Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yoder Speaks

Two Toyopet Crowns, Toyota’s first exports to the United States, wait to be loaded on a ship at Yokohama harbor in August 1957. Nearly half a century later, Toyota is on track to surpass General Motors as the world’s No. 1 automaker.

* Union of Concerned Scientists*

10/03/2007 03:38 PM

President, Toyota North America Shigeru Hayakawa

Dear Mr. Hayakawa,

I am writing to express my deep concern that your company has
decided to actively oppose the Senate-passed increase to U.S.
fuel economy standards. Toyota already complies with Japanese
fuel economy standards aimed at reaching approximately 46 miles
per gallon (U.S.) by 2010. Why are you denying American
consumers the access to fuel efficient choices that both hybrid
and conventional technologies can deliver in all vehicle

When I decide what type of vehicle I want to drive, I take a
company's overall reputation into consideration. Toyota's
credibility is on the line.

I ask that you reverse your current course of action and declare
publicly that Toyota can and will comply with the Senate fuel
economy standards of 35 miles per gallon. You have the power to
help Americans meet their varied driving needs while reducing
oil dependence and global warming pollution.

I look forward to your reply.



Response (Corporate Communications)

10/09/2007 03:43 PM

Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. regarding your concerns with Toyota's position on federally mandated fuel economy increases.

We share your interest in strengthening automotive fuel economy and, in fact, are actively lobbying for a significant increase in the Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards (CAFE). Any assertion by anyone or any one website or blog that we are doing otherwise, is simply not true.

There are various bills before Congress that would mandate new CAFE targets by 2020 and require both cars and trucks to meet that standard. At Toyota, we favor proposed legislation known as H.R. 2927, the Hill-Terry bill. This measure is aggressive and calls for increases in CAFE by as much as 40% by 2022. Although this won't be easy, we believe it is achievable. The bill maintains separate categories for cars and trucks.

Please also note the following:

- Toyota has always exceeded federal fuel economy requirements, and our passenger car line-up has the highest CAFE rating in the automotive industry.

- Toyota is the only major automaker to consistently improve global warming performance since 2001, thanks to hybrids and better conventional technology.*

- We're totally committed to ongoing improvement of fuel economy and emissions in all of our vehicles. In fact, our commitment to this is so deep, we spend $23 million every day on green initiatives and research.

We are continuously striving to improve our fuel economy, regardless of federal mandates.

So please understand that we, too, strongly support increased fuel economy standards. It's the right thing to do-and, we hope that we've been able to provide a little more insight into our environmental commitments and actions.

To learn more, please visit our corporate blog and see our recent posts regarding this topic at and at


The contents of H.R. 2927 can be found HERE

EXERPT: `(B) The alternative minimum standard referred to in subparagraph (A) shall be the greater of--

`(i) 27.5 miles per gallon; or

`(ii) 92 percent of the average fuel economy projected by the Secretary for the combined domestic and foreign fleets manufactured for sale in the United States by all manufacturers in that model year, which projection shall be published in the Federal Register when the standard for that model year is promulgated in accordance with this section.

`(C) The alternative minimum standard under this paragraph shall apply to a manufacturer's domestically manufactured passenger automobiles only if the passenger automobile standard established on the basis of vehicle attributes pursuant to this subsection, excluding any credits transferred by the manufacturer pursuant to section 32903(g) from other categories of automobiles described in such section, would allow that manufacturer to comply with a less stringent passenger automobile standard than the alternative minimum standard.'; and

(3) by amending subsection (c) to read as follows:

`(c) Average Fuel Economy for Automobiles After 2021- In prescribing standards under subsections (a) and (b), the Secretary shall prescribe separate average fuel economy standards for passenger automobiles and non-passenger automobiles such that--

`(1) the projected combined fuel economy average for model year 2022 shall not be greater than 35 miles per gallon; and

`(2) the projected combined fuel economy average for model year 2022 and subsequent model years shall be not less than 32 miles per gallon,


Rather weak standards if you ask me, why? Well I had a Fiat 850, actually several, that routinely got 40mpg in the 70's, city driving. If the diligent, fuel conscious people at Fiat could do it back then, we should realistically be looking at 80mpg today as a common thing given the advancements in technology since then.

