Sunday, September 23, 2007

John Grisham

Best-selling author John Grisham, taking his first major public step in presidential politics by planning to host an event Sunday near his home in Charlottesville, Va., for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, said the current administration is built around "bad people with evil intent" and contends President Bush played politics as thousands died in Iraq.

Grisham talked about this weekend's event during an interview Thursday to discuss his new book, "Playing for Pizza," a fictional account of a Davenport and University of Iowa football player trying to revive a fractured career in Italy.

"The war is an immoral abomination that we'll pay for for decades to come," Grisham said near the end of a 40-minute telephone interview with The Des Moines Register.

"We're paying for it now at the rate of 100 kids a month while Bush plays politics with it."

U.S. Department of Defense and Iraq Coalition Casualty Count statistics indicate the monthly average for American fatalities in Iraq is about 70.

Coalition fatalities average just more than 75 per month, according to the Iraq Coalition group.

A White House spokesperson contacted Thursday afternoon referred questions about Grisham's comments to the Republican National Committee.

"It's easy to level criticisms and attack those who offer solutions," said Chris Taylor, Midwest press secretary for the Republican National Committee. "It is much more difficult to make decisions and to lead."


The RNC? are they running this war????WTF????

Listen to the audio clip in the left margin then read the comments.

Big trouble in River City here folks, quibbling over a body count number????WTF????

It's Clintons fault???? Who the hell are these blind-ass idiots???? They sure are not patriotic Americans, future brownshirts is my guess.

Getting closer everyday to totalitarian rule with plenty of volunteer thugs lining up for jobs busting 'Liberal' heads.




Gerald said...

Maybe my open letter can help John Grisham understand the Nazi American way.

Iran and Oil

Dear Posters:

I have recently read an article and the article mentioned that Henry Kissinger said that we would attack Iran for her oil. Yes, we will have to have endless wars for the world resources. THAT IS THE NAZI AMERICAN WAY!!!

Nazi Americans are not interested in alternative energy sources. We are abnormal beings because we are choosing war over peace. We lust for human blood and carnage of human beings but mainly the slaughter of women and children. THAT IS THE NAZI AMERICAN WAY!!!

We will have more depleted uranium in our weaponry to have dangerous after effects for 4.5 billion years. As more depleted uranium fills our lands, skies, and water, we will have more uranium poisoning in our bodies. We will also have more deformed children being born. THAT IS THE NAZI AMERICAN WAY!!!

We are also seeing Nazi Americans true religion surfacing by every passing second. This true Nazi American religion is bushianity. Bushianity is a religion that has eight pillars. These eight pillars highlight hatred, mass murders, war crimes, torture, corruption, decadence, greed, and lies. THAT IS THE NAZI AMERICAN WAY!!!

What Nazi Americans fail to understand is that their selfishness and self-righteous attitude will destroy them. Hatred begets hatred. Evil begets evil. Wickedness begets wickedness. THAT IS THE NAZI AMERICAN WAY!!!

Slowly we are self-imploding as a people and as a nation. The dry rot in our bodies and in our souls is surfacing. If we look closely at each human being in Nazi America, we will see the dry rot just below the skin but still in plain sight. THAT IS THE NAZI AMERICAN WAY!!!


Gerald said...

"It's easy to level criticisms and attack those who offer solutions," said Chris Taylor, Midwest press secretary for the Republican National Committee. "It is much more difficult to make decisions and to lead."

It is much more difficult to make decisions and to lead. Is the decision to commit mass murders and war crimes anyway to lead? Resolving differences and carrying on dialogue are ways to lead. Hitler Bush's self-hatred is no way to lead. He does not love. He does not have the capcity to love. Love is wanting the best for another person or persons. Are endless wars anyway to lead? Or, anyway to love? If people want the perfect example of love read about Jesus in the Bible. The Bible is God's love letter to you and to me.

Jesus is love! Hitler Bush is hatred, everlasting hatred!!!


DEN said...

I have to ask ole Hill when I see her WHY she wants to be prez.

Who is the most sincere in motive among the candidates?

Who really wants to help others and not themselves?

DEN said...

Gerald, quite unbelievable how some can justify deadly force with impunity.

Like God himself gave THEM the authority to destroy lives.

No God I know would support such a thing.

They are the real terrorists of the world and are multiplying every day, and not without citizen support.

WAL-MART, NASCAR, WWF the latter with plenty of gratuitous violence.

Gerald said...

The RNC says that Hitler Bush offers solutions. Let us look at one of his solutions! Endless wars! Endless wars are not solutions; they create endless problems.

