Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Funny stuff from Raw Story: Chertoff pledged to probe Hillary

Well lets investigate that a little further shall we.

OH! My bad; WASHINGTON -- Shortly after President Bush took office in 2001, Michael Chertoff, then head of the Justice Department's criminal division, met with the conservative group Judicial Watch. It wanted criminal charges brought against Hillary Rodham Clinton in connection with a lavish fundraising event in Los Angeles the year before.

Sheesh, I thought we had more taudry shenanigans going on, *SIGH*, a sex scandle a week, is that too much to ask?

Titillate and excite, sex sells newspapers and tee vee time.

Now it appears Mr. Tidy Bowl might reconsider his resignation, seemingly overnite someone gave that man a LEG to stand on so he could get off his knees. Maybe they turned him down for the MSP Janitorial job, cleaning up toilet paper scraps.

Ole Hill is so damn rich, money drips from her pores as she sweats the latest 'probe' from mr. bones, would not want to leave the dems out of the sex mix would we.

Want to simulate a Pavlovian reaction with the public, just wave a sex scandle under their noses.

On other things non-sex in origin, doolittle aides have been subpoened to appear before a grand jury investigating the abramoff crimminal idiot.

GO CHARLIE BROWN!!! He will announce his intentions to run against the doo-nuthing on Friday. He almost beat him last time, this time he will.

Ok, back to work.



Gerald said...

Bush Cries a Lot

Dear Posters:

Tom Draper, a fellow Texan, has written a book on Hitler Bush. He paints Hitler Bush as someone who can walk on water. He wants us to also believe that Hitler Bush is human.

In one part of the book Hitler Bush comments that HE CRIES A LOT. I wonder why Hitler Bush cries a lot. Is it because he is already the worst president in US history? Is it because he has not committed more mass murders and war crimes against humanity? He is the poster child for hypocrites saying that HE CRIES A LOT. Hitler Bush calls himself the War President; he attacks Iraq; he is planning to attack Iran in a three day blitz on 1,200 targets that will also kill Iranians; he gives nearly on million cluster bombs to Nazi Israel to plant in Lebanon that are still being exploded and killing people; he permits depleted uranium to be used against the people in Iraq; he permits massive torture against humanity; he does not allow due process for people in jail; he has not given health care to our veterans; and he is incompetent.

Hitler Bush has also said that he has God’s shoulder to cry on! What a hypocrite and a joke! Hitler Bush does not even know Jesus’ words, LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU! He does not even understand, BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS FOR THEY WILL BE CALLED CHILDREN OF GOD! And, he does not even remember, BLESSED ARE THE PEOPLE WHO SHOW MERCY FOR THEY WILL RECEIVE MERCY!

And, posters may wonder why I have these incessant puking experiences when I hear and see Hitler Bush? Maybe now the posters will have some idea of why I frequently puke when it comes to Hitler Bush.


micki said...

Now that I think about it, is Chertoff bin Laden's double? They sure look alike. :-)

Larry Craig must have the goods on someone to be thinking about saying "King's X" -- what a circus.

Well, see you next week. I'm outta here.

Gerald said...

If Hillary wins the Democratic nomination to run for president, I will vote for her. I am tired of these Nazi investigations into the Clintons' lives. Why would Hitler Chertoff pass on Halliburton's corruption against government services? It is the Hitler Bush's regime that must be investigated by the Justice Department!!!

Gerald said...


Dear Posters:

Here is my thought on Hillary. Before I share my thought, I want to say first of all there will be no 2008 presidential elections. It will take a miracle for the United States of Evil to have these elections. We know that only God can bestow upon us a miracle. I, personally, do not know if He will give us this miracle.

Let us say that by some miracle we do have the 2008 presidential elections. I do not know if Hillary Clinton will receive her party’s nomination. I do believe that she is the most qualified of the 2008 Democratic presidential candidates. As far as the Republican presidential candidates she is as qualified or better qualified than all the Republican candidates. She, as president, will not hurt the country. She is in fact more qualified than Hitler Bush and he has been president for almost seven years. Hitler Bush is a murderer and a war criminal. Murderers have to rationalize why they murder. They come to believe that they murder for the common good. Murdering God’s children for the common good is ridiculous.


Gerald said...

71% of Nazi Israelis want the Nazi US to attack Iran! I say to these Nazi Israelis why don't you attack Iran first!!! Why do always want someone else to do your dirty work?????

DEN said...

Gerald, if Israel attacked Iran they would get pounded in retaliation.

They need a bully to beat Iran up for them cause they are cowards.

Gerald said...


Today, I proclaim September 5, 2007 as Let's Feel Sorry for Hitler Bush Day because he says he cries a lot.

Well, Hitler Bush, you not only make me cry a lot but you also make me puke a lot.

Actually, Hitler Bush, September 5, 2007 should be Americans Cry a Lot Day!!!

Hitler Bush, you make our citizens cry a lot!!!

Gerald said...

DEN has given us the perfect comment on Nazi Israel's true character.

Gerald said...

Since Nazi israel dictates Nazi American foreign policy, Nazi America will attack Iran!!!!!

