Thursday, September 13, 2007

Brown Nosers

WASHINGTON, Sep 12 (IPS) - In sharp contrast to the lionisation of Gen. David Petraeus by members of the U.S. Congress during his testimony this week, Petraeus's superior, Admiral William Fallon, chief of the Central Command (CENTCOM), derided Petraeus as a sycophant during their first meeting in Baghdad last March, according to Pentagon sources familiar with reports of the meeting.

Fallon told Petraeus that he considered him to be "an ass-kissing little chickenshit" and added, "I hate people like that", the sources say. That remark reportedly came after Petraeus began the meeting by making remarks that Fallon interpreted as trying to ingratiate himself with a superior.

That extraordinarily contentious start of Fallon's mission to Baghdad led to more meetings marked by acute tension between the two commanders. Fallon went on develop his own alternative to Petraeus's recommendation for continued high levels of U.S. troops in Iraq during the summer.

The enmity between the two commanders became public knowledge when the Washington Post reported Sep. 9 on intense conflict within the administration over Iraq. The story quoted a senior official as saying that referring to "bad relations" between them is "the understatement of the century".

Fallon's derision toward Petraeus reflected both the CENTCOM commander's personal distaste for Petraeus's style of operating and their fundamental policy differences over Iraq, according to the sources.


I was not far off the mark describing the Two Stooges as Brown nosers.
Nothing worse than a suck-up in any environment, work, play or otherwise.

This time their sucking up will cost more lives. Of course to them it does not matter, they want to look good for the boss to ensure promotion or a slick lobbying position later on. To them others are not important, what THEY want takes precedent.

Sad little worms.



micki said...

I read in The Independent/UK this a.m. that David Patraeus has (had?) his sights on running for the presidency in 2012. Jiminy creepers!

The only exit strategies that George W. Bush and David Patraeus are concerned with are their own exits -- their upcoming retirement.

Patraeus was enlisted to help GWB "safe face" but in the process, he has turned himself into the new Colin Powell.

They should both seek help to mend their sick minds.

micki said...

Den -- I have a question, that you'll probably be able to answer.

I come to DWF through Safari. I go to Safari when I access AR, too. However, now when I try to access AR, I get taken to the "generic" blogspot page for how to make your own blog. I still access DWF just fine.

The only way I've been able to get to AR is to click on the link you've provided on your blog.

Why is that happening? Huh?

micki said...

Published on Wednesday, September 12, 2007 by Reuters

Global Warming Impact Like ‘Nuclear War’

by Jeremy Lovell

London - Climate change could have global security implications on a par with nuclear war unless urgent action is taken, a report said on Wednesday.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) security think-tank said global warming would hit crop yields and water availability everywhere, causing great human suffering and leading to regional strife.

While everyone had now started to recognize the threat posed by climate change, no one was taking effective leadership to tackle it and no one could tell precisely when and where it would hit hardest, it added.

“The most recent international moves towards combating global warming represent a recognition … that if the emission of greenhouse gases … is allowed to continue unchecked, the effects will be catastrophic — on the level of nuclear war,” the IISS report said.

“Even if the international community succeeds in adopting comprehensive and effective measures to mitigate climate change, there will still be unavoidable impacts from global warming on the environment, economies and human security,” it added.

Scientists say global average temperatures will rise by between 1.8 and 4.0 degrees Celsius this century due to burning fossil fuels for power and transport.

The IISS report said the effects would cause a host of problems including rising sea levels, forced migration, freak storms, droughts, floods, extinctions, wildfires, disease epidemics, crop failures and famines.

The impact was already being felt — particularly in conflicts in Kenya and Sudan — and more was expected in places from Asia to Latin America as dwindling resources led to competition between haves and have nots.

“We can all see that climate change is a threat to global security, and you can judge some of the more obvious causes and areas,” said IISS transnational threat specialist Nigel Inkster. “What is much harder to do is see how to cope with them.”

The report, an annual survey of the impact of world events on global security, said conflicts and state collapses due to climate change would reduce the world’s ability to tackle the causes and to reduce the effects of global warming.

State failures would increase the gap between rich and poor and heighten racial and ethnic tensions which in turn would produce fertile breeding grounds for more conflict.

Urban areas would not be exempt from the fallout as falling crop yields due to reduced water and rising temperatures would push food prices higher, IISS said.

Overall, it said 65 countries were likely to lose over 15 percent of their agricultural output by 2100 at a time when the world’s population was expected to head from six billion now to nine billion people.

“Fundamental environmental issues of food, water and energy security ultimately lie behind many present security concerns, and climate change will magnify all three,” it added.

DEN said...

The men the American public admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.
H. L. Mencken

micki said...

Yup. Global warming.


micki said...

Too many people, too.

Too much consumption.

Too many chemicals.

Too little creative thinking.

Too little problem solving.

Too little motivation.

Too little leadership.

Too little, too late?

micki said...

Too fucking bad.

Screw you Jack! I've got mine.

Too true.

