Sunday, November 25, 2007

Buzzard Bait

Publicity-Shy Giuliani Backer Is Thrust Into Spotlight

Paul E. Singer is the founding partner of one of the oldest hedge funds around. And while he has become a major donor to Republican and conservative causes in recent years, he has largely managed to stay out of the limelight, even avoiding having his picture appear in newspapers.

But this year Mr. Singer became one of the biggest supporters of Rudolph W. Giuliani’s presidential campaign, making his jet available to Mr. Giuliani, while Mr. Singer and workers at his companies have donated $200,000 to the campaign. And he became the largest individual backer of a California ballot initiative that many Democrats believe could sink their chances of winning the presidency.

Suddenly, the normally low-profile Mr. Singer, a New Yorker, found himself singled out by Democrats intent on beating back the California effort before it gained any steam.

Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic Party, questioned “Paul Singer’s involvement in this dirty trick aimed at stealing the White House.” A group of Democrats filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission charging that Mr. Singer had been acting on behalf of Mr. Giuliani in his efforts to change the California law — which Mr. Singer and the campaign deny. And the Democratic National Committee drew attention to the part of Mr. Singer’s business that involves buying the debt of poor countries at a discount and then seeking repayment in full — prompting an article in The Times of London labeling his firm, Elliott Associates, a “vulture fund.”

The vitriol directed at Mr. Singer reflects the intense passions being stirred by efforts to change the California law, which could alter the nation’s electoral map to favor Republicans and Mr. Giuliani, should he emerge as the party’s candidate. While Mr. Singer is now distancing himself from the effort, another Giuliani fund-raiser has since taken up the cause.

Mr. Singer, 63, who was surprised to be photographed for this article on a Manhattan street, said in an e-mail interview that he had contributed to the California initiative on his own, and that he was not acting on behalf of the Giuliani campaign. He noted that buying what he called “sovereign distressed debt” represented only a tiny fraction of the $9 billion that is under management by his funds, but defended his decision to press for repayment, saying that countries must meet their obligations.



Vulture Fund Capitalists. Sounds exactly like cleaning up "sovereign distressed debt" amounts to picking financial road kill off the highway of the financial world.

Once laden with the squeezings, some feel the need to throw the cash around to political causes usually involving supporting more of the same including an attempted hijacking of California election law to favor fellow buzzards like Gouliani.

Friends, these people are the enemy of Democracy with their one way money machinations. They have no interest whatsoever in you or I just how much foreign debtor money can be put to THEIR use for their little vulture adventures, to parlay into more money.

Look at his picture, is this a happy man? Has that buzzard look going.


DEN said...

Morning all! Not sunny here today, obscured by the clouds.

My political wheels are turning slow but the morning BS talk shows are not saying anything of substance today.

Weird lull in the cosmic plane.

micki said...

Rudy, buzzard-like, buzzes: "I have no knowledge of it. I have no knowledge of it, internally. I mean I see what I see in the newspapers. I have no knowledge of it, like, we never discussed it internally."

Buzzard Singer's $175,000 contribution was dated Sept. 11 and funneled through a corporation, Take Initiative America.

Attorney Charles A. Hurth III, of Union, Mo. created the company Take Initiative America on Sept. 10.

Jonathan Wilcox, spokesman for Take Initiative America, said he was not sure about the "genesis of the relationship," if any, between Singer and Hurth.

Man, I hate it when they take us all for fools!

You can bet their vulture-fund bottom dollar, that they aren't gonna give up on this "initiative" in California! They're just re-grouping, trying to figure out a more ironclad secret scheme to hide those involved.

Hajji said...

rainy here!

S'posed to rain about 2" in the next couple daze...

only 22more to go before 12/31 !


micki said...

only 22more to go before 12/31 !

That's a tall order, but I'll do a raindance and try to send some your way!

carey said...


You're a fine writer.

Weird lull in the cosmic plane.

