Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More Bombs Mr. Taggart!

Wha the fah?

The numbers are almost beyond understanding. Shocking, scary, and symptomatic of everything wrong with this administration.

30 billion - Israel (including cluster bombs)
20 billion - the House of Saud
15 billion - Egypt

and many more billions for other nations in the region. That is the cost of MILITARY AID we are throwing into a regional war zone. To opposing parties. With differing interests.

This follows a fatally late, fatally flawed and fatally organized plan to have Condi meet with everyone in the region and make peace. As Fem Fatales go, Condi is one of a kind. (luckily for the rest of globe) The ringing silence you hear from the region tells you just how believable this administration is there, and for the most part, the rest of the world.

Considering that this administration has never seen a lie it does not embrace, nor an issue that does not look like a nail in need of a blunt, hardened, heavy, wood-handled instrument of pounding, it is little surprise that as part of its "peace initiative" the first thing that they wield and yield is a hammer. A multi-billion dollar, deadly one, at that.


Meanwhile back at the bomb laden looney bin called the United States of Insanity, the military armament corporatist's feed more explosives to the Middle East in a man-made feeble attempt to bring about Armageddon.

As stupid as that sounds it is some politicos idea of advancing policy straight out of the Bible.
Their belief that the "End" is right around the corner fuels their insane fires burning in their self righteous little tiny brains.

Minuscule minds working in close collaborative confusion to bring about a supposed event only Jesus can bring about staggers the imagination of anyone with a working, thinking mind.

Watch closely as the "New Fascism" stretches it's new found legs and spools up the military, guns and bombs machine for more death and destruction of Biblical proportions, all the while reaping record profits.

It cannot be stopped.



micki said...

The Cascade Loop The entire 400-mile LOOP...

STATE ROUTE 20 - North Cascades Highway From WADOT site about pass info, etc.

Gerald - The North Cascades Pass is actually two passes -- Rainy Pass and Washington Pass -- and this portion of the North Cascades Highway is closed generally from November to March/May, depending on conditions.

Highway 101 is a beautiful drive, too, through the Olympic National Forest, Olympic Peninsula, etc. Highway 2 is the highway that takes you from Everett over Stevens Pass to east of the Cascades. Interstate 90 is the hgihway that takes you over the original floating bridge on Lake Washington, over Snoqualmie Pass, to points east, Idaho, Montana, etc.....

We have a lot of mountains here!

micki said...

2007 photos -- See why the pass is closed in winter!

micki said...

Kinda makes one wonder why there's a highway there at all.

Well, the "Senator from Boeing" -- Henry "Scoop" Jackson is responsible for that. He did make sure that acres and acres and acres of pristine forest were set aside as a national treasure.

....until the developers get their hands on it.

micki said...

From AP:

"I don't recall precisely how I learned that he was killed," Rumsfeld testified. "It could have been internally or it could have been through the press."

"The only action I can recall taking was to draft a letter to the family," he added.

He said he didn't remember when he first heard of the possibility that Tillman's death was the result of fratricide.

Rumsfeld said he did not recall discussing the case with the White House until it had become public knowledge that Tillman was killed by friendly fire.

Secretary of 'Don't Recall' Defense

Gerald said...

Micki, thank you for that information!

Posters, if you recall, I have said that Nazi America is the leading arms seller of weapons mass destruction. We controll 70% of the market. We are not a good, holy, and saintly government. We are a devil incarnate government. Nazi America's governmental policies are to pursue death and destruction throughout the world. We are an evil nation.

I believe that Pat Tillman was murdered to silence him. Remember Bush has no second thoughts about killing a person. He loved watching the executions in Texas while he was governor. Bush receives his highs through his witnessing of human blood for various reasons.

Tillman's Revenge

Gerald said...

Did Hitler Bush order Pat Tillman's execution?

I say that he did order it because Hitler Bush has a history of sadistic behavior. Hitler Bush seems to lack a conscience and he displays abnormal psychopathology which can only be satisfied through human morbidity.

Gerald said...

First they ignore you

Gerald said...

Reframing the Republican lie....

Gerald said...

Below is a paragraph from the article, "Tillman's Revenge."

