Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Flying Books

NEW YORK To no one's surprise in a world where top White House aides with any president eventually write a book about it, former Press Secretary Scott McClellan will be coming out with his volume in April. It's called "What Happened" and its publisher, Public Affairs, at its Web site now carries this brief excerpt -- which set off a media firestorm on Tuesday.

It also led to a call for a full probe by a top U.S. senator and condemnation from former CIA agent Valerie Plame.

E&P was first mainstream news outlet to report on Monday night that the McClellan excerpt reads:

"The most powerful leader in the world had called upon me to speak on his behalf and help restore credibility he lost amid the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. So I stood at the White house briefing room podium in front of the glare of the klieg lights for the better part of two weeks and publicly exonerated two of the senior-most aides in the White House: Karl Rove and Scooter Libby.

"There was one problem. It was not true.

"I had unknowingly passed along false information. And five of the highest ranking officials in the administration "were involved in my doing so: Rove, Libby, the vice President, the President's chief of staff, and the president himself."

AP reported this afternoon: "White House press secretary Dana Perino said it wasn't clear what McClellan meant in the excerpt and she had no immediate comment. McClellan turned down interview requests Tuesday."

Later Tuesday, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Ct.) , who is running for president, stated, "Today's revelations by Mr. McClellan are very disturbing and raise several important questions that need to be answered. If in fact the President of the United of States knowingly instructed his chief spokesman to mislead the American people, there can be no more fundamental betrayal of the public trust.

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Oh yea, if he is not already rich, he will be after the books 'fly' off the shelves won't he.

Funny how the accessories to this Administrations crimes can flaunt crap in the media and get praised for it while upholders of 'Free Speech' get tasered for speaking up against the crimes.

Have we become so enamored with the rich and infamous that a criminal terrorist organization like the prez and prez of vice and their accomplices can do whatever they please because it makes for a good show?

Time for the self involved spoiled rotten people in this country to get off their Ipods and cell phones and watch everything their parents and grandparents fought for go right down the drain. And when it is all gone and they wonder why they have to live in the street and beg for food and water that THEY could have prevented their own demise.

If only they would have engaged and paid attention and did their duty as American citizens.

We have been snookered by the worst this country has to offer while we were asleep at the wheel, and the crooks are getting richer while the rest of us suffer.




DEN said...

UPDATE: Senator Dodd has called upon Bush crony AG Mukasey to conduct an investigation, good luck with that.

Hajji said...


Because they want to...and they can...and we can't do anything to stop them...

micki said...


"Until all the facts come out, no one is really going to know who the fickle finger of fate points at," said Tony Fabrizio, a Republican pollster.

By September 2003, as a criminal investigation was getting under way, Mr. McClellan was telling reporters that Mr. Rove had nothing to do with the leak, saying he had checked with Mr. Rove about the topic.

Around the same time, the president was saying he had no idea who might have been responsible. Asked by a reporter on Oct. 6, 2003, whether the leak was retaliation for Mr. Wilson's criticism, Mr. Bush replied: "I don't know who leaked the information, for starters. So it's hard for me to answer that question until I find out the truth."

Asked the next day if he was confident that the leakers would be found, Mr. Bush, alluding to the "two senior administration officials" cited by Mr. Novak as his sources, replied: "I don't know if we're going to find out the senior administration official. Now, this is a large administration, and there's a lot of senior officials. I don't have any idea. I'd like to. I want to know the truth."

This Thanksgiving, I will be thankful if this latest revelation about the crimes of the WH thugs leads to their DOWNFALL!

(...then I woke up)

micki said...

Wouldn't it be poetic justice, if the GOPer poobahs decided that the only way to save bush was to destroy bush?

micki said...

...which means, of course, to save their own sorry GOP asses.

micki said...

If Michael Mukasey conducts a REAL investigation, Chuck Schumer would be vindicated.

(Dianne Feinstein would still need more rehab work)

micki said...

There once was a fellow named Snotty,
Who wrote stories making tummies go knotty,
Will bush get his fate?
Or is it too late?
Will Mukasey go for legal karate?

Gerald said...

Has Scott McClelland found his soul?

The White House seems to be run by all crooks and murderers.

Sister Joan conveys to the reader the Catholic Church that I know.

Clarifying the Catholic Bishops Conference on Voting

Gerald said...

The document is a significant one precisely because it teaches rather than bullies or hectors the faithful.

It does not insist or suggest that Catholics should vote for any particular candidate or political party. "We do not tell Catholics how to vote," it says -- a signal to those clerics who, at very least, flirted with the temptation in the last election.

It recognizes the primacy of the individual conscience.

It stresses the obligation of individuals to form their consciences carefully.

It presents the breadth of Catholic social teaching rather than insist on only isolated elements of it.

It acknowledges, at least implicitly, the complexity of moral decision making in a pluralistic society and the need for 'discernment" and "prudence," in the process.

