Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday Again

KKKarl Rove caught!

The evil Mr. Rove plotting diabolical schemes to take over the world!

Reminiscent of "Pinky and The Brain" the cartoon TV series and this fellow cohort, deadeye dick:

Ok there you have it, the Saturday morning cartoons VIA YouTube.

Now I must go get some work done.

Carry on!



DEN said...

Hajji, welcome back to the blog world of political banter here at DWF!!

It's not real fast paced but we do have quality folks here contributing keyboard specimens to the cause of promoting progressive thought.

And a few lurkers in the background.

Let 'er rip!

Alan said...

Protest video (short one) in Cheney's home town. They put a noose on a effigy statue of cheney and pull it down ala Saddam's statue.

It's pretty bad when your own neighbors want you impeached.

Alan said...

From the protest on my previous post...

"We organized it because of the war in Iraq and what an injustice it has been," Walt Farmer, a retired Air Force captain and registered Republican, told the Casper Star Tribune. "The Vice President has received a pass in Jackson long enough. We want to let them know we don't approve of the war or how they play fast and loose with the Constitution."

micki said...

Carol -- Because you have told us you often watch some of the Sabbath Gasbag Shows, you might as well look for something else to do tomorrow morning.

General Rove will be a guest on MTP, Face the Nation, and Fox News Sunday.

ABC -- This Week -- is hosting Democratic presidential "so-called" debate.

Gee, do you suppose Rove will get any tough questions?

micki said...

Famous Wyomingites

Well, it should say Famous and Infamous....i.e. James Watt But, it's kinda funny -- ole deadeye doesn't even make the list!

James Bridger trapper, guide and storyteller
John Colter trader
June Etta Downey educator
Thomas Fitzpatrick mountain man and guide
Curt Gowdy sportscaster, Green River
Tom Horn detective
Isabel Jewell actress
Velma Linford writer
Ted Olson writer
John “Portugee” Phillips frontiersman
Jackson Pollock painter, Cody
Alan K. Simpson senator
Alan Swallow publisher and author
Francis E. Warren first state governor
Chief Washakie chief of the Shoshone
James G. Watt former secretary of the Interior

micki said...

Historically active Alaska volcanoes

More than 40 active volcanoes occur in Alaska. This report summarizes historical data on those volcanoes, using information drawn from the more thorough and comprehensive U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Open-File Report 98-582, Catalog of the Historically Active Volcanoes of Alaska.

• Stratovolcano
• 953 km southwest of Anchorage, southwest AP
• 55°25’N., 161°54’W.; 2,518 m
• Port Moller quad.
• 1790, 1825, 1838, 1844, 1846, 1852?, 1866, 1880, 1886, 1892, 1894, 1906, 1910-11, 1914, 1917, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1929, 1931,1936, 1937, 1942, 1945, 1947, 1948, 1950, 1951, 1953, 1962,1966, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1980, 1981, 1983, Apr. 1986-Aug. 88, Sept. 1996-Jan. 97

David B. Benson said...

I'm squashing another bug. Squish! Yuk!

BTW, most creatures that people call bugs are actually beetles.

As in ladybird beetle, not ladybug.

Aphids are true bugs, tho'...

David B. Benson said...

And while squishing that one, another one crawled out into the light...

º¿carol said...

Might as well skip the gasbag shows tomorrow. Would be a waste of time.

It was in the 40s last night!!! Only got up to maybe 70° today. I have all the windows closed and I'm cold. Guess I'll go get a sweater. *sniff*

We had to go buy a new TV this afternoon. Old one is blacking out, sometimes 25 times in a hour. :(

But I'm all excited! Got an LCD 46" Sony! Woo hoo! Can't wait to watch an action-packed adventure movie like Transformers (not on DVD yet). It will be delivered Thursday. Hope old faithful holds out until then. If not, I'll live because I'm usually on the computer and only watch TV to fall asleep to....unless I want to watch a movie. Hard to do when the TV keeps blacking out.

Off to read all my internet stuff.

º¿carol said...

Friday, August 17, 2007
Posted by Jim Hightower

It has taken years of secret research, consultations with focus groups, and trial-and-error engineering work – but, at last, the corporate scientists have come up with the answer we've all been anxiously awaiting: five sheets.

That's the amount of toilet paper that Kimberly-Clark Corporation has determined that its new product – the world's first-ever, hands-off, fully-automatic, wonderama, electronic tissue dispenser – should dole out. Wave a hand in front of one of the device's motion sensors and – zzzt – out zips your five-sheet allocation.

A Kimberly-Clark spokesman excitedly says that this gizmo will help the corporation capture the $1 billion-a-year "away-from-home toilet paper market." Pointing out that washrooms in restaurants, offices, airports, and other places already have automatic faucets, flushers, and towel dispensers, he notes that "the one part of the room where there's not an automatic option is toilet tissue."

Oh, great – as anyone knows who's been to washrooms in those places, the machinery constantly goes on the fritz, and now they're going to extend this same electronic "convenience" to toilet paper. I think the CEO of Kimberly-Clark should have to list his personal cell phone number on each machine, so we know who to call when it refuses to give us our five sheets.

By the way, what if you want six sheets? Oh, said the enthusiastic corporate spokesman, "People generally in life will take what you give them." So, Kimberly-Clark is betting that America has devolved from the rebellious spirits of the Boston Tea Party and the Declaration of Independence to a people so compliant that we'll meekly accept whatever amount of toilet tissue our corporate providers allow.

I think that Kimberly-Clark's honchos are in for a surprise. My guess is that this corporation is going to find quite a few of its electronic dispensers ripped from the walls of washroom stalls all across America.

"Company rolls out electronic toilet tissue dispenser that spits out 5 sheets per wave,", July 12, 2007

Gerald said...

DBB, I have looked upon ladybugs or beetles as the good guys that eat the eggs or larvae of insects and other bugs. Spiders help to eat ants and other bugs.

Carol, here are two thoughts on the tissue issue. We will be forced to bring our own tissue. I do not need a lot of tissue to complete a crap. I need a certain number of sheets to reach the end product to wipe it clean.

Gerald said...

Is Stillbirth an Act of Murder?

Gerald said...

Christy Lynn Freeman, a 37-year-old, Ocean City, Md., woman, was recently charged with murder after delivering a stillborn child under Maryland's as-yet-untested Viable Fetus Act of 2005.

Gerald said...

Bible Quotes

Gerald said...

2 Thessalonians 2: 12and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

Bush delights in wickedness.

Gerald said...

The Catholic-Shi'a Connection

Gerald said...

Repent from Silence