Why is this an important story ? Because, if proven true, it is direct evidence of the lengths these neocon fanatics, who are running our Republic, will go to implement their grand global political design. As such, the planned execution of a prominent dissenter makes it far easier to entertain the possibility of a planned 9/11 event and coverup at the expense of thousands of innocent American lives.

Gerald said...

Pat Tillman was cold-bloodedly murdered!!!!!

Gerald said...

United States of Evil is the poster child for murder incorporated!!!

Gerald said...

Volunteer to join the military and be murdered in the process!!!

DEN said...

Better go HERE and listen to Ted Kennedy plead for State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

Why would any one NOT support this measure?

carey said...

Interesting. Den's opening post is ultra-depressing. Then I get to read a description of what must be an outstandingly stunning place by Micki and the pics to go with it.

Talk about a juxtaposition of conflicting emotions.

I'm here to report something I heard last night on Olbermann. The House Majority Whip (I forget his name) said that if Gen. Petreus (sp??) gives a somewhat decent report in September there will be moderate and conservative Dems who will drop the requirement for a timetable.

This is how it's trending. I don't believe this. We get this bullshit nonscholarly report from Ken Pollack and Mike O'Hanlon out of Brookings saying the "war" is winnable. That was featured by Wolf as the No. l story the day before yesterday on the CNN 5pm Eastern newshour. As if this was the definitive think tank view.

How neocon has CNN become? This, a network still owned by Ted Turner I thought.


I had not been aware, for some reason, that people thought Tillman was silenced. The implications are astounding, however. It sure looks bad.

Yeah, Rumsfeld.....Yuck.


Former Pres. Clinton was on the Rachel Ray hour this morning. I had it on in the background and just about flipped when I saw him walk on. His has begun a health initiative for children emphasizing eating right. Rachel is the latest to join that drive with her own initiative, "YUM-O".

carey said...


Novak's article from your post yesterday sounds accurate to me. I don't know how the leak got out but this has been going on for a long time. The Kurds are outcasts. We just use them when we feel like it. Then we help gas them.

The Kurds are people without a country like the Palestinians. That we are taking arms to them does not surprise me in the least.

Don't you just love being American sometimes?

micki said...

Carey, I posted that info about the scenic highways and byways because Gerald asked about it on the previous thread.

Gerald, are you thinking of visiting The Evergreen State -- or is one of your sons thinking of that possibility? Inquiring minds want to know.

Carey, yes, rumors, accusations, theories, etc. abound regarding Pat Tillman's death. Too bad the powers-that-be didn't just tell the truth from the beginning. Cover-ups and prevarications can cause a lack of confidence.

Some say that Tillman was not only against the IRAQ WAR, but he was ready to speak out against it and he was also an atheist. Not that those two things have a connection....but the busheviks were distressed when his atheism became public because it didn't fit with his poster-boy image for their recruiting efforts, especially coupled with his anti-IRAQ WAR values.

micki said...

Cover-ups and prevarications can cause a lack of confidence....oh, and suspicion.

DEN said...

Carey, It IS depressing! and disturbing that so-called Christians can feel justified with more killing.

Someone said: I like Christ but don't like Christians because they do not follow his teachings.

carey said...


From yesterday, you kind of missed my point on Randi's reaction. It was uncalled for and put the listener in a horrible position. I hate it when any talk show host takes that tone.

Coupled with the martial law arrangements coming down in sneaky executive orders, yes, the caller was hypothesizing a Blackwater hired guns unit for Bush/Cheney. Actually, that is the case. Cheney had Blackwater, not the Secret Service, guarding him the other day.


That is, simply stated, not good. The guy was asking why Cheney needs Blackwater dudes? He was voicing the possible outcomes of such an action. That is a possible outcome. I would not have said that six years ago.

The Tillman case looks pretty bad Micki and Gerald. My brother (in-law) was telling me about it. It does appear he was about to speak out Micki. Gosh, it looks bad, but I can believe it, now, as I gulp a swallow.


micki said...

