Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Terrible Tuesday

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department reports that two 18-year-olds were arrested overnight. They are suspected of looting in the Ramona area.
There is a Wind Advisory in effect for the coast, inland and mountain communities until 6 p.m. Tuesday, October 23. A Red Flag Warning has been issued until 3 p.m. Wednesday, October 24 for the coast, inland and mountain locations. A High Wind Warning is in effect until 3 p.m. Tuesday, October 23 for the inland and mountain areas.
According to SDG&E, about 25,000 customers are without power. It is not known at this time when power will be restored. There are about 58 fire-related outages around the county. Around 3:00 a.m., a significant number of transmission lines went out of service around the Miguel Mountain area in Rancho Santa Fe.
Reverse 911 calls were sent out at the request of Lakeside Fire at 2:45 a.m. Tuesday for all of Wildcat Canyon and Muth Valley south to Willow Road. Evacuations are mandatory and 3,780 calls were sent out. Evacuees are directed to Santana High School.
All of Fallbrook has been ordered to evacuate. At least 100 structures have burned in that area. The Sheriff's Department reported at 3:04 a.m. Tuesday that the Fallbrook fire is moving east toward De Luz Road.
Mandatory reverse 911 calls were issued at 3:12 a.m. for North Jamul and Indian Springs. The fire is located near Highway 94. The evacuation center for residents in this area is Qualcomm Stadium. Reverse 911 calls were made to 1,549 residents.
Horse trailers are needed to rescue 31 horses and about 15 goats. These animals will also need a place to be boarded. The animals are currently located at the Diamond T Ranch in Spring Valley at 9061 Avocado Road. If you can help transport any of these animals, please call: 619-715-1395.
A Mandatory Evacuation order has been issued for the La Jolla Indian Reservation near Palomar Mountain. A structure there is on fire and has started a brush fire, burning approximately 150 acres so far. Several structures have burned in that area near SR 76. Harrah's Casino is the evacuation center for residents in that area.
Mandatory evacuations have been announced for the area of Highway 125 and San Miguel Road south of Sweetwater Reservoir. Evacuated residents are being told to go to the Chula Vista High School Youth Center (campus of Chula Vista High School, 465 L Street).
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has requested that President Bush declare a state of emergency for San Diego and other Southern California counties, including federal assistance, debris removal and protective measures. Mayor Jerry Sanders has announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency will be providing 25,000 cots and 25,000 blankets to those forced to evacuate due to the fires. FEMA will also start reimbursements as soon as possible.
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar has established a hotline for their Marines, sailors and their families to get information pertaining to closures and other important fire-related information, officials said. The hotline can be reached at (858) 577-9090.
Approximately 1,000 acres have burned in the Rice Fire located in Fallbrook, according to the North County Fire District. The containment level was unknown. Trailer homes have been lost in the Valley Oaks Trailer Park, and condos were destroyed at Pala Mesa Village near the golf course. A mandatory evacuation is under effect, and residents are being told to go to San Clemente State Park.
According to fire officials, the Harris Fire has burned about 25,000 acres, with a western border at San Miguel Mountain and a northern border moving toward Barrett Lake Road.
The Encinitas Fire Department has ordered the mandatory evacuation of the area east of Rancho Santa Fe Road and north of El Camino del Norte. Evacuees can go to the Encinitas Senior and Community Center at 1140 Oak Crest Park Drive.
Mandatory evacuations now include east of Black Mountain Road west to the ocean, with the northern boundary at Del Dios Highway and the southern boundary near SR 56.
City officials are requesting that NO more food donations be delivered to the Qualcomm Stadium evacuation center tonight. However, food donations will be needed again tomorrow morning. The city is also seeking a refrigerated trailer to store donated food on site. Anyone with such a trailer can call (619) 236-6167.
The Cleveland National Forest has been closed until further notice due to the ongoing wildfires. Unauthorized civilian entry to any of the forest’s lands, roads or trails is prohibited.
Fire officials say so far 500 homes and 100 businesses have been destroyed by the wildfires in San Diego County. DEL MAR MANDATORY EVACUATIONS
Evacuations have been ordered for the following areas: South of Del Dios Highway, north of Sorrento Valley Road and west of Black Mountain Road to the ocean. Evacuees are being advised to go to centers at Carlsbad High School, Encinitas Senior and Community Center and Qualcomm Stadium. CHULA VISTA MANDATORY EVACUATIONS
Chula Vista police are using the reverse 911 system to notify residents in the Bella Lago community in the eastern side of Chula Vista and the south eastern side of Spring Valley (bordering the northern side of Chula Vista) of MANDATORY EVACUATIONS. Chula Vista residents can call (619) 397-6399 for a recorded message. An evacuation center has been opened at the Chula Vista Community Youth Center (campus of Chula Vista High School, 465 L Street). The Woods at Eastlake, areas of San Miguel Ranch and areas of Rolling Hills Ranch are under VOLUNTARY EVACUATIONS. SD APARTMENT ASSOCIATION ISSUES PLEA
The San Diego County Apartment Association is asking landlords with available rentals to contact them to assist in the housing of evacuees. http://www.sdcaa.com UPDATED EVACUATION HELP IN EL CAJON
Press Release from Monica Zech, Public Information Officer Read Here >> MANDATORY EVACUATIONS FOR CREST AND HARBISON CANYON: Mandatory evacuations are underway in Crest and Harbison Canyon.

