Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Ok I know I posted the pic before but I cannot get over how gorgeous it looks with the rays and all. There is a word for those rays but I cannot recall it now.

Most productive day yesterday, got the bike washed, battery changed in my car and restoration of my little Suzuki 80 Hillbilly underway, so much work with restoration.

I cannot come up with anything profound to say, so I will let you guys take care of the profundity today.

Carol, I'm glad the twisters missed you, and hope you can get the nu Tee Vee up and running.

Bad weather-O-plenty across the Midwest and East, sunny and mild here in Mid-CA.

Erling tried to check in yesterday but had login issues, I set him straight with the "Other" posting option.

Carry On!



micki said...

Crepuscular rays?

micki said...

Buddha's fingers? :-)

micki said...

...on another matter...

Rumor has it that Michael Cadaver Chertoff is going to replace Al Fredo.

This would figure. Trading one lackey for another.

But who would head up HLS? Bernard Kerik? (joke)

micki said...

Carol -- Fedex me an enchilada!

micki said...

...oh, I hope your aches and pains were relieved by EATING the fruits of your labor!

micki said...

Crepuscular rays, also known as sun rays or God's rays, are rays of sunlight that appear to radiate from a single point in the sky. These rays, which stream through gaps in clouds, are diverging columns of sunlit air separated by darker cloud-shadowed regions. The name comes from their frequent occurrences during twilight, when the contrasts between light and dark are the most obvious.

•¿•arol said...

I made an overflow pan of enchiladas, Micki! But alas, one of the kids will be taking it home. Don't know which one yet though.

The legs are better after a night of sleep.

OH, THE HORROR! I've had my new WiFi email address what, since March? When I went for the email a bit ago I HAD MY FIRST SPAM SITTING THERE! THEY'VE FOUND ME! I could just spit! BASTARDS! There ought to be a law!

Oh, wait, I think there IS a law. One that doesn't work! Grrrrr. {ò,ó}

•¿•arol said...

It's almost 1:00p.m. and no TV guys yet!

micki said...

It's rainy here in beautiful B'ham, so for the heck of it, I took a trip down memory lane! LOL!

January 13, 2006
Synopsis of 744 posts (Carol called to duty by Flan)

Corky has diabetes and lost his job. He is worried about his future.

9/11 was, mercifully, brought up very few times.

Micki & Saladin had a difference of opinion again.

Caroline got on Saladin.

Capt Kirk pasted at least 500 MLK quotes.

Sometimes there were comments about Mr. Corn's post.

Articles posted throughout, some very lengthy. Hard on the dial-ups.

Trolls showed up. LBH wants us to all move to Canada.

LBH noted we "turned on each other like voltures." (?)

LBH & Solly argued about some club both Alito and Ted Kennedy belonged to.

LBH put down AOL dial-up posters. Humph. I don't HAVE AOL.

Gerald still wants the U.S. to return to Jesus.

Strangely, one of the trolls called us trolls.

This question is begging an answer, "Abortion is killing by lancet-do you approve of that?"

The Corn blog is funnier than My Name is Earl.

Gerald wishes we could all bottle our farts as a new energy source.

Bob in ND once more assures us Roe v. Wade will not be overturned.

LBH still yakking about that damned club.

Jeanne finally declared, "LBH, YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT."

Clinton this, Clinton that. Yawn.

Oops! LBH took offense to the bad language.

Liberty Dad weighed in briefly. Thank goodness.

Egads! That damned club came up again.

Bill, the other troll, showed up. Said he was going to defend LBH because "you have more intellectual integrity, more reasoned arguments, more intelligent discourse, than the rest of the entire cabal of the poor misguided posters here."

More on that club. The Owl & the Pusscat?

Time to pick on Ted Kennedy.

Carol popped up at #244, begging the trolls not be fed anymore.

(I always love this statement) Bill said, "When are the progressives going to learn that they just can't compete in the arena of ideas and intellect?"

Ted Kennedy killed his girlfriend. Bill Clinton raped a woman.

Solly reminded the Capt and Carol that they can scroll by a post whenever they want.

Oh, no! Happy showed up! He said, "I HAD a business w/less than 10 employees and grossed less than $1 million/year, and I worked 60 hours per week!"