Carey -- I think I have this right. I may be mistaken. Ask Dr. B. ;-)

Ted Turner hasn't been in charge at CNN for years. Turner Broadcasting Services merged with Time Warner in the mid 90s sometime. Turner was Vice Chairman. Then AOL got into the act, and it was AOL Time Warner (later they dropped AOL from the corporate name). Circa early 2003, Turner was "phased out" entirely from any management position. Still later, he decided to not seek reelection to the Board of Directors.

In a nutshell, CNN has not been his baby for years!

It's been downhill ever since!

David B. Benson said...

I hope this reminder is not too late.

Please call your representative's office to remind it/here/him that we need a strong energy bill:

commitment to renewable energy

commitment to hish gasoline milage fleet

bootboy said...

Whats in the name? I thought I'd found a polka party or a grouping of disco chics discussing the discipline needed to discover the freedoms yet realized by mastering the boot scoot boogie or the tush push! Ya fooled me fer sure and upon reading the commentary I would have to say that a good dose of rockabilly would do you all some good. Regards!!!!!

Gerald said...

DEN, Gandhi said that he liked Christ but not Christians because they were in no way like Christ.

Micki, I do not know about visiting Washington State. Our son has a friend in Portland, OR and he may go up to Washington. Our son's friend and his wife are Japanese and when they visited our son, they went through Washington into British Columbia.

When we visit our son, he does not have the vacation time to do much traveling while we are visiting him. He uses most of his vacation time during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Carey, it will be interesting to see if Pat Tillman was executed. The whole killing smells of a cover-up.

Gerald said...

Is U.S. supplying Iraqi insurgents with weapons?

º¿carol said...

Bootboy? Huh? He must have been lost.

micki said...

Bootboy is looking for a dance partner.

Try the Broken Spoke.

David B. Benson said...

Who is Mr. Taggart?

º¿carol said...

On of the customers at my video store was named Taggart. I think he was a professor at MSU, so he was Dr. Taggart.

Bwahaha. Well, Doc, I'm sure that's not who you had in mind.

Alan said...

From yesterday, you kind of missed my point on Randi's reaction. It was uncalled for and put the listener in a horrible position.
Cheney had Blackwater, not the Secret Service, guarding him the other day.

Carey, I remember reading the Blackwater guarding Cheney thing the other day here somewhere. I would like to see proof of that, actually. They might've been working security at some place he went, but I doubt seriously they were his primary guards... and I'll tell you why. At all times him and bush have a triple-layer of Secret Service security. I know because I worked at the Astrodome complex during the Republican National Convention years ago, and I was inside 2 layers... shoulda seen ALL the passes we had to hang on our necks for 'all access'. Still, with those, the Secret Service would tell us when there was "an arrival" and we couldn't go into that innermost third layer. My point... if Blackwater was there where Cheney was, they were at best the outermost third layer, and I wouldn't bet on that. More like security (a 4th layer/perimeter) at the event or location he was going to. Now, that's a LONG WAYS from securing the White House, and indeed my point is still valid... the caller was 'off the deep end', not Randi Rhodes.

º¿carol said...

Oh!!! You were referring to the title of Den's post! Fine time for me to notice that.

But yeah, who IS Mr. Taggart?

micki said...

What a gas!

Obviously, Dr. B has a more sophisticated, educated taste in movies.

You wouldn't find Mr. Taggart in The Seventh Seal, but you would find him in Blazing Saddles.

DEN said...

35W bridge collapses in Mpls, MN, 7 folks died so far and 60 injured, photos at the Star Tribune

DEN said...

sheesh Den! 6 died on I-35 freeway, more will be found it's a mess.

DEN said...

MSNBC has ongoing coverage, KO is up.

micki said...

There's also a fictional Mr. Taggart in a movie about Thomas Edison.

I do not know the name of the movie. And neither does Bill. He's got a steel-trap memory for movies. BTW, he rented The Seventh Seal from Netflix and found it rather pretentious. BUT! He didn't think it pretentious years ago! Even in its pretension, he appreciated the artistry and the message. But, it wasn't especially fulfilling.

micki said...

Yes, Den, what a mess.

I hope Jeanne pops in with a local report.

DEN said...

Mr. Taggart was the trail boss played by Slim Pickens in the movie Blazing Saddles by Mel Brooks, a must see if humor is needed.

DEN said...

