Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Normally rare noctilucent (“night shining”) clouds, which glow during the evening, are starting to move out of the polar regions to which they are normally confined, according to detailed pictures taken by a new NASA satellite.

Noctilucent clouds form 50 miles above the Earth’s surface, usually above the North and South pole during the summer months.

The "Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere” (AIM) satellite imaged the noctilucent clouds as far south as Northern Europe on May 25. Not long after, they were seen in the sky by people living in that region.

The unusually southern appearance of these clouds is a clear sign that part of our atmosphere is changing, but scientists do not currently know how, why or what this means. The movement of the clouds suggests a global climate change in the lower atmosphere.

Gerald posted this yesterday, thanks!

More strange goings on, on our planet.

MTP has Mike McConnel on the NIE and torture and Russ Feingold on the Iraq war.


Gerald said...

Unlimited Powers

Dear Posters:

With a heavy heart I am writing you this letter. In the past few weeks I have come across articles that have verified my belief that we will not have a presidential election in 2008. Bush has consolidated, expanded, and solidified his powers and now he is a despotic dictator.

Both political parties are embedded with each other. Bush’s unlimited powers were made easier with the Nazi Party in control of Congress. In fact there are tucked into many laws the expansion of Bush’s rule over the American people.

The Democrats are either helpless or hopeless to do anything and so they have joined the opposition party in Bush’s take-over of our country. He can never be stopped.

The Supreme Court is in his hip pocket and I have felt since about the early 1970’s that the Court is meaningless and useless. We do not need the U. S. Supreme Court.

For about twenty years I have felt that Congress is of little or no use. In fact there is little difference between the two parties.

Presidents from FDR to the present despotic dictator are controlled by Nazi American corporations that reveal a psychopathology of contempt for American workers and their families. The presidents have sold out the American people for corporate profits.

The United States of Evil is a country divided. Her people have accepted bushianity as her religion. Bushianity is a religion that has been founded on eight pillars. These eight pillars are hatred, murders, torture, war crimes, corruption, decadence, greed, and lies.

Bush as a despotic dictator has taken our U. S. Constitution and he has used it for toilet paper after he takes a dump and wipes his behind with it. The Constitution is irrelevant today in our country because the U. S. Congress has given Bush unlimited powers.

Our people will experience more pain and suffering as each day passes. People deserve what they are getting because they have remained silent regarding Bush’s unlimited powers.

Earth must reinvent itself. Our planet can reinvent itself by first experiencing a nuclear holocaust. Hopefully, the people who survive will have learned from Nazi America’s mistakes and begin a new world where Shalom is the guiding principle.

Let me repeat! THERE WILL BE NO 2008 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS. Bush will declare martial law and cancel the 2008 elections. WE WILL NO LONGER BE A DEMOCRACY AND A REPUBLIC. The demise of our freedoms and rights are upon us forever.


Gerald said...

We should all be practicing, "Heil Mein Fuehrer!!!"

Gerald said...

Let us all be stewards of our planet

Prayer for July 22!

We must stop the killing; we must be in awe of our planet; and we must let Shalom guide us where everyone is included to receive God's gifts for us.

Gerald said...

Let us all remember the awe of landing on the moon! Let us never forget JN 1-14!!!

God's Word became a human being and he lived among us.

When Jesus ascended into heaven, we were left with the Holy Spirit. We must work to make the Holy Spirit be truly alive among us because we are all God's children.

Gerald said...

How Great Thou Art

Gerald said...

On Eagles Wings

For to His angels He's given a command to guard you in all your ways.

carey said...

I'm fairly sure Gerald is off to mass by now, but I've been meaning to write, once again, that his predictions are not as conspiratorial as one might think, are they gang? It's gets closer every day, inching it's way towards ultimate disaster. I heard Thom Hartmann say, on a repeat show this morning, that the threat of having elections halted first occurred during the Nixon administration. The Vietnam War was the excuse then. Gerald's Nazi metaphors coincide with Chris Hedges' use of them to describe the tactics of the "Christian right fascists", Hedges' term.

Well yes. Today's Meet the Press was interesting with Russ Feingold reintroducing a censure of Bush. The other day Mike Malloy of Air America was on Russ' ass over Feingold's saying that impeachment would tie up Congress too much. Malloy used the same argument John Nichols and Bruce Fein used on Bill Moyers: That the executive powers are being increasingly abused and turning the presidency into a monster dictatorship. Feingold must have heard him or others because he's brought censure up again today.