Like all things corporate, greed is good, worse gas mileage equals more gas sold equals more profit. Any attempt to upset that would surely result in banishment from the corporate culture as an subversive element.

The letter from Toyota confirms the stoic nature that will not be changed.

35mpg ain't shit!



David B. Benson said...

Den --- The last time there was lots of methane in the atmosphere was during PETM (Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum), 55 million yers ago.

At that time, palm trees grew around the Arctic Ocean, but other than new habitats, plant life changed little.

All the large mammilian species went extinct and all of the mammilian species dominent during the Paleocene are extinct today.

And by the way, that event is Mark Lynas's six degrees of global warming.

David B. Benson said...

As I said before:

Zero emissions needed to avert 'dangerous' warming

but even that is not enough. It just buys time to start permanently sequestering the 500 billion tonnes of carbon humans have added to the carbon cycle in the last 250 years.

Alan said...

About Toyota, I seen awhile back where they voted with GM, etc... to keep the mpg high. Even tho they were already beating that rate, they wanted to keep American manufacturers below them so they can continue out-selling 'us'. You know, keep the competition down so you can stay the industry leader. By the article I read, what Toyota wrote back to you is a pile of horse hockey.

Alan said...

ehhh, LOW... they voted with Ford, GM to keep the average MPG LOW.

David B. Benson said...

There is an old cowboy song about lack of water. But also

Our Drinkable Water Supply is Vanishing

DEN said...

Doc, just wait till the fascists control that too, we will pay out the wazoo.

Alan said...

9/11 Debunked: World Trade Center - No Free-Fall Speed

I know Dr. B. doesn't like that misnomer "free-fall speed"... ask him, he'll tell you there's no such thing. Besides that tho, the wack conspiracy folks continue to spread things that just aren't true. Watch this 3-minute clip please.

DEN said...

Jeez Alan, don't start.

9/11 was caused by NORAD ineptitude to shoot down 3 hijacked airliners.

So it doesn't matter how fast those things came down, what matters was someone was asleep at the switch and 3000+ died because of ineptitude.

They let it happen, coincidence? that it provided a perfect excuse for the C-n-C to attempt to take over the Middle East and the world with brute force and torture justified.

PTOOEY!! Makes me sick!

Gerald said...

Please link up with AR and read the email from my son. I received it today.

micki said...


Water Privatization in Atlanta, Georgia -- a cautionary tale

This story is somewhat dated, but it illuminates some of the perils of privatizing "the commons."

I don't have the facts at my fingertips, but I hear that -- inspite of backing out of the privatiziation scheme in this article -- Atlanta is facing the clear and present danger of a complete breakdown of its water supply.

Clean drinking water is not just a human need, it is a human right -- or should be.

micki said...

Yeah, Alan, what do you want to do? Bring out the absentees? Just kidding!


David B. Benson said...

Gerald --- Gosh, I think I need to join TA.

Oh wait, that's the problem.

So I don't think I need to join TA.


DEN said...

Gerald, too busy, I'm thinking.

micki said...

Gerald, I have a call into Rodin to see what he thinks about this.

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Who is Rodin?

micki said...

What are you thinking, Dr. B!

Look here for the answer to your question

(I can't always tell if you're joshing or not.)

David B. Benson said...

Mick --- I wasn't thinking.


David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Nor previewing, either, it seems.

Another example of not thinking.


micki said...

For the month of September, there was one foreclosure for every 2,370 households in Whatcom County, (where I live in Bellingham) better than the state average (one foreclosure filing for every 1,139 households) and the nation (one for every 557).

