Monday, August 06, 2007

Muggy Monday

Great day for a ride with high temps in the mid-80's, makes one forget there are fascists taking over the USA.

Enjoy it while we can. Middle bike guy got a flat tire, twice. You would think that someone who works on bikes for a living would have good tires. Like the plumbers pipes leaking I suppose.

I never get tired of looking at the lake, can't resist taking pics.

Anyone lamenting the last Congressional roll over will find today's Democracy Now's discussion from Marjorie Cohn and Glenn Greenwald truthfully unpleasant.

Revolution anyone?



DEN said...

I know most have the link to Democracy Now, but there it is just in case.

I am stunned but not surprised the bunch of lobby money succubus's caved in to the chimp-in-chief, deadeye dick, and speedy gonzo and their fine fascshit plan, despite not even knowing what it said, dipshits.

So much for a Democrat majority.

Gerald said...


Dear Posters:

We have heard a great deal about “wiretapping” and the loss of our freedoms through Bush’s policies. I believe that we must be vigilant against Islam and their insatiable desire to have everyone become a Muslim. For various reasons we are hated by Islam and other people of various beliefs throughout the world. There are good reasons for hating America and I, as an America, can also dislike our treatment of people and their countries.

Normally, I would not be too excited about this wiretapping and some of Bush’s policies but Bush is like no other creature in world history. He is a total psycho who graves power, wars, and the unleashing of nuclear weapons upon various people and their countries in the world. Since Bush displays a “sicko” personality, we must always be on guard against his endless madness in destroying our world.

We must always be vigilant against Islam and Bush. To say that Nazism will never happen in America we only have to look around and realize that we are a Nazi state with Hitler’s clone in power.


Gerald said...

A Must See Video

º¿carol said...

Micki, I couldn't live in a place that is always hot like Texas, or Florida. I love it here because the heat is so brief. We have only 3 months of summer and pretty much only a couple weeks out of that will be REALLY hot.

Being hot an sweaty reminds me of being a kid. And I love the smells of summer. Yum.

º¿carol said...

Another thing about that repug debate yesterday. (I guess it WAS live) I can't remember what exactly was said, something about You Tube, and I think it was Romney who said, "Consider the source" AS IF YOU TUBE WAS SOMETHING QUESTIONABLE, LIKE THE REPUBPLICAN PARTY AND THEIR PLATFORMS!

Gerald said...


Yes, US weapons are killing our soldiers. We are going to nuke Iran on another lie. Nazi America will never ever outlive the shame of her actions. Nazi America is totally evil!!!!!!!!!!

August 6, 2007 at 08:56:06

Weapons killing our troops; From Iran or From US?

by Rob Kall Page 1 of 1 page(s)

Now we know that almost a third of the weapons given to the Iraqis are missing.

When the Bush admin and its Iran war drum beaters send out their routine messages blaming Iran for all the problems in Iraq, they usually include the accusation that Iran is supplying weapons.

Now, we really have to ask whether the truth is that the US is having its own weapons used against us.

It may not be that we're being fired on by our own weapons. When such huge quantities go missing, you have to assume they are being stolen by the truckload. It would be easy for insurgents to sell the US weapons to raise funds to pay for the kinds of weapons and materials THEY prefer.

They now report that rather than the 14,000 weapons at first reported missing, there are 190,000+ missing weapons. I tend to discount positive claims from this administration and multiply negative claims. So, when they admit to losing 190,000, I don't believe them. If they say 190,000, I figure the real number is closer to a half a million or even a million missing weapons-- enough to arm all the insurgents and terrorists, all the Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, Gemayah Islamiya rebels in Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Indonesia, as well as Iraq.

As Snuffy Smith, in the old Pogo cartoon used to say, "We have met the enemy, and he is Us." Then again, we've known that about the Bush administration. The problem is, how long will the lamestream, stenographic media continue to sell the BS propaganda that is ginning up a war with Iran.

Why aren't the lamestream media asking what the weapons are being used for?

Why aren't the lamestream media challenging the "It's Iran's fault" claims by Bush's sycophant propaganda-aiding generals?

Shame on them. Again.

Over 190,000 US weapons are missing. Are these weapons just being handed to the insurgents by our contractors to start a war with Iran???


Gerald said...

As the late J. P. McCarthy of WJR would say, Michigan has four seasons - June, July, August, and winter.

Gerald said...

I abhor war and view it as the greatest scourge of mankind.
– Thomas Jefferson and concurred by Gerald

Gerald said...

The Stench of Fear and Pro-war Skunks

Gerald said...

What rises up out of Kristol's piece is the stink of fear – fear that the neocons are being abandoned by their erstwhile hosts, fear that anger over the war will boil over into their political and personal ruination, fear that their game has finally been exposed, and fear that Americans are bound and determined to take their country back. Their fears are our hopes.

