Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Seriously Folks??


Ralph Nader be damned, Stephen Colbert the Narcissist's, Narcissist, has lit off a parody that will surely drive his ratings somewhere beyond the Moon.

Aw heck, why not parody the political beauty pageant called "The Presidential Race".
Actually is not really a race at all, but a verbal bloviation of mostly untruths disguised as a race to make people think they have a choice.

One has to wonder if we even have a choice or has the choice already been made and the MSM will tell us what the polls have said. A big media push is on to get Ole Hill and Gouliani up front. How do I know this? Well no one in their right mind would vote for either one because by doing so we will continue down the road to corporate control of America, also known as Fascism. We are being set up like bowling pins only to be knocked down by BIG business, hell a blind man could see that.

Colbert's ratings will skyrocket, the American people will get screwed as usual.

Wake up America! Nothing funny about war, death and global warming, coming to a planet near you if you don't.


micki said...

I'm dipping in and out of bush's lecture to the WH press corp, which is euphemistically called a press conference.

No wonder I can't stand that SOB.

But, I will say this -- reporters are TRYING to get answers from him, but he isn't *cooperating.*

At one point, he snickered at Martha Radditz, after he had belittled David Gregory, and said, "With all due respect to you and Gregory, "This is not my first rodeo."

And cut her off.


micki said...

Pull your head out, Rudy G!

Global warming leadership a la Mr. Guiliani:

“America has more coal reserves than Saudi Arabia has oil reserves. Aren’t we safer and better off relying on our own coal reserves than on a part of the world that is a threat to us?”

micki said...

bush is claiming that he "wasn't dialed in" on the SCHIP -- that's why he has to veto it.

Claims he wasn't part of the process. Fucker.

He's going to "sprint to the finish.:

micki said...

One damned funny thing after another!

From the joker-in-chief at his *press conference* this a.m. ....

Reporter: Mr. President, following up on Vladimir Putin for a moment, he said recently that next year, when he has to step down according to the constitution, as the president, he may become prime minister; in effect keeping power and dashing any hopes for a genuine democratic transition there ...

I've been planning that myself.

Was he kidding? It had to be a joke, right?!!!!

micki said...

I had to wait for the transcript on that one! I wanted to make sure I'd get the wording exactly as spewed.

micki said...

There once was a joker known as a goon,
He bullied and blustered, what a buffoon!
With much to hide,
His future was tied,
To staying in power, bring on the dragoon!

DEN said...

We are just rearranging deck chairs......

The Doofus-in-Chief is EXTREMELY dangerous and his merry band of fellow evil doers are as well.

{ò,ó}arol said...

I saw the press conference. He made my blood boil. It's unbelievable how MAD I get at him. His smirk, his lies, his evasions....god, I felt like hitting the TV!!!

He babbled on about all the things congress has not got around to. He listed them.

At the end he babbled on about how SChip was wrong because it was
people trying to get into the national health system and how it was a bad idea to have national health care, blah, blah, blah. I really, REALLY shouldn't watch him. I get too upset.

I saw Martha trying to get answers, but no one can get thru to him. What a joke it all is.

DEN said...

Something to take your mind off the monster in the WH can be found HERE

It will amaze you as it did me.

micki said...

A new definition of KNEECAPPING???

Ret. Vice Adm. John Scott Redd, the director of Nat'l Counterterrorism Center, has announced his resignation.

Sez he wants to spend more time with his five grandchildren and rest of the family...and he will get around to some surgery on his knees.

Hmmmm....only a few days ago, he was on TeeVee saying that Americans probably aren't safer today than they were when the war in Iraq began.


David B. Benson said...

Two items from today's TNYT. Here is one:

"I think there was a genocide in Turkey in 1915 ...", said Representative Jane Harman (D-CA).

Well, her thoughts are wrong.


DEN said...

It was ARMENIA, she ain't the sharpest tool in the shed ya know.

Gerald said...

I spent a good part of October 17, 2007 puking. It was a torrential puke. Hitler Bush, the man of mass murders and war crimes against humanity, is standing next to the Dalai Lama (spell), the man of peace.

What Is Hitler Bush?

Dear Posters:

If you have listened carefully, you would have heard more of Hitler Bush’s babble. He says that he is not a lame duck. My answer for him is that he is a lame brain.