Carol posted article about Wal-Mart in Maryland. Got the trolls going.

Happy went after Pande declaring Pande the, "meanest' of the Regular bunch". He called him an immature ethnic then said, "I have nothing further to say to you! It takes a lot to piss me off but you manage (sic) to do it."

Carol didn't stop. Went off about lack of jobs and not being able to start a business then she declared her love for Pandemoniac!

TH posted from Durango, CO. Kaff said he was a lucky dawg to be there.

LBH piped up saying anyone with the will can start a business. There's money for that just laying around everywhere.

LBH declared Solly & Carol hopeless.

Everybody read Nickel & Dimed. Carol has it on order.

Capt lost his patience once again and reamed the trolls.

Bill popped up defending Wal-Mart and condeming national health care. Yawn.

Happy didn't like Carol calling him an asshole. (trolls hate bad language - they're too DAMNED sensitive)

Abortion came up once again. Brought up by old Bill. Seems he wants all the poor women to hit the back alleys again if they want an abortion so damned bad.

Troll TRH got on the socialized medicine topic. It's bad, bad, bad for a country. Much better here in the U.S. where you can get the best bang for your buck.

More Wal-Mart talk from TRH.

TRH brought up country singer Tim McGraw. Something to do with Clinton. Maybe Bill raped him?

Titchaba came out swinging because of Corky. He's her son.

Elmer/Drewp took TRH on. Bill got on the Capt.

Corky asked a key question, "Why do rich conservatives hate poor people so much?"

Jeanne had to carry Cobra once to the tune of $1024 a month. How are you supposed to pay that kind of bill after you lose your job, I wondered?

What the F**k said, "Big business has our country in a stranglehold and the sooner we get them out of our government the better." (that theme runs thru all our threads because of the shear, applingly immense truth of it)

Bill continued to whine that we progressives have no solutions. (as if we run the country)

More yakking about national health care.

Bob in ND once again stressed Roe v. Wade will NOT be overturned.

Shelly Winters died.

Drewp suggested that maybe the way to get to national health care is when all the corporations and businesses quit covering their employees. Can't have a whole nation without insurance. (besides that, no one can PAY immense, obscenely ridiculous medical bills, - that could work, Drewp)

Drewp doesn't think this is the greatest country in the world. Carol agreed.

(I've been at this for an hour and my eyes are crossing)

TRH and the Capt got into it a again, but just a tad.

Back to Wal-Mart and the state of Maryland. TRH thinks 7,001 people will lose their great jobs when the Maryland law kicks in.

Kathleen thinks health care will be big before the Nov. elections. Micki disagreed, saying you're deluding yourself if you think that.

Carol wasted bandwidth explaining the state of health care. Should have kept her mouth shut.

Once again a troll said it's a good thing the repugs are in charge because dems would let the terrorists win, or words to that effect.

Capt pasted old quotes from TRH when he disguised himself to taunt on the blog.

Trolls hammered on about incompetent government, SS is failing, don't let the government run a national health care, blah, blah, blah.

A troll, Bill, actually posted a link to something. It didn't work.

Soylent green came up again. I'm getting old, will probably be the first in line. *shiver*

Bill got tired of Corky nagging him about the missing link so he finally pasted the article.

New name for our country from Gerald. United Nazis of America.

Bill gave us a math lesson in saving up for retirement.

Saladin told Bill she does NOT want a fan club.

Yawn, back to SS again.

Over 500 posts and Kathleen pasted some very lengthy articles. No dial-up for her.

Someone in Hajji and TRH's family is in the hospital.

Hajji's bumper stickers "Impeach Bush" and "Buck Fush" went over well in Ohio. Lots of thumbs up and I guess no one tossed a brick thru his windshield. That's good news.

Titchaba came out swinging again and called TRH "you ego inflated troglodyte." She added, "egocentric, self worshiping butt wipe," to the rant.

What the F**k lamented, "Too bad you can't scrape these trolls off of the bottom of your shoe."

Bill complained again about progressives, complained that the posters didn't want to debate, that they resorted more to name calling. He took to ending posts with "What do you think" to provoke a response to a point he made.

Pandemoniac finally showed up. He said, "My response to the drivel puddle that Bill calls an argument is in the previous thread." (as usual, he had all the facts lined up)

Damn if sports didn't come up. (men!)

