Monday, October 01, 2007

Dem Doofus

Bill Maher 9-28-07

For a elected official, Rahm doesn't know shit about the oath to uphold the Constitution and the part about free speech, and this guy is a big shot in the dem party? No wonder they are directionless and meandering aimlessly.

What is he a reich wing plant to screw the dems up? Or does he actually believe he is right?

Get the boot and give it to that guy!



DEN said...

Nothing worse than morons in high places and the dems have some winners don't they?

The repugs are on a mission with the Constitution in their sights. Focused on removal of the things that interfere with their relentless pursuit of money.

On that note lets get started with the week.

micki said...

Den, I'm confused. Are you suggesting giving the boot to Rahm Emmanuel (sp?) based on what he said in this video clip? Or for other reasons?

I agree with him that MoveOn screwed up on the HEADLINE of that ad -- which is what fed the RWEC (rightwing echo chamber) ever since September 10th when the ad was published. (Or maybe it was the 9th...whatever....several weeks ago.)

MoveOn has done some very, very good work in the past. But that ad was not their finest moment. It was dumb.

It is bush as the C-i-C who is ultimately responsible for this FUBAR in Iraq. MoveOn should have focused on the C-i-C as the BETRAYER -- then maybe we could have accomplished some forward movement on holding the bastard accountable!

Personally, I don't see a free speech violation in this imbroglio -- from either side of the issue.

I think it's time to stop yakking about the dumb ad....and, well....Move On!

micki said...

Bush's Global 'Dirty War'

It might be more fruitful for U.S. media, citizens, and elected officials and other observers to focus on the details of stories such as this, rather than on a stooooopid headline that served to change the subject from the real problem: the Cheney/Bush Cabal

David B. Benson said...

So BC aren't going to do a thing about the BC in the atmosphere.

Neither are the Chinese, where the BC problem is particularly acute.

How to I go about finding a way to contact particular Senators and Representatives when I don't know which state (district) they (supposedly) represent in the U.S. Congress?

Alan said...

I agree with Den's "morons", in reference to Rahm. First off, he mumbles, which might be a clue that he's trying to expound on something he knows not a thing about. If you're confident in what you're saying, then SPEAK UP and make it clear. I myself, see nothing wrong with the MoveOn ad. If what the general was about to testify to wasn't the truth, then that ad hit dead center. Why back away from a truth? Now, back to Rahm... did anybody else catch that blatant misinformed statement about Saudi Arabia being Shi'a??? *Dumbass
That's more support for Den's "moron" statement.

Alan said...

I can see Micki's point about the rightwing echo chamber, but...
Dems should grow a pair and meet that chamber head-on with a shouting out of our own. pointing out the TRUTH. Poll afte poll shows a wide majority against the war and chimpboy's policies, so why don't we make a stand and stick to it... instead of slivering away and making apologies?

David B. Benson said...

The Smirking Chimp states that they are flat-broke...

micki said...

Well, it'll be a great day for our country (and the world) when the Dems find their voice -- the biggest problem with the Dems, even though there are some good ones, is that they are disorganized, don't know how to frame an issue, afraid of their effin' shadow, and have no clue as to how to beat back the cleverest, wiliest, most dishonest, ruthless propaganda machine in history.

...and I still think the MoveOn ad was a huge blunder.

micki said...

U.S. House Representatives -- with state and district, but w/o party affiliation (which doesn't always matter if the issue applies to all of us!)

micki said...

United States Senators list with contacts, etc.

micki said...

More info on U.S. Representatives, including party, committee assignments, etc.

Gerald said...

A Day That Will Live in Infamy: October 15, 2007

micki said...

This is not photoshopped -- this is the real deal on Macleans recent cover

Looks like Canadians have *bigger ones* that U.S. media!

Gerald said...

President Bush made September “National Preparedness Month,” and I believe it was because this attack and a declaration of martial law is imminent as well.

Gerald said...

In his mind W is Hussein

Gerald said...

W doesn't seem to care that his stated policy is doomed to failure because he has a "hidden agenda". His "ulterior motive" is to privatize the security of Iraq with soldiers of fortune such as Blackwater.

Gerald said...

Nazi America's private terrorist army

Gerald said...

9) USA: get ready to go to a Halliburton jail
Halliburton and DynCorp represent since years heavy weights on the largest market of the U.S.: private prisons. But on Jan. 24, 2006, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) component awarded Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR), a Halliburton Subsidiary an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinete Quantity $385 million contract to support ICE facilities "in the event of an emergency." The building of immigrant detention facilities is part of a ten-year Homeland Security plan titled ENDGAME, which sets as its goal the removal of "all removable aliens" and "potential terrorists." In the 1980's Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld discussed similar emergency detention powers as part of a super-secret program of planning for what was euphemistically called "Continuity of Government" (COG) in the event of a nuclear disaster. The plan included the suspension of the Constitution, not just after nuclear attack, but for any "national security emergency," which they defined in Executive Order 12656 of 1988 as: "Any occurrence, including natural disaster, military attack, technological or other emergency that seriously degrades or seriously threatens the national security of the United States." Clearly 9/11 met such a definition and COG was instituted on that day. As the Washington Post explained on March 1, 2002, the order "dispatched a shadow government of about 100 senior civilian managers to live and work secretly outside Washington, activating for the first time long-standing plans" under the direction of Dick Cheney in charge of "ensure federal survival". ENDGAME's goal of a capacious detention capability is remarkably similar to Oliver North's controversial Rex-84 "readiness exercise" for COG in 1984. It called for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to round up and detain 400,000 imaginary "refugees," in the context of "uncontrolled population movements" over the Mexican border into the United States.

