Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday Again

Somewhere in the Sierra Nevada


In the September strike, Israeli bombers were likely targeting a nuclear reactor under construction, parts of which are alleged to have come from North Korea. It is possible that key secretaries in the Bush cabinet even tried to stop Israel. To this day, the administration has neither confirmed nor commented on the attack.

Nevertheless, in Washington, Israel's strike against Syria has revived the specter of war with Iran. For the neoconservatives it could represent a glimmer of hope that the grandiose dream of a democratic Middle East has not yet been buried in the ashes of Iraq. But for realists in the corridors of the State Department and the Pentagon, military action against Iran is a nightmare they have sought to avert by asking a simple question: "What then?"

The Israeli strike, or something like it, could easily mark the beginning of the "World War III," which President Bush warned against last week. With his usual apocalyptic rhetoric, he said Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could lead the region to a new world war if his nation builds a nuclear bomb.


With that statement, all is made clear, the war on Terra will continue for quite some time.

The Military Industrial Complex is depending on it.

We have military corporatistas gone wild setting the rules of the game, providing the tools, and throwing humans into the mix to glean the most money possible out of an ever shrinking dollar.

Not worth the paper it is printed on, the American equivalent of the Peso, the dollar is slowly and deliberately being drained into the corporate coffers and away from the American people to finance the very best best bombs money can buy.

But what if we don't want to play "War"?

Sorry, that's NOT an option.



DEN said...

Morning all! Click the pic on the front page for a detailed view of one hell of a big tree.

Does the pic make your head spin?

Gerald said...

Religious Leaders Cancel Hitler Bush's Crusade

Gerald said...

Heartless W

Gerald said...


David B. Benson said...

Serious problems:

Planet's Tougher Problems Persist

Gerald said...

George Bush's attack on Iran should cause Britain, Russia, Germany, France and the other countries of the EU to think, Hey, this guy Bush has attacked two countries for no reason at all and his country has let him do it. What if he gets it into his head to attack our country for no reason at all? What should we do about that? Well, the answer is obvious.

When George Bush's version of the United States illegally attacks Iran, combined with his having illegally attacked Iraq, the civilized nations of the world can reasonably view the United States as a rogue nation conducting a reign of terror on innocent countries that have done nothing to the United States. They can then see that they must defend themselves from the same irrational, unprovoked, aggressive attack on their countries and combine forces to justifiably bring about regime change in the United States and restore it to compliance with its Constitution, the UN Charter, the Geneva Convention and international law.

I don't know the procedures required in other countries for declaring war, but I can see that with Bush's attack on Iran, they would be entirely justified in doing so. Bush thinks he's immune to any interference from other countries, but he's obviously unaware that before George Bush, when the United States was a civilized country, the United States allied itself with other civilized countries to rid the world of another tyrant conducting, irrational, unprovoked, aggressive war on innocent countries. That was World War II. George Bush is setting us up with the exact same conditions by taking the exact same actions that provoked that war.

The United States can either take pre-emptive action to rid itself of George Bush or other countries can take pre-emptive action to do so for their own protection. We're going to have to get George Bush out of office, whatever it takes, before other countries do it for us. Those countries learned a lesson at the beginning of World War II and they're not going to sit back and allow it to happen to them again.

Gerald said...

I watched Bill Moyers Journal last night (Oct. 26, 07). Scientists and evangelicals went to the rim of the Arctic to get a first hand look at global warming. Richard Cizik (spell), an advocate for protecting the Earth's environment, remained strong but I do not know if the other Nazi evangelicals were convinced that our planet has serious problems. Creationism and evolution still remain at odds. Well, we can now believe that our planet will self-implode from lack of concern.

Cª®ºL said...

The small picture made my head spin.

Did you take the picture, Den?

David B. Benson said...

Out of oil:

Peak Universe

Alan might like to comment on the first paragraph...

Alan said...

It is hard to imagine a more horrifying urban construct than this anti-city in the malarial swamps just off the Gulf of Mexico.

"Malarial swamp" might've been a good description back when the Allen Brothers first set up shop on the bank of the bayou and started marketing Houston to the rest of the country. Houston is more of a "concrete jungle" now.

And it is hard to conceive of a more desolate and depressing urban district, even of such an anti-city, than the utter wasteland around Houston's convention center.