It ain't enough, is it folks?

carey said...


You wrote, the other day, that there would be no way to preclude rich and powerful folk from keeping their kids out of the draft.

I know. The draft would have to come in with the extensive cleanup campaign we're about to engage in, I fervently hope. Of course, even then it would be ultimately unfair because of cheaters.

Like the New York Times and the Baltimore Sun!!!!! Man, oh man. Are they baaaaad!!! (They published reviews of the seventh book of Harry Potter before the official release date.)

Brandon is sooooo reading his new book right now. Day and night.

carey said...

You know, I didn't complete my thought when I described Nichol's and Fein's position on impeachment. Because of this new monster dictatorship, and this is the most important part, we cannot allow anyone to enter the presidency without dismantling the damage wrought by Bushco. The temptations to abuse power will be so enticing, any party, Dem, Repug, Green, will succumb.

I know you've all, and the rest of the blogosphere, have been discussing the Moyers' show extensively.

That show will be a turning point.

I hope and pray it will.

Oh, and one more thing. Thank God for Bill Moyers.

Gerald said...

Carey, there are more and more people beginning to realize that Bush is a total psycho. Nixon had some love for his country but as Bush I said, "If the American knew what the Bushes were doing, they would run us through the streets and hang us." My perceptual opinion is that the Bushes are an evil family. The demise of the United States of Evil has taken hold. Yes, my spiritual advisor is right. Americans are already feeling pain and sufering. Let me say to all posters, "This pain and suffering are only the tip of the iceberg."

Gerald said...

More Evidence

Gerald said...

Additional Evidence

Gerald said...


Gerald said...

Bush Outlaws War Protests

Gerald said...

Bush's New Executive Order

Gerald said...

The writing is on the wall

Gerald said...

Under the Radar

David B. Benson said...

"This pain and suffering are onlly the tip of the iceberg."

With global warming, wrong analogy, methinks.

More like: frying pan into the fire!

micki said...

Carey, I thought Bill Moyers' show could have been a watershed, but I'm not feeling so sure about that any longer.

The current Zogby Interactive survey knocked the wind out of my sails. If one can believe the veracity of that poll (which I sometimes don't), bush's approval marks are higher than Congress's numbers. Don't get me wrong, Congress isn't operating at peak performance, but WTF?! bush gets higher approvals than Congress? bush's approval in this survery is 34%! 34 effin' percent!!!! Congress's approvals are at 14%.

With all the crapola that bush is dumping on us and he gets a boost in his approval ratings?!

I wish Congress would go for broke and attempt to impeach the SOBs. But, I betcha even Russ Feingold's (essentially toothless) censure resolutions will die a miserable death. And, if they did go full bore for impeachment, I think the MAJORITY of the American people would cry foul! They would NOT GET THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PROCESS.

The American people are not terribly discerning when it comes to fingering the bad guys.


micki said...

Oh, no wonder! Missing the 2nd grade does that!


David B. Benson said...

Micki --- I saw another poll claiming that Bush's approval rating was 19%.

About the same as the number of adults in the USA who think the sun goes around the earth...

David B. Benson said...

It was probably a misprint.


About the same as the number of adults in the USA who think the earth goes around the sun once a day...

DEN said...

Ah yes, vigorous discussion.

I'm saying we are in deep doo doo.

We have a Congress that does not have the numbers to do a damn thing about anything that needs taken care of.

We have a Supreme Court with a strong leaning to the right.

Basically the "checks and balances" have been un-checked and definitely un-balanced.

The weak elements separating the neo-fascists from total control will and are being removed.

While the band plays on,
lulling the public away from the true reality.

Deep doo doo.

DEN said...

Pics up tomorrow for enlightenment of Japanese motorcycle aficionados, and those that don't know what the hell I am talking about.

Stay tuned.

micki said...

I mentioned that I don't trust the veracity of the Zogby Interactive poll because that "poll" relies on non-traditional methodology -- it relies on self-selected respondents who agree to answer surveys online.

The thing that really (REALLY!) bothers me about such "polls" is that they can shape public opinion. Don't ever kid yourself -- they do SHAPE voters' preferences, citizen attitudes, etc.

I know, I know. Other polls do, too. But, supposedly, their results are from randomly selected participants.