D begged David Corn to post something, that the thread was getting wayyyy too long.

Another "What do you think" from Bill.

This was great! Bill said SS and Medicare are .truly evil systems.

Micki wrote that John Ashcroft, a registered lobbyist, is giving speeches about INTEGRITY AND ETHICS.

Den, fed up with the trolls, gave a speech about respect.

Bill gave a grammar lesson, claimed he's only insulted one person, the Capt, the rest was just debate. At the end of #637 he wanted to know if a thing isn't working right, how do we fix it? He asked, "What do you think."

Robert Schwartz asked, "Is there any agreement as to what 'it' is?"

Den gave Bill the definition of what a "wanker" is.

Eyes Open couldn't take it anymore, I guess, and asked people to stop feeding this troll. Meaning Bill the Troll.

How does one spend gold came up again.

Gerald won the #666 thread lotto.

Atrocities in Iraq brought up, links posted, lengthy interview pasted. (the thread is HUGE!)

Pandemoniac found a cardboard cutout of pornstar Marilyn Chambers on Bill's website.

Pandemoniac needed advice about getting peanut butter out of his kid's hair.

Oh, no! Happy showed up and called himself Happy KLK Day. (klu lux klan?) He promised some day he would post his thoughts on health care!

Micki pointed out that the implementation of the new Medicare drug bill is a disaster.

Happy Stockowner, as Happy called himself this time, claimed he gave to charity 4 and sometimes 5 figures, whatever that means. Hinted that the wealthy give the most to charity. Pande set him straight on that with a link.

Hey, Jeanne's a vegetarian. Doesn't want to eat Bill after all.

Eyes open is apparently all skin and bones so no one would want to eat him.

Happy "Dollar" Bill, as Happy called himself, gave some kind of formula about gold and the number 666. *scratches head*

DEN wailed, "Did David abandon them (Cornposters) for some unknown reason, could he have been imprisoned without charge by the neocons?" That because of the length of the thread.

Marilyn Chambers has been removed from Bill's website. He also said he caught his dog in his super glue rat trap. *scratches head*

Hajji posted Monty Python's Lifeboat sketch. Thread was in the 700's at that point.

Corky posted several short posts in a row. He reminded me of his mom. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Kathleen asked how MLK has affected our individual lives.

It's now been 4 hours that I've been at this. I just refreshed and now there are 834 posts. Yikes!


Posted by: Carol at January 16, 2006 10:39pm PM

micki said...

...another trip down memory lane, but not so funny as Carol's Cornblog synopsis...

Roger Stone was identified back in 1985 as a sleeze-ball extraordinaire as a pioneer of the now-routine political crapola when a consultant helps a member of Congress get elected and then proceeds to lobby said member on behalf of private corporations.

(The later well-known Watergate felon) Charles Colson directed Stone to send campaign contributions to a Nixon opponent in the names of radical groups and then forward the receipts to the right-wing Manchester Union-Leader.

Sen. Bob Dole fired him from his staff, but later re-hired Stone to work on his '96 prez campaign.

Stone co-found the National Conservative Political Action Committee and become partners with Lee Atwater, who later became President George H.W. Bush's Karl Rove.

They're everywhere!

Carey said...

Man, there's one thing I hate. It's erasing your entire post into oblivion when you're merely editing it.

Before anything else, I'm going to bitch today. Once again, one of my middle son's friends got on the computer and changed everything around during the night. Danny didn't know he was even still here.


Now--what did I write?

I mentioned your tale of woe about KLSD to Bill and he said the possible programming switch could be a result Clear Channel's sale to two private investment firms -- Bain Capital and Thomas H, Lee Partners. Ta-da!

They're may be a businesss cover to this, but it oozes politics. San Diego is the sixth largest market. In a blue state.

Get the connection, Micksters? Again, an attack on a blue state, like the attempt to direct our electoral votes.

I tend to agree with Ed Schultz and Stacy Taylor, our local Air America person. This is politics. It's about controlling 2008. They've done this before. Clear Channel is directly tied in with Bushco.

I wrote about this much more eloquently the first go around, darn it. I had an expresso thought burst and everything.