Officials have issued an advisory evacuation for the following streets:
East side of Crest Road
San Dieguito Road
Avenida Primavera
Serpentine Drive
Oribia Road

Residents in all other neighborhoods within Del Mar are encouraged to prepare to evacuate to Qualcomm.
EMERGENCY CHILD CARE: Emergency child care will be available at the following San Diego Unified School District child development centers for district families, students and employees:

Solomon CDC
Dewey CDC
Fletcher CDC
DeAnza CDC
Logan CDC FOOD AND SUPPLIES NEEDED IN DEL MAR: The evacuation center in Del Mar is in need of food and supplies, particularly pillows, blankets, sleeping bags.

ESCONDIDO UPDATE: Evacuees will not be allowed back into homes for at least 24 hours.

SD COUNTY LIBRARY CLOSURES: All locations of the San Diego County Library system will be closed on Tuesday, October 23 because of the wildfires covering considerable portions of the county.
DEL MAR FAIRGROUNDS: As of 5pm, the Del Mar Fairgrounds is unable to receive additional clients with special needs as they are at full capacity. The City of Oceanside has opened a shelter at El Camino High School, 400 Rancho Del Oro, Oceanside for these evacuees. NAVY UPDATE: There is additional room at Naval Base San Diego for active duty military personnel, and their families. Sailors and their families should report to the Admiral Prout field house at Naval Base San Diego for evacuation housing. Click here for more information>>

FREEWAY CLOSURE UPDATES: Interstate 15 is closed from north of SR 56 to the lower 79 in both directions.

* Please also be advised of these additional closures throughout the county:
* SR-67 northbound and southbound from Vigilante Road to Highland Valley Road
* SR-76 eastbound and westbound from East Vista Way
* SR-78 eastbound and westbound from SR-79 in Santa Ysabel to Haverford Road in Ramona
* SR-79 northbound and southbound from SR-78 to SR-76
* SR-94 eastbound and westbound from Steele Canyon to two miles east of Harris Ranch Road
* Northbound I-15 from 78 to Rainbow Valley
* Southbound I-15 from 79 to El Norte Parkway

MAYOR SANDERS ISSUES PLEA FOR DONATIONS: San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders has issued a plea for donated blankets, cots and food items for those displaced by the wildfires at Qualcomm Stadium. The Stadium is filling rapidly, and displaced residents and responder teams are in dire need of food and supplies. Anyone with a large surplus of blankets and/or cots, or a restaurant that wishes to donate prepared food, please call (858) 663-8838. Click here for additional information >>

NORTH COUNTY EVACUATIONS LIFTED: Mandatory Evacuations have been LIFTED in San Marcos for San Elijo Hills and Coronado Hills.
FIESTA ISLAND SHELTER OPENED: As of 4 p.m. on October 22, 2007, Fiesta Island has been opened to accept up to 500 owners and animals (livestock). This location will be staffed by Park and Recreation employees and Park Rangers. SOUTH SHORES SHELTERS OPENED: South Shores and Ski Beach are open for individuals with motorhomes. Park and recreation employees along with lifeguards will be staffing these areas. PHARMACY INFORMATION: For displaced residents who need to fill a prescription, you can go to any Rite Aid and fill your prescription. For more information, please call: 1-800-RITEAID.

I-15 CLOSURE: Interstate 15 is shut down from the scales to Highway 76, at Via Rancho Parkway to Highway 56, between State Route 78 and Ted Williams Parkway and State Route 78 to State Route 163.