The particular pic is the scene where all the cowboys were sitting around the campfire eating beans and taking turns passing a lot of gas, "more beans Mr. Taggart" one yelled, followed by, "you had quite enough already" from Mr Taggart.

I think they have enough bombs and guns, don't you?

Parallel stories.

DEN said...

Yawn! zzzzzz............

micki said...

Alan, I think it's a possibility that Blackwater provides security for Darth cheney.

Keep in mind that these "private" security companies, which employ retired military and intelligence officers (self-selected by the powers that be) are largely unaccountable to governments the public or the courts.

I have no idea what happened between Randi Rhodes and her caller, but if you are dismissing the possibility of Blackwater providing security for cheney based on that exchange, that is a tremendous leap of faith on how this current government operates.

Just saying....

Alan said...

Looking at those twisted beams and broken concrete from the bridge collapse makes me think of Dr. B. He's made himself quite the expert on column buckling and the science involved in explaining it. On KO, I heard a guy say they were repairing some concrete sections. It wasn't clear, but I don't think it was patching potholes. Sounds like chipping out whole sections and re-pouring because he said it was an ongoing construction project. That makes me think of missing lateral support (the concrete holding the beams steady) and a clue to what might've happened to cause the bridge to collapse.

Alan said...

...but if you are dismissing the possibility of Blackwater providing security for cheney based on that exchange, that is a tremendous leap of faith on how this current government operates.

I look at it just the opposite Micki. That someone said Blackwater was guarding Cheney... beleiving that is a big leap of faith. Guarding ambassadors and State Dept. bigshots, and what have you, in Iraq, is a long fkn ways from taking over the Secret Service's MAIN JOB here at home. Now, part of that "off the deep end" I'm referring to is... extrapolating that into protecting the White House too, and then on top of that, protecting it from the people storming it. That's THEREE things I can't go along with. NOW do you see my point?

Alan said...

Again, my 'dismissal' of Blackwater guarding Cheney is based on my experience firsthand, and knowing about the Secret Service, and their primary reason for being... protecting the pres and the vice.

micki said...

Alan, I'm addressing this very narrowly.

And that is, there is the possibility that Blackwater is providing security for cheney.

Your personal experience with Secret Service clearances/protocol/procedures is interesting, but many things have changed in recent years.

I see your point....I saw it before. I'm just saying that there is the possibility -- sheesh, cheney would love to have his hand-picked Royal Guard. Veeps and presidents don't get to PICK their Secret Service guards.

That's my position and I'm sticking to it! :-))

Alan said...

That's my position and I'm sticking to it! :-))

hehe *squeezers and hugs to ya*

I was just thinking... I read my first book on the S/S in fourth grade. I was more interested in the FBI, but that was interesting too.
I dunno about Cheney being able to pick his crew or not, but I'm betting he can damn sure get rid of somebody he doesn't like... ehh transfer out of his crew, not get rid of. *cough*

micki said...

The United States Secret Service is mandated by statute and executive order to carry out two significant missions: protection and criminal investigations. The Secret Service protects the president and vice president, their families, heads of state, and other designated individuals; investigates threats against these protectees; protects the White House, vice president’s residence, foreign missions, and other buildings within Washington, D.C.; and plans and implements security designs for designated National Special Security Events. The Secret Service also investigates violations of laws relating to counterfeiting of obligations and securities of the United States; financial crimes that include, but are not limited to, access device fraud, financial institution fraud, identity theft, computer fraud; and computer-based attacks on our nation’s financial, banking, and telecommunications infrastructure.

micki said...

hehe *squeezers and hugs to ya*


micki said...


Jeanne said...

Hi guys,
Just wanted to let you know my family and I are ok. I was on that bridge twice yesterday evening. Very busy and well used bridge. Den knows that.

I was helping Rachel move this evening. I kept waiting for her roommate to come. I feared she was on the bridge. She and her parents finally came and I had tears in my eyes. I told them I was afraid they were on the bridge. They hadn't even heard about it. The drove 35 E instead of W.

My daugters ex boyfriend was flying to San Jose this evening. He would have used that stretch of highway to get to the airport. I hope he's ok.

It was rush hour. We still don't know how many dead. Just terribly sad. So sad.