Thursday, July 05, 2007

Unintended Results

Still more sentencing arguments for defendants from the Bush Administration

As stressed in posts here and here and here, President Bush's statement of reasons for commuting Lewis Libby's "excessive" prison sentence provides great material for federal defendants seeking reduced sentences from federal judges. (Intriguingly, this New York Sun article today explains that an "alleged Hamas operative is likely to be among the first criminal defendants to try to capitalize on President Bush's commutation.")

It is hard to be certain exactly how judges and others will react to what Ellen Podgor is calling "The Libby Motion". (Peter Henning adds here reasons why the President's work, legally speaking, "has created a bit of a mess on a number of different fronts.") What is certain, however, is that every official effort to defend the commutation creates more potential arguments for defendants and defense lawyers.

Read more @ the Sentencing Law and Policy Blog.

The worms have been let out of the can and they will be invading every court case from East to West and North and South, thanks to the genius-in-chief.

Remember when you were young and Mom said to never lie because it will just grow bigger and bigger?

I guess dubyas Mom forgot to tell him, or he simply chose to ignore it all together.

Bad dubya, bad!

(the little sign on top of the rig in the picture says "Justice", not real clear in the pic)


DEN said...

105 degrees of HOT here in Sacramento today and a waning full moon means the natives will be restless and the 911 folks will have their work cut out for them.

Next week we will see if Congress has any stones left to kick the justice obstructing cabal to the curb.

Joe Wilson is on Democracy Now today for an extensive interview with Amy and Juan, he pulled no punches railing against the arrogant idiot-in-chief and his puppeteers.

micki said...

The rumors are that Scooter's wife was the one who was going to squeal if her hubby had to spend even one day in prison.

For what that's worth...

micki said...

Den, they won't be kicked to the curb without some Congressional Repug participation in the ass-kicking process.

Don't hold your breath.

micki said...

I'll bet even today, if you button-holed 100 Americans on Main Street USA and asked them their opinion on bush's commutation of Libby's prison sentence, 98 of them would say, Huh??

No wonder the CABAL gets away with all their bullshit.

CABAL = CheneyAsskisser BushAsskisser League

DEN said...

The line needs to be drawn as to which way America will go, freedom and liberty for all or corporate control.

I have hope even some of the repugs will come to their senses, and put their foot down for no other reason than protecting their own political futures which are in serious jeopardy in 08.

Naive maybe, but hope nevertheless

DEN said...

Three days after President Bush commuted the thirty-month jail sentence of Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff Lewis “Scooter” Libby, we spend the hour with former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson. Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, was outed as a CIA operative after Wilson publicly challenged the Bush administration’s reasons for going to war on Iraq. Libby was found guilty of perjury, obstruction of justice and making false statements in the investigation into who blew Plame’s cover. Wilson says he believes Libby’s commutation was a quid pro quo for his silence on the role of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, whose administration he calls “corrupt from top to bottom.”

Transcripts are up at Democracy Now

David B. Benson said...

Re 128 F in Las Vegas:

Now they know how people in Iraq feel every summer...

Gerald said...


Bush/Cheney in '08?

by Hilton Obenzinger Page 1 of 1 page(s)

I admit I’m paranoid. But I get this sinking feeling that we may not see the end of the Bush/Cheney regime with the next election. Mainly, because there won’t be another presidential election.

Paranoid? How’s this for a scenario: There’s a spectacular terrorist outrage in the U.S. (How about the much-anticipated “dirty bomb”?), or the long-awaited, massive attack against Iran is launched and all Hell breaks loose. In response, Bush/Cheney declare a national emergency and “postpone” the election under powers of the commander-in-chief during a time of war. Outraged citizens take such usurpation of power to the Supreme Court, and...well, we’ve been to the Supreme Court before, and it’s even worse now.

Maybe this won’t happen. But there are other ways this particular gang will continue to impose itself beyond 2008. They are trying to do as much as possible to entangle the U.S. in so many disasters abroad that it will be very difficult for the next administration to free itself from interlinked military adventures, particularly if they are at all beholden to similar foreign policy interests. At home, the Katrina-ization of domestic policies will have advanced to the point that the courts, public agencies, public schools, and everything else associated with the government acting at the behest of the people will be in shambles.

The Bush/Cheney gang is not incompetent, as so many believe. “Brownie” did his job as expected (although the untidiness in New Orleans presented some short-term political discomfort). Bush/Cheney have done a good job of wrecking the positive capacity of government. They have forced the military to over-extend itself at breakneck speed, established a decades-long occupation in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East, and wrecked the Department of Justice, the EPA and the FDA, not to mention the supreme vandalism: the imposition of corporate "justice" in the highest court in the land, with people of color, women and all other ordinary people targeted. The name of the game has been “impunity”, and now the high court is available to give it a stamp of approval. All of these things will have a lasting impact, even if they don’t call off the election.

