Saturday, September 22, 2007

This Land is Your Land

Tribute to Woody Guthrie

Sometimes a trip back in time reminds us what and who we really are and where we are from.

Woody's music does that very well doesn't it.



Gerald said...

Woody Guthrie's song is very moving. It brought me goosebumps as I realized that THIS LAND is no longer my land.

I hope you where able to read the short article, Pope refuses to see Mushroom Cloud Rice on DWF's blog for September 21, 2007. The Pope had his reasons for not seeing a member of the Nazi-fascist murdering scurvy rat regime.

Gerald said...

Pope refuses to see Mushroom Cloud Rice

Gerald said...

The Bush administration was not interested in the views of the late Pope on the immorality of launching its planned military offensive.

The US has responded in a manner considered unacceptable at the Vatican to the protection of the rights of Iraqi Christians under the new Iraqi constitution.

The Pope is getting it right.

Who in the hell Hitler Bush thinks he is? The Decider on moral issues? He is a low-life murdering pimp!!!!!

Gerald said...

Hitler Bush is about the equivalent of a pimple on a GOP elephant's behind.

Gerald said...

Please read Bishop Gumbleton's homily for September 16, 2007

Gerald said...

We are also able to listen to Bishop Gumbleton's homily.

As this introduction is being written, young American and British soldiers are being told that Iraqi children playing in the road are probably being used by insurgents to slow down their convoys rendering them more vulnerable to attack. In such situations, they have been ordered to run the children down. What this means to those children and their families speaks for itself. And I do not mean to suggest for a moment that the most horrific implications of such a policy is its effect on the troops, but when these young soldiers subsequently find it difficult to sleep or to love or perhaps even to justify their own continued existence and then that is dismissed by their superiors as underdeveloped coping skills, we are either witnessing a terrifying disconnect or a truly monstrous agenda.

What would happen to a person who ran over a child? Of course you destroy your capacity to love. You almost have to lose your ability to show affection. You have to stop feeling. So you become less than human. You become unlike God, who is love. That is one of the most important ways, I'm convinced, that we have to respond to what we hear today. We have to say no to war because it destroys the lives of those who do the killing, not even to think of the disaster it is to those who are the enemy.

If we really open ourselves today to try to know God as God is, beyond our categories, to try to let God enter into our lives as a merciful loving, unlimited, unconditional loving God. And then we respond to that and learn how to be loving, giving, always reaching out, waiting to give encouragement to others. Then we become what God calls us to be. Full human beings filled with love and able to be loved. Able to experience deeply who God is. Deep within ourselves to know that God is love.

Gerald said...

We are called to be more like God, fully loving human beings, whose love is an unconditional love. We are called to love all of God's children because we are all brothers and sisters in God.

Please do not let yourselves become like Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, and Gonzales! These are murdering war criminals whose lust for carnage knows no bounds. They cannot have enough carnage because their lives exist on carnage and man's inhumanity to man.

Alan said...

*good clip Den
I give a thumbs-up to all but "tbe boss". He's the only one that added a FAKE country accent. All others were just themselves.

Alan said...

fireside chat #2 (cheney-in-chief

Alan said...

LMAO ! Scroll down to listen to the audio of a stand-up routine. It's right under the youtube of "the view", in this article about idiots.

Suddenly we’re surrounded by idiots?

DEN said...

Good solid reasons for not seeing the weasle.

I do believe that he should have arranged a better time to meet.

Someone must be unafraid to tell them they are screwed up and look straight in her evil eye doing it.

Help Wanted: Someone to grab the bull by the horns and institute change away from mass slaughter for money to peace talks with all involved.

DEN said...

Alan, see Idiocracy to grasp the end result of morons breeding like bunnies and intelligent folks being more conservative.

Mostly ding-a-ling humor but a nightmare scenario nevertheless.

David B. Benson said...

One important piece of good news: there is finally a protocol to eliminate all production of CFCs and HCFCs! While only completed by the year 2040, this is still a significant, very significant, contribution to reversing global warming.

Lots more to be done, here are some of the problems, with the percentage of contribution of carbon to the active carbon cycle of about 8 Gt yearly:

coalfield fires (3.5% est.)
concrete production (3%)
world's ocean vessel fleet (2.7%)
U.S. cars and light trucks (2.5% est.)
world's airlines (2.2%)

And Den, that isn't where the bull needs to be grabbed...

Gerald said...

Gulf War Deaths Outnumber the Vietnam War Deaths

David B. Benson said...

Alan --- I'd appreciate it if you could come over to PhysOrgForum and slap down a poster naming himself zoktoberfest.


Gerald said...

73,000 dead amongst the U.S. soldiers for this scale operation using weapons of mass destruction is not high - we expect the great majority of U.S. soldiers who took part in the invasion of Iraq to die of uranium poisoning, which can take decades to kill.

From a victors perspective, above any major war in history, The Gulf War has taken the severest toll on soldiers.

More than 1,820 tons of radio active nuclear waste uranium were exploded into Iraq alone in the form of armor piercing rounds and bunker busters, representing the worlds worst man made ecological disaster ever. 600 milligrams of uranium were used in the Hiroshima bomb. The U.S. Iraq Nuclear Holocaust represents far more than one trillion Hiroshima’s. The nuclear waste the U.S. has exploded into the Middle East will continue killing for billions of years and can wipe out more than a third of life on earth. Gulf War Veterans who have ingested the uranium will continue to die off over a number of years.

