Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Now the BAD boy Romney Repug:

Ah the infamous repug doo-doo principle. Did the doofus think nobody would find out about his money-whore investments?

Shame, shame Mr. Var-Mitt.

Now on with the day!



DEN said...

More sneaking and hiding can be found HERE Welcome to Freedom’s Watch, an organization dedicated to fighting to protect the ideals and issues that keep America strong and prosperous.

* Our mission is to ensure a strong national defense and a powerful fight against terror, especially in Iraq. On the domestic front, our mission is to give hope, lift people up, and achieve prosperity through free enterprise.
* Those who want to quit while victory is possible have dominated the public debate about terror and Iraq since the 2004 election.
* Our group will give a voice to those who believe that victory is America's only choice. For those who believe in peace through strength, the cavalry is coming.
* Our goal, as we await General Petraeus' report, is to make sure our elected leaders do not abandon our nation's mission in Iraq and that they do not cave in to the demands of those who want to cut and run.

Try to find names of any of the members.

More info @ KOS

micki said...

Den -- Lovely photo!

micki said...

A "Wiki look" at Freedom's Watch -- interesting reading

The Freedom's Watch "inner circle of strategists and donors are close to Vice President Dick Cheney or held high posts at the White House," the Associated Press's Kim Kuhnhenn wrote September 28, 2007.

Bradley A. Blakeman, president of Freedom's Watch, is a former deputy assistant to President George W. Bush. Fleischer is a Freedom's Watch co-founder and spokesman. During summer 2007, Mary Matalin "brainstormed" with Blakeman, Kuhnhenn wrote.

Matalin formerly served as an assistant to President Bush and as a counselor to Cheney, is a member of the I. Lewis Scooter Libby Legal Defense Fund Advisory Board and is a lead publicist for Republican 2008 presidential hopeful Fred Thompson.

micki said...

Alan (from previous) -- Yeah, that line from Miss Modo was great!

When she is good...she is very, very good!

DEN said...

Operation KILL Freedom, run by the rich and infamous and a who's who of the repug gang of fascists, "achieving prosperity through free (read secret) enterprise.


micki said...

IMO, Freedom's Watch was organized as yet another front group to convince the U.S. (the people) that Iran is an American problem, not just an Israeli problem.

Freedom's Watch will attempt to make the "neccessity" of war on Iran a bipartisan issue -- and make every effort to separate the "necessity" of war on Iran from the disastrous failure in Iraq. (A tough sell, one would think....but these creeps are really, really good an obfuscation and fabrication.)

The fact is Iran is a problem for Israel -- a real problem. But, if organizations such as Freedom's Watch "help" Israel by promoting a U.S. attack on Iran, there will be unintended consequences.

When war is waged under false pretenses, and not in our interests, but rather in Israel's, and American lives, treasure, and credibility are squandered, we will have jabbed another hornet's nest and a backlash of enormous proportions will result.

Some will say that Freedom's Watch has an overarching devotion to Israeli interests -- but IMO, their interest is essentially based on endless war and war-profiteering. Fasten your seatbelts.

micki said...

Den, Freedom's Watch is not very secret at all. They do their nasty crapola in plain sight.

P.S. "Freedom's Watch" -- what a ridiculous name!

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Not yet. Have eaten bison. Prefer beef to bison.

David B. Benson said...

Why urgent action on climate is needed: the view from the arctic.

Arctic thaw may be at tipping point

micki said...

Dr. B -- Bill ate bison in Montana. I ate black beans instead.

micki said...

Catching up here....

Hoo boy, Carey, that vote on the Iranian Revo Guard is a touchy subject, eh? In general, I'm not pleased with anything that has Joe Lieberman's name on it, but I try to see both sides of an issue, even when I disagree with one side or the other (or both??!!).

Not to minimize, but it was a "sense of the senate" non-binding vote -- so, it's symbolic, more than "toothy." And, let's face it, no matter what the Senate vote was, it will have no impact on the Decider-in-Chief's decision on warring on Iran. He will do what he damn well pleases anyway. That's for certain.

Specifically on Hillary's "yes" vote, I am disappointed but I recognize the realities of politics. If she had voted "no" she would be branded as "weak on terrorism," "weak on national security," weak on America's safety," blah blah blah by the RWEC (reichwing echo chamber). But, the politics of it is a secondary concern of mine....

Iran has been on the US government state sponsors of terrorism blacklist for more than two decades. Already this year, the US government escalated financial sanctions against Tehran, so this vote doesn't rise to the level of laying the foundation for war on Iran, IMO. It's posturing -- and yes, it's shameless -- but it's not the BIG deal that the left is making of it. I wish we wouldn't fall for this shit all the time and get off-track.

Frankly, I want to believe Hillary when she said it opens up the possibility of dealing with Iran in a more meaningful way, through talks, and possibility sanctions, if diplomacy doesn't lead to solutions. I'm not sure how that would work....but, she knows more than I do! :-))

What does bother me is if the United States Government -- i.e. CHENEY/BUSH CABAL -- decides to officially, and belligerently, designate the IRGC a terrorist group, then it will be the first time official armed units of a sovereign state are included in a list of banned terrorist groups. Bad news. Under international law, that could be CHALLENGED as illegal by isolating a branch of the Iranian government for selective targeting. (And how would European countries, for instance, feel about being subject to prosecution in American courts for doing business and working with the Guards???)