Based on all the available, verifiable evidence, ANY poll should put bush's approval ratings at +/- ZERO%.

Den, I don't care one iota about motorcicles, but I'd rather see pics of them, than pics of bush. Any day.

micki said...

Gerald -- Been gone a couple of days...I just cruised over to AR and saw your recommendation to me. I read the article, at your suggestion.

Quite likely, bush's order won't be used (forcefully and directly) against most of us. The intention is to allow the dictatorial thugs to go after their most effective critics, and to scare the hoi polloi into submission and silence.

Either way, they've covered their bases.

micki said...

Over and out.

Alan said...

I was talking to a cop yesterday at work (actually a sheriff's deputy) and out of nowhere he mentions Hillary Clinton. Says if she gets the presidency he was gonna retire. He's older and all, but... I'm like "why?". He says she's gonna repeal the 2nd amendment. say wha?!! Even IF that were true (and no way ANY candidate will get the presidency with stated goals of outlawing the right to own guns), he didn't explain how those two are connected... American's gun owning rights and his law enforcement career. These guys are so right-wing full of it, they believe and pass around among each other the most stupid shyt. I didn't press him, and didn't 'argue' or anything. Seemed his beliefs were set in stone and it woulda been a useless effort.
*Americans are stoooooopid*

Alan said...

As for Gerald's "no elections in '08" thing... I understand where he gets the idea but I don't believe that for a second. I would just point y'all to his and "private's" (at the other blog) predictions about the results of the '06 elections (landside/super majority for the repugs) for their record on predictions. As for the private, his beliefs on 9/11 jive with the percent of Americans that think the moon landings were fake.
That should be enough said.

Gerald said...

Some of my posts are intended to shock people. The Democrats have control of Congress big deal. They cannot control Bush because they are impotent. There is nothing wrong in setting up an exploratory committee to study impeachment and the numerous murders and war crimes that he has permitted. His orders on torture should be explored. Where are the Democrats? Do they believe that Nazi Americans will vote for them in 2008, if we even have an election, because of Bush's criminal behavior. Americans only want their asses protected and they care little about the Iraqis and the crimes perpetrated against them.

Gerald said...

Why Nazi Americans Support Bush

Gerald said...

With Iraq on Fire....

Gerald said...

Published on Sunday, July 22, 2007 by The Progressive

Martial Law Proponent Dies
by Matthew Rothschild

On July 18, General Wayne A. Downing died. The New York Times noted that he had “fought in jungles and deserts and commanded American Special Operations forces before becoming a senior adviser to President Bush for counterterrorism.”

What the Times didn’t note is that Downing was a proponent of martial law in the event of another, even more deadly, terrorist attack.

He said as much in The Washington Post back on December 24, 2002.

“The United States may have to declare martial law someday in the case of a devastating attack with weapons of mass destruction causing tens of thousands of casualties,” he told the Post several months after he retired. “This could mean that the military could be given the authority to impose curfews, protect businesses and communities, even make arrests.”

This startling quote appeared in paragraph 41 of a massive article by Barton Gellman of the Post.

It has never received the attention it deserves.

Even after Bush revised the Posse Comitatus Act last fall to allow the military to be used in the streets of the United States in a whole variety of circumstances.

And even after Bush issued an Executive Order on May 9, 2007, granting himself extraordinary powers in the event of a “catastrophic emergency.”

I’m grateful for General Downing’s bluntness.

But I’m appalled by the lack of follow up by almost everyone in the mainstream media with the exception of Ted Koppel. (On April 7, 2004, Koppel did a “Nightline” show on the possibility of martial law, and he alluded to the risks again in a graduation speech he gave a month later at Berkeley.)

When General Downing let slip the idea that martial law might be coming, barely anyone reacted.

But if it comes, you can’t say we weren’t warned.

Gerald said...

The Reich Wing

Gerald said...

Nazi America's next big blunder

Posters, Bush is very, very stupid but he can't be this stupid?

Gerald said...

Posters, money can't buy everyone! In Nazi America money can buy politicians and so Bushco believes that money can buy anyone. Personal honor and self-respect are important. Maybe not in Nazi America but there are people in the world that pride themselves on honor and self-respect.

Can't be bought

Bush/Cheney & Co. do not understand that while they can rent President Musharraf's government in Islamabad, many Pashtun value personal honour far more than money, and cannot be bought.

Any U.S. attack on Pakistan would be a catastrophic mistake.