So far more than one million people have been slaughtered in the illegal invasion of Iraqi by the U.S. Birth defects are up 600% in Iraq – the same will apply to U.S. Veterans.

Statistics and evidence published by the government and mainstream media in no way reflect the extreme gravity of the situation.

Those working for the government and media must wake up and take responsibility for immediately reversing this U.S. Holocaust. Understanding who is manipulating all of us is critical for all of us.

Gerald said...

The United States of Evil is involved in the holocaust of Iraqis.

Gerald said...

There should be no doubt that the United States of Evil is a Nazi state bent on murdering more and more of God's children.

Gerald said...

About Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur, the holiest day in the Jewish year, is also known as the Day of Atonement. Writing in America about it, Rabbi Michael Lerner says that “our fundamental inclination…is toward the good: but…we miss the mark.” He adds, “We take collective responsibility” because “we co-create our world.”

Rabbi Lerner suggests that as individuals and as a nation we examine our attitudes and obligations toward today’s major world problems. What do we really think about:

International efforts to reduce global warming

Extremes of poverty, both domestic and international

Health care coverage for all

True respect and practical support for parents and children

What would our country and world be like if we lived righteousness and love?

Have mercy on me, O God according to your steadfast love…Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity. (Psalm 51:1,2)

Holy Spirit, enable us to express our goodness through our deeds.

Gerald said...

How many of our Iraqi war soldiers will come home after being exposed to huge quantities of uranium poisoning and give birth to deformed children or impregnate women who will give birth to deformed children?

Gerald said...

Uranium poisoning will be with us for 4.5 billion years and deformities will also be with us and Nazi Americans will be born deformed and die deformed. Will Nazi Americans be like zombies in the years ahead? Rome fell because of poison from leaded pots and pans. Nazi America will fall through uranium poisoning in our bodies.

Gerald said...

The United States of Evil is headed toward being a nation of zombies.

micki said...

Thought I wouldn't be here for a while but decided to check in...

Short report: Hey, this land is OUR land. Earlier today in Spokane, I talked to a fella from Kelowna, BC -- he said HE can't wait for all good Americans to get their country back, starting in January 2009. He said BCers in his neck of the woods are soooooo ready for bush to go!

In Wallace, ID (of all places), I talked with a woman from Kellogg, ID, (where the "good girls" are from, meaning non-bordello, I guess) who said she would vote for ANY Democrat who gets the nomination, "and I can go up and down this street and find ten more people just like me in one block. We're sick of bush." Hmmmm. (Wallace was/is a big silver mining area with a history of bordello activity to rival the best of 'em!)

Also this morning, I talked with a 16-YO boy from Osburn, ID, who is doing community service for "underage consumption." He showed up at the Visitors' Center in Wallace to do some of his "hours" and the ADULTS IN CHARGE did not show up, to let him in! Doors locked! No one answering the phones! He was beside himself with worry that someone would think he had not kept his promise. I told him to write a note, with the date and time and put it in the mail slot in the door and explain that he had waited for 1 hour and 15 minutes and will check back later. (He had a job to go to that he needs to help out at home and TRY to get money for college, he told me.) He doesn't have a probation officer or anything like that -- no money for those services. He said he really dislikes what "the Republicans" are doing in this state. (Idaho) I asked him what he thought of bush -- "I think he's worse than the Republican people here!"

He told me he really messed up by drinking and decided that 2 hours of partying was not a good exchange for 20 hours of community service, 10 hours of alcohol abuse classes, and almost loosing his job. He said he'd never underage drink again, but he couldn't say if he'd never drink again.

Now, I'm in Kalispell, Montana. I guess I'm contributing to global warming by using petrol, but seeing our beautiful country up close, in all its splendor makes me feel there's hope.

Gerald said...

These are future Nazi Americans

Gerald said...

No Bravery

Gerald said...

Support the Troops

David B. Benson said...

Stop the presses! The USG suggested, and China and the rest went along, to stop all production of HCFCs by 2030, a decade earlier.

That's the equivalent of 25 billion tons of carbon dioxide, a most helpfully large amount.

I found the correct news story on The Independent...

DEN said...

War is a tragedy we cannot afford but always pay for.

It is the balance we have created for being so bad, that like a pendulum, swings back.

David B. Benson said...

Blub, blub.

If you live on the coast, that is.

DEN said...

Micki, out on a road trip is interesting, seeing other places,
RV'in or Motel'in.

Meanwhile in todays news;
Irans' equivalent to bush, Ahmadinejad will be at the UN and appearing at Columbia U. for a forum.

That ought to rile up the neofascists.

DEN said...

Alan, "Forum Hitman", for hire?

By all means, kick some AZZ!

Alan said...

Alan, "Forum Hitman", for hire?

I dunno 'bout all that. zoktoberfest must be talking about something blue collar this time. I read some earlier today and was two full pages from the latest posts. I hadn't seen anything by him yet that's more my experience, but I'll catch up soonest and see what he's saying. The guy comes up with some wild-azz shyt, so there's no telling what his latest is about.

DBB, tho I don't often post, I'm still lurking and read every page.

DEN said...

Like a relative that comes for a weekend and stays a month?