The convention center is on the eastern edge of downtown. In front of the convention center heading west is downtown hi-rises, which is EXPENSIVE real estate. Behind the center, heading east, is much diff. It's out of downtown and is a run down idustrial/commercial area... lot's of warehouses, machine shops, construction materials outlets, etc... Farther east is the "east end" which means ship channel, docks, drugs and drug addicts, and is historically hispanic. The same bayou at Allen's Landing downtown where the city was founded, mosies back 'n forth heading east and turns into the Houston Ship Channel, so there's both positive and negative sides to it. Check it out sometimes, but keep your doors locked. lol
*Tell ya a story 'bout how rough it is down there on the east end.
When I was young 'n dumb, at the time either 16 or 17, we had it in mind we were gonna rob a drunk (I know, I know... but hear the story) walking home from one of the beer joints that seem to be on every corner... right there on neighborhood streets... houses and beer joints (no zoning laws).
We see a potential victim stumbling out and down the street, so we go around to the end of the block and wait for him to get to us. Lo and behold, two guys jump out of the bushes and rob him BEFORE he even gets to us at the corner! hahaha I'm glad as hell, actually. I don't have to feel bad with knowing I actually did something like that, and it was never an option that come up again. Still, it was kinda funny.
*tough neighborhood, for sure

David B. Benson said...

Thanks, Alan. It seemed rather over-done. Sounds as if it was.

Rest of the piece is good, tho'...

Alan said...

Hmm, well the guy sounded like a real wussy to me. He wasn't even here during the HOT part of the year. Because the convention center is on the eastern edge of downtown, and area not as developed as the rest, he was afraid to go anywhere else?? Get a cab like in every OTHER big city, you doofus!

David B. Benson said...

This is the UCS form letter regarding the 2007 Farm Bill before the US Senate:

Dear Senator,

I am writing to ask you to promote healthy food and a healthy
environment in the 2007 Food and Farm Bill.

In coming days, senators will be introducing amendments to the
Food and Farm Bill that could expand its potential to protect
human health and the environment. These include amendments to
help farmers convert to organic production and encourage organic
research; cap conservation payments to the largest farms and
CAFOs (Confined Animal Feeding Operations); fund research on
raising animals without adding antibiotics to their feed; and
reduce traditional subsidies to farmers, using the savings to
encourage conservation of natural resources.

I urge you to vote in favor of amendments that meet the above
objectives, or others that support modern farming practices that
protect the foundations of our food supply, like healthy soil
and fresh water.

Thank you for your vote on behalf of my family and future
generations to promote healthy food that protects our


It might provide a starter for e-mail messages to your senators.

DEN said...

Carol, yes I took the pic and when i looked at it realized it made me feel dizzy sort of.

Laid on my back, head toward the tree, camera shot as if standing, and took it.

Weird huh?

DEN said...

I don't know about you folks but I'm getting burned out on the 21st century already, like every mean-ass bastard with money can do whatever they want with impunity now.

Nothing going to change that either.


DEN said...

OK more hopitude needed,

Beer thirty on my watch, better get after it, it won't drink itself you know.

º¿carol said...

Beer thirty here, too.

Just watched a movie where a character said that we're not safe, that there were times in history people were pretty safe. Not anymore. Not ever. Not with the technology we have now. Never be safe again.

Pretty sad, eh?

º¿carol said...

I liked your photo, Den. VERY cool.

Wednesday and Thursday were two great nature days. Wednesday morning a flock of Grackles was out on the lawns, back and front. Mind you, I have an acre and a half. They were in the trees, everywhere. The dog & I knelt on the couch looking out, amazed. So many! I opened the back door and they took off, which in turn caused the ones out front to take off.

I thought that was cool enough until Thursday morning! I walked out to the road to get my newspaper, came back up to the house and heard birds, looked up. Coming from the south high above my head was another, or the same, flock of Grackles. I stood there looking for about five minutes. They kept coming! It was a river of birds, all heading north. Almost 30 years out here and that was a first for me.

I thought about how many there were. Must have been in the thousands. So cool! A veritable river of birds flowing north.

Alan said...

Rudy, the Values Slayer

That one's from Frank Rich, at the NYTimes. Also there, Maureen Dowd has a good tongue-in-cheek interview of Timmie Russert with Chainee.

Alan said...

Thousands Protest Iraq War Across U.S.