Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bill Moyers

PBS provides Bill Moyers Journal for us and in the most recent episode he interviews Jeremy Scahill about Backwater and other mercenary groups and the danger they pose to our very freedom.

Video can be viewed HERE.

These are indeed very trying times for the entire world and these hired goon squads are making it even more complicated.

HT to Gerald for posting about the episode yesterday.



º¿carol said...

Alan, that Leave it to Beaver video was great! Thanks!

micki said...

Alan -- I second Carol's thanks!

Humor the best medicine!

Carey said...

Yay Alan. The Leave it to Beaver video, marvelous!

Okay Micksters. I thought about it later and said to myself, shoot, I must be wrong about this as I gazed at yet another campaign video.

Your take on Kucinich, (ladies-style) I'm going to listen to. Afterall, who has the better taste in men amongst us?

Carol and Micki! I seem to falter in that area.

Stupid mushroom head Bush. You can't hate him enough.

Brandon is all better and a smarthead at that. You always know when they're better, don't you?

Carey said...

I wrote you all late last night a letter like Gerald saying yeah, I think it's actully going to happen this time. Iran. Of course, I promptly lost it and didn't feel like a rewrite.

It is going to happen this time. I will see the Moyers show later today on the DVR. I knew he would pack a show full of stong statements over this precipice we're at.

I think this press conference was the announcement. Bush spoke the Christian Zionist neocon argument--Iran will destroy Israel.

We have been waitng, knowing Cheney would do it. There wss a Frontine this week on Cheney.

He'll do anything. Anything. He's Hitler fascism incarnate.

Iran will happen, I have no doubt now. No doubt.

David B. Benson said...

Are you ready to take in some neighbors?

21 cities 'hihgly vulnerable' to climate change

micki said...

Carey -- On Wednesday when bush said he had “told people that if you’re interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon,” bells went off in my head. What? Now, it's the "knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon" and not the actual weapons themselves?

But, bush has never been precise in his choice of words.

Will bush order weeks of bombing Iran's civilian and military infrastructures, which will likely be followed by the blocking of oil supplies to the West, acts of terror in which Amercans are killed (perhaps tens of thousands), a years' long Muslim jihad against the United States, destabilization of the world order, and economic devastation to the West, because of the "possibility" of a few nuclear bombs in Iran?

That would be insane. Stay tuned.

micki said...

I read that in bush's radio address today he told Americans (those who can stand to listen to the SOB) that: As Americans, we've been given a beautiful country to live in, and we have an obligation to be good stewards of the environment. With the cooperative conservation policies we have put in place, we show our commitment to preserving our Nation's heritage. By making responsible choices today, we will ensure that our children and grandchildren will enjoy a cleaner and more vibrant environment.

So, Dr. B don't be so worried about climate change. The pResident has reassured the nation that he's put some "cooperative conservation" policies in place.

micki said...

Climate change -- What are we doing about it in Wasington State

micki said...

I have no idea if this is accurate -- I read this @


13 PERCENT = The percentage of greenhouse gases created by all trucks, SUVs, cars, airplanes, trains and other transportation.

18 PERCENT = The amount of greenhouse gases created by livestock production.

Source: United Nations

Moral of the story: If you are an average U.S. meat eater, reducing your meat consumption to 2 ounces per day is roughly equivalent to doubling your vehicle's fuel efficiency, in terms of greenhouse gas reduction.



Can a person who doesn't own a car eat more meat and still be ecologically responsible? Or what about a vegetarian who drives a Prius? Or a vegan who rides a bike and doesn't wear leather? Or a little old lady who eats only canned tuna fish and no meat and uses public transportation? Or a business traveler who flies 30x a year but doesn't eat meat? Or a hunter who shoots his own meat, but drives a BIG truck to and from the woodsy area? :-))

º¿carol said...


Loved your list, Micki. Good questions!

Anonymous said...

Here's another question:

Do gay vegans patronize leather bars?