Make no mistake the sabers that are rattling by the Nazis, like Kristol, and are heard louder and louder are coming to us out of fear.

micki said...

There once was a young girl of summer,
Who made music year 'round as a strummer,
She thrived in the heat,
Thought sweat was a sweet,
And thought cool temps in summer a bummer!

micki said...

"The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco."

This quote has been attributed to Mark Twain, but until the attribution can be verified, the quote should not be regarded as authentic.

micki said...


Gerald said...

Commentary: Outbreak of truth-telling to Congress on Iraq
By Joseph L. Galloway | McClatchy Newspapers

Posted on Wed, August 1, 2007

The Bush administration and the Pentagon were rocked back on their heels this week by an unfamiliar outburst of public truth-telling by the admiral President Bush has nominated to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The simple, stark answers on the future of the surge and the prospects of “winning” the war in Iraq that Adm. Mike Mullen gave to the Senate Armed Services Committee came hard on the heels of another embarrassing episode of truthfulness by FBI Director Robert Mueller in the matter of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, who makes Richard Nixon’s attorney general, John Mitchell, look like an honest man by comparison.

All of it was so unnerving that it smoked Vice President Dick Cheney out from under the bed in his “undisclosed secret location” and out onto the talk shows, where he defended both Gonzalez and his former chief of staff, convicted liar Scooter Libby, and declared that invading Iraq was a good thing to do.

Still, the greatest shock was Adm. Mullens’ testimony, in which he said that the escalation of American troop strength in Iraq to 160,000 had improved things somewhat: “Security is better. Not great, but better.”

Then, responding to a question, the admiral acknowledged that the Iraqi government has made little, if any, progress in reaching the political compromises that are crucial to the future of that country. He added that without a political settlement between the Shiite Muslim majority and the Sunni minority there can be no victory in Iraq, regardless of how many American troops are sent there or how many years they remain.

The admiral went even further in his statement to the senators, saying that the surge is temporary and can't be sustained past April of 2008, and in any case he wouldn't sustain it by extending the troops' already extended combat tours beyond the present 15 months.

What a remarkable breath of fresh air to hear the man tapped to be the nation’s highest ranking military officer speak frankly and honestly about the security situation in Iraq and the faltering government in Baghdad. The outgoing chairman, Marine Gen. Peter Pace, and his predecessor, Air Force Gen. Richard Myers, failed miserably when it came to saying anything other than “Sir, yes, Sir!” to their civilian bosses.

In Iraq, meanwhile, American officers allowed to McClatchy Newspapers' Mark Seibel and Leila Fadel, albeit anonymously, that the Shiite militias that have close ties to the Iraqi government are the real enemy in Iraq, not al Qaida in Iraq, as President Bush keeps insisting.

Can it be that the Bush administration has run out of military toadies who're willing to sit silently, in resplendent feathers, on civilian shoulders nodding wisely and squawking on cue as one misbegotten plan after another melts down in Iraq’s broiling deserts? Or has the arrival of Robert Gates as secretary of defense, in place of the unlamented Donald H. Rumsfeld, liberated the generals and admirals to say what they think rather than what they think the boss wants to hear?

Either way, the American people are much better off, and we can only hope that speaking the truth is infectious and soon will become epidemic, to the further shock and awe of the president and his remaining men.

What Adm. Mullens said was what other military commanders have said before — and what the president has stubbornly refused to hear — that nothing we do militarily can win this war. Victory can be achieved only by the Iraqis themselves, and so far none of them is willing to negotiate or even speak to each other in good faith.

Until they're willing to relinquish ancient blood feuds in the name of national unity, there’s not one thing that 160,000 American troops, or 320,000 American troops, can do except stand between the warring parties and remain targets for all of them.

Meanwhile, we're treated to the spectacle of both the Iraqi parliament and the American Congress going home for their summer vacations while the American casualty lists in Iraq are longer than those of the Iraqi Army.

While we wait through the dog days of August for Gen. Petraeus’ and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker's progress report in September, we can only hope that the outbreak of truth telling spreads to the general and the ambassador.

Gerald said...

In Iraq, meanwhile, American officers allowed to McClatchy Newspapers' Mark Seibel and Leila Fadel, albeit anonymously, that the Shiite militias that have close ties to the Iraqi government are the real enemy in Iraq, not al Qaida in Iraq, as President Bush keeps insisting.

micki said...

With only two dissenting votes in the entire Senate and House, the Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution on August 7, 1964 -- clearing the path to escalate the war in Vietnam. Passage of the measure came after the Johnson administration falsely claimed that U.S. vessels
in the Tonkin Gulf off the coast of Vietnam had been subjected to unprovoked attacks from North Vietnamese boats on August 2 and August 4.

