Monday, September 10, 2007

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General Petraeus will go before Congress this afternoon to argue that the surge is working -- that sectarian killings and attacks against Iraqi and U.S. forces are substantially down. The military's secret numbers will serve as support for those conclusions, even as numbers from within the government (e.g. those collected by the Defense Intelligence Agency) dispute them.

We'll have more on the numbers game a little later. But from Petraeus' perspective, the question appears closed. We're making progress -- just how much is a secondary question. As he wrote in a recent letter to U.S. forces, we're "a long way from the goal line, but we do have the ball and we are driving down the field." We have the ball! @ TPM


Herr General vil tell us vhat vill happen next, and der Fuherer vill give him a freedom medal.

Seig Heil!!

Behave yourself, ve have ways of making you talk!



DEN said...

Does anyone really expect something different to be said?

We will continue to be mired in the Middle East until the decider is run out of Dodge City.

We need a new sheriff in town, this one is a crook.

Gerald said...

I have written a few words for the AR blog on General Betrayus. Never ever forget that Betrayus will never betray Hitler Bush. His report are more Bush lies.

Alan said...

What astounds me is that people, and even media still call this the general's report. All THINKING people know it's the White House's team of propaganda-ists (zat a word?) who will write the report.
Forget the GAO report and the National Intelligence Estimate, this made-up shyt is what you're 'sposed to believe.

carey said...

Hi. We've had a busy school week and still ironing kinks out.

Will someone shut Duncan Hunter up? This whole first section has been one of pontification and campaigning on weird stuff unrelated to Petreus and his report. There have been some strange correlations like with Neville Chamberlain and such not. Doesn't make sense? My point. Strange so far.

Everyone's there.

Yes, Moveon went too far with the front page ad on Petreus. They need new direction.

Gerald said...

No war by any nation in any age has ever been declared by the people.
– Eugene Debs

Gerald said...


One of DEN's links is the Duluth News Tribune. With winter approaching I wanted to see Duluth's average temperatures. Viewing Duluth's winter temperatures makes me feel a little better as I try to survive the winter months.

Jan. High 18 to Low -1
Feb. 25 to 5
Mar. 34 to 16
Nov. 35 to 21
Dec. 22 to 6

Gerald said...


International Falls, MN is the coldest continental city in the USA.

Jan. 14 to -8
Feb. 23 to -1
Mar. 35 to 12
Nov. 33 to 16
Dec. 18 to -1

This temperature is for the states that are together and not separated. Nome, Alaska would probably be the coldest USA city.

Gerald said...


Nome, Alaska

Jan. 13 to -2
Feb. 14 to -2
Mar. 18 to 1
Nov. 23 to 11
Dec. 16 to 1

Gerald said...

A Modern A-hole

David B. Benson said...

Gerald --- I don't know whether Arctic Circle counts as a city, but likely to be colder than Nome.

DEN said...

The military war mentality is conspicuously missing a mind.

If it had one it would not choose war. DUH!

Betreyus is one of the redneck contingient, NRA, NASCAR, and WWF, which all have too many members in that club

40 some pushups? Who cares!

Got to be a tough guy(probably gay).

David B. Benson said...

Military intelligence is a contradition in terms...

DEN said...

Doc, Oxymoron,

Wouldn't ya know it has its own website too.

Carey said...

His report are more Bush lies.

Bingo Gerald! Petraeus should win an Oscar for his performance of a general betraying his military training, background and integrity. Too bad he just f**ked his reputation down the road.

Finally, I've been having some connection problems. Probably the blogosphere talking all at once over this spectacle today. The one thing I kept thinking about while sitting open-mouthed in disbelief at Petraeus' performance was that I've been spelling his name wrong, idiot that I am.

Petraeus towed the ball hook, line and sinker. Alarmingly so. Blatantly so. There's no beating around the bush here. Heh, heh. He out-and-out lied. I was a little amazed he is stooping as low as he is. Wow. It's really disingenuous and rather obvious to the uneducated eye I would reckon.

Gerald said...

DBB, I just thought that I would share some different info and that brought me to temperatures. Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin, and Northern Michigan are great places to visit but these areas offer long winters. A person would really have to enjoy winter activities and sports to live in these places.

Carey, what we are seeing from Hitler Bush and Betrayus are smoke and mirrors and bait and switch tactics. We will never leave Iraq!!! We are currently preparing to build a permanent military base on the Iran border. How can we draw down our troops while we add more permanent bases in Iraq???

Nazi America or the United States of Evil will always be an occupier and never a liberator. We are an evil empire and as an evil empire we will always grab more land and fleece the natural resources of a country.