As of 1:45 p.m. mandatory evacuations are in effect for the following areas:

Everything south of Scripps Poway Parkway
North of MCAS Miramar
East of Interstate 15
West of Highway 67.

Qualcomm Stadium is the evacuation point. They have capacity there. They need donations of cots, blankets, tents, personal hygiene/comfort items and stuffed animals for kids at Qualcomm.
Please note: The following homes have been confirmed destroyed by News 8 reporters on the ground. This list is not official, or complete.
Rancho Bernardo Area

The following are address located in the 17,000 Block of Valladares Drive: 17616, 17788, 17848, 17635, 17605

Jocatal Court

Cabella Drive:
18013, 17995, 17987, 17961, 11488, 11449

Aliento Court:
11552, 11533, 11523, 11512

Duenda Rd:
11478, 11479, 11469, 11468, 11464, 11458, 11459

Azucar Way:
17885, 17864, 17865, 17816, 17824, 17808

21 Homes

Bellechase Circle:
17796, 17792, 17788, 17782, 17776

Tetagnier Circle

Matinal Circle

Escoba Place:
4 Homes

Danza Circle:
11517, 11534, 11537, 11524

Palito Court:
11529, 11536

Alcalda Street:
11476, 11460

Ipai Court

18682, 18683, 18689, 18697, 18667, 18666,18658, 18642, 18621

Lancashire Way

Sun Maiden Court
18181, 18187 (mostly destroyed)

Poblado Road
Several condos (La Terraza)

Valladares Drive:
17616, 17788, 17848, 17635, 17605

Moon Song
18285 (mostly destroyed, some items saved)

Sagewood Drive

Country Day Road:
4 houses

Horizon Court
14326, 14310, 14325, 14342

Twisted Ranch Road
14341, 14366, 14386, 14376

Avenida Amorosa
3510, 3522, 3542

Terra Vista Place
3919, 3925, 3932, 3965

Calle Florcita

Lomas Serenas
@ CBS News 8

It is just Tuesday and more high winds are expected.

FEMA is expected to be there today with Chertoff making an appearance, we will see what if any help they will provide to this massive disaster.


carey said...

We're locked inside our houses. La Jolla, so far, is still out of the woods, but the fuckers' (nine fires total at the moment--new ones keep sparking) have surrounded us. It's formed an ill-shaped semicircle around the coast. At some points it will reach the coast.

No David, it is all around us, not well to the north. Those are the L.A. fires. It's dire as I said.

What this is David and all is a manifestation of global warming. The bizarre weather conditions, etc. San Diego is notorious for wildfires and Santa Ana's in late October so that's normal. It's the extent of it that's caused so much trouble.

Carey said...

Alternet is on top of things.

Firefighters Believe in Global Warming, So Why Doesn't Bush?


San Diego cannot recover from this one. It will be pieced together.

This is so not over.

micki said...

Carey -- Thanks for the update. I thought "well to the north" was not quite accurate, what with Chula Vista and points south on fire.

That photo of bush with the fireman makes me puke. (at Alternet - your link)

micki said...

Chertoff should just STFA.

(Stay the f**k away.)

Useless bastards.

Carey said...

Jesus, neighborhood after neighborhood getting the reverse 911 calls to evacuate.

We're dropping like flies. I will say the amount of death has remained low.

But permanent health problems? My brother-in-law has them from his Search and Rescue efforts in the Cedar Fire.

DEN said...

Respirators! Respirators!

Get them and use them, too many chemicals in the smoke from burning plastic and who knows what.

Buy good ones and spare filters too if you can afford it, your lungs are not replaceable.

Carey said...

Oh you guys! The poor animals and wildlife.

Den, that involves going out. We're not supposed to. Keep the roads clear.

Even one moment outside is uncomfortable. Inside is uncomfortable. It is smoke-filled with tons of multi-particles. It will be like that for several days, a week or more.

Not good. No exercise Micki!

Note: I haven't checked my email much as the computer is being slow again.

Carey said...

Fire close to major power artery grid. You know what that means.

Hajji said...


Be safe, get out, go to Den's or somewhere else. I'm wishing you well as best I can.


The book I'd mentioned just before taking off on my latest whirlwind driving tour (Atlanta, Sullivan,IN, Lexington and Ashland, KY, etc) is:

DOC: then and now with a Montana physician

Losee, R.E. (Ronald E.)