I had a flash late last night. This is a done deal. Protesting will not help. Nor will the emails. It's done. That's why the signal's been weakened.

I'm so angry and distraught about this.


Thanks for the report from yesterday. Always good to watch grassroots efforts at work. You describe things with "Hajii" flair.


Michael Chertoff? Someone's pulling a leg somewhere.

Carey said...


Thanks for the Obama photo tags. Interesting. His campaign fascinates me.

The talk shows this morning left me feeling forlorn. If we do draw down, it will be minor in scale.

You know, this debate sucks. I don't want it anymore. Stop it.


So you suddenly start doing a little thinking now? Where were you when you started this holy mess?

It's just a stall for more time.

So much for eloquence. Screw 'em! People are suffering and dying.

º¿carol said...

That synopsis was great even if I say so myself. I chuckle every time I read it. Ah, the good old days. :)

Carey said...

Oh God. I can't stop laughing.

Carey said...

A nonalcholic toast to Carol!!!

(You guys can have some.)

Truly captured the essence of the cornblog my dear. Man, that is funny.

Carey said...

Organic green tea toast to Micki for digging that up!

Carey said...

I saw Little Miss Sunshine.

Delightful and highly recommended.

Gerald said...

Friends will talk.

A friend said to me that America has about 20 years away before some very serious problems surf. The baby boomers with 401k's, etc. will have used up their savings. Squalor will be rampant across the United Nazis of America. Who will pay the taxes? Don't bet on the rich giving away a penny!

Health care will be a big issue by the 2012 election if we still have elections.

Corporate America and MSM are controlling our minds. All we are are programmed mushrooms. We are kept in the dark and we are fed crap.

The United States of Evil has a caste system - the rich and the rest of us.

Chips will be planted in the rest of us so that if we are needed to fight in the Nazis endless wars, they will call our number. For example, my number may be CF10102. CF stands for cannon fodder.

The military draft age will be expanded to 68 years of age by 2010.

Yes, they're everywhere. Evil surrounds all of us. We are being swallowed up by evil in the United States of Evil.

Gerald said...

Chertoff to replace Al Fredo? This is only a leak to distract us. Some politicians were taking a leak in the restroom and their conversation was overheard and passed along to the mushrooms.

Gerald said...

I am becoming very concerned because GOP elephants are starting to fly.

For sometime I thought that we were safe with "I looked up and spotted a robin, the robin looked down and spotted me. Me no worry, me no cry, me glad that GOP elephants don't fly."

Gerald said...

Who Was Emmett Till?

Emmett Till was 14 years old in August, 1955 when he went to visit his Mississippi relatives.

According to news stories, the black youngster likely flirted with a white woman, breaking the local code of interracial conduct.

The woman’s husband and others kidnapped Till. Less than a week later his maimed body was recovered from the Tallahatchie River, a 70-pound fan hanging around his neck by barbed wire.

Till’s mother, Mamie Till-Mobley, defied the sheriff and had her son’s body returned to Chicago and waked in an open coffin. The widely reported event led to the largest civil rights demonstration up to that time in the U.S.

“Mrs. Mobley did a profound, strategic thing,” said Jesse Jackson after her death in 2003 at 81, by allowing the world to see “his body water-soaked and defaced.”

The evils of prejudice and violence still exist. Every single person has the responsibility to build tolerance and peace. Do all you can.

He asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?” Jesus replied, “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho…a Samaritan…was moved with pity.” (Luke 10:29-30,33)

Enable me to eliminate my biases, Creator.



Gerald said...

Faith and Religion

Dear Posters:

A huge story has surfaced that Mother Teresa who is on the path for sainthood had doubts about God. I believe that Mother Teresa did not deny the existence of God but her doubts centered more on why God permits so much suffering. We must look at Mother Teresa’s work with the poorest of the poor. If a person works everyday in that environment, doubts will surface. Personally, I could never work in that environment and I am willing to admit it to you.

I have doubts. These doubts are not about God but they are about Catholicism. I believe that Catholicism is on the path to extinction. There will be small pockets of Catholics but Catholicism as a viable faith and religion will be extinct. Our Catholic leaders have lost their moral compasses. Here is an example. Catholic clerics were saying that if you do not vote for Hitler Bush, you will be committing a mortal sin. How can I in good conscience vote for a person whom I consider a mass murderer and a war criminal? I could never vote for Hitler Bush!!!