Like a resting up for Christmas kind of lull? I'm intensely curious dear psychic one.

So far all I've picked up this a.m. is that Obama's steaming ahead. Edwards is nowhere. We shall see what comes.

The race is on.

Watching the first minutes of a McCain interview I finally realized he's fighting off Parkinson's. He holds the right hand gripping a pencil and he still has to grab it with the other. The poor man. Bad, bad disease. It can be lived with, however.

I'm not sure but....

Hooray for rain. I do believe prayers can affect weather.

carey said...

I actually slept till 10. Can you believe that??? It was the warm, cozy covers.

Gerald said...

The corruption is so deep and widespread in this country that it will only take a miracle to clean it up from ourselves. Miracles rarely happen!!! What is truly amazing is the fact that this corruption is so overt. The crooks no longer hide their corruption. Corruption is now acceptable by Nazi Americans. Corruption has always been a fact in Nazi American life but it was always covert because Nazi Americans did not see it as the norm for our country and it is the Nazi American way of life.

Gerald said...

Nazi America is losing the Afghan War

Gerald said...

Several experts believe that the United States can no longer afford to leave the Pakistani military to clean up its side of the border. "Unless we resolve the safe-haven issue, this is not going to succeed," said Henry A. Crumpton, a CIA veteran who led the agency's successful 2001 Afghanistan campaign against the Taliban and al-Qaeda. "It's getting worse."

But others said the problem is not Pakistan or a lack of military or financial resources in Afghanistan. It is the absence, they say, of a strategic plan that melds the U.S. military effort with a comprehensive blueprint for development and governance throughout the country.

"There are plenty of dollars and a hell of a lot more troops there, by a factor of two, from when I was there," the former commander said. The question, he said, is "who owns the overarching campaign for Afghanistan, and what is it?"

Gerald said...

Nazi Americans, let us face a fact of life!!!

With 5.5% of the world population Nazi America cannot fight endless wars. But, our slime bucket rulers are too stupid to understand the facts of life.

Gerald said...


I love it when my Nazi American brothers and sisters talk of Christianity because deep inside my soul I know that the United States of Evil clings to bushianity as her religion. Clinging to bushianity means that we are holding onto insanity.

Bushianity and insanity are bed partners. Here is the Nazi American way of life. Hatred, mass murders, torture, war crimes against humanity, corruption, decadence, greed, and lies means we have chosen insanity. Yes, Nazi Americans are an insane people.

Gerald said...

Hitler Bush really knows how to pick his friends

Gerald said...

Bush — with pressure from his neo-conservative vice president and staff — has himself expanded presidential power in the name of the “war on terror.”

The power grab-bag of this administration extends from its warrantless wire tapping to the president’s outrageous abuse of “signing statements” that he issues when putting his signature on new legislation; the statements are his claims that he won’t be bound by certain sections of the bill he just signed into law.

His decision to name as attorney general retired federal judge Michael Mukasey — who believes the president is above the law in wartime — is good insurance for Bush’s power surge.

Unfortunately, Bush’s actions show that America is not in a prime position to preach to friends and foes about abuse of power.

micki said...

So far all I've picked up this a.m. is that Obama's steaming ahead. Edwards is nowhere. We shall see what comes.

So far all I've picked up today, as of 2:49PM PST, is that Homeland Security is going to crackdown on the Muppets.

micki said...

Now, I've picked this up today!

Justice Department awards John Ashcroft a $52,000,000 (THAT'S 52 MILLION!) dollar contract to monitor medical a device maker so that they don't continue their criminal ways.

 "These companies visited this upon themselves with their criminal conduct," Christie (from the DoJ) said. "Given what these companies were costing the American taxpayers, the fees that these monitors charge for changing the industry's practices will be a real bargain at the end of the day."

Well, jeez, why don't they just play by the rules in the first place, then there would be NO NEED for a "monitor."

micki said...

I'm more than a little annoyed.