ISBN 1-55832-323-6

Copyright 1994, Lyons & Burford, 21 West 21 Street, New York, NY 10010

It is mostly just the story of a guy who looked for a community that needed him and his serving them AND the practice of medicine (especially knee-specific orthopaedics) and a memory of a time when medicine was practiced by those who wished to HELP PEOPLE BE WELL.

Now, it seems that most Docs are more into the money side of the practice.


DEN said...

Hajji, not all Docs, I found a great Doc that quit PPO and went to the VA to help the Vets, real good guy.

The Hippocratic Oath used to mean something.

HT to people like you Hajji for being in the trenches helping those in need in the mostly thankless job, ER.

Gerald said...

Like Katrina we can expect the Blackwater mercenaries to be present in San Diego to kill anyone who looks different.

Less Postings

Dear Posters:

DEN has some concern that the postings have diminished. This may be true. I cannot speak for other posters but only for myself.

There may be less postings, comments, and remarks because people may feel that the Democrats are an extension of the Nazi Party. Personally, I am awaiting our attack on Iran and for Hitler Bush to declare martial law to cancel the elections in 2008. Plus, I see that our citizens will be enslaved by Blackwater. The taking of our freedoms and rights are probably a few months away.

We are a divided nation and Americans cannot shake their culture of violence. The security moms and soccer moms should be excited to know that their baby sons and daughters are only cannon fodder for our Nazi leaders whether they are Democrats or repugnants.


DEN said...

Gerald, where did you get the idea I was concerned about diminished comments?

Not really a problem there.

Quality before quantity.

Gerald said...

Carey, it seems like all of our states have problems to contend with. In the South there are the hurricanes; in the North there are tornadoes; in the desert there are the flashfloods and sandstorms; in the mountains we have the avalanches; and now Georgia has a serious water drought.

When Hitler Bush was appointed emperor on December 12, 2000, the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadaloupe (spell) the Catholic radio stations were claiming that it was a sign from God that He wanted Hitler Bush to be president.

With the serious and severe climate problems facing our devil incarnate nation I do not hear from the Nazis and the Catholic radio stations that these problems are caused by the sins of Hitler Bush and God is punishing us.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander!!!!!

Gerald said...

DEN, on Monday you were offering us breakfast for comments or at least that was my thought.

Quality over quantity is always a good criteria to use in our postings.

Gerald said...

From Monday's DWF blog -

Any way, here at DWF, we will resort to bribery with food to get the readership up, we have no scruples at all.

DEN, here is the sentence that I read and used for my previous post.

DEN said...

Gerald, That was meant to be humorous, not serious.

Food for thought.

Gerald said...

Please read this article!!!

Gerald said...

The American crazies are really excited by a war with Iran. Iran will unleash their biowar upon us and I know that the American crazies will love to see the human skin peel from our bodies as we suffer the after effects of a biowar. The wormwood effects will last for generations as we all die a slow and painful death.

We are truly facing some exciting and glorious times in the coming months.

Gerald said...

I am so excited about the future events in our lives that I am starting to pee in my pants.

Those nations not directly involved in a strike upon Iran, that is most of the rest of the world, will nevertheless face massive deaths within their nations...they will lose more of their citizens to the war, that we are about to unleash, than they lost in World War II and ALL THE OTHER WARS IN HISTORY COMBINED. Needless to say, this will have a profound effect on their actions towards those nations who have started the mess in the first place. The global military, political, economic, and medical chaos resulting from global biowar will make the use of nuclear weapons a likely outcome as America, the United Kingdom, France and other nations starting the war will be seen as out-of-control "mad dogs" who have unleashed World War III. The Book of Revelations speaks of one-third of the world dying, in the Final Battle, from plague ....biowar; and another one-third of the world dying from "wormwood"....which we now know to be nuclear war effects ...Chernobyl, which comes from the Ukrainian word "chornobyl", translates into wormwood (or its close relative mugwort). (Chernobyl is the site of a massive uncontrolled nuclear meltdown disaster in the Ukraine on the 26th of April 1986).

Gerald said...

BRING IT ON - WW III!!!!!!!!!!

DEN said...

To see the amount of smoke from these fires, go HERE, scroll down to 1km visible(west coast), click on pic, when pic comes up, click on the SO Cal area.

Gerald said...

Her name was B.J.

My dreams are more like nightmares that I cannot shake. Here is one of my nightmares.