It calls for informed voting on the part of the entire Catholic community.

It raises Catholicism to the level of adult participation in the political process again.

In short, the document may well do much to restore the credibility of the church's social role and reduce the tendency to stereotype Catholics as single-issue voters, as well. Data reported by the Pew Institute on Religion and Public Life, after all, indicated that as many Catholics voted for John Kerry in 2004 as for President Bush.

Gerald said...

Why am I always right?

Dear Posters:

Being always right is not just a big burden but it is also a big responsibility.

I had a chance to listen to radio and Charles Goyette was interviewing Naomi Wolf. Naomi wrote a book, "The End of America."

People, Hitler Bush is one step away from taking away our freedoms and rights.

My belief is Hitler Bush’s final step for total control is to declare martial law and cancel the 2008 elections. IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

Here is Charles Goyette's definition of Socialism. COSTS ARE SOCIALIZED (you and I are paying the cost) and PROFITS ARE PRIVATIZED (a good is example is the Iraq War). Halliburton is raking in the profits from the Iraq War with our money.

The noose is tightening around our necks.

When I will look back, I will realize that my predictions are coming true.

Our B.O.H.I.C.A. days will be endless. People, bend over here it comes again!

FYI! Naomi Wolf is on Nazi America's terrorist watch list. If you are on this list, it means that you can be detained for three years without any legal representation.


DEN said...

Oil prices near $100, Dow sliding into oblivion.

Where's the good news?

DEN said...

Forget Al Queda, it's the Taliban!

LONDON (Reuters) - The conflict in Afghanistan has reached "crisis proportions", with the resurgent Taliban present in more than half the country and closing in on Kabul, a report said on Wednesday.

If NATO, the lead force operating in Afghanistan, is to have any impact against the insurgency, troop numbers will have to be doubled to at least 80,000, the report said.

"The Taliban has shown itself to be a truly resurgent force," the Senlis Council, an independent think-tank with a permanent presence in Afghanistan, wrote in a study entitled "Stumbling into Chaos: Afghanistan on the brink".


David B. Benson said...

"WHY?", asks Den.

"The price of liberty is eternal vigilence."

Gerald said...

DEN wants to know where is the good news? Well DEN, for the majority of Nazi Americans who love mass murders and war crimes against humanity Hitler Bush will attack Iran.

For sticking our noses in everyone else's business and for thinking that we are good, holy, and saintly people Nazi America is getting her asses kicked in Afghanistan.

Hitler Bush also wants to send troops into Pakistan to protect a wrenched dictator.

Let us not forget the REALLY big news from Saudi Arabia another Nazi stronghold in love with Hitler Bush. A nineteen year old woman was raped by seven men and she will receive 200 bambo lashes for aiding in this rape.

I love this filthy America because we are not spreading democracy. We can only give what we have. That means we will spread Islam Nazi America's future majority religion.


DEN said...


Because politics is boring and makes no sense to A LOT of people. So it is set aside in favor of recreation and self indulgence.

We have a mess to clean up and it's time to educate each other about the necessity to fit political time in our lives and learn more, be more responsible.


David B. Benson said...

Join the Green Party?

micki said...

Den asks, "We have a mess to clean up and it's time to educate each other about the necessity to fit political time in our lives and learn more, be more responsible. How?"

And Dr. B responds with a question, "Join the Green Party?"

Hmmmmm...seems to be a chicken n' egg situation to me. Ostensibly, one would already be sufficiently educated in politics/civics if one chose to join the Green Party. I don't see a person joining the Green Party, then seeking the requisite "education."

I am not a member of any political party, but I have been involved in "Green" activities at the local level -- Greens already know that community involvement is (or should be) the foundation of public policy.

Also Greens believe in direct democracy as a response to local issues and they seek to meet local needs through discussions by concerned (read: motivated) citizens that lead to making decisions that affect their everyday lives -- such as parks, schools, community services, land use, etc. Greens believe that some state functions should be handled at the county and city level and they have "faith" that neighborhood boards and associations could better handle making many decisions on issues that pertain to them. (I cringe when I hear them wax eloquent about that!)

We live in an area that has a homeowners' association and, for the most part, it is the most dysfunctional excuse for a local level governing body that I have EVER seen! I have heard many horror stories of HOAs and neighborhood assocs. going berserk! They can make life a living hell right in your own backyard.

Nope. I don't think there is ANY political party that has all the answers, or even the answers to the most basic problems. The other day, I made a comment in which I expressed hope that a new spirituality would replace organized religion and that the small mindedness that leads to the oppression of individuals and nations would be eliminated.

It's pretty basic: we humans need to learn to get along. No political party can inculcate that!

Alan said...

At "Crooks...", y'all need to see the top story “Sorry you got hurt serving your country, now give us back our money”

It's absolutely disgusting and the whole country should be ASHAMED. Can't finish your tour because you got shot up, exploded, or whatever???, then give us that signing bonus back. *azzholes

Carey said...