DEN said...

"I come to DWF through Safari. I go to Safari when I access AR, too. However, now when I try to access AR, I get taken to the "generic" blogspot page for how to make your own blog. I still access DWF just fine."

If it happened just today it is a googles glitch.

If it has been doing it for days, you might be getting blocked somehow in AR's program.

I am not sure how Safari works tho.

Check for a "https" in the address bar to let you know you are on a secure site, if not contact the Capt and see if he changed something.

The googles signed me out last nite so I would have had to sign back in to post a comment, meddlesome little creatures those googles .

DEN said...

Tonight, after President Bush makes yet another argument for continuing the war in Iraq, John Edwards will speak directly to the American people in a nationwide address on MSNBC.

Our campaign has bought airtime on MSNBC immediately following the President's address at 9 p.m., and John Edwards will challenge the President's remarks with a strong call to the nation to end the war now.

Please watch in that timeframe—and forward this e-mail to your friends, asking them to watch as well. Each of us has a responsibility to make sure that President Bush and Congress understand that the time for excuses has run out. John Edwards will deliver a strong message tonight on our behalf. It's time to end this war and bring our troops home.

Buying this kind of airtime is expensive. But we believe that President Bush's address must be countered with a strong voice in opposition to the failed policies that have kept our troops in harm's way for far too long. Tonight, John Edwards will continue to lead, and make the case to the nation that we cannot wait for an election to change course in Iraq—we as citizens must make Washington understand that the time to end this war is now.

Don't miss John's address tonight on MSNBC, immediately following the President.

President Bush will be on every network for free tonight. Our campaign will have to pay for the time on MSNBC so that John Edwards can challenge the President's failed policies. Please consider making a contribution to the campaign—to help us meet the costs of paying for tonight's address—and to help John's campaign continue to grow.

Thanks for all you do,

--Joe Trippi
Senior Advisor, John Edwards for President
September 13, 2007

micki said...

John Edwards is smart as all get out to do this ad!

He is buying 2 minutes of airtime on MSNBC, but the echo-effect from that 2 minutes will give him tons of exposure! Go, John!

Edwards will say in the ad, "Unfortunately, the president is pressing on with the only strategy he's ever had — more time, more troops, and more war."

But, perhaps just as important as his message about bush's failed policies, Edwards challenges Hillary and Barack (and Congress) to block any war funding that does not include a withdrawal from Iraq.

John Edwards could become the frontrunner.

Send $$$$$$.

DEN said...

Dear Friend,

I just signed this petition from Congresswoman Louise Slaughter to tell Senator Coburn to stop blocking the Genetic Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), which aims to protect Americans from discrimination based on their genetic profile. Coburn is unfairly blocking this important bill even though he has supported identical legislation in the past.

With your help, we can make real show Senator Coburn how important this issue to many Americans. Please join me by signing
this petition:


David B. Benson said...

Forthcoming feature attraction:


DEN said...

A very vocal Rev. Lennox Yearwood lays down some powerful words, HERE

mcki said...

League of Conservation Voters Presidential Profiles on the Environment

Click on any Repug's puss -- at this time, NOT ONE has responded to LCV.

micki said...

Holy Mother of Insults! Primetime TeeVee time for more of the same old crapola???

bush is going to ask for "more time" and "patience" to let freedom bloom in Iraq or some such happyhorseshit!

USA Today, Aug. 26, 2003: "With Nod Toward WWII, Bush Urges Patience in Iraq."

Dallas Morning News, June 11, 2004: "Bush Urges Patience With Iraqi Plans at G8 Summit."

National Public Radio, June 29, 2005: "Bush Cites Progress, Urges Patience on Iraq."

MSNBC, Nov. 30, 2005: "Bush: Iraq Conflict 'Will Take Time and Patience.'''

CBS News, March 13, 2006: "Bush Urges Patience Amid Iraq Violence."

New York Times, June 14, 2006: "After Iraq Visit, Bush Urges Patience."

New York Times, Oct. 26, 2006: "Conceding Missteps, Bush Urges Patience on Iraq."

New York Sun, Dec. 29, 2006: "Bush: More Time Needed to Craft Iraq Strategy."

Financial Times, Jan. 24, 2007: "Analysis: Bush Tries to Buy Some Time."

International Herald Tribune, March 19, 2007: "Bush Asks for Patience on Iraq."

Reuters, July 20, 2007: "Bush Seeks More Time for Iraq Strategy."

Reuters, Aug. 25, 2007: "Bush Pleads for More Patience for Iraq War Efforts."

Boston Globe, Sept. 1, 2007: "Iraqi Civilian Deaths Up, Bush Urges Patience."

micki said...

bush may as well say what Aggie fans say when they lose a football game..."We didn't really lose, we just ran out of time."

DEN said...


Just for the STOOOPIDS that still believe the lies.

Intelligent people (minority) know better.

David B. Benson said...

It seems there is a

WSU Progressive Student Union

which recently organized an event regarding

Killer Coke

º¿carol said...

