Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Reading

Classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder lack of empathy.



DEN said...

Morning folks! lot's for me to do today so have at it,
try not to wreck the place,
coffee in the corner, day old donuts on the side.

Carey said...

Hello, my favorite peeps.

I've been watching Edwards at a New Hampshire Town Meeting.

I sure like Edwards and his wife. They have that very rare and special energy and power that can transmit good and love universally.

I feel the same about Michelle and Obama. They just need a few years' touching up and need to wait until the time is right. I have said before, I think 2012. That is if we're all still here by then. (Climate crisis).

Micki, you said it all so eloquently about Gore. Absolutely. You read my thoughts. Isn't this just so wonderful, finally, that good has been fully recognized? The problem has been soundly acknowledged!!!

That is cause for extreme rapture.

Carey said...

Yeah, Micksters. John Lewis and Mondale have endorsed Clinton.

Clinton, Clinton, Clinton. I'm not a happy camper.

Micki and I have been reserved but we're on opposite sides on this one.

If we start swinging, duck.

Oh that's right, Den said not to wreck the place.

Carey said...

A Jay Leno joke:

Border agents now shoot pepper balls at illegal immigrants sneaking in from Mexico. Now, why pepper balls? Does that make sense?

That seems a little unfair. I mean if Americans are trying to sneak into Mexico, oh, would the Mexican police shoot Wonder Bread at them? You know what I'm saying?


David B. Benson said...

Carey --- Micki copied that from the Real Climate thread.

Micki --- I'm pleased with what Al Gore has done. I hope he'll do more. It's just that he does not seem to me to be as eloquent.

Maybe that's because he is only an American, not a Brit?

DEN said...

Speaking of immigration, if you don't like the way Mexico is, why not stay in Mexico and change it?


Easier to leave and come here?

Lazy bones, fight for a better life in your homeland first.

Something just ain't right.

DEN said...


Name one repug Nobel prize winner.

*crickets chirping*

Thought so.

micki said...

Dr. B, it is a rare individual who can mobilize a nation through eloquent use of language, but Sir Winston Churchill was a rare breed. He was an oratorical genius, which enabled him to inspire the Brits and to keep their faith alive during the War. He made many blunders and questionable judgements, but at the end of the day, he saved it with language -- mere words, but eloquent words.

Here in the United States of America, even if Al Gore did have the capacity to inspire with well-crafted, eloquent words and used that language, he would be further ridiculed as "talking like a sissy." (Or worse.) I think that Al Gore is inspiring, and from what I have read, many around the world think he is, too.

But, here in the good ole USA, his message is not a "high priority" to most citizens. How can eloquence mobilize a nation when they have their heads in the sand? If Al Gore was "too" eloquent we'd lose ground on the important challenge of global warming.

Take it to the bank.

micki said...

Carey -- I'm a realist. I've never thought of us as being on opposite sides. As far as the people with their hat in the ring, my first choice is John Edwards. I think all of this Kucinich cultism is a bunch of self-serving, naive bullshit, and frankly, I think he's a pipsqueak grandstander. I like Obama okay, but he's not ready. If he got the nomination -- hey, I could get behind him. I wouldn't piss and moan and feel cheated and stay home. No way.

I don't buy the canard that Hillary is a media fabrication. I think her poll numbers are real and I don't believe that she's any more polarizing than any of the other candidates.

Given the system we've got -- and it sure as hell isn't going to change if we all bash the bejeesus out of Clinton if she gets the nomination -- I'd choose to support her in the general if she gets the nomination. With any Dem as president and higher numbers in the House & Senate, we have a chance to make changes. With another run of Repugs, we are doomed!

I do not support the Democratic Party, but I will support a Democrat for president because I think we have the opportunity to PLANT the party back to his roots. I look on myself as an "infiltrator" -- making changes in the party from the local level up.