For the ninth consecutive month Nevada had the highest foreclosure rate, with one filing for every 185 households. Florida had the second-highest rate, followed by California, Michigan and Arizona.

For metro areas, Merced, Calif., had the highest rate, with one filing for every 68 households, followed by the California metro areas of Modesto, Stockton and Riverside.

Holy smackers! That's a lot of foreclosures for Merced!

I wonder how many of these foreclosures are because of adjustable rates coming home to roost, predatory lending, medical bills, lose of jobs, real estate flipping, speculators, or what.....

mick said...

I answer to Mick.

Gerald said...

Turkey is really upset that the US House subcommittee voted to declare that the killing of Armenians by Turkey was genocide. From the info I have Turkey is guilty of genocide. Turkey cold-bloodily murdered Armenians.

Gerald said...

Bush is a liar

Gerald said...

Were Bush ever to step outside his delusional bubble, he'd learn that most people in the world, including most Americans, connect his lies about Iraq to his war in Iraq, as well as his lies denying torture to the continuation of such torture. Given Bush's track record, it's only natural for the world to conclude that his lies about Iran virtually guarantee that this reckless and dangerous war criminal will attack the Persians next. It's called "logic," not "gossip."

Gerald said...

Requiem for a Nation

mick said...

Gerald, perhaps the U.S. House is working in mysterious ways. This vote could be a backdoor ploy to keep GWB from getting access to a crucial military base in Turkey to expand his warmongering.

Nancy Pelosi has said the resolution is going to go forward for a vote in the full House.

Boy. This must really piss off cheney, bush, and all their warprofiteering pals.

DEN said...

Who are we to be pointing the finger at any country for genocide.


DEN said...

We through the power of proxy have authorized the killing of millions across the globe.

Accessories after the fact.

DEN said...

It is up to the American people to rise up and defend the world from sick, brutal dictators.

Like the fascist-n-chief and vice fascist-n-chief.

micki said...

Carol -- I know you read Newsweek. Did you see that story about Blackwater drawing their weapons on U.S. SOLDIERS??!! They disarmed them and made them lie on the ground at the point of a gun...

well...the story is in the October 15 issue

Gerald said...

A must read and listen to homily

Gerald said...

mick, I believe that Nazi America would want military bases in all the countries of the world.

micki, soon Blackwater will be pointing their guns on us and we will have to lie on the ground.


Jeanne said...

Hi guys.
Guess what. I've been busy.

Anyway, during my lunchhour I go out to my car to zone out for an hour. I read. Right now I am reading material on the Bosnian genicide. That's calming right? I'm doing it for a comic that I want to write and have Maggie draw.
Sooooo, I was reading an article by Mark Danner. He wrote the Massacre at El Mozote. I was struck by the facts. Really taken aback. Some of the things I read reminded me of Guantanamo. Somehow the Muslims have become the 'jews' of the last century. It's become so acceptable to torture, kill, rape,destroy anyone who is Muslim. It happens in Palestine, Iraq, Europe, the US. I finally understand how people ignored the plight of the Jews during WWII. They looked upon them as less than human.

The articles I've been reading on Bosnia are about the work demanding justice for those who were murdered or assaulted. Why were the demands so loud and immediate and why are they so muted now when those doing the damage are Americans? It's criminal. The crimes I see committed in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the secret prisons and Guantanamo Bay are war crimes. History will not change. They will always be war crimes. I want to see people in court for the crimes they have committed. We we demanded it of the Serbs. We must demand it of ourselves. We are not above the law. We are not above the moral codes civilization has demanded of itself.

Micki your email on Taxi from the Dark Side just emphasised what I'd been thinking.

micki said...

El Mozote Massacre

Hey, Jeanne! You're on fire, girl! Out of adversity comes creativity.

I had to remind myself about El Mozote. Gawd, there are so many examples.

Let us know how your project moves forward.