Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Now there would have been no question of the boundaries of free speech if they had posted this at John Kerry's venue in FL. No confusion, just, don't go there!

In case you missed the true irony in that incident, the young lad was clutching a copy of Greg Palast's "Armed Madhouse". Quite apropos don't you think?

Police brutality is never pleasant or acceptable unless he would have been clutching a M16 or handgun instead, then and only then would it have justified the force used to subdue the combative youth.

We are poor little sheeple that have lost our Constitutional way, BAAA, BAAA, BAAA.

And the goon squads are more than willing to show us theirs.

To make your own sign you can keep for your very own, go here, scroll down for more including the macabre Tombstone generator.



DEN said...

Why are so many so weak that they can justify brutality of their fellow Americans?

Inner fear and the need for power and control drive the mental gearbox inside their pointy little heads that makes them seek control over their fellow Americans.

Allowing this type of behavior basically condones it, like Blackwater thugs being the kings of brutality and having to face ZERO consequences for it.

Once that genie is let out of the bottle, it cannot be put back in.

Fascism uses brutality to enforce doctrine.

There is no longer anything in America that is 'free', everything has a price.

micki said...

Kirkuk pipeline attack sets Iraq oil back

Jordan expects Iraq oil soon

Hmmmmmm...while, on the surface this seems like "bidness as usual," is the real plan that the busheviks and their oil buddies are counting on shipping through Jordan after they begin bombing Iran and things get out of control? (as they are wont to do with these idiots in charge)

micki said...

Den -- I think most Americans deplore and condemn brutality, no matter who the perpetrators are and who the victims are, but there always was, and always be a portion of "humanity" who thrive on using physical and emotional power over others.

We have some worthwhile traditions and legacies in the United States that made this country a generally worthy place to call home. While we need to be more critical, we also need to muster the enthusiasm and energy to recognize we still have the potential to change for the better. Or what's the use?

Those cops in Florida could be just plain dumb. Or poorly trained. Or innately brutal. Or following the example of people at the top. Or all four. But, whatever they are, they do not represent the modus operandi of all -- or even most -- cops.

Now, Blackwater is a DIFFERENT kettle of fish...

DEN said...

Most Americans condemn brutality, true, but that will not stop it.

More people being arrested for free speech.

The American Gestapo never sleeps.

Propaganda film from the 50's

Interesting stuff, herding sheeple.

DEN said...

Let's review the 14 requirements for Fascism

David B. Benson said...

UCS concerns on Energy Bill

I have other concerns, which I'll eventually get organized.

But I am under the impression that George Wacko Bush has threatened to veto any bill with either of the provisions that UCS is pushing. So it'll take veto-proof super-majorities.

Probably many congresscriters do not yet understand the urgency of vastly more that what UCS is pushing...

Gerald said...

DEN, there can be no denying that we are a fascist empire, a totally fascist empire. Thank you for the review of these fourteen requirements that make us a fascist state.

DEN said...

Senators of the 110th Congress:

