Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday, Monday!

At the Mercy of the Military

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Posted on Nov 12, 2007
Gen. Casey
AP Photo / Brennan Linsley

Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey is one of a few military leaders, Hedges argues, who has the power and possibly the inclination to prevent a war with Iran.

By Chris Hedges

The last, best hope for averting a war with Iran lies with the United States military. The Democratic Congress, cowed by the Israel lobby and terrified of appearing weak on defense before the presidential elections, will do nothing to halt an attack. The media, especially the electronic press, is working overtime to whip up fear of a nuclear Iran and tar Tehran with abetting attacks against American troops in Iraq. The American public is complacent, unsure of what to believe, knocked off balance by fear and passive. We will be saved or doomed by our generals.

The last wall of defense that prevents the Bush administration from targeting Iran, an attack that could ignite a regional conflagration and usher in apocalyptic scenarios in the Middle East, runs through the offices of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates; Adm. William Fallon , the head of the Central Command (CENTCOM); and Gen. George Casey, the Army’s new chief of staff. These three figures in the defense establishment have told George W. Bush and the Congress how depleted the U.S. military has become, that it cannot manage another conflict, and that a war with Iran would make the war with Iraq look like an act of prudence and common sense.

The reliance on the military command, however, to be the voice of reason in the debate about a new war is not a healthy sign for our deteriorating democracy. Compliant generals can always be found to carry out the Dr. Strangelove designs of a mad White House. Those who resist implementing decisions can easily be removed. The protective cover provided by these figures in the defense establishment could vanish.



Carey said...

I arrive here warmed by a heater finally working. The part came in at 7:00am. Even in San Diego it became rather cold around here.

My guess for Iran, this winter maybe? Quien sabe? (Who knows?) Chris Hedges' angst is apparent, as is all of ours.

Again, I wrote up a whole Monday morning post, and it wiped itself out cuz it got confused. Blocked, you know what I mean. Combine that with my impatience and yikes.

One thing is for certain. Christmas has been passed by for politics this year. JANUARY 3RD--IOWA! That's a whole two seconds away. Geez Louise.

We had a wonderful family and football Sunday. Our Christmas has started a little early with our sister's yearly visit.

Carey said...

I have two interesting articles I thought some of you might be interested in. First, is a write-up by a man I respect, Tim Rutten, media critic for the LA Times.

Do any of you remember Kathleen from AR and the old Corn blog? She used to write about this particular case all the time. It was hard to follow as it involved AIPAC and emotions. I thought Rutten explained it beautifully. He dispenses with empty rhetoric and gets to the meat of things.

The computer is kind of messing up a little this a.m. So I'll put the link in the next post.

Carey said...

Court Case May Choke Free Speech

ALL but unnoticed by most of the news media, a criminal case working its way to trial in a federal courtroom in Alexandria, Va., could create perilous new restrictions on both Americans' political speech and the right of their free press to report national security issues.

The constitutional implications of these proceedings are alarming enough on their own. However, the general silence among commentators and editorial pages that usually are quick to react when speech is threatened raises another troubling question: Is this case being ignored because so many of those involved in it are members of the Republicans' neoconservative faction, a group many in the press now blame for pushing the U.S. into the Iraq debacle?

Carey said...

For all my collapsed Catholic friends.

Is the Church Really This Blind?

"When I read the Sun-Times," said former Rep. Leon Panetta, a California Democrat who served on the National Review Board and was one of those who had met with George that week, "it confirmed for me what is at the heart of this [pedophile priest] problem -- the [Catholic] hierarchy's failure to understand the seriousness of the crisis."


The Church hierarchy sees this an understandable side effect of men denied sex? Or is it a: "If the President does it, it's not illegal" kind of thing. That's more like it.

Same ole, same ole with the notorious history of Catholicism.

DEN said...

Could have a chilling effect for sure as long as the nazis remain in power, but if they get the boot a lot of this chickenshit stuff will go away too.

I hope.

David B. Benson said...

There autta be a law...

Farmers Ask Federal Court to Dissociate Hemp and Pot

In this case, not. Should be no law proscribing hemp.

DEN said...

Fierce storm in Russia sinks ships and spills TONS of oil:

ROSTOV ON DON, November 12 (Itar-Tass) -- The bodies of three sailors found on the Tuzla Spit in the Sea of Azov on Monday morning are from the dry cargo ship Nakhichevan that sank during Sunday’s storm in the Sea of Azov, the Federal Regional Centre of the Emergencies Ministry told Itar-Tass.

