Monday, August 20, 2007

Self Righties

What Really Brought Rove Down?

President Bush puts his arm around Karl Rove during a news conference announcing Rove's resignation yesterday. (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

Tick off your garden variety wing-nut, and the cork is swiftly pulled from that vial of vitriol soon to be dumped on your cornflakes. But tick off a hard-line religious rightie, and you just might come to intimate terms with his terrible swift sword. Just ask former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, once the genius architect of invincible success -- before he became the architect of abysmal disaster.

Ask him about a guy named Scott Bloch. Or another named David Kuo, the former Number 2 at the Bush administration's Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, who let the cat out of the bag last year when he detailed Rove's disdain for the religious Bush partisans whom Rove, according to Kuo, dubbed "the nuts."

Bloch, one such "nut" and director of the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), may have been Rove's ultimate undoing. Sure, it could have been the long reach of the Jack Abramoff affair, or something completely new and yet to be revealed, that pushed Rove out the West Wing portico. But I prefer to think it was Bloch, a vengeful wing-nut, former Bush loyalist, and devout paleo-Catholic who thought he had been brought to a minor executive office in order to make God's will manifest on Earth, and got pretty miffed when the reward for his efforts was a message sent through a White House insider that manifesting was not to be his destiny, and it was time for Bloch to go.


An interesting take on the rover issue and a reminder that all supposedly "religious" bureaucrats are not nice people at all and do a lousy job practicing what they preach.

One more reason religion should be a personal matter, not a matter of public policy.



DEN said...

When will they stop using God for a weapon to intimidate and control?

I'm not quite sure God would approve.

Jesus might have something to say about these bozos too.

Kicked the moneychangers from the Temple so they built their own church of the almighty dollar.

Gerald said...

DEN, I did hear that Christiane Amanpour will have three days to discuss God's Warriors. They will be this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I believe it will be Judaism, Islam, and Christianity in that order. GOD WILL NOT APPROVE OF USING HIS NAME TO KILL HIS CHILDREN!!!

There is much talk lately of Christianity and Sports. The reason, I believe for the increased hype in Christianity in various areas, is that the warmongers have sold us and we have bought the idea of a crusade against Islam. The only difference today from the earlier crusades is that Judaism and Christianity are joint partners in killing God's children. We have failed as Christians in embracing God's direct commandment to us, "Love one another as I have loved you!"

Preparations Are Being Made

Dear Posters:

As Nazi America sinks more into the abyss of hell and a Nazi State, preparations are being made for my Requiem Mass. My health is tenuous. I may not be here for the endless pain and suffering that will be totally unfolding before November, 2008 and beyond with no expiration date.

I have given my wife the hymns and songs that I would want for the Requiem Mass.

Here are the titles – On Eagle’s Wings, I have loved you, Let there be peace on earth, You are mine, We are called, and Here I am Lord.

I can share with you articles, ideas, and thoughts but I cannot change Nazi America’s Manifest Destiny. Our destiny is total enslavement and control by the Nazi rulers.

I have only one goal left for me to do and that is to prepare my soul for God’s judgment of me.


DEN said...

Gerald, blaming religion for war is the height of hipocracy.

The blame lays square upon the shoulders of the war promoters in DC.

To profess their religiousness while killing thousands is heresy and as such will face their sins as such.

Gerald, I am sorry to hear your health is failing, have you consulted any doctors? Many things can be done to increase your quality of life medically.

I would not expect you of all people to just give up, you seem to be a fighter.

micki said...

Hey, here's a novel idea.

What if, back in April, this Scott Bloch(head) was actually telling the truth when he told the LATimes that his office "will not leave any stone unturned. We will take the evidence where it leads us."

What if Bloch was truly effective in the investigation into Rove's political work? That could explain a lot of things.

I know, I know...not likely.

Gerald said...

DEN, God, medication, the defibrillator, and posting have sustained me but a person must be realistic. One thing that health problems do is to have a person be more in tune with his body. The inside increase in activity can be alarming to a person.

Gerald said...

DEN, the hymns that I have chosen have been beautiful for my ears and the thought processes.

David B. Benson said...

The 2007 Aug 27/Sep 03 issue of The Nation has an article entitled Farm Bill Showdown.