Lost my internet yesterday. Just got it back about an hour ago. *sigh* LOTS of reading to catch up on!

This time a cable went out on the tower that sends me the signal. When they fixed it I still didn't have the internet so the techie had to come out to see what was wrong. He got it going and even though he did, he didn't know what was wrong or HOW he got it going. º¿c

Anyway, off to catch up a so much damn reading! Grrrrrr.

micki said...

Oh, yes, Killer Coke's business practices and products are notoriously bad for life -- life of the planet and of humans.

A friend who lives in Port Townsend, WA, told me her local Co-op made a decision earlier this summer to discontinue carrying ODWALLA FRESH JUICES because the company is now owned by Coca-Cola. (Fresh? Matter of opinion....)

The Coke connection comes as a surprise to most consumers. Nowhere on its packaging, merchadising, or website does Odwalla identify Coca-Cola as its parent company. Odwalla and 300 other products reap profits for a corporation with such an egregious record of human rights abuses and environmental degration that in 2004 the Multinational Monitor named Coke one of the world's "Worst Corporations."

The charges against the corporation include:

**Contaminating local ecosystems worldwide through the dumping of toxic waste from its plants; pollution of agricultural land, rivers and groundwater.

**Exhausting community water reserves in India and other third-world countries by drilling deep into underground reservoirs, drying up local wells and leaving farmers unable to irrigate their crops.

**Using paramilitaries to crush union organizing at Coca-Cola bottling plants in Colombia. Eight union leaders have been murdered and at least 100 others have been detained and beaten.

**Adopting union-busting tactics in Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua and other countries.

**Poisoning workers through exposure to toxic waste and pesticides.

**Poisoning consumers by allowing unsafe levels of pesticide residues such as lindane, heptachlor (carcinogens), malathion, chlorpyrifos & DDT (neurotoxins) in their products.

Odwalla's slogan "soil to soul, people to planet" stands in stark contrast to its parent company's mounting offenses around the globe. Coke's 2006 revenues of $24 billion/$5 billion in profits came at a considerable cost to soil and soul, people and planet.

The Co-op's decision to boycott Coke products will also lead to eliminating a line of bottled waters manufactured by Glaceau, a company which Coca-Cola is in the process of acquiring for $4.2 billion.

micki said...

Our local Community Co-op in Bellingham still carries ODWALLA...but I am working on a boycott.

We'll see...

Gerald said...

Please listen to Bishop Gumbleton's recent homily

This homily is a great message for true Christians.

micki said...

Report from Bellingham, Washington:

I am not watching the Moron-in-chief.

David B. Benson said...

Third day in a row of less than sterling air quality.

I suppose there is a forest fire somewhere, but nothing seems to me in the news about such...

©A®OL said...

I'm bleary-eyed from reading! I HATE when I get behind!

David B. Benson said...

From the Energy Information Administration's Assumptions to the Annual Energy Outlook, the U.S.A. has (after conversions) about 194 million TOE per year of biomass potential for renewable energy.

A TOE is a tonne-oil-equivalent.

So even if the U.S.A. turned all that into biodiesel, it wouldn't be enough to fuel the world's ocean vessel fleet. But China's 520 million TOE would be more than twice as much is needed for that purpose.

Does not look good for 'energy independence'...

º¿carol said...

Doc, we are so doomed. Everything is polluted beyond redemption. And no one wants to start changing how the world operates.

I read yesterday that the national Do Not Call List expires next year! How can it have been 5 years already? Wow!

I guess we're all going to have to sign up all over again, those of us with land lines that is.

micki said...

Carol -- don't abuse your eyes trying to read everything that happened one, two, three days ago....just start with's the same ole crapola every day anyway.

micki said...

Gee, Dr. B, most of us mere mortals understand what a BTU is, then you come along with TOEs!

But, you do keep us "toeing" the line!

Thanks for all your good information.

DEN said...

"it's the same ole crapola every day anyway."

Got that right!!

Thats why I try to provide new crapola every day to show the tremendous supply of crapola that is available on the internets.

Combined with the contributions of posters with more crapola they found, there is a veritable extravaganza of crapola.

I live for crapola, my life is the relentless pursuit thereof, crapola till ya puke!

Then pass out from crapola saturation.


micki said...

"Energy independence" discussions focus mostly on where is the oil? And how do we get our share?

No progress there.

micki said...

Den -- you provide some interesting crapola. Then as a respite, you give us the funnies, a sunny day, a ride in the mountains...


DEN said...

Micki, Your welcome!

Hey Alan wheres my funnies?

(jeez gotta pay this guy more)

Your not underwater are ya?

I need my funny crapola!

(see what I mean, I'm addicted to crapola)

DEN said...

Time to count sheeple. zzzzz

Alan said...

Hey Alan wheres my funnies?

I got those 'toons already compiled and posted online here, and he's on hiatus for a few months. He had the permisssion and did all the work... I just fkn copied 'n pasted. I wish he'd hurry back!