DEN said...

HB is also a coward that needs to hide from reality.

Lying, cheating, causing wars, just to cover for the fact he is a supreme coward.


Gerald said...

DEN not only is Nazi Israel gutless but we also have gutless politicians and gutless religious clerics who have lost their moral compasses!!!

Gerald said...

Beware of the Wounded Beast

Gerald said...

Wounded animals are dangerous animals, and President Bush and his gang of Neocon wackoes, badly wounded by defeat in Iraq, are not anxious to slither off the political stage as losers. Hence the plans in the works to go double or nothing with an all-out aerial assault on Iran.

Numerous reports, including most credibly one in The Times in London (owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.), suggest that a plan has already been laid out for a three-day massive bombardment on over 1200 targets in Iran, which would attempt to destroy not just that country’s nascent nuclear processing capability, but also its government, communications, and military facilities, essentially leaving the country of 70 million a smoking ruin.

Such an attack, with no international support, no UN sanction, no threat, imminent or otherwise, and no provocation, would be, pure and simple, a war crime of the first order. It would also put the US at war, not just with Iran, but also with virtually the entire Islamic world.


Gerald said...

Please accept my apology! The author's name is Robert Draper and not Tom Draper. The book listing Hitler Bush's crying spells is named, "Certain Dreams."

Gerald said...

Sorry, the title of the book is "Dead Certain." The reason why I said dreams must be because Hitler Bush gives me nightmares.

Gerald said...

Our Nero

Gerald said...

Larry Craig now says that he will not retire.

Hitler Bush deserves our contempt because he let Hitler Cheney run our country and take away our freedoms.

DEN said...

Meanwhile Americans continue on with their daily lives, working, playing, watching FAUX News.

They are also fiddling while America burns.

Gerald said...

Larry Craig now says that he will not RESIGN.

David B. Benson said...

Gerald --- Is that good or bad?

Gerald said...

DBB, that is a good question! Since we are a divided evil empire, 50-50, it is probably what the Nazis want and so Craig's return to the Senate will warm the cockles of the Nazis' heart.

DEN said...

From Raw Story:

According to Roll Call, Republican Party leaders are not amused.

“I think this episode is over," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). "We’ll have a new Senator from Idaho at some point in the next month or so."

Remarked National Republican Senatorial Committee spokeswoman Rebecca Fisher: “Sen. [Republican Chairman John] Ensign (R-NV) believes that Sen. Craig made the right decision to resign, for himself and for the party."

Dan Whiting, Craig's spokesman in Washington, said that the senator was expected to spend the week in Idaho as the Senate votes on spending bills for veterans and other programs this week. Whiting "did not rule out Craig's returning to Washington before the end of the month."

According to Roll Call, a "well-placed Senate GOP leadership aide was even more blunt in describing the feelings of the chamber's Republican leaders, saying Craig’s possible plan to stick around "smacks of desperation by a man who has just devastated his political career and is just now realizing the ramifications of his actions.'"

Some believe the decision was made simply as a way to aid Craig's legal defense, and it is not his intent to stay in the Senate.

Bathroom troll, career professional.

DEN said...

WASHINGTON — Ohio Rep. Paul Gillmor was found dead in his apartment Wednesday, a Republican leadership aide said.

The aide said the body of the 68-year-old Republican was found by staff members who went to his apartment after he failed to show up for work. There was no immediate word on the cause of his death. Gillmor's office did not respond to a reporter's call.

Left a wife and 5 kids.

Gerald said...

People resigning, people thinking not to resign, people dead in their apartment in the nation's cesspool that is commonly known as Washigton, D.C., what is going on?

David B. Benson said...


DEN said...

Gerald, politics as usual, and life.

Gerald said...

Who in their right mind would vote for McCain? High school student says McCain is not a leader! McCain calls high school student a "little jerk." Now wasn't McCain's remark truly presidential?

McCain is another Hitler. What is wrong with the Nazi Party?

Gerald said...

If our problems weren't so serious as a Nazi nation, we could really have some good laughs with all the nonsense that comes from our nation's capitol.

DEN said...

Gerald, I watched the little admitted bi-sexual twirp on American Morning and found him to be quite a spoiled repulsive brat.

He was even snotty to the reporter interviewing him.

I'm no fan of McNobrain but the young lad needs a long overdue spanking.

ยบ¿carol said...

I just saw that the repug, Gillmor, dropped dead. Too bad. How many more to go???

That was on the one C-span on the Senate one Tim Johnson was back. Talks like he had a stroke. Funny, but I found I resented him and how other than fighting for his life he had it made. Perfect health care, didn't lose his job, probably didn't lose his pay. How did it get to that anyway where out representatives get to live like kings.

Gerald said...

DEN, you may be right about the bi-sexual twirp. I did not see the Morning Show. I only read about the incident through an article.

Nazi America is made up of many different persons and our president needs to be able to communicate with many different persons.

McCain is said to have a quick fuse when it comes to disagreements. As president a person will encounter many disagreements. Is McCain another my way or the highway Nazi?

DEN said...