Fortunately, my wife and I attended a religious retreat that was given by the Capuchins, a religious order in Detroit, Michigan. Sister Nancy, a Dominican nun from Adrian, Michigan, spoke at two conferences during the weekend retreat. She said that as long as she had her Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church she would always be a Catholic. I have my Bible and a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Even if the Catholic Church had no priests, I would remain a Catholic.

Every person of faith and religion has doubts in their lifetime. Doubts can make you a stronger person.


micki said...

Yes...Carey, I did get the possible political connection.

Did you notice in my links that I posted that Bain Capital was co-founded by Mitt Romney and he was its CEO.

micki said...

From 1978 to 1984, Romney was a vice president of Bain & Company, Inc.

In 1984, Romney left Bain & Company to co-found Bain Capital, which later became one of the top 5 hedge fund investment firms.

Romney has been a target of criticism for several transactions made while running Bain Capital.

Dade Behring and KB Toys both paid over $100 million USD fees to Bain Capital after being acquired, and subsequently went into bankruptcy, causing thousands of layoffs.

Warren Buffett has derided private equity firms as “deal flippers” who do little to increase the real value of their targets, profiting from rising prices driven in part by their own deals and by charging their acquisitions “fees, fees, fees.”

micki said...

Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, and Clear Channel are Poised to Make Lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ With TV and Radio Ads During the Presidential Campaigns

The money is a bonus for Romney -- if he gets the GOP nomination, he will have his very own NATIONAL FLEET OF TV AND RADIO STATIONS TO YAK UP HIS CAMPAIGN ON OUR AIRWAVES

micki said...

Oh, and one other thing. -- not related to Romney and Clear Channel.

I wouldn't dismiss the rumor about Chertoff taking over at DoJ. Al Fredo could "decide" to go back to Texas, just like Rove supposedly did.

It's unlikely that Al Fredo's departure would change anything in terms of policy or competence, but it would give bush the opportunity to trot out in front of the cameras and give the appearance of "doing something" -- being a strong decider in chief.

Take it to the bank. If the busheviks can find someone willing (another incompetent toady) to take Chertoff's job at HLS, he's going to the Department of Justice as AG.

More rearranging of the deck chairs on the Titantic....

º¿carol said...

The TV is set up, the kids came over, they loved my enchiladas and we watched a movie. It was like being in the theater. VERY nice. When it was down to just three of us we watched another movie.

Didn't get much computer time today but I'll be back at it tomorrow. See you guys then. :)

micki said...

Well..........Al Fredo resigns.

Good riddance.

Send in the next clown.

micki said...

I suppose Rep. Jay Inslee's (D-WA) IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY RESOLUTION had nothing to do with his resignation.

Six congressmen who once were prosecutors want to restore independence of the judicial branch. That’s why they, along with other members of Congress, introduced a resolution in the House today that could lead to the impeachment of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Specifically, the resolution would require the House Judiciary Committee to investigate whether Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. The resolution would need to win approval by a majority of the House for the panel to start investigating. If after an investigation the Judiciary Committee, by majority vote, determines that grounds for impeachment exist, a resolution impeaching the attorney general and setting forth specific allegations of misconduct, in one or more articles of impeachment, would be reported to the full House.

micki said...

What's next?

A recess appointment by bush before Congress reconvenes?

Wouldn't put it past the SOB.

micki said...

There'll be no recess appointments this time around, Roll Call reports, meaning the White House won't be taking advantage of Congress' vacation to install any contested nominees. That's due to a deal between Bush and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). . . .

Last recess, the White House made a number of controversial recess appointments, including Swift Boat backer Sam Fox as ambassador to Belgium. In order to prevent that sort of thing from happening again, Reid had plotted to keep the Senate in "pro forma" session during the recess -- whereby the Senate floor personnel show up every three days to make it an official session. But now Reid and Bush have made a deal, according to Roll Call. Bush won't make any recess appointments and Reid has promised to move some of his nominees when Senate gets back in session.

There is nothing binding about the agreement. Bush could violate it, as he does others things....such as the CONSTITUTION and international law, for starters.