Akaka, Daniel K.- (D - HI) — AYE
Alexander, Lamar- (R - TN) — NAY
Allard, Wayne- (R - CO) — NAY
Barrasso, John- (R - WY) — NAY
Baucus, Max- (D - MT) — AYE
Bayh, Evan- (D - IN) — AYE
Bennett, Robert F.- (R - UT) — NAY
Biden, Joseph R., Jr.- (D - DE) — AYE
Bingaman, Jeff- (D - NM) — AYE
Bond, Christopher S.- (R - MO) — NAY
Boxer, Barbara- (D - CA) — AYE
Brown, Sherrod- (D - OH) — AYE
Brownback, Sam- (R - KS) — NAY
Bunning, Jim- (R - KY) — NAY
Burr, Richard- (R - NC) — NAY
Byrd, Robert C.- (D - WV) — AYE
Cantwell, Maria- (D - WA) — AYE
Cardin, Benjamin L.- (D - MD) — AYE
Carper, Thomas R.- (D - DE) — AYE
Casey, Robert P., Jr.- (D - PA) — AYE
Chambliss, Saxby- (R - GA) –
Clinton, Hillary Rodham- (D - NY) — AYE
Coburn, Tom- (R - OK) — NAY
Cochran, Thad- (R - MS) — NAY
Coleman, Norm- (R - MN) — NAY
Collins, Susan M.- (R - ME) — NAY
Conrad, Kent- (D - ND) — AYE
Corker, Bob- (R - TN) — NAY
Cornyn, John- (R - TX) — NAY
Craig, Larry E.- (R - ID) — NAY
Crapo, Mike- (R - ID) — NAY
DeMint, Jim- (R - SC) — NAY
Dodd, Christopher J.- (D - CT) — AYE
Dole, Elizabeth- (R - NC) — NAY
Domenici, Pete V.- (R - NM) — NAY
Dorgan, Byron L.- (D - ND) — AYE
Durbin, Richard- (D - IL) — AYE
Ensign, John- (R - NV) — NAY
Enzi, Michael B.- (R - WY) — NAY
Feingold, Russell D.- (D - WI) — AYE
Feinstein, Dianne- (D - CA) — AYE
Graham, Lindsey- (R - SC) — NAY
Grassley, Chuck- (R - IA) — NAY
Gregg, Judd- (R - NH) — NAY
Hagel, Chuck- (R - NE) — AYE
Harkin, Tom- (D - IA) — AYE
Hatch, Orrin G.- (R - UT) — NAY
Hutchison, Kay Bailey- (R - TX) — NAY
Inhofe, James M.- (R - OK) — NAY
Inouye, Daniel K.- (D - HI) — AYE
Isakson, Johnny- (R - GA) — NAY
Johnson, Tim- (D - SD) — AYE
Kennedy, Edward M.- (D - MA) — AYE
Kerry, John F.- (D - MA) — AYE
Klobuchar, Amy- (D - MN) — AYE
Kohl, Herb- (D - WI) — AYE
Kyl, Jon- (R - AZ) — NAY
Landrieu, Mary L.- (D - LA) — AYE
Lautenberg, Frank R.- (D - NJ) — AYE
Leahy, Patrick J.- (D - VT) — AYE
Levin, Carl- (D - MI) — AYE
Lieberman, Joseph I.- (I - CT) — NAY
Lincoln, Blanche L.- (D - AR) — AYE
Lott, Trent- (R - MS) — NAY
Lugar, Richard G.- (R - IN) — AYE
Martinez, Mel- (R - FL) — NAY
McCain, John- (R - AZ) — NAY
McCaskill, Claire- (D - MO) — AYE
McConnell, Mitch- (R - KY) — NAY
Menendez, Robert- (D - NJ) — AYE
Mikulski, Barbara A.- (D - MD) — AYE
Murkowski, Lisa- (R - AK) — NAY
Murray, Patty- (D - WA) — AYE
Nelson, Bill- (D - FL) — AYE
Nelson, E. Benjamin- (D - NE) — AYE
Obama, Barack- (D - IL) — AYE
Pryor, Mark L.- (D - AR) — AYE
Reed, Jack- (D - RI) — AYE
Reid, Harry- (D - NV) — AYE
Roberts, Pat- (R - KS) — NAY
Rockefeller, John D., IV- (D - WV) — AYE
Salazar, Ken- (D - CO) — AYE
Sanders, Bernard- (I - VT) — AYE
Schumer, Charles E.- (D - NY) — AYE
Sessions, Jeff- (R - AL) — NAY
Shelby, Richard C.- (R - AL) — NAY
Smith, Gordon H.- (R - OR) — AYE
Snowe, Olympia J.- (R - ME) — NAY AYE
Specter, Arlen- (R - PA) — AYE
Stabenow, Debbie- (D - MI) — AYE
Stevens, Ted- (R - AK) — NAY
Sununu, John E.- (R - NH) — AYE
Tester, Jon- (D - MT) — AYE
Thune, John- (R - SD) — NAY
Vitter, David- (R - LA) — NAY
Voinovich, George V.- (R - OH) — NAY
Warner, John- (R - VA) — NAY
Webb, Jim- (D - VA) — AYE
Whitehouse, Sheldon- (D - RI) — AYE
Wyden, Ron- (D - OR) — AYE

Consider this an endorsement of fascism in the U.S.

You have NO right to know why you are being arrested, sound familiar?

This is exactly why impeachment will not work, not enough votes.

Quite disturbing.

{ò,ó}arol said...

Senate Blocks Detainees’ Rights Bill

A move to give terrorism suspects the right to challenge their detentions in federal court fell short in the Senate today, even though it had majority support.

For me it's next to impossible to understand how anything works in this country. It had majority support. Yet it failed. Ok. Whatever.

That was baffling enough but then this was said by the ACLU, "Today’s vote was a victory for those seeking to restore both the rule of law and our nation’s Constitution,” said Caroline Fredrickson, director of the union’s Washington legislative office."

Uh, huh. A victory. Well, guess I'll move on to the next subject that I probably won't understand.

{ò,ó}arol said...

Oh, forgot this part.

Some supporters of the bill said they might bring it up again, although it was not clear just when.

YEAH, HEY, WHAT'S THE HURRY! YOU'RE ALL SNUG IN YOUR LIVES AND WANT FOR NOTHING. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU CARE! Nice display of talking about habeus corpus though. That seems to have counted with the ACLU.

p.s. Where the heck was Susan Collins on this one? I was shocked she voted nay. Geez.

David B. Benson said...

Taser Cops Placed on Leave.

DEN said...

The U.S. has gone collectively insane.

Watch and see what passes for daytime TV here

Honest to God flat worlders are given credence on "The View".

View of what? the inside of your empty little head?


David B. Benson said...

The City of Amsterdam has a pilot plant, more to be added later, to treat 'sewer sludge' by hydrothermal liquification into a high grade of biodiesel and a water stream which needs a bit of cleaning (take out the VOCs) before returning to the river. This looks to me as if it could apply to almost every municipality.

Talk it up in yours (that is, if you live in a town or city).

º¿carol said...

Den, I'm so happy you posted that "The View" video! I've watched the first half hour of that show for a year or two now. Being summer, I've missed more than I caught so I missed yesterday's "Hot topics". Saw "Hot Topics" today and wondered what the heck the earth being flat had to do with yesterday's show. Made no sense.

THEN I SAW YOUR VIDEO! WOW! Today they were trying to weasel Sheri Shepherd out of sounding like the dumbest "just-signed-a-contract, unfortunate-choice of-a-new co-host Barbara Walters could have signed up! Cool!

I had to watch the video twice. º¿c