Gerald, here is the transscript:

CHETRY: Well, still ahead this morning, no holds barred as presidential hopeful John McCain talks to students in New Hampshire. Tough crowd for the senator. Let's listen.


SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R-AZ), PRES. CANDIDATE: You want to have one more? You're doing great.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I came here looking to see a good leader. I don't.

MCCAIN: Oh, well...


CHETRY: A little disrespectful there. Well, we're going to sit down with the high school sophomore behind those harsh words when AMERICAN MORNING comes right back.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) CHETRY: Well the Straight Talk Express runs into some straight- talking high school students. Senator John McCain got hit with some pretty tough questions at a stop at a school in New Hampshire. Take a listen at how he responded to one of the students.


MCCAIN: I've out-campaigned all of my opponents and I'm confident that I will -- and thanks for the question, you little jerk.


CHETRY: The student asked him, aren't you afraid you're going to die or get Alzheimer's when you're in office? Also William Sleaster was another student asking some tough questions, a 16-year-old sophomore at Concord High School. He joins us now live.

William, thanks for being with us this morning.


CHETRY: All right, well, we're going to listen to the exchange that you had. You asked him a question about whether or not he supported civil unions or gay marriage. Let's listen.


SLEASTER: Do you support civil unions or gay marriage?

MCCAIN: I do not. I do not. I think that they impinge on the status and the sanctity of marriage between man and woman.

SLEASTER: So you want to take away someone's rights because what you believe it's wrong?

MCCAIN: I don't put that interpretation an my position, but I understand yours.


CHETRY: Why was it important for to you ask that question of the senator?

SLEASTER: What was that? Can you repeat that?

CHETRY: I'm saying you guys all had a chance to ask different questions. Why was that important for you that you wanted to ask him where he stood on gay marriage and/or civil unions?

SLEASTER: Well, I am openly bisexual, and I know many people who are LGB, too, and it's very important to us in our community.

CHETRY: And did you have -- did you know what his answer was going to be, because you came back pretty quickly with your follow-up question?

SLEASTER: No, I was just winging it. I had no clue what he was going to say.

CHETRY: Now your exchange with Senator McCain continued, and I want everyone to hear what happened next. He actually complimented you. He said, do you want to have one more, meaning question. You're doing great. And you said, I came here looking to see a good leader. I don't. Let's listen to how it played out.


MCCAIN: You want to have one more? You're doing great.

SLEASTER: I came here looking to see a good leader. I don't.

MCCAIN: Oh, well.


CHETRY: Now there were some gasps and some boos. Do you regret what you said?

SLEASTER: I regret nothing.

CHETRY: What was the reaction from your fellow students and your teachers after you said that to Senator McCain?

SLEASTER: Almost everyone I met was proud of me. If they were there, in my shoes, they said they'd do the exact same thing.


SLEASTER: Why? Because it's the right thing to do. He's no god; he's just a man.

CHETRY: No, it's true that he's not a god, but do you think it was an appropriate way to speak to a senator just because you disagreed with what he said?

SLEASTER: Well, he discriminated against me and treated me as if I was some idiot little kid, so why would I respect him?

CHETRY: Well, how did he treat you like you were an idiot kid? I thought he complimented you and said, would you like another question?

SLEASTER: That was no compliment. That was kind of very speaking down to me.

CHETRY: So you didn't appreciate his answer about gay marriage, and so that's why you responded the way you did?


CHETRY: What did the school say to you? Were you -- we read some reports that an administrator took you aside. Did you get in trouble for any of that exchange?

SLEASTER: No, I didn't. They only remind...

CHETRY: Go ahead.

SLEASTER: They only reminded me to keep Concord's reputation clean, Concord High respectable.

CHETRY: OK, and what did you say to that?

SLEASTER: I said, OK, I will try, and that I will respect them if they deserve my respect.

CHETRY: Are you going to be active in politics in future, and has any candidate sort of done it for you? Is there anybody that you would get behind if you were old enough to vote?

SLEASTER: No, I would not. I am still undecided, and I believe that I will ask the same questions to every candidate and respond the same way.

CHETRY: All right, William Sleaster, 16-year-old sophomore at Concord.

SLEASTER: Sleaster.

CHETRY: Sleaster, sorry. William, thank you for joining us today.

SLEASTER: All right.

David B. Benson said...

Foo. Fixed one problem only to create another by the mere act of fixing the first.

I've done enough damage for today.

Beer time!

©A®OL said...

Not that this is relevant to what you said, Doc, but I bought a new computer game for myself Sunday. Can't get it to work. Stuck in the first level, the first scene. I went out on the net to try to solve my problem and I've come up with the fact...I NEED A NEW, BIGGER, BADDER VIDEO CARD! Of course! I just got the card I have a little over a year ago. Then it was the cat's ass.

And here I am. Needing to upgrade. Now I have to figure out what card I want and I just found out my son can install it. That was the BEST news.

Reminds me of our neighbor who a couple years ago wanted to replace their dead boxer dog and rescued a lab. He then spent $4,000 to fence his place in.

Now I've got a game I can't play unless I buy a new part. *sigh*
(this is sort of like your problem, Doc one thing triggers another thing)