Senator Tom Harkin's Agricultural Committee is still considering the Senate version of the 2007 Farm Bill. Clearly he needs your support in producing a GOOD farm bill, which it seems he is wont to do.

I suggest writing to your senators regarding your support for the ideas for the farm bill expressed by the National Family Farm Coalition and the Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy.

You might also include replacing subsidies for growing too much rice and cotton with policies which encourage growing biomass for biofuels throughout the South...

Gerald said...

Welcome the Police State

DEN said...

Gerald, you should leave something that was a part of you behind, so others will know better who you were.

A lot of times we think we know when our time is coming when in actuality is a different time.

A defibrillator establishes heart rhythms if yours has not kicked in yet and knocked you on your butt, you are by no means doomed.

Might not be time to throw in the towel yet, might be a new phase mentally inspiring you to write another book, not to make funeral arrangements just yet.

Follow your instincts, they will guide you.

You do not strike me as a willing quitter, keep slugging for Jesus!

Gerald said...

Bush War

Gerald said...

George Walker Bush was too lazy to do his homework, and consequently let the genie out of the bottle, and it is a fearful whirlwind of slaughter and fire-storms. The Bush War defies adjectives, but some come to mind without the aid of a thesaurus. Fiasco, disaster, debacle, calamity, tragedy, and failure are just a few words used to describe this catastrophic misadventure, and he won’t let Daddy help him pick up the pieces and put them back together again. To paraphrase the great governor Ann Richards of Texas, who once taunted the father at a Democratic Convention address; if she were alive today she might say about the son, “Poor George, he cain’t ‘hep it, he was born with a silver straw up his nose.”

micki said...

FAQs -- The Farm Bill should more accurately be called our FOOD BILL

National Family Farm Coalition

Includes resources for action on the 2007 FOOD (Farm) BILL

Gerald said...

Suffering Heart

Gerald said...

Why Forgive?

It’s been said that harboring resentment is like taking poison – and expecting the other person to die.

When someone injures us and we hold on to the hurt, we cannot love that person. We build a wall between us, and to some extent, others as well. Forgiveness frees the forgiver – and the person who did something wrong, but now welcomes forgiveness – to love and grow.

In A Wedding Sermon, Rev. Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, “Live together in the forgiveness of your sins for without it no human fellowship…can survive. Don’t insist on your rights, don’t blame each other, don’t judge or condemn each other, don’t find fault with each other, but take one another as you are, and forgive each other every day from the bottom of your hearts.”

Forgiveness can heal your spirit and your relationships. In time, forgiveness can even relieve the pain of memory.

Forgive, and you will be forgiven. (Luke 6:37)

Heal my heart and soul, Merciful Jesus. Help me to ask for forgiveness and to offer forgiveness for my sake, for the sake of the other person and for You who forgive us both.

Gerald said...

Why are kkkhristians not opening their hearts in a show of compassion? Hypocrisy reigns supreme in Nazi America. - Gerald

Out of a Shared Experience, Compassion

Homelessness is part of both Dr. Anna Lou Dehavenon’s past and her present.

A research scientist who has dedicated the last 25 years to homelessness and hunger in her native New York City, Dr. Dehavenon spends most of each day dealing with homeless families.

Years ago as a 26-year-old widow with two small children, she herself had been homeless and without an extended family. She leaned on friends for help. “I had been homeless,” she realized. “It never occurred to me at the time, only when looking back.”

Homelessness and hardships can strike anyone, anytime. Show compassion to the needy. One day, you might be walking in their shoes.

In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the Law and the Prophets.
(Matthew 7:12)

Merciful Savior, imbue us with Your own righteous indignation at the poverty in the midst of our abundance.

Gerald said...

Playtime Isn’t Over – It’s Just Beginning!

Nowadays, it seems most people are stretched t-h-i-n when it comes to work demands, family obligations and stress. In a wired-for-productivity, “24/7” world, where work never ceases, who has time for fun?

Not Americans! According to a recent survey, America’s leisure time has decreased a whopping 37 percent since 1973. Over the same period, the average workweek has jumped from under 41 hours to nearly 47 hours.

Experts agree that a life where play, leisure and fun balance work and other obligations can help you live an overall busy life while warding off serious, stress-related repercussions.

Playtime is beneficial to your overall health. Make daily opportunities to enjoy leisure time. Restore balance to your life.

