem that some will see the pope's 'edict' as further evidence that powerful men are working in concert to move the World more to the right.

We have our neocons; the Church has its Opus Dei.

Gerald said...

On Eagles Wings

Gerald said...

Micki, since religions are becoming more political voices from the pulpit, they should no longer have a tax exempt status.

I truly believe that all religions should be taxed.

Gerald said...

This verse, On Eagles Wings, moves me beyond description.

For to His angels He's given a command,
To guard you in all of your ways,
Upon their hands they will bear you up,
Lest you dash your foot against a stone.

micki said...

I truly believe that all religions should be taxed.

Bring it on!

Gerald said...

Micki, here are some words that I remember from G.K. Chesterton, the Apostle of Commonsense, "The greatest stumbling blocs for Catholicism are Catholics."

Movement to the right does not frighten me as much as the people who are moving our country to the right DO NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG. This movement to the right will have our people wallowing in filth and garbage through the coming centuries.

Bill Moyers Journal, this past Friday, July 6, 2007, had Edward Wilson on the program and he had much to say but I remember him saying that the greening of America and the world will improve the world economy. We must all be stewards of our environment and take pride in a beautiful environment.

He also said that it is morally wrong to destroy life. We are a reckless and uncaring species. WE NEED LEADERSHIP. THERE IS A BIAS AGAINST SCIENCE. WE MUST SAVE HUMANITY OR WE WILL BECOME EXTINCT.

I have this feeling that the right wants to have all human life extinct.

Gerald said...

I know that there are posters who cannot believe what I say because it seems so unreasonable with our direction in this country but this unreasonableness is ACTUALLY unfolding before our eyes.

Gerald said...

Let us also remember that G.K. Chesterton said, "Jesus speaks sanity to a world of lunatics."

One Day You're Gonna Wake Up

Gerald said...

What is so evident in the United States of Evil is HATRED and SELFISHNESS!!!!!

This HATRED and SELFISHNESS will destroy the United States of Evil!!!!!

David B. Benson said...

Micki ---

Terra Preta

Gerald said...

DBB, the Terra Preta website is an interesting read. We should be spending more time on research and no time starting wars of choice for obvious reasons, like controlling another countries natural resources.

Gerald said...

We have had 3,606 American soldiers killed in Iraq and 12,000+ American soldiers maimed who will never lead normal lives again.

It is my understanding that American contractors killed in Iraq are starting to come close to the casualties of our American soldiers killed in Iraq.

So, the figure of dead Americans killed in Iraq may be 7,000+.

David B. Benson said...

Well, it looks to me that likely Gerald would choose The Seventh Seal, rather than The Castle, as more closely representing Amerika today.

But if given a free choice, I suspect he would choose The Triumph of Will...

micki said...

Dr. B -- thanks for the link. Ditto to Gerald's comment.

Leni Riefenstahl was so smart and talented. How could she not know from the beginning of her involvement with the Third Reich that she was aiding Hitler in evil? She had a lot of time to think about Triumph des Willens -- she lived to be 101.

micki said...

I have a question:

Does anyone know the legal implications of testifying when ordered by the president to withhold testimony?

micki said...

Will Sara Taylor or others not yet named be too afraid to testify? Or is she as deeplu in denial as Leni Riefenstahl appeared to be early in her propaganda filmmaking career?

Taylor could be a heroic figure in history if she testifies -- honestly.

micki said...


micki said...

Gerald If the wounded make it to Landstuhl and are shipped out to the States after surgery, but then die, they are not counted as war dead.

That's what I've heard from a reliable source.

David B. Benson said...

Duhh, who is Sara Taylor that I should care about her testifying or not?

DEN said...

Sara Taylor is the former White House political director for President George W. Bush from 2003 to 2007. Taylor, who worked for Karl Rove, was replaced in June 2007 by Jonathan Felts.

@ sourcewatch

micki said...

Thanks, Den, for posting the b/g on Sara Taylor.

Onanother matter...looks like a SURGE OF OPPOSITION is causing the WH to spin, spin, tomorrow's NYT...

The New York Times
July 9, 2007
In White House, Debate Is Rising on Iraq Pullback

White House officials fear that the last pillars of political support among Senate Republicans for President Bush’s Iraq strategy are collapsing around them, according to several administration officials and outsiders they are consulting. They say that inside the administration, debate is intensifying over whether Mr. Bush should try to prevent more defections by announcing his intention to begin a gradual withdrawal of American troops from the high-casualty neighborhoods of Baghdad and other cities.

Blah blah blah...

Gerald said...

Micki, I, too, have heard that unless you are killed in Iraq, the Defense Department does not count you as killed when you die in another country from your wounds received in Iraq. We really cannot receive correct information from any of Hitler's goons and thugs.

DBB, The Seventh Seal and The Castle, for me, is some heavy reading and listening. The Triumph of Will seems to have helped Hitler and the current Hitler's goons and thugs must have done extensive homework in the selling of Hitler II. In the end Hitler lost out. Hitler II will eventually lose but I am sad to say not in my lifetime.

Americans will experience much pain and suffering from the present and well into the future. I believe that any American who refuses to fight in Hitler II's endless wars will be shot for treason. This is the century where more Christians will be killed than in all of the previous twenty centuries added together.

Posters, we are never leaving Iraq. We have 14 permanent bases in Iraq. The talk of withdrawal from Iraq is a combination of smoke and mirrors as well as bait and switch. Let us also not forget that Iran will be nuked.

Gerald said...

Christopher West has an excellent website where he discusses John Paul II's great work on The Theology of the Body. This reading is a must.

Just type the name, Christopher West and press, "enter!"