Her actual name was Barbara Jenna Doe. B.J. was an all American young lady – attractive, intelligent, a vibrant personality who made people feel good. She was planning to go to Yale in the Fall. B.J. did very well on her SAT and ACT tests. Her summer was planned in preparation to attend Yale in September.

The military draft was reinstated and so the sons and daughters of the poor and the middle class were drafted. B.J. received her letter to report to boot Camp in mid-August. In December B.J. came home for Christmas. Her parents were excited to see her. Daddy had a gleam in his eye every time B.J. was home. Barbara Jenna looked sharp and impressive in her formal military uniform. Her parents were proud of her.

After Christmas B.J. returned to camp and in mid-January B.J. and her company received orders that they were going to attack Iran as part of Bush’s Christmas wish list through more lies. In mid-February her parents received the dreaded letter saying that Barbara Jenna Doe was killed in action. The letter did not reveal how she was killed but friends were able to find out that B.J.’s truck hit a land mine. The truck exploded and her one leg went through the window of a nearby building; her one arm slammed against a wall of a building; her torso remained with the truck; and her head went through the windshield of the truck and rolled down the street and stopped at a curb. What a waste of human potential to be killed for the Bush lies.

B.J. was not like one of Bush Sr.’s fourteen grandchildren who have never served in the military services. She was drafted and she had to serve in the military armed services.

micki said...

Hey, Hajji! Thanks! That book looks interesting.

micki said...

AMY LUERS, California climate manager for the Union of Concerned Scientists, is co-author of the report "Our Changing Climate: Assessing the Risks to California." She said today: "In terms of the wildfires we're seeing today, while we can't attribute these specific events to global warming, these are consistent with a trend of increasing wildfire activity throughout the West that has been linked to climate. ...
    "The science further suggests that if we do not make dramatic cuts in our emissions of global warming pollution, the wildfires throughout the West could lead to dramatic changes in the western landscapes."

Carey said...

Oh geez, I've known for a couple of hours the power grid threat was averted for the time being. Sorry about that.

This, my favorite friends, will become a way of life for us out here now.

It already had really. Just becoming more regular and massive.

Winke, my sis, came real close to evacuation. She's on the west-south side of the University area and on the coast. Just below Torrey Pines. Just.

DEN said...

Carey, Hang in there!

Gerald said...

Carey, I recall a visit to California before I was married. I was visiting a friend in Southern California. I remember that the state had a hefty fine for any throwing away of a match or a cigarette. I do not smoke so I would not be in a position to forget and flip away a potential fire hazard. California is an impressive state but it does have a large number of problems from fires to earthquakes. In its deserts there is also potential for windstorms and flashfloods.

David B. Benson said...

Just read a claim that in SoCal one million people have been evacuated.

Hajji said...

If you're looking for a bit of GOOD weather news...

We got RAIN... only a fraction of an inch, but we'll take any we can get.

On the downside...tornadoes reported in Northeast GA and Western Oconee County (in OCTOBER!!!) maybe they'll push some more moisture up the hill.


•¿•arol said...

No fires here, no heat here. Kind of cold out now. Ugh.

It's beautiful everywhere, the fall colors are perfect.

micki said...

Dr. B, we may have read the same estimate. Here's what I saw:

The fires also forced the evacuation of more than 350,000 houses, most of them in San Diego County. With the area's average household size of 2.6 people, that means the evacuation could encompass nearly 910,000 people.

micki said...

It was a sunny day here, too, following days of rain.

Kinda hot for late October -- 69ºF.

I harvested lavender in the bright sunshine, gazing north to the Canadians, out in their glory. (that's what we call the Canadian Cascades around here)

micki said...

From that same article mentioned above:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said the flames were threatening 68,000 more homes.

I wonder how this estimate was determined.


David B. Benson said...

Google Earth?

Carey said...

Over a half million David.

Carey said...

I mean people, not houses or apartments. At any rate, it's over the number of people who were evacuated during Katrina.

Something like that.

My point, as we've all been making, is this is the norm now. Crisis as a normal state.

Carey said...

Smoky, smoky, smoky. Hallucinogenic orange streaks of light. Orange alleys.

Just plain eerie. We're all sick and nauseous a little from the smoke and toxins.

Damn nasty headache.

micki said...

Google Earth?

Well, that...but I also was wondering, with the winds so unpredictable and changeable in their pathways, how would it be possible to have a real estimate. I suppose it's a guesstimate.

Alan said...

*watching Frontline on PBS, about Iran