Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Fall colors in Michigan and Grackle migration signal the start of the Fall/Winter season.

Birds are cool, Grackles are the repugs of the birdie world though.

From:The University of MichiganThough they are highly gregarious, grackles do attack other grackles as well as other species of birds. Attacks on other birds may involve biting, pecking, scratching, and flying toward the adversary. Common grackles eat other birds' eggs and nestlings, and occasionally kill and eat other adult birds, particularly adult house sparrows.



DEN said...

late start... yawn!

better get going

Carey said...

A smokey late good morning to all.

The wind has shifted once again and brought all the smoke back. I understand, Den, that our smoke came back in over Central Calif. Sorry 'bout that.

Headaches and burning throats return. Ugh. I loved the fall colors photo Den. Fall is so gosh darn gorgeous and fun, isn't it? Except for fires.

Survey of Sunday shows. Had to stop.

Oh my God. The press has fallen hook, line and sinker. David Gregory going on and on about how hard Bushco is trying for a diplomatic solution. Everyone agreeing on the "Chris Matthews" show. Called my brother (in-law) and he said "What did you expect?" It's the corporate line and the press follows suit because they are corporate.


Happily down the same vulgar path of death and destruction. Don't know if this group can take it.

One more thing, Alan. Yes, the Charger organization kicked everyone out of the stadium. I was furious, I hugely dislike the Charger organization. Not the players, of course. We've got LaDanian!

Alan, I'll write you later about the Charger organization. I would be happy to see them go. I was raised on the Chargers too. Different organization, however.

David B. Benson said...

Say a permanent farewell to your (remote) cousins:

Hundreds of primates face likely extinction in the tropics

Gerald said...

Birds are cool but where we live, we are overrun with geese or as the people call them the poopers.

Gerald said...

Bush Cherishes the Fetus But Loathes the Child and Parents

Gerald said...

Building the Kingdom of God

As Christians, it is up to us to build the kingdom of God on earth. God is preparing a new world for us that we will inherit after death, but this is only a part of the kingdom of heaven. God has also given us his Church, and we are loyal sons and daughters of her. But it seems that Jesus himself taught another way of seeing the kingdom of God, as "the utopia of a fully reconciled world, a utopia that is prepared and begun here and now in history through the committed action of people of good will." - Leonard Boff.

Christ came to reconcile us with ourselves, which can only be achieved by creating a unity of the inner and outer self, otherwise known as being true to oneself, inner integrity. We try to put an end to the Abu Ghraibs that exist in our own behaviors and at the same time, we put an end to violence externally by supporting those who obey the voice of conscience regarding the dehumanization and murder of the people of Iraq.

One concrete way to do this is to support the "Canada: Let Them Stay" campaign by Courage to Resist. War resistors in Canada are currently being threatened with deportation. The campaign will send letters to Canadian officials, asking them not to expell them. The letter begins: "I am writing from the United States to ask you to make a provision for sanctuary for the scores of U.S. military servicemembers currently in Canada, most of who have traveled to your country in order to resist fighting in the Iraq War. Please let them stay in Canada..."

Please go to Dear Canada: Let the War Resisters Stay and consider signing the letter and making a donation.

Each soldier that lays down his weapon in an unjust war adds a brick to the kingdom of heaven.


David B. Benson said...

Den --- The other way round:

Repugs are the grackles of America!

Carey said...

Holy Hainan Gibbon! Whoa, how frighteningly sad, Dr. B.

DEN said...

Doc, yup, you are right.


David B. Benson said...

Well, the price of barley-n-hops is going to go up (maybe 20%) before Xmas.

So I'd better have some more before then.

Funny. The price of Australian wine is about the same as half a six-pack just now...

º¿carol said...

Hey, Grackles were featured today! Thanks, Den!

We have 10 big spruces up the drive. Grackels take up residence in them every damn spring. I say damn because they have a terrible habit not mentioned in the U of M article. Unlike birds that dump the feces out on the ground, Grackles think they need to drop the poop in standing water so predators don't find their nest. That body of standing water would be our above-the-ground swimming pool in the back yard. For weeks they come swooping up low along the drive and drop the thing in. Over and over.

I bought a large owl. I put it on the side of the pool they approach from the drive and they used the deck. It was like marshmallows and what a mess! I bought another owl and keep one on the deck and one on the ledge of the pool. It doesn't deter them except to say they drop no bombs on the rim near the owl. The opposite side really gets it.

Sometimes I think I should buy 12 more owls!

Two spring's ago I put a shepherd's pole next to the pool and strung a bunch of CD/DVDs for their flashiness. Didn't do a thing. With an endless supply of dead CD/DVDs I was hoping for the best with that trick.

DEN said...

Carol, you need something that makes owl noises plenty loud to make the grackles think theres a lot of really big owls so they stay away, loop a mp3 of owls and burn them to cd, set out a boom box, voila!.

Course it might drive YOU nuts too.

DEN said...

Hey, point it away from the house.

micki said...

Austin is famous for its bat population and its grackles. UT-Austin was home to gazillion grackles when we lived in that town. Grackles ruled. They squawked. They annoyed. They stink, stank, stunk. They pooped. They turned everything below their roosts into whiteish/greyish statues -- twice a day!

The UT groundskeepers power sprayed the sidewalks, building cornices, grassy areas, tree trunks, fire hydrants, anything within pooping radius of the avian menaces. Mainly what happened was the power spraying seemed to scare more poop out of 'em! But, it didn't make them go away.

Back to the drawing board.

The groundskeepers came up with a plan to shoot blanks into the trees on a regular basis. Mostly what happened was that this just scared the shit out of out-of-state students. (They didn't know the gun 'culture' of Texas meant that guns were a tool for maintaining the campus grounds.)

The grackles continued to shit all over their plans. Then VOILA! One day the grackles were gone from the campus.

Where did they go? To Michigan? To Carol's pool?

micki said...

...been in Seattle. Didn't go for this reason, but we checked out the anti-war rally there. Kinda sad really. And, frankly, ineffective IMO. Too many folks who participate in these rallies dilute the message with their beefs that lie beyond the periphery.

Stepitup on November 3rd! Look for an event in your neck of the woods. Contact your elected officials -- tell them you EXPECT them to attend and participate! Or else!

Tippi Hedren said...

Grackles are nothing! I know about unending terror.

º¿carol said...

Pretty funny, Tippi. I loved that movie when it came out.

Micki! I've got your Texas Grackles!!!! Yikes! At first I couldn't place their accent. You know how bird accents go.