My paranoia may, inevitably, call the 1930's to mind, but it looks like we need an anti-fascist, “anti-impunity” front that will last for decades to come. This would be a front that embraces all politics to defend constitutional rule--good old bourgeois democracy--against the militarized corporate state. Basic ideas need to be reasserted: government can be the instrument of the people to ensure that backward clerico-fascists don’t gut the core of America’s democratic promise. This is a front that includes corporate executives and the homeless, all races, the religious and the secular--everyone with a heart and a mind.

Did you ever imagine that paranoid fantasies could actually come true?


Gerald said...

This is a must remember truism!!!

CABAL = CheneyAsskisser BushAsskisser League

Gerald said...


A must read article!!!

Gerald said...

Washington is killing America's troops

Gerald said...

Bush's Latest War Strategy

Gerald said...

My prediction of NO 2008 election will be vindicated.

Gerald said...

The noose is starting to squeeze tightly around our necks by the "decider."

DEN said...

As long as they do not cancel "American Idol"

If they do they will riot in the streets.

Kill 3500 troops? no big deal, out of sight, out of mind.

Neo fascists taking control of the govt.? no big deal, Idol is on! lets watch TeeVee.

No 2008 election? no big deal we don't vote anyway. What's happening with Paris Hilton?

Bomb blew up Los Angeles? Now how will we ever watch Idol or Paris? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

David B. Benson said...

Well, I'm really steaming today. Two tasks accomplished and it's only 3:20 pm or so.

Also, no squirrel sightings today!

So far...

DEN said...

No squirrels is good!

Nasty little buggers.

Gerald said...

What's so unusual about that?

Gerald said...

After thunder, lightning, and rain we went outside to see a double rainbow. It was a beautiful sight.

Gerald said...

Life is precious. We have only so much time here on earth. I hope more and more of us can begin anew to try to practice this unusual, universal love, this perfect compassion. I think it's our vocation, the reason we were created: to love Christ in every human being, especially in the poor and in the enemy. If we dare practice this unusual, universal love, I think we will enter the paschal mystery of nonviolence, the divine mystery of Love, and be filled with light, hope, and peace. In the process, we will help disarm the world.

Gerald said...

As I looked at that double rainbow, I could not help to believe that heaven must be an awesome sight.

Gerald said...

Praying Each Day: July 5

Please read this prayer and be reminded of Michael Moore's film, SICKO!

DEN said...

Who among us, given the power to cure would not use it?

Those folks are empty of soul.

micki said...

Cuba remains a Latin American anomaly. It has a commendable record on infant mortality, provides healthcare for all, but has a sketchy human rights records (to put it mildly). Cubans are systematically denied basic rights to free expression, association, assembly, privacy, movement, and due process of law. But now Cuba is taking a role in addressing climate change.

This week, an international conference of 800 brains is addressing climate change, environmental education, sustainable development, and other green topics -- in Cuba. Yes, offering further proof that the commies have the right idea, Cuba got credit from U.N. Environment Program Director Achim Steiner for solving its energy crisis while committing to clean energy. Steiner, who delivered a "master lecture" at the conference yesterday, spoke to the press in Havana, praising his host country's efforts to develop wind power, solar power, and sugar-cane ethanol. After blackouts plagued the island three years ago, the government overhauled its energy grid and pushed conservation, even going door to door to upgrade incandescent bulbs with more-efficient options. "Cuba can look proudly at having solved a short-term crisis with a long-term commitment toward cleaner energy," Steiner said. The conference has also seen researchers detail the possible local effects of climate change.

DEN said...

Basically we know that capitalism, socialism and communism do not work separately, maybe we should work on a hybrid pattern with society, combine the good from all concepts into a workable agenda that serves all comers.

Oh look there's Paris.....

DEN said...

Hey why did the chicken cross the road?

I was hoping you knew!

DEN said...


Nothing to see here, move along!

I pay taxes.

You don't want that income interrupted do you?

I thought so.


DEN said...

Speaking of moving along, I need to rest up for tomorrow being Friday and all.

She was a hot one here today!!

By keeping myself cool with AC I am guilty of reckless human consumption of precious resources, just to be "comfortable".


Naw, it's HOT!


Parable for the day: "Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow"--Paw Kettle

micki said...

Den said: maybe we should work on a hybrid pattern with society (see above)

Den, I think you've got it! Applied to the combining of communism, socialism, and capitalism it's like HYBRID VIGOR in the plant world, a capacity for growth and vigor.

Well, there's hope that that can happen? She asked hopefully....

micki said...

All squirrels have departed Bellingham.

They went all squirrely with the insane fireworks in this otherwise sane town, and left for points East.

micki said...

I'm not a big fan of the military as an organization.

So, I'll just put this out there.

It has occurred to me that U.S. military officers took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

So shame on them! If they were faithfully following their oath, they would be refusing to let the cheney/bush government to continue to function.

Just saying...

DEN said...

Think forward,
backward is for history.