Nazi America's love for depleted uranium will be in our system for 4.5 billion years. As we add more depleted uranium to our system, we will have more health problems. We will have more human deformities. We are creating a world where zombies will roam. Human life will look very differently in the coming generations.

A typical or average Nazi American will look like a zombie. Presently, with our hatred for God's children has our soul looking like a zombie. Soon our bodies will emulate our souls and our entire being will be a zombie.

DEN said...


Gerald said...

DEN, I've been hearing and reading that Nazi America is a real terrorist nation. Hitler Bush says that God speaks through him. The God that I believe in will never say that we should murder His children. What loving father would say that he wants his children slaughtered? Yet, we have Nazi Americans believing that Hitler Bush's actions to kill God's children is really what God wants.

I have posted about Nazi Americans turning into zombies but we now have Nazi Americans functioning as psychos. We are truly a certifiably insane nation and people.

Gerald said...

The RNC and Hitler Bush are false prophets. God has said that we should be aware of false prophets and we should not follow them.

These false prophets are roaming the world seeking the ruin of souls.

Gerald said...

Congress should forego its R and R

Gerald said...

Here is some heavy reading

DEN said...

Gerald, better fasten your seatbelts, with idiot killers in charge we are in for a rough ride.

Liberal purging dead ahead.

Gerald said...

The root cause of man's inhumanity to man is our separation from love ~ a love that not only lies deepest within each one of us but a love that binds and unites the Universe. Sooner or later we will be forced to take responsibility for that love : Allen L Roland, Ph.D

Let us strive to bring the love that is deep inside our being to the surface! We should not continue to suppress the love that will unite humankind. The sooner we can come to terms with God's direct command that we should love one another as he has loved us the sooner we will have peace in the world.

Gerald said...

DEN, no one said with Hitler Bush in office that we would be in for joy ride. He has taken us for a ride and it may be one that will never return us to the America we once thought we knew.

As I look back in the history of Nazi America, I believe that we have always had evil forces controlling out lives. We are only puppets being used by the rich to enhance their lifestyles.

ยบ¿carol said...

Hillary was on at least three of the morning gasbag shows. Man, I so wish she wasn't running. *sigh* She's too scary. She's either going to lose the election because of how many people can't stand her, or if she wins she's going to be middle of the road like her husband was. I do NOT trust her.

I would love for Al Gore to jump in in January and blow her off the radar screens. He'd have a better chance of winning than she does.

Oh, well. Nothing I can do about anything. Whatever will be will be. We're all just along for the ride.

David B. Benson said...

Alan --- Thanks for the post on PhysOrgForum.

I don't suppose you have actually convinced him, but there are several lurkers there, who come and go, so it is valuable to slam into every idiotic posting...

David B. Benson said...

I don't agree that nothing can be done about it, but we have to start NOW!

Rising Sea Stand

micki said...

Re: rising sea stands and other climate change problems....

Yes, glaciers are melting, rapidly. Here in Glacier National Park, there were an estimated 150 glaciers when the park was founded just after the turn of the 20th century.

Today there are 25 glaciers. This diminishing of glaciers escalated in the last 10 years.

Lake McDonald in Glacier Nat'l Park has not frozen over during the last 10 winters. Not usual.

The USGS has estimated, according to the Nat'l Park workers at Apgar at the entrance to west Glacier, that there will be NO glaciers in the park by 2020.

The "joke" among the young workers is that the "land barons" will declare there's no reason to keep the area designated as GLACIER National Park because there are NO glaciers -- therefore, it should be developed for profit.

But, these young people we talked with are committed to making positive moves forward.

micki said...

I don't see anything scary about Hillary.

I've seen scary -- and it is NOT Hillary Clinton!

Whether we like it or not, the middle is where things get done. In fact, the MIDDLE is where the middle class used to have clout and strength.

The middle is where most Americans reside -- or used to reside.

Is Hillary the best candidate? I won't go there.....but if anyone thinks we're going to regain the White House with a candidate that appeals soley to the LEFT, is deluded.

Alan said...

Is anybody watching Ken Burns' show on PBS? I haven't seen all of both episodes cause of flipping back 'n forth w/football. The second one is 'bout over now.
good show, for sure

Alan said...

My bad. First off, the show wasn't about to end... it's still running. Second, it's the same episode as before, repeated. I just now seen a scene that was on earlier. *slaps self*

carol said...

The middle is scary where health care is concerned for sure. Hillary's idea for it is to mandate. If people could afford to buy it they would be buying it now.

But whatever. I don't really give a good shit who runs or wins. It's certainly beyond my control.