I commend enjoyment for there is nothing better for people…than to eat, and drink, and enjoy themselves, for this will go with them in their toil. (Ecclesiastes 8:15)

I pray for relief from daily stresses, Lord. Help me make and take time for play, for rest, for relaxation.

David B. Benson said...

Serious flooding in MN, WI, OK.

When, oh when, is the govmint going to take global warming seriously?

Geez, it even rained a bit here the past two days, which is quite rare for this time of year...

micki said...

Yes, Gerald, balance is the key to a happy heart and a happy life, so it is said.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

The above saying was first attributed to the Egyptian sage, Ptahhotep, who wrote it a bit less succinctly:

"One that reckoneth accounts all the day passeth not a happy moment.
One that gladdeneth his heart all the day provideth not for his house.
The bowman hitteth the mark, as the steersman reacheth land, by diversity of aim."

Then along came the consumer generation and the sentiment was transformed:

"All work and no play makes jack. And plenty of it."

micki said...

Jeez, Dr. B, Bill was just telling me about that flooding in the Midwest and the local news here even mentioned rain in Pullman! Seriously!

We've had SERIOUS rain the last couple of nights/days.

Hajji said...


Send some of that rain here, please! The creek on the front side of the hill is almost completely dry, the back side (Wolf Creek) is barely a trickle.

The lakes are so low that boating and swimming have caused a record number of deaths and injuries (many darwin awards for drunk boaters, this year) and my beloved Chatooga River (of "Deliverance" fame) is damn close to unnavigable.

Here at the foot of the Blue Ridge Escarpment, our spectacular waterfalls are thin trickles, our mountain breezes (usually relief from the August heat) are only occasional hot gusts.

The Magnolias are droopy, the Tulip Poplars are yellowing out already and the Sweet Gums are neither sweet nor gummy.

Hell the F'n KUDZU is limp and lifeless...



micki said...

Hajji, is your KUDZU this bad?

The house-devouring kudzu....

ยบ¿carol said...

Hajji, your place sounds like our place except it has been raining raining here in Michigan for two days. I had to pump water out of the pool, a pool I was just adding water to Thursday. Michigan is SOOOOO happy! Well, I shouldn't speak for everyone else but I'M happy! Maybe some of our rain will head your way?

Hajji said...


So far the Kudzu has been held in check along the roadside by the many cattle, goats and sheep that some of my neighbors raise.

I've seen abandoned houses claimed by kudzu locally, but I grew up in Eastern Kentucky where the Honeysuckle vines can be equally rapacious.

While we have lots of interesting exoctics up here on top of our little mountain, most aren't quite so fast-growing that Pabla and Ezzy and Goatdiva can't keep after them.

While we battle to keep the blackberries and honeysuckle from taking over the lawn (or pasture, if you're an ungulate) we don't want to exercise the spirits entirely from the hill.

Like most plants, they give much pleasure, in their own ways. The animals LOVE them...a baggie of frozen blackberries is a wonderful summer treat and a delicious trade-off for all the shredded skin and embedded thorns that await my hands, arms and legs when I cut them back yet again this fall.

Now, if I can just find something nice to say about THISTLE!


Alan said...

"...a baggie of frozen blackberries..."

*my best Homer voice*
"mmmmm, frozen blackberries!"

Hajji said...


Nothing in the forecast so far.

If rain doesn't come soon, the combination of the early spring freeze and the lack of summer rains will likely cheat us out of the normally spectacular fall foliage.

Worse yet, a friend who grows organic scuppernongs is afraid they'll not "plump up" if we don't get rain soon and will lack the sweetness for which they're prized and may likely be useless for his yearly production of Muscadine Wine, that drink of the gods.

Hajji said...


Saw the "Simpsons" movie on Friday. A jug of cold wine (Pinot, not scuppernong) was just the thing. There were just enough people so nobody felt self-concious to laugh out loud.

Out of about 30 people in the theater, there were at least six men with gray hair and pony-tails.

I wonder what's up with that!?


micki said...

Cheney's office says it has wiretap documents

...but also states he will resist the Dems' efforts to turn them over!

Ole Deadeye must love to taunt Patrick Leahy.

Leahy should go for the jugular. But, I suppose he won't.