It is my understanding that Iran has cheap oil. I believe that this means the oil is easy to reach. According to reports the cheap oil has about 10 or 15 more years of life expectancy. That is why Iran wants nuclear energy in order to slow the loss of their oil. By slowing the depletion process of cheap oil they may have 30 to 40 years before their oil is depleted. Nuclear energy will help give Iran time to reinvent herself.

David B. Benson said...

Gerald --- Iran would do far better to invest in biomass production for biofuels.

Less expensive, no troubles, put alot of currently unimployed Iranians to work...

DEN said...

Might even work here in the good 'ole USA.


DEN said...

last one to comment, please turn out the lights.

Thanks, the proprietor.

Alan said...

Edwards wins in the E-primary (online) in Texas with 37%. Obama gets 21%, Clinton 20%.

Moving Texas Forward

©C©¬arol said...

Gerald said, A person would really have to enjoy winter activities and sports to live in these places.

That's not the only reason to live in a cold climate which MI has. The best one is because winter keeps the insects and poisonous critters to a minimum. (if we could only put icons in here I'd put the one with the huge eyes!)

Gerald said...

DBB, please take sometime to explain biomass and biofuels! Maybe with the next thread for September 11, 2007?

DEN, if biomass and biofuels work great!

Is ethanol a biofuel? If it is, Iran and the Middle East do not have the water for massive agricultural fields to grow the corn.

Carol, the winter does limit these critters and that is a positive aspect of cold weather. My concern is the driving that we must do to go shopping, etc. A shorter winter like in Kentucky may be a good place to retire?

I am glad to remember another tactic that is used to deceive us. That is the dog and pony show we are given to justify mass murders and war crimes. The nutty warmongers will use the dog and pony show, the bait and switch methods, and the smoke and mirrors magical acts for justifying carnage and the slaughter of our human population.


Gerald said...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, said on Monday the flow of Iranian weapons into Iraq has increased but that Iranian Quds force trainers had withdrawn.

"It appears that that is increasing and we do not see a sign of that abating," Petraeus said of weapons flows, citing increased attacks by one type of roadside bomb technology and rockets that U.S. military officials link to Iran.

"The Quds force itself, we believe by and large those individuals have been pulled out of the country as have the Lebanese Hezbollah trainers that were being used to augment that activity," he said.

The Quds force is part of Iran's Revolutionary Guard.

General Betrayus is also on the bandwagon to attack Iran.

What about the weapons we are giving to the insurgents in Iraq and the weapons that we give to Nazi Israel to kill and maim Lebonese and Palestinians? My guess is that when the good, holy, and saintly Nazis do it in Nazi America it is okay. Our stinking thinking will never end!!!

Please let us never forget that the United States of Evil controls the sale of WMD's by a 70 to 30% margin. We are the killers of human populations throughout the world!!!!!

Gerald said...

Betrayus, Powell, and other generals are birds of a feather.

I want to scare the hell out of the rest of the world.
– General Colin Powell

We keep hearing that Betrayus is a genius. I am sick of so-called geniuses who love to kill people.

I would prefer more average and low average people to lead and who love humanity.

Gerald said...

The Military Draft

Gerald said...


Without the draft, unpopular wars are very difficult to fight. The ability to use conscription actually encourages politicians to wage even more wars - the massive resources are a temptation that is hard for the war-lover to resist. When the draft was finally undermined in the 1970's, for example, the Vietnam War ended.


The draft is slavery. If we see it return to America, arguments about this country being free or not become totally moot. No society can ever be free when its own government seizes by force not only the resources of the country, but the money and lives of "its" own people.

A government that uses military conscription in the name of freedom is an illegitimate, criminal organization. A government that is willing to enslave people cannot be trusted to protect your liberty. A government that forces people to fight for its goals, its protection, and its benefit has created a morally perverse situation where there is no free society left to defend.

Gerald said...

If you love to murder people, you will find a home in the military services.

Gerald said...

The United States of Evil is also known as MURDER INCORPORATED!!!!!

Gerald said...

The Military Draft is simple supply and demand. More cannon fodder means more wars!!!!!

Nazi America must show the Nazi Americans that they are receiving more bang for their dollar. When we pay cannon fodder, we expect a return and wars will bring that return, such stealing another country's natural and human resources. Plus, with all the research that we are doing what better place to test our research projects and that is in wars.

Gerald said...

What separates Nazi America from the rest of the world are our evil ways?

DEN said...

Gerald, Nu thread!