Oh Micksters. Superb! I'm definitely passing that little ditty along.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone!

I'm thankful for Gerald's anger.

Hi Hajji!

Did y'all hear it's New Hampshire primary Jan. 8th? No Christmas I tell you.

Carey said...

McClellan is basically pointing at Cheney.

How literal do we have to be? That's my reaction to the media reaction so far. He's said it, okay?.



WILL DURST on Air America filling in for Rachel Maddow. I haven't heard his voice in ages. I knew immediately who it was. He's rather unforgettable.

Carey said...


That new spirituality you write of, it has arrived. Believe it or not. The veil has lifted.

We have a time problem. Explosive global warming versus human stupidity and slowness at learning. I've always felt that education through entertainment is the most effective. But, we have a time problem.

Now that's an existential paradox of gigantic proportions.

Carey said...

Without going into a whole intellectual discussion right now, I do want to magnify an aspect of our goal.

Practicality. Practically speaking, the vehicle is the Democratic party. That's the structure one must work with in order to be an effective cog. Work from within.

The ideals will come. First, practicality.

Den concisely said it. Lots and lots of housecleaning and sweeping ahead.

Gosh, there's one more tiny thing.


micki said...

Carey, I TOTALLY, TOTALLY agree with you on the practicality issue. As disorganized, dysfunctional, disappointing as the Democratic Party is, it's our last best hope (in '08) to start to get things turned around in this country.

micki said...

That new spirituality you write of, it has arrived. Believe it or not. The veil has lifted.

Hmmm...I know it's out there, but I sure don't see it as being very pervasive, or persuasive, yet.

Time will tell.

micki said...

I saw that, too, about New Hampshire!

January 8th!

Endless campaigns and endless wars. What a combo.

micki said...

Alan, that signing bonus disgrace should be getting wider coverage.

But.......sorry to say folks....I'll bet most of those poor bastards and their families will STILL support the Repugs in the coming elections.

When will they ever learn?

DEN said...

The Pentagon has revised it's bonus-refund policy and is searching past claims for returning the bonuses.

The catch?

It only applies to bonuses paid out, not deferred ones, so they still can be azzholes with the unpaid bonuses.

All this according to KO tonite.

micki said...

I just got an email from a friend who lives in Marin County (north of San Francisco). She hates flying, but decided to fly to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving to be with her son, daughter-in-law, and spanking new grandchild.

She was at SFO yesterday morning @ 0700. Started to go through security and OOOPS! Her driver's license was expired! Got pulled from the line. Long wait. Longer wait. Looooonger wait. Missed her flight. Questioned. More questions. She finally convinced them that she was just disorganized, and not a terrorist. Got rebooked. Back in line. She had 1/4 left in what was a 6 ounce tube of toothpaste. They took her toothpaste "because the container is 6oz. not the required 3oz. container."

She got to LAX yesterday afternoon @ approx

She said she's going to walk home.

Carey said...

I refer back to the Rutten column and his idea that the news networks have taken sides between parties or candidates. Giuliani and Fox, CNN and, well, anybody neocon really and MSNBC...?

Not a candidate, but a party. That's Olbermann's position and he's sticking to it. He nows puts down GOPers by the party's name.

"You're a Republican." Translates into "eeeech".

I point that out because Olbermann went to town on the signing bonus issue last night. So did Matthews, etc. It is being talked about.

{ò,ó}arol said...

I'm glad there is no place I want to go because I don't want to EVER go into an airport. I have too big a chip on my shoulder about everything to be harassed in an airport. Grrrrr.

micki said...

I mean W-I-D-E-R coverage. Front page, above the fold, in TNYT, LAT, etc. I want to see it on the front pages of McClatchey papers. Newspapers, big and small.

Carey said...

My simplistic and quick response to the third party question was more one of exasperation. Not from here, but with a close family friend. It's been the same for years, she's a Peace and Freedom Party person from way back.

The debate gets old. Excuse my impatient and patronizing response. It belongs addressed to someone else. It's Thanksgiving and the subject will come up. Oy vey!

Carey said...

Always remember, and I have to prod myself to do the same, that it's a corporate media.

The corporation's interests (shareholders & profit) rule what goes on the front page. Nothing else. Never, certainly, a sense of democratic duty. It's so opposite the way I was taught and raised.

Carey said...

I'll bet most of those poor bastards and their families will STILL support the Repugs in the coming elections.

It is the mass psychology of fascism in all its glory.

micki said...

This is a big deal here in Washington State. Ferry route shut down because of unsafe vessels

...just in time for the Thanksgiving weekend. Glad we're staying home!

micki said...

Carol, it is undoubtedly a good thing that you're content staying close to home.

If you tried to board a commercial airliner, Bob would have to put tape over your mouth.

But, think of the stories you could tell!!! :-)