Hitler Bush says that he is relevant. I say that he is as relevant as a pimple on a GOP elephant’s behind.

We will continue to hear more babble from him in the coming days.

Hitler Bush now says that Iran with nuclear weapons will lead to WW III. I say that is more babble. There are three Nazi states that will lead us into WW III and these three states are the triad of evil. Nazi America, Nazi England, and Nazi Israeli will lead us into WW III.

These three states have evil rulers who are psycho-maniacs. What is even more disheartening is that the people worship their psycho-maniac rulers.

Look for Nazi America, Nazi England, and Nazi Israeli to commence WW III!


micki said...

The Republic of Turkey was the successor state of the Ottoman Empire, following the overthrow of Sultan Mehmet VI Vahdettin by the new Republican assembly of Turkey in 1922.

micki said...

So...Rep. Harmon misspoke.

micki said...

Weather report: winter storm. Huh? Since when is October winter??!!

WSDOT Readying Roads and Crews for Windy Commute

Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2007

OLYMPIA – WSDOT has its crews out, chainsaws sharpened, generators gassed up and additional crews on standby for what forecasters call the first major winter storm coming to Western Washington.

The forecast of a strong weather system moving into Western Washington today and Thursday calls for 30-40 mph winds and rain, with the highest gusts of 50-60 mph. Reports indicate drivers could see the most significant impact during the Thursday afternoon commute (3-7 p.m.). Additionally, up to two inches of snow is forecast for the passes.

Gerald said...

Nixon's legacy lives on beyond his grave. When Nixon said Fred Hitler Thompson was stupid, his words are so true. Hitler Thompson comes across as being dumber than a door knob.

Gerald said...

However, Hitler Thompson is the perfect match for the Nazi Party.

Gerald said...

The Msdia Conscience of a Liberal Republican

Carey said...

I had the press conference on in the background. Bush also said that he wouldn't support anything that made doctors not be private. And something about taxes.

I try hard to tune him out because that hatred y'all describe is not a pleasant one.

Randi Rhodes was mugged. Stacy Taylor, who usually is her fill-in, was called over the weekend and told she had been mugged but wanted it quiet. Could he fill in? He couldn't.

Our local John Elliot, a night person, (I haven't listened to him) apparently was the one that started the rumor that a right-wing over-testosteronized group had mugged her. That's all Stacy knew.

The poor thing. A New York mugging. She's on today and hasn't discussed it. She wants it quiet.

Boom-Boom threw up until late last night. Slowly he's coming 'round. This is an awful virus. Just awful.

Thanks again to Hajji for very helpful tips and explanations.

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- The Turkish government officials have a very thin skin about this part of history.

Like the Japanese government officials about other parts of history...

º¿carol said...

Den, that artist, Phil Hansen? Wow!!!! I can't even imagine how people can do things like that. It's amazing. It's like magic. Thanks for posting that.

Carey said...

Yes, David, they do. (The Turks have revisionist thoughts.)

David B. Benson said...

Climate change is bad for your and your pocketbook:

Hidden Cost in Climate Chnage in the U.S.: Major, Nationwide, Uncounted

micki said...

Not making light, Carey, but ask Gerald for his bucket! I think Gerald would be glad to share with Boom-Boom.

Hope he's feeling in fine fiddle soon. Fluids, rest, and Mom.

Hajji said...


Good news after a baaaaaaad day in the ER.

I'm reading a book called "Doc" by a gentleman Dr.Stuart C. met when he was surveying his new property (and soon to be new home)near Ennis, MT.

All our fancy diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and studies only barely scratch the surface of what the human body is capable of.

I'm holding the good Doc to his promise of a tent-sized plot of land in the corner of his ranch whenever I'm in the neighborhood. He's been a Clemson U. sports doc, and ER guy and a pal for the last 8 years.

While it is gonna be hard to live an ER life without him, I'm all for spreading out my friends to the four corners, just to have folks to visit.

Does it snow much 200 miles n/w of Yellowstone?



micki said...

Hajji --

Who is the author of the book "Doc" -- I cannot find it in my search.

I have great faith in the healing powers of the mind/body connection w/o traditional western medical intervention.

I got the impression from your post, that this book may touch on that human capability. (Maybe I'm wrong.)

Anyway, if you could tell us the author, I'd like to find the book.


P.S. Ennis area is astounding!