Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mired in Muk-asey

Sydney Blumenthal: His reputation for integrity was meant to restore credibility to the Justice Department. Instead, his remarks on waterboarding show that he, like Alberto Gonzales, has let the White House call the shots.

Mukasey is not a free agent. He had been strictly briefed and in his testimony was following orders. He has avoided calling waterboarding torture because that is consistent with the administration's position and past practice. Mukasey's refusal to disavow waterboarding reveals his acceptance of his assignment to a secondary role as attorney general, an inferior agent, not a constitutional officer, to certain political appointees in the White House.

Those who are responsible for waterboarding have defined and dictated Mukasey's evasions. His acquiescence demonstrates that no one in his position could take a contrary view to that of David Addington, Vice President Cheney's former counsel and now chief of staff, who directed and coauthored the infamous memos by former deputy assistant director of the Office of Legal Counsel John Yoo justifying torture, and charged the current acting director of OLC, Stephen Bradbury, to issue new memos rationalizing it.

Addington is the reigning legal authority within the administration, presiding over the attorney general no matter who would fill the job. Addington rules by decree and tantrum, intolerant of any alternative opinion, which he suppresses with intimidation and threat. Gonzales, as White House counsel and then attorney general, was the marionette of Karl Rove and Addington. Rove is gone, but Addington remains.


In the immortal words of an unknown individual: Houston, we have a problem!

Sidney explains the true corruption of this administration and all fingers are pointing to Cheney and his faithful servant Addington as the forces behind the 'badness' in this administration. Do what you are told, or else. That is the very definition of Authoritarianism that pervades nearly every segment in the US Government today. Mukasey is the latest example of a carefully selected puppet.

Without the legal form of collusion these people would not be able to hold a job at Blockbuster. Our government has been hijacked by legal thugs willing to sacrifice all to accomplish their goals of world domination through intimidation and torture.

Enter stage left, man with white hat to save us from the evildoers such as Addington, Cheney, Bush and the rest?

Nope, ain't happening, we have to buckle down and solve this one ourselves through whatever methods we can contrive.

To fight evil, one must know evil.



DEN said...

Dow down 218 points, I am suspicious, this happens every Thursday.

micki said...


"The president will say [that] the attorney general is a critical member of the nation's war on terror team and that he needs to be confirmed immediately," Perino said at today's White House press briefing. "And once he is confirmed, then the Congress has the capability to ask him to come to Congress and to testify on all sorts of matters, including this one."

I give up. They're all nuts!

DEN said...

Nuttier than fruitcakes!

DEN said...

DOW down 362 points at close, NASDAQ down 64, sheesh!

º¿carol said...

Where the heck is everyone today?

David B. Benson said...

Jumping out of 35th story windows?

carol said...

Oh, you mean like during...Black Tuesday or whatever it was called?

º¿carol said...

I couldn't believe it when I read this story yesterday! Thought I'd dig it up to share with you guys.

Dentist to pay a bounty for treats
October 31, 2007



Robert Antolak sees himself as a modern-day Robin Hood.

That is, if the legendary Sherwood Forest outlaw had treated root canals.

"I'm paying the rich for their candy and giving to the poor," Antolak said.
The Gentle Dentist of Shelby Township will offer kids a buck per pound to give up Halloween candy and save their teeth. Drop off candy from 2 to 4 p.m. Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at 15055 Twenty-two Mile.

He'll take the sweets to underprivileged children in southwestern Haiti while doing missionary dental work at the end of January. Last year, Haitian children, some of whom are orphans, received a total of 80 pounds of treats.

Although the Haitian kids don't have regular dental care, they tend to damage their teeth more by sucking on sugar cane than by chomping on a couple of pieces of candy, he said.

Meanwhile, kids who fork over a pound of their candy for a buck from 3 to 6 p.m. Thursday at Robison Dental Group, 8504 Canton Center Road, in Canton, will give U.S. troops in Iraq a taste of home.

micki said...

bush is ramping up the fearmongering....his renewable resource:

"If the Senate Judiciary Committee were to block Judge Mukasey on these grounds, they would set a new standard for confirmation that could not be met by any responsible nominee for attorney general," Bush said in a speech at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

"That would guarantee that America would have no attorney general during this time of war," the president said.


