Saturday, August 25, 2007

What Bugs Ya?

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So what really BUGS ya? bugs? politicians? coal? rupeet mirduke? The NSA?

Well here's your chance to rant, head right over to the "Comments" and scratch out a few lines.

I've got work that needs to get done.


Carey said...

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work we go!

What bugs me?

Not knowing what they're up to next. Even if we did....we would be hard-pressed to stop it.

I don't like this feeling. I had it when Ken was alive. Never know what's coming. In a bad way. That's the same feeling we all have about Bushco.

Here in San Diego, we're a little down. What's to become of Air America here? Unf**kingbelievable.

Fuck Clear Channel.

Carey said...

Oh and a good mornin' to y'all!

Carey said...

Aug 25. A week and a half till Congress returns. (And school starts.)

Same ole, same ole? I think not. If we think and wish it hard enough, good Congress people will feel it. Communication helps too.

As we turn into this part of the campaign, we must keep much of the focus on the occupation. This is going to be an interesting period leading up to the election. Of course, it will be massively boring too, with all the bullshit of campaign rhetoric.

Cherish the quiet before the onslaught.

I want to hear all about Carol's experience with her new TV. The qualitative experience? Is it satisfactory for all the money? Of course she's just getting used to it. I want to know if all the hype is true--about HD and all the other stuff. Is it really almost like just being there? What did Pete find out?

Do you mind the sweat as much when you watch the big TV? Are all the fans strategically placed for maximum enjoynment?

Too bad neither of you watch much sports. But the nature shows will be fantastic.

Carey said...

Aw, shoot. bush is a failure and the Repugs still fall into line behind him and his failed policies.

Micki--that's what is so existentially annoying. Personal money and power trump all else, including the common good.

You'd think someone like Sen. Warner would have his legacy in mind. Someone somewhere! Don't they realize they're all forever tainted by this presidency?

Alan said...

It's not all bad news. I seen an article which says there's a less than 50-50 chance that Vick will ever play in the NFL again. The point was about his gambling being a cardinal sin, and not his cruelty to animals. *bobs forehead*
Oh well, ya gotta latch onto positives any way you can nowadays.

Alan said...


micki said...

Vicks' punishment should be (in addition to jail time) no more American football for pay and a sentence to eat dogfood for the rest of his life -- dogfood made in China!

micki said...

What bugs me?

I don't have all day to tell you. ;-))

micki said...

Carey -- seems there are a lot of "men" who don't seem to give a damn about their legacy.

Gosh, maybe they are so deluded they actually believe they are passing on something positive!

There is certainly evidence of that possibility.

Carey said...

Cognitive disequilibrium must resolve itself. Their deeds today become heroic tomorrow in their eyes.

It's a human trait and a survival instinct. It's the stuff of fuck-ups galore.

David B. Benson said...

Well, its a lovely day here...

micki said...

Oh, I should explain my use of "men" that way. I don't want to be accused of misandry.

I love men. I just don't like "men" who make a big deal of machismo -- you know, that exaggerated masculinity thing and the power that they imagine goes with it.

micki said...'s a lovely day here, too. Cool, slightly overcast, soft, and quiet.

micki said...

Carey -- I mentioned your tale of woe about KLSD to Bill and he said the possible programming switch could be a result Clear Channel's sale to two private investment firms -- Bain Capital and Thomas H, Lee Partners. Ta-da!

Mitt Romney is running for president. A fleet of TV and radio stations could come in handy. That's how Berlusconi got elected in Italy.

Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

Clear Channel Enters into Deal with Two Private Investment Companies

Mitt Romney was CEO of Bain & Company and was co-founder of Bain Capital

Gerald said...


The three major religions that profess to believe in one God bugs me.

Christians and born-again Christians who do not know Jesus' Words bugs me. They really are kkkhristians.

Catholics who defamed and degraded John Paul II bugs me. John Paul II said that the Iraq war was wrong and immoral but these Catholics chose Bush and complicity in mass murders and war crimes against humanity. Yes, Catholics bug me who choose war rather than peace.

Here is something that really bugs me. If we don't fight them in Iraq, we'll have to fight them in America. Iraq has no WMD's, nuclear weapons, air force, and navy. Iraq is as powerful as a pimple on my ass.

Nazi Americans who fail to see that Nazi America is the REAL TERRORIST NATION bug me.

All the wasted money and lives in Iraq and in Afghanistan bugs me.

Hitler Bush and Hitler Cheney bug me, piss me off, and make me have a torrential puke.

The rich people who say that their shit does not stink bug me.

I am tired of my in-laws leaving me the impression that their shit does not stink but they fail to say that they spray perfume over their turds in the toilet to leave the impression that their shit does not stink.

There are other bugs but why beat a dead horse.

Hajji said...


I know I've been bitchin' about the weather for a while now, but I must mention, for honesty's sake, that today has been rather spectacular.

An early (for us) drive up through the Greenville watershed preserve led to a 4-hour tube float down the Green River near Saluda, NC.

All day long lazy spin in 70-degree water with 90-degree air temps...perfect way to waste a day!

For once, the heat wasn't so bad. Recently, however, the State of North Carolina banned alcoholic beverages within 50-feet of the popular float venue. More family groups, less roudiness, almost NO trash on the river (although I fished out 3 wayward water bottles).

Mixed feelings about not having my cherished ale at hand...but the contents of the cooler left behind were all the sweeter for the antici....



Hajji said...

Oh, yeah, the Obama meeting.

It was nice to meet the 10 or so people from around here with progressive views and a desire to share them, but...

...The cheerleading and push for "house parties" and such were a little vague on substance and answers to my questions are yet forthcoming.

I did meet "Peachy" Myers, a former Kerry worker who was actually shut out from observing the ballot counting in Warren Co., Ohio after the "terrorist threats" shut down the electoral process there.

She did ask me to write some stuff for them.

I am so far...uninspired.


Anonymous said...

Mini BIO: Peachy Myers, TACDC Spring Intern 2007
Peachy is a 2008 Master of Public Affairs Candidate in the LBJ School at the University of Texas-Austin. Her policy interests include homelessness, affordable housing, and community development. Previous to her time at TACDC, she worked with Americorps*VISTA in Boston, as a service provider for the homeless in San Francisco, as a 2004 presidential campaign organizer, and as a Hurricane Katrina service provider for evacuees relocated to Austin.

She learned about TACDC through her work with the Texas Homeless Network in the Summer of 2006.

"I believe wholeheartedly in the mission of the organization - bridging statewide public policy with low-income communities’ needs and priorities." - Peachy Myers, 2007

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama's photos tagged with South Carolina

micki said...

I wonder if Carol is watching her new TV or ducking tornadoes???? Wowsers!

Associated Press - August 25, 2007

Severe weather has struck southeast Michigan.

Meteorologists say as many as five tornadoes may have hit the area.

º¿carol said...

I TOLD you we had weather here. My daughter just got power back late this afternoon. I've seen a few trees down here and there but the worst was the other side of Lansing.

The fancy TV is still in a box in the hallway. The guys never showed up. Supposedly, someone is coming tomorrow. My two kids and their mates are coming for my famous chicken enchilada dinner and the TV is still in the box. Crap! That was why they were coming over. Well, that and the enchiladas.

I was on my feet for hours in the kitchen today, making the enchiladas and a second meal for today. When I sit it hurts, then it hurts to stand up. Izzy just asked to go out and I dragged getting out of this chair and down the hall to the back door. I hate getting old! :(