Gerald said...

Our evil and demonic ways will never end

As we wallow in the abyss of hell!!!

micki said...

Shia in Saudi Arabia

How many Shia are there in the world? How many in Saudi Arabia?

Holy cow! :-) India has a lot of humanity within its borders.... Well, I knew that....but that number looks so HUGE compared to little ole us. (U.S.)

Gerald said...

Washington makes no secret it wants regime change in Iran, and time is running out for the Bush administration to get it. For months, covert black operations have been ongoing inside the country. It's aimed to incite internal ethnic and political opposition, and CIA operatives have also been sending Baluchi tribal warriors from neighboring Pakistan on terror raids into neighboring Iranian areas. Now 350 British forces have been provocatively sent from Basra to the volatile Iranian border, and the Pentagon announced it's building a US base and fortified checkpoints nearby as well. General Petraeus also implied to Congress he'll act inside Iranian territory to stop its "proxy war" against US Iraqi forces. In the meantime, Iran claims Washington backs Israeli-trained Kurdish Party for Free Life (PJAK) as well as Arab, Azeri and Baluchi incursions inside their territory to undermine its leadership, provoke a response, and provide cover for a US attack.

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Thanks!

Gerald said...

I recently read an article that said Nazi America MUST ATTACK IRAN because Iran has ties with India so that India can have access to natural gas. Oil is not the reason for war with Iran. NAZI AMERICA MUST CONTINUOUSLY FIGHT IN ORDER TO TAKE CONTROL OF A COUNTRY'S NATURAL RESOURCES. Nazi America will continuously fight to protect her lifestyles for the RICH.

War is everlasting in Nazi America. NAZI AMERICA IS A CULTURE OF EVIL!!!!!

Carey said...

Geez, I haven't even checked yesterday's blog yet and already I've got two comments.

Rahm is a DLC kind of person. He yelled at Dean publically about his all 50-state targets, instead of focusing on just some key local races that were deemed important to the Dem "establishment" (read DLC mindset).

I tend to cringe a tiny bit when I listen to Emmanuel. Other times not. Same with Harold Ford Jr. (New head of the DLC.) I'll see the clip later on my DVR.

It is pointless to get involved in the Repub "debate" over Moveon. Distraction, distraction, distraction. Lives are being wasted.

Micki's right about it being not thought through all the way by Moveon directors.

Carey said...

Very interesting contemplations, Micki. Nicely strung together and thought out.

In the long run we're both saying that they're going to invade Iran anyway, so who cares about the symbolism at this point?

Still, as a side thing to notice, it shoots holes through Hil's argument over the first vote. But these are things thinking people notice.

Under international law, that could be CHALLENGED as illegal by isolating a branch of the Iranian government for selective targeting.

Yeah, fat effin chance on that one.

It was either Thom Hartmann or the local guy that said that they are repackaging the deal on Iran cuz they couldn't sell the nuclear bomb threat. It's going to be about terrorism now.

I read in yesterday's paper that Petraeus had suddenly taken a different tune on Iran. He said they appeared to be cooperating on controlling the flow of arms across their border. He pointed to a deal struck between Maliki and Ahmandinejhad (sp?) of more cooperation in stopping such traffic.

My, I smelled rotten fish when I saw that. Sure enough, I knew we'd find out why the change of tune. It's all part of the new plan to sell attacking Iran. They're terrorists.

Terrorism, terrorism, terrorism.

Carey said...

Y'all been reading David Corn, right? He's gotten hold of something I believe with the Blackwater stuff and the corruption of the Maliki government.

David B. Benson said...

Ok, I can't (so far) get a good grip on the extent of the contribution of (wasteful) coalfield fires, but it is more than 2% and maybe as high as 4% of the carbon being added to the active carbon cycle each year.

It is especially bad in Indonesia, with an estimated 1300 coalfield fires. Some of these are caused by and are causing forest fires. Some of those are in nature preserves. All seriously affect orangutans.

Nothing seems to be done about it in Indonesia, maybe because there is not enough $$ to do so.

So please bring this to the attention of your Senators and Representatives. The U.S. can certainly afford to assist in extinguishing the world's coalfield fires, which will do a bit towards slowing global warming and preserving the bioenviornment.

DEN said...

Ok after spending all day trying to breathe life back into a friends' computer which took my DSL to do.

Windows XP Pro. takes 83 updates to bring itself up to date on a new install, 1 hour twelve minutes to load up.

Resurrection Computers, we raise the dead daily!

So I think Rahm is not good enough to run the most headless party in all the land, REAL leadership required.

The end of the world officially begins 10/15/07, armaggeddon cannot be far behind, Please take me before I discover any more idiots.

The Move On ad is no more or no less than any other full page political ad, free press is a good thing, the righties are a bunch of pinched face whinng, cringing, perverts, so what ever they say is total BS anyway, thought that was a given.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
I just saw the list of blackwater criminal acts on the Gavel.

and the lucrative contracts from the white house. Disgusting.


sorry about the lack of a link.

DEN said...

My brain needs sleep........zzzzzz