Parallels between the Tonkin claims and the Bush administration's false claims that enabled the invasion of Iraq are explored with archival footage in the new documentary "War Made Easy." That segment of the film can be seen at:

Gerald said...

WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY, AND HE IS US. - Snuffy Smith and concurred by Gerald

Gerald said...


David B. Benson said...

For drivers only:

Would you pay a extra $10,000 for a hybrid commuting car which would go 40 miles on the battery alone, plugs in for an overnight rechange costing about $1, and otherwise gets about 100 mpg?

DEN said...

$10,000 extra? Nada, nope, no way.

All electric for $10,000 total? You bet!

David B. Benson said...

How about $5000 extra for 20 miles on battery alone?

DEN said...

20 miles is not much.

Most cars get 20 miles per gallon or less so you would save a gallon of gas, no big deal there, $3 saved and a cost of $5000?

Not cost effective, hybrids are not efficient to produce or maintain, better to go all electric with fancy batteries and solar on the roof to keep charging a bit while sitting in the work parking lot all day.

DEN said...

Better yet, bring back the urban trolley systems that shared streets and roads with cars effectively putting people closer to where they want to go.

Electric overhead wires brought the electricity to the trolleys which ran quietly and efficiently.

Supplement with electric cars.

micki said...

$10,000 extra is a lot of green!

In a consumer society, the important thing is to purchase products that espouse your values. If you have the extra $10,000, care about the environment, want to do something about global warming (very minor impact!), reduce dependency on foreign oil, make a statement about your values, blah blah blah, then by all means, go for the plug-in electric.

I suppose the high cost of the plug-in electric is part of the proccess of advancing and pioneering new technologies, so we should be grateful that there are people willing to buy pricey innovative new products -- in the longer term, it gives us all more choices, and often the price comes down.

P.S. An aside: I think anyone who buys a hybrid (plug-in or not) to save on the cost of gasoline is an idiot. Or not very good at math.... ;-)

micki said...

One of our daughters has a Toyota Camry hybrid. She knows she spent extra, but in San Francisco that's what people do.

Our other daughter, in Portland, has a Toyota Echo -- she gets about 58 mpg.

Both of them ride their bikes a lot and use public transportation whenever they can -- which is frequently in SFO and PDX.

DEN said...

Yup and Yup!

micki said...

Europe has cars that get 50-70 mpg. Why don't we? (She asked rhetorically....)

micki said...

All About Plug-In Hybrids (PHEVs)

Well, maybe not all about...but still some interesting info.

DEN said...

Micki, most cars in Europe are diesels.

David B. Benson said...

Web trawling on the search term

'keep oceans clean'

found a site for a which comes up with just a blue background. Duhh.

However, other sites remind us that September 12 is beach cleaning day...

micki said...

Den, according to Popular Science and, diesel vehicles now account for nearly half of all new vehicle sales in Europe. In some European countries (such as France), diesel vehicles account for as much as 70 percent of new car sales.

However, in 2002, only 35 percent of passenger vehicles sold in Europe were diesel-powered, but industry experts predicted then that passenger sales of diesels will rise to 50 percent in the next decade.

DEN said...

Diesels are getting cleaner and quieter like VW/Audi TDI.

Still burning hydrocarbons.

º¿carol said...

I hate diesels! Talk about stink!

And Den! Our neighbor drives a diesel pick-up and EVERY day he comes home he lets his engine idle for at least five minutes. Do people have to do that to all diesels?

DEN said...

Carol, only the dumb ones.

Your neighbor might be a dumbass if.....

he mows his lawn at 8....PM,

he warms up said lawnmower for 15 minutes next to your window, first,

the lawn mower is the new Lawn Boy turbo-supercharged-no muffler, smoke belching diesel piece of shit.

Time to move.

DEN said...


micki said...

I have an idea!

If NASCAR ran its races on Americas highways and bridges, they would be in TOP-NOTCH condition! Voila! We'd sure as hell hafta keep the bridges from crumbling if the second most popular "professional" sport in terms of television ratings in the United States used the roadways that ordinary, everyday Americans used. Ya wouldn't want to show NASCAR drivers driving into the brink -- er, drink -- and show that on TeeVee in 150 countries, now would ya?

Rent out the public roadways, for a huge fee for THE DAY, to NASCAR and let's get our damned roads fixed!

...just kidding....sort of.

micki said...

I don't live in a BIG city any more, but sheesh! Don't those city dwellers get sick of paying for all these damned fancy-schmancy sports facilities? Because they do pay for them...

No innocence in any sports...including baseball.

(Sorry, Carey....)