Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday, Monday!

I'm buying breakfast for everyone today, so take a seat and dig in!

Don't ask me what those three semi-green nubulets are, you probably don't want to know.

Any way, here at DWF, we will resort to bribery with food to get the readership up, we have no scruples at all.

Fasten seatbelts for the bumpy ride ahead this week, the Dow is still going down, SO Cal is up in smoke, the polar ice cap is still melting, and You Tube has a Cat-N-Crow vid.

Crazy week ahead so eat up, you will need your strength to make it to Friday.



DEN said...

UUUUURRRPP! Yum, that was good!

The little green things were disposed of properly in the dogs' dish.

OK, on with the day.

micki said...

Here's a meal brought to you by Theodor Geisel!

micki said...

Den -- I want whole grain toast! I want my eggs over medium. Hold the bacon. Forget the mystery meat.

micki said...

Save the Planet: Vote Smart

Yeah....but....will the votes be counted fairly?

DEN said...

Micki, sorry no special orders, Chef Ptomane gets angry when I ask, and threatens to burn the toast.

carey said...

We're on fire here. It's extremely serious. It's as bad as the Cedar Fires four years ago. I can't breathe. No one can. We're safe for now but you never know with the evil Santa Ana winds. They're the culprit. Will be back.

DEN said...

Carey, get down to the hardware store and buy masks made to keep out dangerous dusts (two straps) for you and Brandon and do not go outside without them.

Burning manzanita and other stuff is not good for you.


micki said...

Wildfires seen as eclipsing Cedar fire of '03

San Diego Union-Tribune.


micki said...

Sorry 'bout the Monday morning quartering-backing when this current fire rages and people are in danger, but I saw this @ wiki -- once again, lack of planning, incompetence, ineptitude, and accountabiity are rampant.

Response criticism

There were a number of controversies associated with the Cedar Fire, resulting in investigations lasting several years. A report, 2003 San Diego County Fire Siege Fire Safety Review[14] prepared in the wake of the fire and presented to the Governor's Blue Ribbon Fire Commission, criticized the overall response. The report stated that though the fire conditions and severity should have been expected, the responsible agencies were not properly prepared when the fire broke out, and radio communications problems exacerbated the problem. The report stated that "Disorganization, inconsistent or outdated policies among agencies that grounded aircraft or caused other problems, and planning or logistics in disarray also marked the preliminary stages of the difficult, dangerous firefighting."[15]

The turning away of the Sheriff's helicopters by the Forest Service came under severe attack by the public, media and elected officials, believing that an opportunity to prevent the fire from becoming out of control had been lost. The State has an aviation assets "cutoff" policy which stated that "aircraft (planes or helicopters) may not be dispatched so as to arrive at an incident no later than 30 minutes before sunset".[5][12][14][16] The pilot later claimed he could have made three water drops in the time he had before darkness.[5] However, a study performed by the US Forest Service concluded that even if the helicopter had been able to drop multiple loads of water with direct hits on the flames, the impact on the fire would have been minimal.[5] Cutoff also prevented two air tankers and a helicopter stationed at Ramona Airport from being dispatched to the fire, although the tankers likely could not have been used anyway as the pilots had just spent seven hours fighting another fire, and FAA regulations stipulated that they could not continue to fly.[17]

A contributing factor to the initial lack of aviation resources to fight the fire was the state's "no divert" policy, which allows incident commanders to dedicate certain resources to a particular fire; the policy applied to both airborne aircraft as well as those on the ground awaiting dispatch. At the time that the Cedar Fire started, there were already 11 other fires burning in the region. Aviation resources in the area were currently being held on the ground under a "no divert" declaration, in order to be available for structures protection on another fire. However, weather and visibility at the other fire was precluding their use, so the aircraft sat idle despite the fact that the conditions were acceptable for their use on the Cedar Fire.[14]

Resources to relieve the initial attack crews did not appear on the fire scene until around 5:00 a.m. PDT on Monday 27 October, since they had to be dispatched from Northern California, which was depleted in its own right, and some were delayed on their way by other fires in the northern region.[citation needed]

Both the media and area elected officials were also critical of the lack of use of military aviation assets which were located nearby at Camp Pendleton and Miramar. The U.S. Marine Corps operates CH-46 Sea Knight and CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters with water-dropping buckets, but existing policies prohibited their use until all other civilian resources were used. Additionally, the military aircraft radios were not compatible with those used by most state and local fire agencies, and the military pilots had not received any training in fire-specific operations.[14]

carey said...

Oh, I have to see that meal brought by Dr. Seuss. My parents knew him ya know. He lived (his widow still does) right on the other topside of the mountain.

The city and county are shut down. Major arteries and highways closed. Mucho, mucho evacuations. I may loose my electricity. It's very bad. We're all shut in and glued to the sets or radios. Brandon's on his way home from school which will be closed as of today.

The situation is dire.

micki said...

Carey -- I have a friend who lived in La Jolla. His kids (years ago!) would trick or treat @ Dr. Seuss's.

Dr. S didn't give out candy -- he gave out autographed books to the kids and told them to READ! (or else)

DEN said...

Carey, if you can get to Auburn and out of hell, you and Brandon are welcome to stay here.
Check your e-mail for numbers.

DEN said...

Gee sure hope those two are OK.

An evil wind is blowing down there.

David B. Benson said...

Den --- Probably. The fires seem to be well north of La Jolla.

micki said...

Waxman Accuses Blackwater of Tax Evasion

Wouldn't it be funny if that arrogant jerk, Erik Prince, got nailed -- and thrown into the slammer!!! -- on the same charges that Al Capone did?

Good thing I don't support the death penalty.

micki said...

...well, I wouldn't be selected for the jury anyway.

So, don't have to fear Micki!

micki said...


When we lived in Texas, I recall the spring of '98 when -- as far north as Austin, in central Texas -- the air was horrible because of fires in Central America and Mexico.

It was even more unbearable because it was HOTTER than usual for May. Hit the 100s.

There was no threat of fires actually reaching us, or even further south in Texas, but man! The air was enough to make you sick.

David B. Benson said...

Everybody loves everybody in the Middle East:

US sailors shot dead at Bahrain base

David B. Benson said...

Another early evening with fab colors on the trees. A bit more orange by now in the sparkling clean air...

micki said...

According to The Guardian/UK -- love gone awry?

Sailor kills two women on American base

A US navy sailor allegedly shot and killed two female sailors yesterday on a US military base in Bahrain, a navy official said. The alleged gunman was critically wounded in the incident in the barracks at the US base, said the official. He apparently shot himself during the incident, which was limited to the three sailors and was not terror related, the navy reported in a statement.

A state department official in Washington said the incident may have been a case of a jilted boyfriend shooting his ex-girlfriend and then himself. It is not clear why the second woman was targeted.

Everybody loves somebody sometime, but not all the time...apparently.

DEN said...

Fall breezes blowing through the leaves, color for all to see, maple reds, elm golds, and oak yellow,
fall comes upon us slow and mellow.

Then comes fire and sweeps it all away, charred twigs where trees once stood, dire end for that much wood.

People come back and rebuild again, and wait for another Santa Ana wind.

DEN said...

Good night Carey and Brandon, hope you are safe.