The bodies have not been identified yet. “The inscriptions on the life vests indicate that they are from the crew of the sunken dry cargo ship,” the centre official said.

Meanwhile the weather in the area has deteriorated, upsetting the cleanup operation to remove the oil spill in the Kerch Strait, chief spokesman for the Southern Regional Centre of the Emergencies Ministry Oleg Grekov told Itar-Tass.

“A force 4 storm continues in the area, and the temperature of the air is falling, causing the fuel oil to sink to the bottom. And the oil spill area may increase because of the gusts of wind of up to 10 meters per second,” he said.


DEN said...

Doc, anti-hemp???

Better paper than wood!

Carey said...

Oh yes, I heard about that Russian spill last night.

It is a gorgeous day here. Brandon is outside playing and I have time to watch CSPAN and some of the Democratic fundraiser from Saturday night. It was a big event.

Edwards moves me deeply. That's just all there is to it.

On this Veteran's Day I suppose I should write an essay about the government's mishandling of its veterans. Hope you don't mind if I don't. There's no energy in the bin for that. Reminds me of Ken.

Carey said...

Oh my gosh! Bellingham, WA is on MSNBC's "worst weather" list. 65 mph winds are forecast.

You two wll also be affected.

Carey said...

Like you didn't know.

Carey said...

Micki could be without power. They're reports above Seattle of 80 to 90 mph winds.

David B. Benson said...

Not sure what to make of

Fighting Whom in Iraq?

Carey said...

Oops, there are, not they're.

Well, I know why I want marijuana legal.

Actually I never thought of it that way, the two separate, I mean. I just thought it a multipurpose crop, er, weed.

PHARMA and LIQUOR lobbies are the reason marijuana is illegal. It's a cure-all that's an actual weed! Grows anywhere.

David B. Benson said...

Checking Bellingham and Seattle weather reports makes it unlikely that the power lines are down in either location. In the Seattle area some neighborhoods might be without power due to tree limbs, but not in Bellinghma with winds of only 8 mph.

DEN said...

The worst of the windstorm appears to be over, as winds have decreased with most gusts in the 20 to 30 mph range.

But power remains out in areas across the county. Puget Sound Energy reports crews are working to restore power.

Trees and power lines also are still down in many areas. Bellingham and Whatcom County public works crews are out cutting up trees and removing them from roads. It may take hours to get to all the problem spots, however. They often have to wait for Puget Sound Energy crews to clear downed power lines first.

The Whatcom Chief, the ferry serving Lummi Island, is back in service after suspending runs this morning because of the high winds, according to Whatcom County Public Works.

Sandy Point remains blocked off, with no access in or out. It is unknown when that will be cleared.

At the height of the storm from about 8 to 9 a.m. today, sustained winds were around 45 mph, with gusts reaching 68 mph, as recorded by a National Weather Service station at Bellingham International Airport.

A weather station at Bellingham Cold Storage, on Bellingham's waterfront, recorded a southwest wind gust of 84 mph at 9 a.m.

@ The Bellingham Herald

Yup it sounds like a big storm hit them.

Carey said...

Ay, Dr. B. That's the eternal question never, ever, ever effin discussed.

Who exactly are we fighting? Who are we killing and victorious over?

Isn't that kind of important? Doesn't a soldier sort of have to know that kind of thing?

I mean if we're asking them to kill and destroy and all.

David B. Benson said...

Den --- Thanks. I just naively checked the current weather.

However, western Washington is going to be hit with another storm in a few days...

DEN said...

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal was named as the first private A380 buyer, dubbed a "Flying Palace", on Monday.

@ Reuters

Ya think it's going to be big enough for ya there Prince? Maybe add some bumpouts too?

Oh by the way, I could use a couple Mil. if you could spare them.

Gerald said...

A Vet with his face burned away

Gerald said...

The military will always back Hitler Bush and Hitler Cheney. Gerald



Gerald said...


David B. Benson said...

How not to design an airliner:

World's Ugliest Aiplane?

Carey said...

Upon rereading the blog I realized I might have made a grammatical error when I asked, "who" are we fighting.

Where's Micksters when you need an English tutor?

David B. Benson said...

I guess she's still recovering from her power outage.

Certainly hope it's back on by now!