So, anyway....maybe Hillary believes that her vote and her explanation sends a message to the official Iranian government that she's willing to talk.

micki said...

Soot could hasten melting of Arctic Ice

Dr. B -- That article you linked included a quote from Dr. Hansen about the role of soot in melting ice. I had never thought of that connection! Duh. Thnx!

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Yes BC abbreviates two bad things:

(1) Black carbon, i.e., soot;

(2) Bush/Cheney, i.e., s**t.

Gerald said...

Is Hitler Bush a Sociopath?

Gerald said...

If you are a sociopath, there’s probably no more ideal job than the presidency to reinforce your delusions of grandeur. The only problem, of course, is how many lives, civil liberties, and national resources must be sacrificed in order to sustain a grandiose sense of self. It is problematic – and unethical – to diagnose Bush the individual from a distance. To be fair, Bush probably displays characteristics one would not expect a sociopath to exhibit – he almost certainly grieves over the loss of U.S. troops, his moral idealism about spreading democracy is almost certainly genuine, and he has shown tremendous loyalty to close aides. Undoubtedly, Bush is a complex character and any attempt to diagnose him from afar should be treated with some skepticism. Nevertheless, his presidency is another matter; it gives every indication of being psychologically deviant, particularly in so far as denial of reality and the truth has been at its core.

Gerald said...

The Ten Steps of Fascism

Gerald said...

And finally, in this rapidly changing world it's good to see that some things never change. Everyone's favorite academic bigot and racist, Lee Bollinger, president of Columbia University was up to his old antics the other day when he welcomed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Columbia. Bollinger, the well known Zionazi and Israeli 5th columnist, played right into Ahmadinejad hands as the welcoming became a lynching before Ahmadinejad was allowed to speak to the crowd of young Zionazis. While the JDL had a field day and Bush had an orgasm, the rest of the world got to see what America means by "freedom of speech." ??

Don't get me wrong. Ahmadinejad is no Gandhi or King but mostly a puppet to the Ayatollahs much as our beloved Fuhrer is a puppet to the corpo-rats, ergo, his statements about there being no gays in Iran. The man has a PhD in engineering and no doubt knows better. Would he, if he could, destroy Israel? Of course he would, who wouldn't? Does he want the bomb? No doubt, if you were in his place, wouldn't you? Would he use it? No chance, unless he was being invaded and then only as a last resort as to use it would bring instant destruction and the man, no matter how he is portrayed by the mainstream media, is no fool. ??

Bollinger, who single-handedly almost destroyed my old Alma Matter, is doing the same thing to Columbia. While he's feeling all warm and fuzzy, he's also helped drive several more nails into America's coffin in the eyes of the world. Not to mention pushing this country just that much closer into Bush's WWIII. I just wonder if Cheney has paid Lee his 30 pieces of silver yet? ??

Meanwhile way down in "foggy bottom" ole "Tail-gunner Joe" Lieberman, I-Israel, introduced a resolution urging the State Department to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds force a terrorist organization. The resolution passed 76 - 22, thus giving Bush the signal from the Senate that he is cleared to attack Iran at his leisure.



Gerald said...

The Ex-Patriot Spirit of the New Kingdom

Gerald said...

This nascent (existing) guilt lies at the root of the social conscience which God calls all Christians to, as the inevitable complement of personal salvation. "In personal religion the first requirement is to repent and believe the gospel." But then, "Social religion, too, demands repentance and faith: repentance for our social sins." Faith requires a revaluation of social values. There are two great entities in human life—the human soul and the human race—and religion is to save both." - Paul Rauschenbusch

"Christians are living in this sinful world and must bear its sinful burden, they may not steal away from its battlefield." - Nicolas Berdyaev. In other words, as cynicism burns the roots of our spiritual motivation, we can counteract its effects by willingly assuming the responsibility that peers and politicians refuse. No one compels us to assume this burden - we accept it freely out of love for God and our fellow man. When we act for peace, the kingdom grows.

Alan said...

Many soldiers get boot for 'pre-existing' mental illness

WASHINGTON — Thousands of U.S. soldiers in Iraq — as many as 10 a day — are being discharged by the military for mental health reasons. But the Pentagon isn't blaming the war. It says the soldiers had "pre-existing" conditions that disqualify them for treatment by the government.
Just dump 'em without treatment back in their hometowns... let the locals deal with it.

Hajji said...

The Blessings of Dirty Work

The Blessings of Dirty Work

By Barbara Kingsolver
Sunday, September 30, 2007; Page B01

In my neighborhood of Southwest Virginia, backyard gardens are as common as satellite dishes. Now is the time of year for husking corn and breaking beans. Jars bobble quietly in water-bath canners on our stoves: tomatoes, allspice pickles, whatever the garden has overproduced today. If we don't have our own, we can buy bushels from our neighbors' trucks at the Saturday market, because farmers have plenty right now, and what they grow is our sustenance.

Elsewhere that connection may be a stretch of the imagination; here it's not. We move to the same impulse that makes squirrels hoard their nuts, rising at dawn to pick, returning in the evening to pick more. We freeze, we preserve, we give away excess. It's the gardener's World Series -- an all-consuming hoopla at the end of the season. We will finish with full larders, our chest freezers overstuffed like suitcases lugged home from the duty-free zone.


Barbara Kingsolver...

Need I say anything?