Oh, like that would make a difference?

micki said...

I can't stand that goon.

micki said...

Two Republicans who were troubled by Mukasey's initial answers announced they would vote for him if the nomination were to reach the full Senate.

But in a letter to Mukasey, GOP Sens. John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina urged the nominee never to let waterboarding be used if he were to become attorney general.

urged the nominee never to let waterboarding be used if he were to become attorney general????????????????????????????

Oh, boy! Are they getting demanding or what?!!!

As I said earlier -- they're all nuts!

As you can tell, this Mukasey thing has me STEAMED!

DEN said...

Then I take it you liked Sydney's article?

No better reason to arrest the lot of them and put them in orange jumpsuits, well maybe a few more....

micki said...

Den, I read Blumenthal's article before I went to bed last night.

It wasn't conducive to pleasant dreams...

DEN said...

I want my country back!

The goomers are trashing it!

What will my grandkids(if I had any) have?

What will anyone have?


David B. Benson said...

Not much, becuase global warming brings droughts and deserts. Soon the midwest will be incapable of growing wheat so we'll be eating rutabagas instead.

And living under a green sky...

David B. Benson said...

Some useful steps in the proper direction:

How to save the planet

DEN said...

A UN report last year estimated that the global livestock industry is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the world's entire transport sector.

Bovine, swine, and poultry emissions?

So thats what stinks, greenhouse gas.

DEN said...

'animal house' gas.

DEN said...

Bad news from the land of cheese:

Duluth News Tribune - 11/01/2007

Emergency workers in the Village of Superior recovered four bodies Thursday night from a well at the site of a blacktop demolition landfill. The victims appeared to have been overcome by “toxic atmosphere” in a confined space, authorities said.

All the victims were adults believed to be employed at the site, said Jim Rigstad, battalion chief for the Superior Fire Department.

A call of people in a well came in to Douglas County about 5:30 p.m. “We don’t know who owns the property,” Rigstad said. “We don’t know what this well is.”

The well is in a confined space and contains water and toxic hydrogen sulfide fumes, which is commonly released with sewer products. They believe the victims were overcome by fumes and did not drown, Rigstad said.

The victims appeared to have been dead when emergency crews arrived, he said.

The workers didn’t seem to be wearing the proper breathing apparatus, Superior Fire Chief Tad Matheson told FOX 21 News. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been called and will investigate, he said.

Hydrogen sulfide gas is poisonous, flammable and colorless and gives off a strong odor of rotten eggs, according to the Centers for Disease Control. At high concentrations, people can lose the ability to smell it, making it extremely dangerous. Brief exposure to high concentrations of the gas can cause difficulty breathing and loss of consciousness.

The victims appeared to have been dead when emergency crews arrived, he said.

Sounds like a toxic waste dump to me. More pollution killing our planet and it's ressidents.

Alan said...

Giuliani Faces Investigation Of 9/11 Radios

In the midst of his presidential candidacy, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani now faces a looming government investigation into his handling of the radios used by firefighters on 9/11.

The investigation, which will examine how the FDNY ended up using faulty equipment during the terrorist attacks and why Giuliani gave a no-bid contract to Motorola for that equipment, has been endorsed by New York City Councilman Eric Gioia, chair of the city's oversight and investigations committee.
In The Real Rudy: Radios, Greenwald documents how radios used by the FDNY on 9/11 were the same ones that malfunctioned during the 1993 attack on the Twin Towers. When - eight years later - Giuliani finally purchased new communications equipment for $14 million from Motorola, it was never field-tested. A week later, the equipment was recalled after a firefighter's mayday went un-heard. Giuliani reissued the old batch of radios. And on 9/11 when a police helicopter warned that the North Tower could collapse, more than 120 firefighters remained inside.
K, I couldn't resist bolding that part that shows how the walls were slowly being pulled in from the fire and plane damage, not from some super-dooper slo-mo time-released explosives.
I hope the rest of the country finds out about Rudi G's bullshyt from this investigation... what NYC folks already know.